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Site Name/Description Type Added
San Antonio Hardcore
Covering the San Antonio, Texas hardcore scene
Local Scenes 6/26/2004
Sancrosanct Records
Extreme metal imprint of Christian indie label Raging Storm
Label/Distributor 4/15/2007
Sanctuary Records Group
Label/Distributor 5/15/2001
Sardonic Wrath
Canadian label and distro
Label/Distributor 10/15/2006
Covering the Saskatchewan, Canada metal scene
Local Scenes 11/02/2003
Satan Stole My Teddybear
Excellent metal and punk review site.
Other Metal Site 5/07/2001
Satanas Rex
Satanic/extreme imprint of Cold Spring out of the UK
Label/Distributor 4/15/2007
Scarlet Records
Italian metal label
Label/Distributor 11/18/2001
Hardcore scene zine
E-zine/Webzine 6/27/2004
Scrap Metal Records
Small label/distro out of Greensboro, NC
Label/Distributor 8/13/2005
Scratch The Surface
Zine focusing n UK underground
E-zine/Webzine 6/12/2002
Scream Magazine
Norweigan metal magazine
Print Magazine 5/19/2001
Screaming Ferret Wreckords
US metal distro out of New Hampshire
Label/Distributor 10/18/2005
Sea of Tranquility
Site for the quarterly metal, progressive metal and progressive rock magazine with reviews
Print Magazine 5/12/2001
Seattle Death Metal
Covering the death and extreme metal scene in Seattle
Local Scenes 6/21/2004
Seattle Metal Online
Covering the Seattle metal scene
Local Scenes 6/21/2004
Second Spin
Used CD/Video online store
Online Store 5/10/2001
Secret Port Records
Greek label/distro
Label/Distributor 9/30/2001
Official site of the South African band
Official Band Site 7/12/2003
Sekhmet Records
French extreme metal label
Label/Distributor 12/21/2003
Sentinel Records
Irish metal label, distro and store
Label/Distributor 10/23/2005
Sentinel Steel
Power metal label and online store
Label/Distributor 11/02/2005
Sepultura rarities and live mp3s for download
Metal Band Fansite 7/16/2003
Serbian Metal
Covering the Serbian metal scene (in Serbian)
Local Scenes 1/20/2004
Official site of the Swedish death-thrash band
Official Band Site 2/09/2004
Seven Kingdoms
English label/distro focusing on Anglo-Saxon, heathen, viking, medieval, folk, and fantasy metal
Label/Distributor 1/11/2006
Official site of alt- hard rock Seventrain
Official Band Site 6/25/2003
Site of this unique band blending melody and metal, and featuring dual female vocals
Official Band Site 12/01/2002
Shadow's Music and Zoom Club Records
UK rock/metal label
Label/Distributor 4/15/2002
Shareware Music Machine
The world's biggest music software site
Software, Audio 6/12/2001
Shock Online
Decent rock and metal zine
E-zine/Webzine 7/20/2007
Shock! rockmagazin
Nice looking zine (in Hungarian)
E-zine/Webzine 7/11/2003
Cool zine with a focus on hard rock/new metal
E-zine/Webzine 6/12/2002
Siam Metal
Thai metal zine (in Thai)
Local Scenes 6/01/2005
Drummer-focused metal zine
E-zine/Webzine 8/13/2007
Brutal death metal zine with interviews, album and live reviews and more
E-zine/Webzine 11/03/2001
Well-done hardcore zine
E-zine/Webzine 3/02/2003
Silent Stagnation Records
German metal label
Label/Distributor 1/10/2006
siN's Metal News
Execllent zine with news, reviews, interviews and more
E-zine/Webzine 7/01/2003
Sinister Web
Metal-related community site
E-zine/Webzine 6/18/2003
Site Of The Demon
Official Site of the British band, Demon
Official Band Site 2/23/2003
Skull Session
Official Site of the state of the art New Jersey metal band
Official Band Site 7/19/2003
News and discussion forum for netgoths, in the style of slashdot
Other Metal Site 2/10/2004
Slayer Saves
Nice Slayer fansite
Metal Band Fansite 3/22/2004
Sleaszy Rider
Greek metal label and distro
Label/Distributor 1/07/2006
Small Stone Records
Detroit, Michigan hard rock label
Label/Distributor 10/21/2001
Zine covering the trendy and groovy side of heavy
E-zine/Webzine 12/02/2002
SnakeNet Metal Radio
Kick-ass metal radio and more
Other Metal Site 11/03/2001
SOAD dot com
System Of A Down fansite
Metal Band Fansite 8/07/2003
Sobermind Rex
Belgian/European label/distro outfit
Label/Distributor 6/02/2002
Sonic Assault Magazine
Metal news aggegator serving headlines from the best metal sites
E-zine/Webzine 7/17/2003
Sonic Cathedral
Zine and store dedicated to female-fronted metal bands and vocalists
E-zine/Webzine 10/26/2005
Free, personalized music information experience based on your music collection
Other General Music 12/28/2004
Covering everything music-related, with great news resources
Other General Music 5/12/2001
SoS Distribution
Blgian distro of CDs, zines, and more metal
Label/Distributor 5/12/2002
Sound Of The Beast
Site for the book of metal history of the same name
Other Metal Site 4/09/2003
Sound Riot Records
Portugese metal label, w/ offices in North and South America
Label/Distributor 12/08/2002
Nice zine devoted to heavy music
E-zine/Webzine 7/17/2003
Source Webzine
Brazilian webzine (mostly in Portugese)
E-zine/Webzine 3/03/2004
Southern Lord
Doom, sludge, stoner rock label
Label/Distributor 1/16/2006
Finnish metal label
Label/Distributor 1/04/2006
Spinerazor Records
Canadian full service heavy indie label and management company
Label/Distributor 9/27/2005
Spirit of Metal
Metal webzine w/ reviews, interviews, photos galleries, live reports, mp3s (in French and English)
E-zine/Webzine 8/09/2005
Spitfire Records
Kick-ass metal label
Label/Distributor 5/09/2001
State Of Mind Recordings
New York hardcore label
Label/Distributor 11/19/2006
Still Life Records
HArdcore label
Label/Distributor 11/20/2006
Stillborn Records
Connecticut-based metal and hardcore label owned by Jamey Jasta
Label/Distributor 10/27/2005
The premier site on the net for Stoner Rock
E-zine/Webzine 5/20/2001
E-zine dedicated to stoner rock and doom
E-zine/Webzine 2/04/2003
Stormspell Records
Indie label w/ strong emphasis on classic heavy/power/speed/thrash metal re-releases form the 80's
Label/Distributor 11/27/2007
Official Stukface site
Official Band Site 2/13/2003
Sublife Productions
Norwegian metal label, booking and design
Label/Distributor 5/14/2007
Superhero Magazine
Cool site of the magazine with news, interviews and more.
Print Magazine 12/18/2001
Supreme Brutality
Danish zine focused on extreme metal
E-zine/Webzine 10/15/2006
Swedish Metal
Nice site devoted to Swedish metal
E-zine/Webzine 10/08/2001