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Site Name/Description Type Added
Raging Metal
Metal news, reviews, interviews and more
E-zine/Webzine 1/20/2004
Razorback Records
Label specializing in "splatter-grindcore"
Label/Distributor 6/11/2001
Reality Entertainment
Hard rock and metal label
Label/Distributor 11/18/2003
Reaper Records
Liverpool, NY based hardcore label
Label/Distributor 5/14/2007
Record and Tape Traders
Great store, crap site...
Online Store 5/12/2001
Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)
Those bastards that sue everyone for copyright infringement (other than Metallica, who at least MAKE music)
Other General Music 8/28/2001
Red Stream
Black/Death Metal & Dark Ambient Label and Distributor
Label/Distributor 8/02/2001
Reflections of Darkness
Dark music webzine
E-zine/Webzine 12/04/2005
Reflections Records
Holland-based record label, focus on European hardcore
Label/Distributor 12/26/2003
Regain Records
Swedish metal label and successor to Wrong Again Records
Label/Distributor 12/03/2003
Relapse Records
Excellent site from and excellent label! News, sound clips and more.
Label/Distributor 5/08/2001
Remnants of Reason
Magazine out of Hawaii
Print Magazine 10/08/2001
Renouveau Thrash
Metal news and reviews site
Other Metal Site 5/29/2001
Repulse Records
Metal label headquartered out of Spain
Label/Distributor 3/27/2002
Requiem Aeternam
Site of the metal band from Uruguay
Official Band Site 1/10/2004
Resist Records
Australian hardcore/metal label
E-zine/Webzine 1/21/2007
Restrain Records
Death metal and grindcore label
Label/Distributor 8/11/2003
Zine covering the rock and nu-metal scenes
E-zine/Webzine 8/06/2003
Rip N' Tear
Print and online 'zine out of Canada
Print Magazine 4/30/2002
Risestar Promotions
Worldwide metal and hard rock promotion agency
Artist Promotion/Services 3/31/2003
Rising Realms
Finnish death metal label
Label/Distributor 7/27/2003
Rising Works
Italian metal label
Label/Distributor 8/03/2006
Roadrunner Records
Metal label for many well-known and "commercial" metal bands.
Label/Distributor 5/10/2001
Rock 4 Xmas
Charity tour for less fortunate families in the US
Festival/Tour Site 10/26/2003
Rock and Metal Domain
Metal webzine
E-zine/Webzine 11/16/2006
Rock And Metal.com
News, reviews and band info on everything rock and metal
E-zine/Webzine 7/03/2004
Rock Confidential
"Sex. Girls. Rock N Roll. Period."
E-zine/Webzine 1/11/2008
Rock Edge Videos
Cable TV rock-video program
Other Metal Site 4/12/2003
Rock for Relief
A collection of venues, bands, websites, individuals raising money for relief efforts in the wake of the Septemper 11 attacks on the US
Festival/Tour Site 10/17/2001
Rock M Hard Records
Promotions, marketing and other services
Artist Promotion/Services 11/12/2006
Rock Reunion
Quality metal news and reviews
Other Metal Site 6/02/2001
Rock World East
Largest music retailer/wholesaler in Eastern Canada
Apparel/Merchandise 8/24/2008
Hard rock, heavy metal, prog, psych store
Online Store 9/28/2005
Alternative/indie rock news zine
E-zine/Webzine 7/08/2003
Rock news for radio stations only - services no longer available to the public
E-zine/Webzine 5/11/2001
Good rock news site
E-zine/Webzine 4/01/2003
Rockers Digest
Frontline photos and reports from London's happening tours
E-zine/Webzine 11/02/2005
Nice zine covering everything rock and harder
E-zine/Webzine 7/08/2003
Rockland World Radio
24-hours of indie music, art, culture and information, and workplace our our own zMETALlica
Other General Music 3/26/2004
Rockline Radio
Heavy/rock radio show
Other Metal Site 1/25/2004
Rock news for radio stations only - services no longer available to the public
E-zine/Webzine 5/11/2001
Streaming rock site with reviews and interviews
E-zine/Webzine 5/13/2001
Hard rock news, reviews and more - Nice collection of band fonts!
E-zine/Webzine 5/13/2001
News and reviews from the world of rock & metal
E-zine/Webzine 10/21/2003
UK-based metal fansite
E-zine/Webzine 9/16/2003
The online site for the well-known magazine.
Other General Music 5/12/2001
Rotten Records
Metal/punk label.
Label/Distributor 5/08/2001
Rusty Axe Records
Small extreme metal label out of Virginia
Label/Distributor 10/15/2006