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Nightfall Talks New Album And Greek Metal

Greece's symphonic maestros Nightfall are only a handful of days away from the release of latest opus "Cassiopeia," which follows on the heels of 2010's comeback album "Astron Black and the Thirty Tyrants."

As the January 22nd release date inches ever closer, Nightfall mastermind Efthimis Karadimas checked in with us to reveal the band's writing and recording process for "Cassiopeia." Learn about the background themes of this multinationally recorded effort and how it differs from the previous release in the interview below, along with some inside insight about the state of the Greek metal scene.

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Photo of Chariots of the Gods

Band Photo: Chariots of the Gods

Chariots Of The Gods Shares "Tides Of War"

Ottawa's Chariots of the Gods is nearing in on the release of debut full-length album "Tides of War," due out this coming January 29th, 2013.

Metalunderground.com will soon be hosting the premiere of a new track off the album, but in the mean time you can see what the band itself had to say about the impending album, which aims "to deliver straight up, balls-to-the-walls, in-your-face heavy metal."

The interview available below features Chariots of the Gods guitarist Mat St-Amour discussing the mythology behind the band's name, gearing up to drop a first music video, and the best releases of 2012.

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Doro Talks New Album "Raise Your Fist"

The metal queen Doro Pesch has kept busy this year, releasing an EP, a compilation, and the new full-length album "Raise Your Fist," which is an old school look at anthemic, fist-pumping metal meant to keep the energy running high.

Doro is gearing up to rock the sea-bound metal legions on the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise, which will then be followed by a U.S. tour in February with Sister Sin. As the year is ending and the festivities are just about to kick off, Doro got in touch with us to chat about the new album and upcoming live activity.

Check out a transcript of our talk below, in which she shares her excitement for new live shows, discusses a track dedicated to the late Ronnie James Dio, and gushes with love for all things '80s metal.

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A Chat With Clamfight's Andy Martin

New Jersey's Clamfight plays that type of music that just gets the heart pumping, the fist flying, and the heads nodding until the neck begins to cramp. They spent years working on their stoner metal sound before releasing their vastly-underrated debut “Volume I” back in 2010. This January will see the release of their second album, “I Versus the Glacier,” which is as vicious as their first album was, though with shorter songs and a more focused approach. I had the opportunity to get in an interview with drummer/vocalist Andy Martin to talk about the band’s long path to get to this point and what metal fans can expect from “I Versus the Glacier.”

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Invicta Debuts New Video Now, New Album In 2013

The Nashville-based progressive metal band “Invicta” (featured in an edition of Unearthing The Metal Underground) has announced the debut of a new music video (see below) for the first single from a new album, due out in January of 2013. Along with the music video for “The Peripheral Sound,” the band also announced the addition of two new instrumentalists to the band in an exclusive interview with MetalUnderground.com’s Frank Serafine.

The band’s first album, “Split by the Sun,” was recorded in Cleveland by acclaimed producer Tony Gammalo (Chimaira, Drowning Pool, Misery Signals) and the band has since undergone several lineup changes with regards to their drummers, bassists, and second guitarists. Now solidified, the band looks to break through to a larger audience with an even more progressive sophomore release, detailed by vocalist and co-writer Mike Schii.

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Photo of Cryptopsy

Band Photo: Cryptopsy

Lord Worm Shares Some Grisly Details

It would be a stretch to call Lord Worm a “controversial” figure in metal, simply for the fact that controversy requires a high degree of visibility, and mysterious anonymity is just the way the former Cryptopsy vocalist likes it.

That may change, however, with his return to the scene at the helm of Montreal black metallers Rage Nucléaire. Not two months after the release of the subtly titled debut “Unrelenting Fucking Hatred” through Season Of Mist, the band is already hard at work on new material. Worm graciously took time out from a Friday night jam session to chat with me about Rage Nucléaire’s background, current happenings, and hopes for the near future.

In an articulate and professorial manner befitting his English-teaching pedigree and wry sense of humor, Worm also quite frankly detailed the murderous thoughts and feelings surrounding his rather antisocial worldview, his excursions into the taboo of cannibalism, the gastronomical origins of his famed moniker, and more – proving that it’s not the theatrically costumed clown at center stage you should keep an eye on, but the reclusive figure lurking just within the shadows’ edge.

We pick up just after I introduce myself over the phone.

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Photo of Therion

Band Photo: Therion

Therion Talks New Album And Future Rock Opera

Championing orchestral metal, the mighty Therion has gone through quite a wild ride over its 25 year long career. From the death metal of “Symphony Masses” to the game changing “Theli” on to the fully symphonic “Vovin” and “Deggial,” Therion has been evolving along with the metal scene and continues to do so today.

The band’s latest output “Les Fleurs Du Mal” (reviewed here) is a collection of Therionized covers of what master mind Christofer Johnsson refers to as “French oldies,” which have been translated into a medium that metalheads and lovers of symphonic music can both enjoy.

“The achievement I’m most proud of is to get French metalheads to go to a metal show and head bang to France Gall,” said Johnsson during a recent chat with Metalunderground.

During our conversation he went to discuss the difficulties involved in getting the album released, which was passed on by Therion’s label. In the full interview below, Johnsson explains how negative comments going viral have actually worked better than press releases, with the album on track to become the highest selling Therion release with no advertising of any kind, and he reveals the band’s next big project will be a rock opera performed like a musical play.

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Photo of Ill Nino

Band Photo: Ill Nino

Ill Niño Vocalist Talks New Album "Epidemia"

Over a decade-plus career, New Jersey six-piece Ill Niño has achieved an impressive but underappreciated feat: escaped the Great Nu-Metal Collapse of 2003 relatively unscathed, and plowed ahead with a string of albums that explored, one by one, every corner of the band’s musical and cultural identity. Following a split with Roadrunner Records and a humble stint on the short-lived indie label Cement Shoes, Ill Niño released the fiery “Dead New World” in 2010 through Victory Records. The album encapsulated all the band’s prior adventures – groove, alternative, thrash, metalcore, and progressive – while replanting its signature Latin and tribal roots.

Brazilian-born vocalist and lyricist Cristian Machado spent his early childhood in Venezuela before moving to New Jersey as an adolescent, and so takes a broad, inclusive cultural view of heavy music – and questions the ways in which the genre and its subgenres are typically understood. This thirst for identity has never been more apparent than on “Epidemia,” Ill Niño’s newly released sixth album and next step in its partnership with Victory.

I recently seized the opportunity to phone Cristian on a day off from touring. I explored his thoughts on “Epidemia” and Ill Niño at large, his various outlooks on music, artistry, life, and much more – leaving no stone unturned.

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Warnot Explains Debut Album "His Blood Is Yours"

A new addition to the prog/power metal world, former Cloudscape member Björn Eliasson has launched his own project Warnot, which just saw the release of a debut album. The freshman release "His Blood Is Yours" features a range of guest vocalists and is out now via Nightmare Records.

Björn was kind enough to share some insight with Metalunderground into the new album's creation, how these tracks differ from previous work with Cloudscape, and the story behind the lyrical themes. Read the full interview below, or you can find more info on Warnot over at Facebook here.

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Photo of Derelict

Band Photo: Derelict

Peace, Love, & Death Metal With Derelict

It was Friday, November 30th in Montreal, and my butt was killing me. Let me explain.

I'd arrived a little while ago at Katacombes, a little cavern of a club with a corner stage partially in the round. Headlining the evening was Derelict, an increasingly popular technical death metal outfit carving quite a name for itself across Canada. After tracking down frontman Eric Burnet, we escaped the noisy chatter - and the impending racket of the opening act - by ducking down a flight of stairs to a basement alcove outside the restrooms.

In the shadowy corner, we claimed a precarious perch atop two beer kegs while Eric brought me up to speed. We discussed all things Derelict, including this year's sophomore album "Perpetuation;" (reviewed here) the overall death metal genre and beyond; Eric's personal techniques and goals as a vocalist and lyricist; the downloading controversy; and more.

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Interview With Lo-Pan

Columbus, Ohio, stoner rock band Lo-Pan has been trekking across the country as of late with High on Fire and Goatwhore, and being joined by Corrosion of Conformity for a few of those dates. But many metal heads have not heard much about this band; without vicious growls, crazy fast guitar riffs, and black band t-shirts, they haven't attracted much attention from typical metal listeners. They will not make any excuses for their post-rock, nineties-inspired sound, and will be exposed to a whole new audience full of new fans. I caught up with vocalist Jeff Martin and drummer Jesse Bartz to talk about the tour and the plethora of hotel desk bells that curiously lined their tour van's dashboard.

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Tiamat's Edlund Discusses "The Scarred People"

Sweden’s Tiamat has never been a band confined to a certain sound. Whenever an album conveys a certain path, the group turns around and travels a different route on the next album. From their Swedish death roots of “Sumerian Cry” to the atmospheric doom of “Clouds” to the bluesy soundscapes of “Wildhoney” to the electronic beats of “Judas Christ”—each album seems related only in their pursuit of lush ambiance.

“The Scarred People,” Tiamat’s tenth full-length studio record, bridges many of the ideas and sounds heard throughout the group’s long history. Tiamat mastermind, Johan Edlund corresponded with Metal Underground via the internet to give us the scoop on “The Scarred People.”

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Peter Dolving Talks Solo Projects And The Haunted

The Haunted fell prey to a string of member losses this year, including the departure of vocalist Peter Dolving, who has now released a new solo album titled "Thieves and Liars," in addition to working on other projects Rosvo and Science. Describing the end of his time with The Haunted, he commented "...the band started dying in 2006. Not because we sucked. Because we were good at doing something that didn't click with the business, the market, and the consumers. Simple as that."

With The Haunted in the rear view mirror and other musical outlets ahead, Peter shared with us what's happening in his world lately and his desire to create music that pleases him, regardless of genre classifications.

Peter also has some very strong words for the metal scene and the music industry in general, swearing off record labels to support his solo material and explaining his Rosvo project by stating, "Traditional metalheads and morons who actually are stupid enough to 'think' feces like Waitan or Burzum is music will hate it, and of course, that's the point." Check out the full interview below, along with a stream of "Thieves and Liars."

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Sybreed Discusses New Album

The Swiss industrial wizards in Sybreed have unleashed a fourth full-length album titled "God is an Automaton" (reviewed here), which bridges the gaps between the previous three and still moves the band forward into new territory.

With the album out now, guitarist "Drop" was eager to chat about the new release and what went into writing and recording these tracks. Drop also discussed the album's artwork being handled by Seth of Greek act Septicflesh, and the title of the album referring "to the fact that there are people willing to use the excuse of a higher being as a justification to their deeds and misdeeds." See the full interview below.

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Photo of Holy Grail

Band Photo: Holy Grail

Holy Grail Talks "Ride The Void"

A funny thing happened on Main Street in the heart of hippie enclave Burlington, Vermont, this Tuesday past: a METAL show. Deathgrind splatter freaks Cattle Decapitation had booked a series of headlining dates after dropping off Six Feet Under's Autumn Apocalypse Tour. As happy coincidence would have it, California metallers Holy Grail had booked a night off from their ongoing tour with Hellyeah. The two bands' paths happened to cross at just the right time and place for Burlington's metal-starved fans.

Prior to the show in the intimate upstairs tavern Club Metronome, I strolled into the ground-floor establishment Nectars - fabled as the birthplace of Phish - where the five troublemakers of Holy Grail were cooling their heels. After finishing a game of pool, frontman James Paul Luna sat down with me in a booth to discuss his band's current happenings, including the highly anticipated new album "Ride The Void."

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Photo of Dethklok

Band Photo: Dethklok

An Interview With Brendon Small

Ever since Metalocalypse premiered on Adult Swim back in 2006, co-creator Brendon Small has become a notable figure in metal. Small, also known for the cult classic Home Movies cartoon, has spent much of the past few years working on the show, and finding a niche market that has embraced the kooky characters and hilarious songs. The show, based on the exploits of a fictional death metal group called Dethklok, has transcended the small screen into live touring. Metalocalypse finished up its fourth season this past summer, and Dethklok is touring throughout the U.S. until the end of 2012. I had a chance to speak to Small about the latest season of Metalocalypse, his thoughts on the future of Dethklok once Metalocalypse ends, and his passion for metal.

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Interview With Rob Evil of Evil Army 2

The Memphis-based three-piece thrash band Evil Army was doing well a few years ago; they were touring, had albums releasing on Housecore Records, and were making their way to the top of the thrash mountain. However, after the death of bassist Billy Bones in 2009 and internal struggles, the two remaining members and siblings guitarist/vocalist Rob Evil and drummer Michael Murder were forced to put the band on hiatus. Both musicians have also been imprisoned a number of times since then. Now that they are free to perform, they are ready to take Evil Army from the grave to the stage. I talked with Rob Evil about their new found vigor.

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Photo of Dissipate

Band Photo: Dissipate

Dissipate Discusses New EP And Signing With Basick

Newly signed to Basick Records, California's Dissipate is now finally seeing an official release for the "Tectonics" EP (reviewed here), which has gone through a variety of incarnations and previously garnered buzz online through YouTube streaming.

"Tectonics" officially drops November 20th in North America, and we will be hosting an exclusive premiere of all six tracks next week. In the mean time you can get better acquainted with Dissipate and the band's music through our recent interview with drummer Jeff Faria and vocalist Josh Foster.

In the interview below Jeff discusses the trials of sticking it out through lineup changes and disappointments before finally getting signed and the thrill of having Dissipate compared to a mixture of some of his own personal favorite bands: Deftones, Car Bomb, and Ion Dissonance.

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Undercroft Wants You To Break The Rules

The death/thrash three piece Undercroft released latest full-length album "Ruins of Gomorrah" at the end of September through Season of Mist, along with a new music video for "El triunfo de la Muerte."

In a collective online correspondence, Undercroft touched bases with Metalunderground.com to clarify the ever-moving target that is the band's location and explain how this new album came together.

Of course it wasn't all business, as the guys also had some personal advice to offer fans for what to do when they are done checking out the latest on Undercroft: "If you have some time left go out burn some churches, break the fucking rules of society, erase these fucking borders, get fucking drunk, support metal and follow your sins."

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Interview With She's Still Dead

The New Orleans horror lovers She's Still Dead may be less than two years in the game, but they are more determined than most bands to make it. The classic thrash metal outfit drenched in a scary movie nostalgia has gained notoriety with their debut album "Immortal, Eternal" produced by the prolific producer and musician J. Yuenger, who is also friends with the guys and becoming the first American metal band to tour in Cuba, including a show at Brutalfest. They have even landed a spot in Rue Morgue Magazine and more. I had a chance to talk to the whole band including J. Yuenger about their incredible work ethic, a new album on the horizon, and their tour of Cuba. A transcription follows the video.

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Photo of Early Graves

Band Photo: Early Graves

Early Graves: "People Are So Obsessed With Death"

After experiencing the devastating loss of front man Makh Daniels in a car crash back in 2010, Early Graves is back now with John Strachan of the Funeral Pyre handling vocal duties. The band just released new album "Red Horse," and has been on the road promoting the release throughout the U.S.

During a tour stop, Early Graves guitarist Chris Brock spoke with us about bringing on a new vocalist, as well as how the loss of Makh has affected the band. Looking forward to the future, Chris comments, "It’s interesting because people only want to talk about his death, and people are so obsessed with this idea of death, nobody really thinks about the counterpart, which is life and living."

Check out the full interview below to see what Chris had to say about celebrating birthdays on the road, performing with Pig Destroyer, and dedicating a live song to Makh.

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TKG Discusses New Album And Greek Guitarists

Athens act TKG (Theodore Kalantzakos Group) is out now with a new (mostly) instrumental metal fusion album titled "Pattern Partner," which includes guest spots from the likes of Theodore Ziras and Bob Katsionis. Along with the new album release, TKG will soon be heading out for a run of live shows and a European clinic tour.

The band's namesake and guitarist Theodore Kalantzakos is excited to share this new release with metal fans across the world, which he describes as a cross between Liquid Tension Expirment and Planet X, and recently checked in with us to discuss what went into the album and a new music video. The full interview is available below.

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The 69 Eyes Talks 20 Years Of Music And New Album

The Helsinki vampires in gothic rock outfit The 69 Eyes have now released a tenth album, appropriately titled "X." In conjunction with the release, vocalist Jyrki 69 offered up an "interview with the vampire" moment for Metalunderground.com, sharing his dark wisdom when it comes to such matters as love and music.

In typically rock and roll fashion he stated, "To be in the band is still the most interesting way to meet girls and travel, but to make music that matters beats even that," and went on to explain how "X" revolves around breakups and the "evil beauty" of women. Below you can also find the front man's personal picks for Halloween viewing/listening material, and see what he had to say about the band's new graphic novel.

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Bison BC: "Love Is Violent, And Can Kill You"

The downer foursome of Bison B.C. are out now with newest album "Lovelessnes," which guitarist James Farwell describes as "not love songs, songs about love, it’s important we make that clear. Love is violent, and can kill you or keep you alive."

While enjoying some down time before taking the devastating love (and lack thereof) on the road next year, James took out some time to explain what's been happening in the group lately, dealing with turning 40 in the metal touring lifestyle, and how new Bison B.C. tracks come together ("It starts with a drunken riff, then a drunken song"). Below you can also find his thoughts on negative press and what's happening in Vancouver's metal scene.

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Photo of Gwar

Band Photo: Gwar

Interview With Oderus Urungus Of GWAR

Who isn't aware of the blood and guts spewing shock rockers GWAR? Their legendary concerts filled with gore that ends up soaking the surging audience have been thrilling fans for nearly thirty years now. Even the tragic experience of the death of the guitarist Flattus Maximus did not stop the monsters of GWAR from the road. GWAR has recently added a relative of Flattus to the fold for this tour. I had a chance to speak to singer Oderus Urungus about their new guitarist, Halloween, and political aspirations. A transcription follows the video.

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