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Site Name/Description Type Added
Maddening Media
German Indie rock and metal label
Label/Distributor 3/11/2007
Magic Circle Music
Power metal label founded by Manowar bassist
Label/Distributor 11/16/2006
Magik Art Entertainment
Russian metal label (in English and Russian)
Label/Distributor 4/08/2007
Major Label Industries
Portuguese metal label and distro
Label/Distributor 10/27/2006
Manic Ride Records
Philly, PA label (formerly Deadalive Records)
Label/Distributor 1/25/2004
Official site of the classic power metal band Manowar
Official Band Site 4/03/2003
Mansion Of Metal
Quality metal webzine
E-zine/Webzine 10/27/2006
Maquiavel Music Entertainment LDA
Portuguese label, promotion and booking (In English)
Label/Distributor 10/11/2001
Martyr Records
Connecticut-based hardcore label
Label/Distributor 10/27/2005
Massacre Records
Label/Distributor 5/15/2001
Masterful Magazine
Metal webzine from Poland (in English and Polish)
E-zine/Webzine 6/12/2001
Mastersound Entertainment
German recording and promotions/management company
Artist Promotion/Services 12/18/2003
Maximum Metal
Nice zine with daily news and other features
E-zine/Webzine 4/09/2003
Mazur Public Relations
PR company out of New Jersey
Artist Promotion/Services 10/11/2001
Indie metal label and management out of California
Label/Distributor 5/06/2007
Melissa Records
Dutch metal label/distro bringing American metal to the world
Label/Distributor 11/27/2007
Melodic Rock
News on melodic rock/metal bands
E-zine/Webzine 11/06/2001
Metal Ages
Spanning early 80s metal and beyond
E-zine/Webzine 10/11/2001
Metal Babies
Metal apparel for babies and toddlers - start 'em early!
Apparel/Merchandise 3/19/2003
Metal CD Ratings
Metal reviews site
E-zine/Webzine 10/31/2005
Metal Central
Metal news and webhosting
E-zine/Webzine 10/21/2003
Metal Centre
Polish metal mailorder and webzine (In English and Polish)
E-zine/Webzine 3/09/2003
Metal Chics Rawk
Photography, artwork and writings from women who are into the darker side of life
Other Metal Site 1/19/2004
Metal Coven
Excellent zine with news, reviews, interviews and lots of extras
E-zine/Webzine 11/18/2003
Metal Covers
Thousands of covers of metal albums
Other Metal Site 11/12/2001
Metal Curse
Metal webzine out of Indiana
E-zine/Webzine 11/12/2006
Metal Donkey
Metal directory and community
Other Metal Site 1/10/2006
Metal Dreams Magazine
Magazine out of Cornwall, New York
Print Magazine 10/10/2001
Metal E@gle Online Magazine
Greek metal zine (in English)
E-zine/Webzine 6/08/2002
Metal Express Radio
Hard Rock & Heavy Metal radio station (serving Oslo, Norway) gone online
E-zine/Webzine 6/01/2005
Metal Faction
Online radio show and news zine
Other Metal Site 8/09/2005
Metal Fanatix
E-zine/Webzine 10/13/2001
Metal For Jesus
Christian metal webzine
E-zine/Webzine 10/31/2005
Metal From Finland
A top-notch site covering the Finnish metal scene and bands
E-zine/Webzine 11/28/2007
Metal Grrlz
Focus on female rock/metal stars
Other Metal Site 5/13/2001
Metal Guide
Metal portal with news and reviews, etc.
Other Metal Site 10/10/2001
Metal Hammer
Zine for the UK print magazine
Print Magazine 11/30/2005
Metal Headquarters
Good metal resource
E-zine/Webzine 10/21/2003
Metal Icons
Loads of metal-themed buddy icons
Other Metal Site 6/21/2004
Metal Injection
Metal 'zine with lots of extras, centered around the TV program
E-zine/Webzine 1/04/2004
Metal Ireland
Covering all types of Irish metal
Local Scenes 5/05/2005
Metal Israel
Covering the Israeli metal scene
Local Scenes 11/03/2005
Metal Italia
Italian metal zine (in Italian)
Local Scenes 11/07/2005
Metal Judgement
Excellent review site for new, old, demo and live metal.
E-zine/Webzine 5/07/2001
Metal Kingdom
Chilean Metal zine (in English and Spanish)
E-zine/Webzine 9/18/2002
Metal Live!
Reviews of live metal performances
E-zine/Webzine 2/13/2004
Metal Maniacs Magazine Online
Site for the excellent magazine
Print Magazine 9/02/2001
Metal March
Nice zine with reviews, band news and more
E-zine/Webzine 2/13/2004
Metal Masters
Other Metal Site 5/20/2001
Metal Mayhem
UK-based metal 'zine
E-zine/Webzine 3/30/2003
Metal Message
Excellent and often updated German metal zine (in German, some English)
E-zine/Webzine 1/04/2003
Metal Music
Daily Slovak metal ezine (in Slovak)
E-zine/Webzine 3/26/2004
Metal Music South Africa
Focus on South African metal bands among others
E-zine/Webzine 10/10/2005
Metal Of Oz
Covering the Australian metal scene
Local Scenes 6/21/2004
Metal Provider
Hosting for metal band pages, an encyclopedia of bands,
Other Metal Site 10/11/2001
Metal Queen Management
Toronto, Ontario, Canada company offering management and promotion
Artist Promotion/Services 3/07/2004
Metal Quiz
A game similar to "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" based on heavy metal
Other Metal Site 2/10/2006
Metal Rage
Excellent Dutch metal zine (in English)
E-zine/Webzine 10/24/2006
Metal Review Centre
Lots of reviews (and broken links)
Other Metal Site 10/11/2001
Metal Reviews
Metal reviews, interviews and some news
E-zine/Webzine 8/31/2001
Metal Revolution Webzine
Danish metal webzine
E-zine/Webzine 10/18/2006
Metal Roots
Metal history and background
Other Metal Site 9/07/2001
Metal Rules!
Metal news, reviews, editorials and more
E-zine/Webzine 5/11/2001
Metal Rules! Magazine
Metal Magazine out of New Jersey, USA
Print Magazine 11/05/2002
Metal Searcher
Repository/database of metal sites around the 'net
Other Metal Site 5/24/2002
Metal Shift
Zine for all heavy related genres
E-zine/Webzine 1/18/2004
Metal Skins
Metal-related wallpapers and program skins
Other Metal Site 10/11/2001
Metal Sludge
Other Metal Site 5/20/2001
Metal Soldiers
Italian metal zine (in Italian)
E-zine/Webzine 8/03/2003
Metal Storm
Nice news and reviews site with much more
E-zine/Webzine 10/17/2001
Metal Temple
Excellent metal news and reviews site
Other Metal Site 11/12/2001
Metal Thai
Thai metal zine (mostly in Thai)
E-zine/Webzine 3/26/2004
Metal Theater
Reviews of instrumental rock, progressive metal and everything in between
E-zine/Webzine 8/01/2006
Metal UK
Excellent metal site dedicated to the UK metal scene
E-zine/Webzine 6/29/2002
Metal Union Promotions
E-zine/Webzine 5/21/2001
Metal Update
A great source for news, concert info, and release dates, as well as other metal-related features.
E-zine/Webzine 5/07/2001
Metal Videos, Inc.
The largest metal videos site on the NET! (in English and German)
Other Metal Site 11/23/2002
Metal Videos.tk
Metal news & videos
E-zine/Webzine 1/19/2004
Metal War Productions
Label/distribution specializing in the most cutthroat, black-deathrashing forces in metal
Label/Distributor 3/28/2002
Pessimist-founded label/distro that exclusively distributes Pessimist and other death/black/grind/metal bands
Online Store 11/23/2002
Web-based magazine featuring reviews
E-zine/Webzine 11/27/2002
Metal-Is Records
A division of the Sanctuary Records Group
Label/Distributor 9/02/2001
Heavy metal news & reviews, in German.
E-zine/Webzine 5/07/2001
Metal-R Us
Heavy metal forums and community site
Other Metal Site 9/22/2005
Polish metal webzine (mostly In Polish)
E-zine/Webzine 11/15/2006
Tons of band and metal links
Other Metal Site 9/30/2001
Well-done e-zine and bands database
E-zine/Webzine 8/28/2001
Metalcore Fanzine
Distro with some interviews, pics, and misc other info
Label/Distributor 8/25/2001
Danish metal/metalcore webzine
E-zine/Webzine 11/12/2006
Excellent metal zine out of Canada
E-zine/Webzine 11/30/2005
Excellent Dutch metal e-zine (in Dutch)
E-zine/Webzine 11/30/2005
Metal news, concert dates and forum hosting
Other Metal Site 6/15/2001
Good metal 'zine (in French and English)
E-zine/Webzine 5/28/2003
Extreme Asian webzine (in English)
E-zine/Webzine 7/06/2003
Looks like a decent site, but I can't read read this stuff! (In Russian)
E-zine/Webzine 9/29/2001
Official Metallica site
Official Band Site 5/10/2001
Metallo Italiano
Covering the Italian music scene (In Italian)
Other Metal Site 10/10/2001
Zine supporting the underground metal scene
E-zine/Webzine 8/09/2005
Database of metal labels to avoid doing business with.
Other Metal Site 5/18/2008
Satirical take on metal news
E-zine/Webzine 11/27/2007
Metalworks Magazine
Irish metal print magazine - site has Irish metal news, gigs, and more
Print Magazine 2/17/2003
Live photos, Interviews, show reviews, and more
E-zine/Webzine 10/13/2006
Metalzone Music Directory
Metal directory/portal
E-zine/Webzine 1/25/2004
Official Metallica fan club
Official Band Site 5/10/2001
Mexican Metal
Mexican metal site (In Spanish)
Other Metal Site 10/08/2001
News, reviews, etc.
E-zine/Webzine 1/25/2004
Michigan Metal
Resource for Michigan metal scene
Local Scenes 7/04/2004
Midwest Excess
Rock and metal in the Midwest
Local Scenes 11/02/2005
Mighty Atom Records
Indie label in South Wales
Label/Distributor 11/29/2003
Mighty Music
Danish metal label
Label/Distributor 11/17/2006
Mindseye Records
Singapore rock and metal label
Label/Distributor 1/05/2006
Mindsnap Music
Hardcore/metal label
Label/Distributor 11/01/2005
Minneapolis Mayhem
Site for the Minneapolis Mayhem metal festival
Festival/Tour Site 12/06/2003
Montreal Drum Fest
Site of the annual drum festival
Festival/Tour Site 8/04/2003
Morbid Moon Records
Undeground extreme label and distro out of Montreal, Canada
Label/Distributor 4/15/2007
Morbid Records
German metal label with a slight focus on grindcore (in English and German)
Label/Distributor 6/30/2002
Morbid Winter
Canadian metal label and distro
Label/Distributor 4/08/2007
Moshpit Tragedy
Canadian metal and punk label
Label/Distributor 10/26/2006
MP3 Machine
Loads of MP3 software and utilities
Software, Audio 5/15/2001
MTV Hell
Metal zine with rants and humor
E-zine/Webzine 7/02/2004
Yeah, it's MTV, but it's a good source for news on the more mainstream bands and classic metal.
Other General Music 5/08/2001
Official Mudvayne site
Official Band Site 11/24/2002
MUNCH (Metal Underground of North Carolina Homepage)
North Carolina metal links, radio and boards
Local Scenes 11/06/2001
Murdercall Records
Sout African metal label
Label/Distributor 10/13/2006
Music Builder
MP3s of all genres, plus software and hardware reviews and more
Artist Self-Promotion 8/26/2001
Music City
Home of the Morpheus software for P2P searching for music, videos and more
Software, Audio 8/26/2001
Music Fansites
Info and extras on bands of many musical genres
Other General Music 11/27/2002
Music For Nations
Rock/metal label for the UK and Europe - part of The Zomba Group
Label/Distributor 9/05/2001
Music Gear Review
Reviews music gear and more
Music Gear 5/15/2001
Music Imports
Good site to find metal imports
Online Store 8/21/2001
Music Player
General music site with lessons, tips, and equipment reviews for various instruments and software
Other General Music 8/26/2001
Music Realms
Music links and hosting/services for band pages
Other General Music 10/13/2001
Music Star
MP3.com powered news & music site
Other General Music 12/19/2001
Music directory of links
Other General Music 7/03/2004
Other General Music 5/15/2001
Beautifully designed, often updated metal news and reviews site (In English and Russian)
Other Metal Site 9/30/2001
The Open Music Project (like dmoz, but all music)
Other General Music 7/09/2003
SonicNet's News tracking site for MTV, VH1, Billboard and many other music news sites
Other General Music 5/12/2001
musique [machine]
Covering new acts from trip-hop to black-metal
Other Metal Site 10/11/2001
Muzi Cafe
Online store and services for indie bands
Artist Promotion/Services 4/07/2003
Mythic Silence Records
Small US label/distro focusing on "true" metal
Label/Distributor 10/22/2005