"some music was meant to stay underground..."

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Real Name Kimye S.

Location Savannah, GA, United States


Well I will admit that I am a true horror film fanatic(I am in school to be a visual effects and video editor with a minor in screen writing)..I rarely watch anything else...I'll dabble in any game but try to avoid black ops as not to play into stereo types and I listen to mostly metal but some classic rock and I find myself to be more sophisticated then most, my intelligence is my endearing quality i believe of course if you are looking for a bubbly girl i am anything but...I have a bit of a cold humor to me as well.. But I suppose I pride in being cold.
I admittedly have a very perverted mind (but who doesn't?)
My top 5 bands are;
1.Spellblast (folk metal)
2.Iron maiden (what I would consider to be "classic metal")
3.Cannibal corpse (heavy/death metal)
4.Amon amarth(ah more folk metal<3)
5.Devin Townsend(a very amazing and talented individual)

Well, that's it. Get the fuck off my page, unless you are tappable ;)
I will say that I have a immense weakness for guys with a hardcore attitude and long hair...

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