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I exist.

I listen to so much Metal that the best thing to do is list the bands and genres I *don't* like. In either case, I listen to all genres in Metal except:

Power Metal
Glam Metal
Nu Metal
so-called "Love Metal"
Metalcore (with some exceptions)

And I like all bands except:

Linkin Park
As I lay Crying
Avenged Sevenfold
other bands that can be related to them.

I also listen to non-Metal music such as:
Dead Can Dance
The Cure
Immortal Technique
Alicia Keys (If you have a problem, f*ck you)

Also, I have been on here as other handles (People here are familiar with Azazel_begotten, SexBloodandMetal, Christfucker. They will be familiar with this one as well). Yes, I change names alot, and I'll probably change handles again in time. Just depends on my mood.

Stay Brutal. Stay True. Horns. Hail Satan.

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