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Real Name David K.

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I've been a regular visitor to MU since summer 2006.

I am a fan of what I consider to be the eight true metal subgenres. Traditional, Power, Thrash, Death, Black, Doom, Progressive and Groove. The rest i consider to be either subgenres of subgenres or fusions of subgenres.

A few of my favorite bands include: Metallica, Testament, Artillery, Skeletonwitch, Maiden, Priest, Iced Earth, Death, Atheist, Nile, Emperor, Satyricon, Radigost, Pantheist.....and TONS more!

Despite being a metal purist, I enjoy music in general. Mainly Classical, Opera, Classic and Hard Rock, Blues, Folk, Jazz, Bluegrass, Gangsta Rap, Techno, Ambient or Avante Garde and a few others I'm leaving out.

I support local music when I can. My favorite local band currently is Dark Mirror, check 'em out.

I also enjoy playing the guitar and am involved in several projects.

I have an AS degree in Accounting Information Systems and am currently pursuing an AA in Technical Music.

My main interests aside from music are studying ancient history, philosophy and science. One day I plan on getting a degree in one of these subjects. I'm also a big sports fan.

oh yeah...I'm also one sarcastic s.o.b.!

If anyone wants to chat outside of MU:
email is spuddman123@yahoo.com

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