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52 "D" Links Found

Site Name/Description Type Added
Dallas Hardcore
Info on the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area hardcore scene
Local Scenes 6/26/2004
Official Damageplan site
Official Band Site 1/24/2004
Damageplan's Official fan site
Metal Band Fansite 1/24/2004
Damase's Pirate Radio
Online radio from France (via Live365)
Other Metal Site 8/28/2001
Dangus Productions
Underground Baltic label
Label/Distributor 4/28/2002
Danish Metal
Nice zine covering Danish metal (in Danish)
Local Scenes 3/23/2004
Daredevil Magazine
Hard/heavy music magazine
Print Magazine 5/29/2001
Dark Essence Records
Norwegian extreme metal label
Label/Distributor 9/30/2005
Dark Legions Archive
Metal and metal zine reviews
E-zine/Webzine 5/12/2001
Dark Lyrics
Thousands of lyrics for metal songs
Other Metal Site 9/30/2001
Dark Side of the Net
Links pages for all sorts of dark things, including music, goth, and more
Other Evil Shit 2/22/2003
Dark Star Records
Indie label covering Gothic, Industrial, Hardcore and Mainstream
Label/Distributor 3/14/2007
Dark Symphonies
Label/Distributor 5/19/2001
Dead the E-zine
A slick e-zine with reviews, interviews and original articles
E-zine/Webzine 5/29/2001
Deadbutcher Records
Slovak straightedge hardcore label and distro
Label/Distributor 11/17/2006
Some metal news, bands database, etc.
Other Metal Site 11/01/2001
A new wave of extremely heavy music
E-zine/Webzine 6/05/2002
Deaf Sparrow
Underground metal, hardcore, punk, garage and experimental music zine
E-zine/Webzine 1/24/2008
Online death and black metal radio show
Other Metal Site 1/10/2006
Deathgasm Records
Label and distro
Label/Distributor 11/04/2001
Extreme metal zine in issue format with many extras
E-zine/Webzine 11/27/2002
Repository of death metal bands
Other Metal Site 10/10/2001
Deathstrike Records
German underground metal label/distro
Label/Distributor 4/15/2002
Decoy Music
Music zine with a focus on hardcore
E-zine/Webzine 11/20/2005
Deepsend Records
Metal label out of Hanover, Massachussets
Label/Distributor 1/01/2006
Defiance Records
German hardcore and emo label
Label/Distributor 11/20/2001
E-zine/Webzine 5/19/2001
Nice metal e-zine (In English and Russian)
E-zine/Webzine 12/07/2001
Demon Head Productions
Promotion for indie metal/industrial bands
Artist Promotion/Services 2/23/2003
Home page of Doug Gibson, web developer and founder of metalunderground.com
Artist Promotion/Services 3/25/2002
Official Slayer Diabolus in Musica site
Official Band Site 5/15/2001
Diehard Music
Metal, hardcore and punk
Label/Distributor 5/12/2001
Digital Apocalypse Studios
Other Evil Shit 5/19/2001
Digital Glam
Glam / hair metal zine
E-zine/Webzine 10/07/2005
Digital Metal
Awesome site with news, reviews, interviews, tour dates, forums and more
E-zine/Webzine 5/12/2001
Discorporate Music
Nova Scotian metal label and distro
Label/Distributor 11/19/2006
Displeased Records
Dutch brutal metal label
Label/Distributor 4/06/2002
Divine Recordings
Label/Distributor 5/19/2001
Division Records
Swiss indie avante-garde rock/metal label
Label/Distributor 3/16/2007
Dogstreet Records
Small indie metal and blues label out of Maryland
Label/Distributor 11/03/2005
Dominions of Khoril
E-zine/Webzine 10/17/2001
Good doom metal oriented site
E-zine/Webzine 5/29/2001
black, death, and doom metal tabs and 'zine
E-zine/Webzine 6/29/2003
Doomsday Music
Music for the end of the world
E-zine/Webzine 1/02/2006
UK general music site
Other General Music 11/06/2001
Double Blind Music
New York indie rock/metal/hardcore label
Label/Distributor 4/30/2007
Drakkar Productions
French extreme metal label and distro
Label/Distributor 1/19/2006
Dreamtide Music
Heavy metal management and booking
Artist Promotion/Services 5/14/2002
DTS Underground
Covering the Dallas, Tyler, and Shreveport Texas underground metal scene
Local Scenes 6/21/2004
Dwell Records
Small extreme music label (awesome site!)
Label/Distributor 11/04/2001
Dynamite! Metal News
Currently on hold until relaunch
Other Metal Site 10/11/2001
Dyslexia Records
Malaysian hardcore label and distro
Label/Distributor 11/17/2006