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23 "U" Links Found

Site Name/Description Type Added
Ultimate Metal
Cool metal news, reviews, interviews, and community site
E-zine/Webzine 8/25/2001
Ultimate Metal Reviews
Lots of metal reviews and some news to boot
Other Metal Site 8/31/2001
Undecent Records
French brutal metal indie label
Label/Distributor 12/20/2003
Undecided Records
Florida-based label
Label/Distributor 1/25/2004
Underground Brutality Resource
Zine devoted to the support of brutal Deathmetal / Grindcore / Goregrind
E-zine/Webzine 6/01/2005
Underground Metal
Promoting a number of underground metal bands
Other Metal Site 11/12/2001
Underground Music Television
Music videos of unsigned, underground and local artists
Other General Music 1/18/2004
Underground Press
South African music zine covering goth/metal/alternative/rock music
Local Scenes 6/22/2005
Underground Symphony
Italian metal label/distro
Label/Distributor 11/09/2006
Cool metal news and community site
E-zine/Webzine 9/02/2001
Official site of the Canadian band
Official Band Site 7/21/2003
Nice 'zine with focus on nu-metal/rock
E-zine/Webzine 5/12/2003
Unholy Ghost
Official site of Unholy Ghost
Official Band Site 2/20/2003
Unique Leader
Death metal label out of California
Label/Distributor 1/02/2006
United Front Records
Malaysian hardcore straightedge label and distro
Label/Distributor 11/17/2006
United Underworld
Official site of the Finnish band
Official Band Site 9/02/2003
French hardcore radio show and webzine
E-zine/Webzine 11/26/2006
Unmatched Brutality Records
Extreme metal label out of Tennesee
Label/Distributor 11/11/2006
Metal magazine "covering all facets of extreme music"
Print Magazine 5/11/2001
Uprising Records
Diverse label out of California
Label/Distributor 1/16/2006
NIce e-zine with reviews and news of mostly groove-core bands
E-zine/Webzine 8/28/2001
Urgent Music Records
Small metal label
Label/Distributor 8/03/2006
Utah Metal
Covering the Utah metal scene
Local Scenes 10/26/2005