"some music was meant to stay underground..."

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Real Name Ron G.

Location Alamogordo, NM, United States


38 year old metal head originally from Louisiana. Serving in the United States Air Force for 19 years now. Pretty wide range of music that I like, but mostly metal.

I won't go into who my favorites are, but I like alot of different metal, except the ultra-satanic black metal. I just can't get into that stuff. I like my metal at least halfway comprehensible.

I am married to a great woman who hates my music, but was goodly enough to give me an awesome little boy and a super sweet little girl.

I like going to shows when I can, which is never, but I don't like the crowds and moshing. Kinda contradictary huh?

If anyone wishes to contact me, you can reach me at lordshadow12000@yahoo.com. I can also be found on Facebook under Ronald Lee Guidry

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