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ProgPower USA Interview: Serenity

Looking back at the ProgPower USA experience, most attendees would argue that Austrian symphonic metal act Serenity stole the entire show. With the excitement surrounding the band’s first U.S. performance palpable before the set, what transpired thrilled long time fans of the band and made a whole string of new ones (See Metal Underground.com’s review coverage of Day One and Day Two). Not only did Serenity “wow” the crowd to one of the few complete standing ovations at the festival, but the members’ presence in and around the venue and Atlanta was felt and new friendships were forged and hope sprung eternal for a future tour in the United States.

Metal Underground.com has provided extensive coverage of the ProgPower USA event and continues here with an interview with Serenity members: Tom Buchberger (Guitars), Georg Neuhauser (Vocals) and newly announced permanent member Clémentine Delauney (Vocals). The interview took place at the Artmore Hotel prior to the band’s performance at ProgPower USA and the band discussed details on the follow up to “Death & Legacy” as well as what the show meant to them.

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Photo of Pig Destroyer

Band Photo: Pig Destroyer

Interview With Blake Harrison Of Pig Destroyer

Pig Destroyer has become one of the most notorious grindcore bands in the past decade due to the group's grinding rock sound and releasing music on albums, splits, demos and EPs every year earlier in its career. Pig Destroyer's latest full-length album "Book Burner" is out now after nearly five years of no releases, and fans have nineteen new songs to enjoy.

Also in that time, Pig Destroyer hired Adam Jarvis, also of Misery Index, to take over on the skins. I talked with the noise-and-samples man Blake Harrison about the delay with "Book Burner" and plans for the future, and a transcript can be read below.

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Interview with Kreator's Sami Yli-Sirno

Kreator is currently touring North America with fellow German metal pioneers, Accept. Although this tour highlights cuts from their current “Phantom Anti-Christ” album; the group gives its audience a history lesson that spans nearly thirty years. Each show is a class on staying consistent with one’s brand, while incorporating new forms of expression. They treated fans to early, barbaric speed metal numbers such as “Tormentor” and “Flag of Hate” to middle era, groove-based thrashers “People of the Lie” and “Phobia” to “Hordes of Chaos” and “Phantom Anti-Christ.”

Starting with “Violent Revolution,” the group penned a sequel to their breakout 1990 album “Comma of Souls.” Each subsequent album, “Enemy of God,” “Hordes of Chaos,” and “Phantom Anti-Christ” showed the band progress as song writers, utilizing more moods and tempo swings.

Guitarist Yli-Sirno has participated in the creation of each of the above-named albums. Metal Underground.com caught up with the Finnish musician to get his take on the progression that led to “Phantom Anti-Christ,” as well as getting the scope on recent events concerning the group.

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An Interview With A Life Once Lost's Bob Meadows

For A Life Once Lost, the five years between “Iron Gag” and “Ecstatic Trance” was a period of transition that drastically restructured the band. The lineup was cut down to vocalist Bob Meadows and guitarist/vocalist Douglas Sabolick, who forged ahead as a duo in the aftermath of these changes. Working on a new album took years, and after a few complete ones were scrapped, they hunkered down and got down a collection of songs that proved satisfactory for the two musicians.

A Life Once Lost has been a polarizing band ever since they got noticed back in 2003 with the excellent “A Great Artist,” and Meadows is proud of how they have always done their own thing without worrying about fan response. That looks like it will continue with “Ecstatic Trance,” judging on the mixed reactions the few songs that leaked so far have gotten. I got into a lively discussion with Meadows about this situation, what “Ecstatic Trance” represents to him as it relates to the band’s status, and his thoughts on the Internet’s influence on the music industry.

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Photo of Germ

Band Photo: Germ

Germ Gears Up To Infect The World With "Loss"

Australian one-man band Germ is the creation of Tim Yatras, also known for his work with the now defunct-acts Austere and Grey Waters. A genre like depressive black metal is already about as underground as it gets, and would be considered completely bizarre to the average person who hasn't been exposed to extreme metal, but Germ takes things a step farther and dives head first into a fully avant-garde sound.

Germ was covered in the genre-blending and trend ignoring edition of our "Unearthing the Metal Underground" column earlier this year after the release of the "Wish" album. Now the project is set to release a follow-up EP titled "Loss" (review coming soon), which explores themes of betrayal and desperation while melding black metal with electronic elements, clean singing, and even a dash of pop. To see what the man behind the band had to say about the new EP, check out interview below.

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Abiotic Discusses New Album "Symbiosis" And More

Devastatingly brutal Florida newcomers Abiotic are gearing up for the release of debut full-length album "Symbiosis" on October 22nd via Metal Blade Records (reviewed here).

The band is currently out on tour with The Burial and Sea of Treachery, and during a brief break in the festivities I got the chance to chat up John Matos about the album and the band's meteoric rise into the Metal Blade ranks.

Check out the full interview below and read what John had to say about about the band's bassist getting injured in a mosh pit, releasing the EP and video that got Abiotic signed, and what's happening in the near future for the group.

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Korpiklaani: "We Have A Darker And Serious Side"

The Finnish bards in Korpiklaani didn't waste any down time after the release of 2011's "Ukon Wacka," having returned already with latest full-length album "Manala" (reviewed here). Rather than playing the language ping-pong game of previous efforts, Korpiklaani has now given fans the best of both worlds, releasing the album as a double-disc set with all songs in both Finnish and English.

During a recent chat with Metalunderground, Korpiklaani's Jarkko Aaltonen explained why the band chose to go that route, as well as discussing the lack of a hard-partying song this time around as the band explores its darker side.

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The ProgPower USA Interview: Kamelot

I had just landed in Charlotte hours before and driving 3.5 hours to Atlanta to attend my very first ProgPower USA experience. No sooner did I arrive in my hotel and check in, when I called in to Kamelot's tour manager, who asked me if I could come early. First time in Atlanta...and I had an interview with founder/guitarist Tom Youngblood in 15 minutes. I took a quick survey of the city on my walk down to Center Stage, the venue that hosted the first night of the "Silverthorn" North American tour with Nightwish. This second night proved most special, as guest vocalist Alissa White-Gluz (The Agonist) was on hand to provide backing vocals for new track "Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)" and live mainstay "March of Mephisto" (check out Metal Underground.com's review of night two of Kamelot & Nightwish pre-shows kick off at the ProgPower USA at this location).

Youngblood sat down to discuss "Silverthorn," its concept and music direction, the vocal search that led to new vocalist Tommy Karevik and what the ProgPower USA experience is like for a musician.

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Photo of Vangough

Band Photo: Vangough

The ProgPower Interview: Vangough

During the weekend of the annual ProgPower USA festivities, running into the members of Oklahoma-based progressive metal band Vangough is probably one of the cooler experiences an audience member can have. With influences ranging from Dream Theater to Pain of Salvation and video game soundtracks, their music is as much a trip as is a conversation with one of them. With several albums under their belt, the members of Vangough met with me on Saturday morning at this year’s festival to discuss the next record, their most recent 4-star record, “Kingdom of Ruin” (reviewed here,) the new directions of their music, and K-Pop and Milli Vanilli, somehow.

Switching back and forth between deadpan humor and outright laughter fits, similar to how the band’s style switches from mood to mood within a song, it was clear to me that the members of Vangough take their music seriously while taking the other parts of life with a twist of lime. The bandmates are: Clay Withrow (guitars/vocals), Jeren Martin (bass), Kyle Haws (drums), and Justice Jonston (keys/orchestra).

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Photo of Autopsy

Band Photo: Autopsy

Interview with Sam Dunn of Banger Films

Anthropologist Sam Dunn and Banger Films have documented the history and evolution of rock’s ugly cousin, heavy metal. “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey” (2005) broke down metal’s various styles in a heavy metal family tree, and explained through exhaustive research and interviews, the construction and progression of each style. Although the film played on network television outlets such as VH1 Classic, an hour-and-a-half film is a mere scratch on the shield of heavy metal history.

After releasing a stint of award-winning films such as “Iron Maiden: Flight 666,” and “Rush: Behind the Stage,” Banger Films returned to metal lineage, this time securing a contract with VH1 Classic to release a season of “Metal Evolution: The Series.” Each week Sam and his crew presented an hour-long segment focusing on a single sub-genre. Dunn documented everything from the prototype bands that influenced metal’s loud and raucous nature to Black Sabbath’s rise, eventually landing on newer styles such as Nu Metal and Power Metal (‘80s German to modern Finnish symphonic).

Even though Banger Films released eleven episodes, there were still major holes in the series. Viewers reached out to the film company and asked why the network didn’t release episodes on extreme metal branches such as black metal, death metal and grindcore. The simple answer is none of the networks felt those topics were suitable for television.

Now Dunn and Banger Films have set out to create “The Lost Episode,” a segment devoted to extreme metal. Metal Underground.com called Sam Dunn to discuss how he and his crew plans to write, film, finance and release “Metal Evolution Episode 12: The Lost Episode, Extreme Metal.”

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Photo of Beyond The Bridge

Band Photo: Beyond The Bridge

The ProgPower Interview: Beyond The Bridge

On Day Two of ProgPower USA XIII, progressive metal newcomers Beyond The Bridge opened the show and conquered the ProgPower hangover. Moreover, they won the sincere respect of the audience as they made their USA debut performance, becoming a real fan favorite of the weekend. Between the many facial expressions of bassist Dominik Stotzem and the display of musical prowess by the band, it was hard not to enjoy the performance.

With “The Old Man and the Spirit,” their impressive debut album (reviewed here), and live show, Beyond The Bridge set the bar high for the other bands of the day to hit. Later on at night, after the band had savored the sound of an uproarious auditorium clapping for them, the main songwriters of the band sat down with me in the courtyard of the Artmore hotel for an interview. Guitarist Peter Degenfeld-Schonburg and keyboardist Christopher Tarnow opened up about the concept of their album, how the band formed, working in the studio, getting close to an idea for the second album, and even about possible adaptations for the first.

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The ProgPower Interview: Amaranthe

Growing up on the game-changing melodic death metal music from Gothenburg, Sweden was very fun for me. However, growing up WITHIN the game-changing melodic death metal world of Gothenburg, Sweden must have been incredible. Such is Amaranthe's story. Evergrey, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates, Soilwork, and other heavyweights took the genre to new heights and left in their wake a trail for others to follow and enhance. As I was about to learn, Amaranthe had come from this wake after entertaining ideas of starting a Gothenburg melodic death metal super-group.

It was Friday, September 14th, and in the middle of the afternoon at the Artmore hotel just down the street from ProgPower XIII venue Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia. Amaranthe was to go on stage in about an hour, but the band was very nice to agree to an interview in the courtyard of the hotel. Guitarist Olof Mörck and vocalist Jake E not only revealed the creation story of Amaranthe (originally Avalanche), but also details on the upcoming record, producing versus mixing, liver sandwiches, and actually being beaten up in their music video for "Hunger."

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Photo of Nightwish

Band Photo: Nightwish

The ProgPower Interview: Marco Hietala, Nightwish

At this point in the band's career, Nightwish has become nearly everyone’s first thought when they think about heavy metal from Finland. With astounding budgets for consistently higher-selling albums upon each release, it’s safe to say that Nightwish is doing well. The reason the group has achieved the #2 spot in the US Top Hard Rock Albums charts upon the release of latest, “Imaginaerum,” (reviewed here) was due to successfully cultivating a fan base in the states, which had started with their very first US show at ProgPower 4 in 2003.

After all those years inbetween, Nightwish returned to ProgPower at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia for a two-night stint on September 12th and 13th as a prelude to the 2012 festival weekend, ProgPower’s 13th official year. Kicking off their headlining tour with Kamelot, the band brought the house down. I was lucky enough to snag a quick interview with bassist/vocalist Marco Hietala after a short trip to the band’s catering room. As if he doesn’t already have a lot going on with Nightwish, we also discussed various projects of his, such as Northern Kings, Tarot, being producer for Amorphis, and the “Imaginaerum” movie.

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Prototype Ignites A "Catalyst" In The Metal Scene

Six years after sophomore full-length album "Continuum," the L.A. metal act Prototype has now returned to the scene with new album "Catalyst," released earlier this month through Nightmare Records. With the album out now and pummeling metal fans into submission, guitarist Kragen Lum got in touch with us to help get the word out about the new release.

A transcript of our chat can be read below, which offers a look into the sci-fi concept on these new songs and covers how the band changed up the sound by using seven string guitars. You can also find out info about Kragen's other band's Heathen and Pyschosis, along with his thoughts on the state of the current L.A. metal scene.

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Interview with Turbid North

Turbid North is partially a product of their environment and partially a product of open-minded musicians. Mellow harmonies, classic rock, western, psychedelic freak outs, doom-y sonicscapes all help enhance the group’s brutal death metal base. They present extreme music from opposite polarties. Much of the group’s writings pay homage to nature, a thing of abundance in the Rydlinski brother's (Adam and Alex) and Nick Forkel’s life before moving to Texas. The memory of Alaska’s permafrosted aesthetic led to writing hymns to nature. Like Cinderella once said, “You don’t what you got until it’s gone.”

Moving to Texas also instilled upon Turbid North a definite down-south swagger. Amongst its current ranks are former and current members of The Destro and Debri. Whether the Lonestar State’s tradition for bruising groove played a factor in their music or not, these sounds leave an obvious cowboy-boot imprint on their music.

Nearing the end of their U.S. tour, Metal Underground.com joined Turbid North guitarist Alex Rydlinski and Nick Forkel upstairs in Head Hunters’ patio. These Alaskan transplants described life on the road, new material and how the group merged all of these styles and members (bassist Chris O’Toole is originally from England).

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An Interview With Sylencer's Markus Johansson

Sylencer is the brainchild of vocalist/lead guitarist Markus Johansson, who spent almost six years working on the band’s debut album, “A Lethal Dose Of Truth.” Some of that time was spent gathering an enormous list of guest appearances, including the likes of Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Gene Hoglan (Dark Angel, Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory), and Sean Reinert (Cynic, Death). All together, there are over a dozen recognizable musicians who guest throughout the 16 songs on “A Lethal Dose Of Truth.”

However, there’s much more to the album than just stacked-up guest spots. The music goes everywhere from power metal to progressive metal, not sticking to one style for a long period. Though the names will bring in interest, the music will keep people around after the names are mentioned. I had the opportunity to speak to Johansson about getting all these noteworthy musicians involved, and translating this album to a live setting.

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Hexvessel Talks New Album "No Holier Temple"

Folksy, psychedelic rock outfit Hexvessel is now only a handful of days away from the official release of sophomore full-length effort "No Holier Temple," which reflects on the idea of sacred places in nature. While perhaps not a traditional theme metal heads may be exposed to, except for outside a few folk metal bands, Hexvessel sits in that nebulous area between genres where fans of the extreme and the mainstream can come together to enjoy something a bit different.

Described more accurately as "neofolk" than "metal," Hexvessel still sits proudly on the Svart Records roster along with some truly dark acts. While diving into the band's new release in an interview, Mat "Kvhost" McNerney discussed the kinship between styles of music and how fans of devastatingly heavy sounds can get a needed fix from "No Holier Temple." An avowed fan of the underground, Mat also shared his love of unknown local Finnish acts, how this new album has changed musically from the first release, and how the band ended up with Svart Records.

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Waylander Gives A Lesson In Heritage And Metal

It is hard to believe that nearly twenty years has passed since brothers Ciaran "Ardchieftain" O'Hagan and his brother Dermot started the pagan band Waylander in Northern Ireland. Through many years of demos and line up changes, Waylander is back with it's fourth album, "Kindred Spirits." The album is in the vein of a heavier pagan metal direction, which the band had shown signs of gravitating towards on their last album.

Another thing that is immediately apparent is the rich storytelling that Waylander is known for. Every album of theirs is not only a bona fide metal experience but an anthropology lesson as well. Vignettes of the Gaelic/Irish history permeate "Kindred Spirits" in the same way they have graced every other release. Chieftain O'Hagan not only sings about the pagan way, but lives it as well. He is involved in many of the traditions that make him and the band distinctly Irish.

Being from Northern Ireland and having a band composed of members on both sides of the divide, it is no wonder that Waylander chooses to focus on the true Irish traditions rather than identifying with the socio-political vagaries and strife that cause dissension. Chieftain was amicable enough to visit with us today and discuss Waylander's direction on the new album "Kindred Spirits" and the relevant tales that have inspired the music of the band.

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Devin Townsend On New Album "Epicloud"

After finishing up a four part interconnected series of albums (check out our reviews of "Ghost" and "Deconstruction"), Devin Townsend remains ever on the move and is already preparing for the release of his next project, titled "Epicloud." With the album set to drop later this month, I got the opportunity to speak with the eccentric metal mastermind himself to see what fans can expect from this latest sonic adventure. In his own words, "If what I do interests you, then this record is something you will probably think is good. If what I do bugs the shit out of you, then you’re not going to like it, so good luck and no hard feelings."

During our chat, Heavy Devy explained how "Epicloud" leaves the negative aspects of metal behind to put a positive focus on the good things in life, and how that necessitated using guest musicians such as Anneke from The Gathering and even a gospel choir. The surprisingly candid discussion also led to Devin discussing his connection on a personal level with metal icons such as Ihsahn over having children and a real life outside the extreme metal persona.

The full interview, available below, also explores his thought processes on the difficulty of choosing material for a live set list, an unexpected attempt at poop humor, and confirmation on an upcoming new Ziltoid album.

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Photo of Abigail Williams

Band Photo: Abigail Williams

Ken Sorceron Sings Abigail Williams' Swan Song

Inconsistent members, misrepresentation and the doldrums of answering interview questions with an assembly-line frame of mind have led to the dissembling of Candlelight Records’ most prolific band Abigail Williams. One question that founder and mastermind Ken Sorceron scorned was “tell me about your band name?” Abigail Williams was one of the accusing girls in the Salem Witchcraft trials. The group’s dark ambiance and orchestrations aptly describe a style of black metal that conjures images of superstition and witch burnings. Unfortunately, these ideas were not clearly expressed in their early marketing plan.

These mishaps are some of the reasons Sorceron is closing this chapter of his life. However, music is in his future plans. Metal Underground.com climbed into his van parked outside Beerland in Austin, Texas to find out more about Abigail Williams’ final hour and what the future may bring.

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Auroch Brings Music Back "From Forgotten Worlds"

Canadian black/death metal act Auroch has been on a whirlwind ride these last few months, wrapping up the Canadian Abomination Tour, getting signed to a label, and now gearing up for the official release of debut full-length album "From Forgotten Worlds."

Amidst all the momentum, I got in touch with Auroch's Sebastian Montesi to see what he had to say about the band's recent success, as well as to discuss the dark cosmic horror at the center of the group's music. In the full interview below you can find Seb's thoughts on translating the Cthulhu mythos into musical expression, the best representation of the mythos in movies and games, and the band's excitement to begin touring internationally.

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Zonaria Discusses New Album And Video

Swedish melodic death metal merchants Zonaria had been quiet in their camp up until late. In the years after 2008's "The Cancer Empire," the band took time out to reflect on how they wanted things done. Zonaria's last album was rushed to make the release date schedule, something the band wishes it had more time with. On 2012's "Arrival of the Red Sun" on Listenable Records, the group gave itself all the time it needed in the production process to release an album with no misgivings.

Once again the band enlisted Jonas Kjellgren of Scar Symmetry, whom it had went with on the first album. Now in the midst of filming a video for the track "Silent Holocaust," (a song which is streaming over at this location), Zonaria took the time to give us a brief chat about the band. The band's bassist Max Malmer, who was a sessionist until joining full time recently, shared his thoughts on Zonaria's path with the new album.

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Photo of Obituary

Band Photo: Obituary

Obituary Discusses New Material and Tours

Because Obituary has a history that dates back a quarter-century, few will dispute their legacy as siring death metal's progeny. Considering how early this Tampa, Florida band planted its roots, it’s a bit ironic that two of its members—John and Donald Tardy—bear an adjective in their last name that denotes late arrival. Obituary didn’t come to the party, they hosted it. The group has left such obvious signs of impact--from John’s savage snarl to Trevor Peres’ mid-paced groves—that it doesn’t take a private dick to reveal the bloody prints they left on the face of modern metal.

Modern is hardly a term used for a band over twenty years old, but it still applies today, and not just in death metal. Metalcore and deathcore surely borrowed a few tricks of the trade from the Tardys’ and crew. As the group prepares to write its ninth studio full-length, promoters and fans still demand the classics. According to Tardy, upcoming European tours may feature set lists culled primarily from their first two recordings,” Slowly We Rot” and “Cause of Death.”

Three years have passed since Obituary released their last recording “Darkest Day.” The group has been too busy playing gigs to settle down and make a new album. There is a gap of information in these three years. In the following phone interview, John Tardy happily updated us on subjects such as past and future tours, the Tardy Brothers’ solo record and lineup changes.

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Olaf Thörsen Sets The Destination Of Vision Divine

2012 has been a stunning year for new metal. In particular, the Italian scene has seen an explosion of quality material whether you talk about Luca Turilli's Rhapsody or Sound Storm and even those the world has not yet heard such as Wind Rose and Hollow Haze. The pressure was on for Vision Divine co-founder Olaf Thörsen (born Carlo Andrea Magnani). Carrying the distinction of bringing Labyrinth back to its legendary status at the top with the 2010 release "Return to Heaven Denied, Pt. II - A Midnight Autumn's Dream" upon his own return, he "set his destination" back to Vision Divine to dream up the new concept LP "Destination Set to Nowhere." With co-founder and Rhapsody of Fire vocalist Fabio Lione back in the fold since the 2009 release "9 Degrees West of the Moon," the dynamic duo returns with a seventh stunning progressive masterpiece (see Metal Underground.com's review at this location).

Granting interview time, Olaf Thörsen now set his destination for Metal Underground.com where he tells the whole story of "Destination Set to Nowhere": its concept on human nature, how it was written, what it was like to work with the world's best vocalist and just how much it meant to him to NOT have his music compared to generic power metal. What follows turned out to be one of your author's most enjoyable conversations.

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Stealing Axion Talks New Album "Moments"

Stealing Axion's debut full-length album "Moments" is due to drop through InsideOut Music in only a handful of days, and the band's music will have the opportunity to speak for itself as Stealing Axion officially breaks into the metal scene.

If you can't wait until the release date to find out more about "Moments," guitarist/vocalist Dan Forbrich is more than happy to walk potential fans through the sound and recording process for the album. Check out our interview with Dan below, and be sure to catch Stealing Axion on tour with Jeff Loomis, Vildhjarta, and Monuments this coming Fall.

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