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Undercroft Wants You To Break The Rules

The death/thrash three piece Undercroft released latest full-length album "Ruins of Gomorrah" at the end of September through Season of Mist, along with a new music video for "El triunfo de la Muerte."

In a collective online correspondence, Undercroft touched bases with Metalunderground.com to clarify the ever-moving target that is the band's location and explain how this new album came together.

Of course it wasn't all business, as the guys also had some personal advice to offer fans for what to do when they are done checking out the latest on Undercroft: "If you have some time left go out burn some churches, break the fucking rules of society, erase these fucking borders, get fucking drunk, support metal and follow your sins."

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Interview With She's Still Dead

The New Orleans horror lovers She's Still Dead may be less than two years in the game, but they are more determined than most bands to make it. The classic thrash metal outfit drenched in a scary movie nostalgia has gained notoriety with their debut album "Immortal, Eternal" produced by the prolific producer and musician J. Yuenger, who is also friends with the guys and becoming the first American metal band to tour in Cuba, including a show at Brutalfest. They have even landed a spot in Rue Morgue Magazine and more. I had a chance to talk to the whole band including J. Yuenger about their incredible work ethic, a new album on the horizon, and their tour of Cuba. A transcription follows the video.

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Photo of Early Graves

Band Photo: Early Graves

Early Graves: "People Are So Obsessed With Death"

After experiencing the devastating loss of front man Makh Daniels in a car crash back in 2010, Early Graves is back now with John Strachan of the Funeral Pyre handling vocal duties. The band just released new album "Red Horse," and has been on the road promoting the release throughout the U.S.

During a tour stop, Early Graves guitarist Chris Brock spoke with us about bringing on a new vocalist, as well as how the loss of Makh has affected the band. Looking forward to the future, Chris comments, "It’s interesting because people only want to talk about his death, and people are so obsessed with this idea of death, nobody really thinks about the counterpart, which is life and living."

Check out the full interview below to see what Chris had to say about celebrating birthdays on the road, performing with Pig Destroyer, and dedicating a live song to Makh.

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TKG Discusses New Album And Greek Guitarists

Athens act TKG (Theodore Kalantzakos Group) is out now with a new (mostly) instrumental metal fusion album titled "Pattern Partner," which includes guest spots from the likes of Theodore Ziras and Bob Katsionis. Along with the new album release, TKG will soon be heading out for a run of live shows and a European clinic tour.

The band's namesake and guitarist Theodore Kalantzakos is excited to share this new release with metal fans across the world, which he describes as a cross between Liquid Tension Expirment and Planet X, and recently checked in with us to discuss what went into the album and a new music video. The full interview is available below.

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The 69 Eyes Talks 20 Years Of Music And New Album

The Helsinki vampires in gothic rock outfit The 69 Eyes have now released a tenth album, appropriately titled "X." In conjunction with the release, vocalist Jyrki 69 offered up an "interview with the vampire" moment for Metalunderground.com, sharing his dark wisdom when it comes to such matters as love and music.

In typically rock and roll fashion he stated, "To be in the band is still the most interesting way to meet girls and travel, but to make music that matters beats even that," and went on to explain how "X" revolves around breakups and the "evil beauty" of women. Below you can also find the front man's personal picks for Halloween viewing/listening material, and see what he had to say about the band's new graphic novel.

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Bison BC: "Love Is Violent, And Can Kill You"

The downer foursome of Bison B.C. are out now with newest album "Lovelessnes," which guitarist James Farwell describes as "not love songs, songs about love, it’s important we make that clear. Love is violent, and can kill you or keep you alive."

While enjoying some down time before taking the devastating love (and lack thereof) on the road next year, James took out some time to explain what's been happening in the group lately, dealing with turning 40 in the metal touring lifestyle, and how new Bison B.C. tracks come together ("It starts with a drunken riff, then a drunken song"). Below you can also find his thoughts on negative press and what's happening in Vancouver's metal scene.

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Photo of Gwar

Band Photo: Gwar

Interview With Oderus Urungus Of GWAR

Who isn't aware of the blood and guts spewing shock rockers GWAR? Their legendary concerts filled with gore that ends up soaking the surging audience have been thrilling fans for nearly thirty years now. Even the tragic experience of the death of the guitarist Flattus Maximus did not stop the monsters of GWAR from the road. GWAR has recently added a relative of Flattus to the fold for this tour. I had a chance to speak to singer Oderus Urungus about their new guitarist, Halloween, and political aspirations. A transcription follows the video.

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Photo of Odium

Band Photo: Odium

Getting Familiar With Odium

One evening in Montreal earlier this month, I dropped in at Piranha Bar, where local underground favorites Endast were kicking off their latest Canadian tour. Providing direct support was Ontario five-piece Odium, who’d won me over with a potent mix of intensity and melody, of modern and old school influences, on recent sophomore effort “Burning The Bridges To Nowhere.” Following the riveting set, I caught up with frontman Tom Emmans for a “man on the street” exchange. Here’s how it went:

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Saille Checks In To Explain Upcoming Album

After last year's "Irreversible Decay" full-length, Belgian symphonic black metal act Saille has now wrapped up recording a follow-up album to see release in early 2013 through Code666 Records.

Just as the band finished work on the new album, guitarist Reinier Schenk filled us in on what went into this upcoming disc of aggressive black metal, and when we can expect to find out more details on the release.

Read on to find out about Saille seeing the return of a familiar face to the lineup, and discover the themes that will permeate the demonic and Lovecraftian lyrics meant to "leave the listener with a sense of unease."

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Photo of While She Sleeps

Band Photo: While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps Discusses New Album And Touring

"This is the Six," the latest full-length from U.K. act While She Sleeps, was released in Europe during the summer and saw the group embark on a headlining tour, including a dream stop for many bands: a sold-out hometown show. The North American release is now set for November 6th via The End Records, with pre-orders available here.

Now invading Europe alongside Architects, While She Sleeps shows no sign of slowing down the momentum, even gearing up for another tour at the start of the new year with Asking Alexandria. While out on the road, vocalist Lawrence Taylor spoke with us about the band's recent and upcoming touring, shooting a fiery music video out in a farmer's field, and how the band wanted to remove all self-imposed musical boundaries while creating the new album.

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God Seed's King ov Hell Comments on "I Begin"

God Seed releases its debut album “I Begin” on October 23, 2012. The said album took three years to create. The band planted its divine seed in 2009, shortly after a tumultuous court battle over the name of their former band, Gorgoroth. Gaahl and King ov Hell, ex-members of the legendary Norwegian black metal group, could not use the name sake, so they came up with the concept for God Seed. Unfortunately, shortly after forming the band, Gaahl announced his retirement.

King ov Hell recruited other recognized musicians in the Norwegian Black Metal scene such as Ice Dale from Enslaved and Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir to create a new group dubbed from his own namesake—Ov Hell. Gaahl returned to the music world just a year later and rejoined King ov Hell in the reformation of God Seed. Gorgoroth fans will revel in the album’s carnal approach, Gaahl’s infernal voices and organic sound. The album’s keyboards create enchanting sound scapes in the vain of Dimmu Borgir, while relating a ‘70s rock sound akin to Deep Purple.

Bassist and founding God Seed member, King ov Hell, spoke with Metal Underground.com on the phone about merging these disparate styles on “I Begin.” Even though King preferred to keep the lyrical and conceptual portion of his art a secret, he released a couple of clues to unlock a portion of his sonic “labyrinth.”

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As Autumn Calls Talks "Cold, Black & Everlasting"

Canadian act As Autumn Calls is currently deep in the process of crafting a new darkly atmospheric epic to see release next year through Rain Without End Records. As work progresses on the upcoming album, the band's bassist/vocalist James got in contact with us to explore the inner workings of what will come to be called "Cold, Black & Everlasting."

In the interview below, you can follow As Autumn Calls from its inception through the band's time refining its process and musical techniques to the present day as the four piece pulls forth a new album "about the constant struggle of facing the darkness and trying to find that place in your mind where you can find contentment, and perhaps even happiness."

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Photo of Danzig

Band Photo: Danzig

Fun Fun Fun Fest Co-Owner Discusses 2013 Lineup

Since 2006, Fun Fun Fun Fest (FFF) has given the people of Austin, Texas a reason to cheer, laugh, sing, dance, mosh and play air guitar. While not as prolific as ACL (Austin City Limits) or as expansive as SXSW, which covers most of the city, Fun Fun Fun Fest is unique in the entertainment it offers.

Although every year presents plenty of heavy acts, Napalm Death, Tomahawk, Municipal Waste and Pallbearer are scheduled on this year's Black Stage on November 2-4, there are times when distorted guitars are absent. These moments are best served taking in a comedian’s act, riding a mechanical bull, playing video games or simply discovering a new band. Metal heads with wrist bands in need of further straining their neck tendons can attend a FFF Nites show for free and throw their horns to bands such as Brutal Truth.

Last year’s installment brought in Danzig, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Eyehategod and many other loud and extreme artists. Danzig’s set was dubbed “Danzig Legacy” because he performed shorts sets of all of his bands—Danzig, Samhain and Misfits. However, the festival was forced to cut his set short soon after launching into the Misfit’s segment. His reaction caused FFF co-owner Graham Williams to blog about the fiasco, which went viral on the Internet.

Since our article containing William's comments on working with Danzig became Metal Underground.com's most read article of the year, we figure we should ask Williams a few questions concerning this debacle. Additionally, he commented on the history of FFF, his criteria for booking artists, this year’s big surprises and what artists he hopes to secure for future festivals.

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ProgPower USA Interview: Serenity

Looking back at the ProgPower USA experience, most attendees would argue that Austrian symphonic metal act Serenity stole the entire show. With the excitement surrounding the band’s first U.S. performance palpable before the set, what transpired thrilled long time fans of the band and made a whole string of new ones (See Metal Underground.com’s review coverage of Day One and Day Two). Not only did Serenity “wow” the crowd to one of the few complete standing ovations at the festival, but the members’ presence in and around the venue and Atlanta was felt and new friendships were forged and hope sprung eternal for a future tour in the United States.

Metal Underground.com has provided extensive coverage of the ProgPower USA event and continues here with an interview with Serenity members: Tom Buchberger (Guitars), Georg Neuhauser (Vocals) and newly announced permanent member Clémentine Delauney (Vocals). The interview took place at the Artmore Hotel prior to the band’s performance at ProgPower USA and the band discussed details on the follow up to “Death & Legacy” as well as what the show meant to them.

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Photo of Pig Destroyer

Band Photo: Pig Destroyer

Interview With Blake Harrison Of Pig Destroyer

Pig Destroyer has become one of the most notorious grindcore bands in the past decade due to the group's grinding rock sound and releasing music on albums, splits, demos and EPs every year earlier in its career. Pig Destroyer's latest full-length album "Book Burner" is out now after nearly five years of no releases, and fans have nineteen new songs to enjoy.

Also in that time, Pig Destroyer hired Adam Jarvis, also of Misery Index, to take over on the skins. I talked with the noise-and-samples man Blake Harrison about the delay with "Book Burner" and plans for the future, and a transcript can be read below.

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Interview with Kreator's Sami Yli-Sirno

Kreator is currently touring North America with fellow German metal pioneers, Accept. Although this tour highlights cuts from their current “Phantom Anti-Christ” album; the group gives its audience a history lesson that spans nearly thirty years. Each show is a class on staying consistent with one’s brand, while incorporating new forms of expression. They treated fans to early, barbaric speed metal numbers such as “Tormentor” and “Flag of Hate” to middle era, groove-based thrashers “People of the Lie” and “Phobia” to “Hordes of Chaos” and “Phantom Anti-Christ.”

Starting with “Violent Revolution,” the group penned a sequel to their breakout 1990 album “Comma of Souls.” Each subsequent album, “Enemy of God,” “Hordes of Chaos,” and “Phantom Anti-Christ” showed the band progress as song writers, utilizing more moods and tempo swings.

Guitarist Yli-Sirno has participated in the creation of each of the above-named albums. Metal Underground.com caught up with the Finnish musician to get his take on the progression that led to “Phantom Anti-Christ,” as well as getting the scope on recent events concerning the group.

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An Interview With A Life Once Lost's Bob Meadows

For A Life Once Lost, the five years between “Iron Gag” and “Ecstatic Trance” was a period of transition that drastically restructured the band. The lineup was cut down to vocalist Bob Meadows and guitarist/vocalist Douglas Sabolick, who forged ahead as a duo in the aftermath of these changes. Working on a new album took years, and after a few complete ones were scrapped, they hunkered down and got down a collection of songs that proved satisfactory for the two musicians.

A Life Once Lost has been a polarizing band ever since they got noticed back in 2003 with the excellent “A Great Artist,” and Meadows is proud of how they have always done their own thing without worrying about fan response. That looks like it will continue with “Ecstatic Trance,” judging on the mixed reactions the few songs that leaked so far have gotten. I got into a lively discussion with Meadows about this situation, what “Ecstatic Trance” represents to him as it relates to the band’s status, and his thoughts on the Internet’s influence on the music industry.

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Photo of Germ

Band Photo: Germ

Germ Gears Up To Infect The World With "Loss"

Australian one-man band Germ is the creation of Tim Yatras, also known for his work with the now defunct-acts Austere and Grey Waters. A genre like depressive black metal is already about as underground as it gets, and would be considered completely bizarre to the average person who hasn't been exposed to extreme metal, but Germ takes things a step farther and dives head first into a fully avant-garde sound.

Germ was covered in the genre-blending and trend ignoring edition of our "Unearthing the Metal Underground" column earlier this year after the release of the "Wish" album. Now the project is set to release a follow-up EP titled "Loss" (review coming soon), which explores themes of betrayal and desperation while melding black metal with electronic elements, clean singing, and even a dash of pop. To see what the man behind the band had to say about the new EP, check out interview below.

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Abiotic Discusses New Album "Symbiosis" And More

Devastatingly brutal Florida newcomers Abiotic are gearing up for the release of debut full-length album "Symbiosis" on October 22nd via Metal Blade Records (reviewed here).

The band is currently out on tour with The Burial and Sea of Treachery, and during a brief break in the festivities I got the chance to chat up John Matos about the album and the band's meteoric rise into the Metal Blade ranks.

Check out the full interview below and read what John had to say about about the band's bassist getting injured in a mosh pit, releasing the EP and video that got Abiotic signed, and what's happening in the near future for the group.

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Korpiklaani: "We Have A Darker And Serious Side"

The Finnish bards in Korpiklaani didn't waste any down time after the release of 2011's "Ukon Wacka," having returned already with latest full-length album "Manala" (reviewed here). Rather than playing the language ping-pong game of previous efforts, Korpiklaani has now given fans the best of both worlds, releasing the album as a double-disc set with all songs in both Finnish and English.

During a recent chat with Metalunderground, Korpiklaani's Jarkko Aaltonen explained why the band chose to go that route, as well as discussing the lack of a hard-partying song this time around as the band explores its darker side.

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The ProgPower USA Interview: Kamelot

I had just landed in Charlotte hours before and driving 3.5 hours to Atlanta to attend my very first ProgPower USA experience. No sooner did I arrive in my hotel and check in, when I called in to Kamelot's tour manager, who asked me if I could come early. First time in Atlanta...and I had an interview with founder/guitarist Tom Youngblood in 15 minutes. I took a quick survey of the city on my walk down to Center Stage, the venue that hosted the first night of the "Silverthorn" North American tour with Nightwish. This second night proved most special, as guest vocalist Alissa White-Gluz (The Agonist) was on hand to provide backing vocals for new track "Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)" and live mainstay "March of Mephisto" (check out Metal Underground.com's review of night two of Kamelot & Nightwish pre-shows kick off at the ProgPower USA at this location).

Youngblood sat down to discuss "Silverthorn," its concept and music direction, the vocal search that led to new vocalist Tommy Karevik and what the ProgPower USA experience is like for a musician.

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Photo of Vangough

Band Photo: Vangough

The ProgPower Interview: Vangough

During the weekend of the annual ProgPower USA festivities, running into the members of Oklahoma-based progressive metal band Vangough is probably one of the cooler experiences an audience member can have. With influences ranging from Dream Theater to Pain of Salvation and video game soundtracks, their music is as much a trip as is a conversation with one of them. With several albums under their belt, the members of Vangough met with me on Saturday morning at this year’s festival to discuss the next record, their most recent 4-star record, “Kingdom of Ruin” (reviewed here,) the new directions of their music, and K-Pop and Milli Vanilli, somehow.

Switching back and forth between deadpan humor and outright laughter fits, similar to how the band’s style switches from mood to mood within a song, it was clear to me that the members of Vangough take their music seriously while taking the other parts of life with a twist of lime. The bandmates are: Clay Withrow (guitars/vocals), Jeren Martin (bass), Kyle Haws (drums), and Justice Jonston (keys/orchestra).

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Photo of Autopsy

Band Photo: Autopsy

Interview with Sam Dunn of Banger Films

Anthropologist Sam Dunn and Banger Films have documented the history and evolution of rock’s ugly cousin, heavy metal. “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey” (2005) broke down metal’s various styles in a heavy metal family tree, and explained through exhaustive research and interviews, the construction and progression of each style. Although the film played on network television outlets such as VH1 Classic, an hour-and-a-half film is a mere scratch on the shield of heavy metal history.

After releasing a stint of award-winning films such as “Iron Maiden: Flight 666,” and “Rush: Behind the Stage,” Banger Films returned to metal lineage, this time securing a contract with VH1 Classic to release a season of “Metal Evolution: The Series.” Each week Sam and his crew presented an hour-long segment focusing on a single sub-genre. Dunn documented everything from the prototype bands that influenced metal’s loud and raucous nature to Black Sabbath’s rise, eventually landing on newer styles such as Nu Metal and Power Metal (‘80s German to modern Finnish symphonic).

Even though Banger Films released eleven episodes, there were still major holes in the series. Viewers reached out to the film company and asked why the network didn’t release episodes on extreme metal branches such as black metal, death metal and grindcore. The simple answer is none of the networks felt those topics were suitable for television.

Now Dunn and Banger Films have set out to create “The Lost Episode,” a segment devoted to extreme metal. Metal Underground.com called Sam Dunn to discuss how he and his crew plans to write, film, finance and release “Metal Evolution Episode 12: The Lost Episode, Extreme Metal.”

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Photo of Beyond The Bridge

Band Photo: Beyond The Bridge

The ProgPower Interview: Beyond The Bridge

On Day Two of ProgPower USA XIII, progressive metal newcomers Beyond The Bridge opened the show and conquered the ProgPower hangover. Moreover, they won the sincere respect of the audience as they made their USA debut performance, becoming a real fan favorite of the weekend. Between the many facial expressions of bassist Dominik Stotzem and the display of musical prowess by the band, it was hard not to enjoy the performance.

With “The Old Man and the Spirit,” their impressive debut album (reviewed here), and live show, Beyond The Bridge set the bar high for the other bands of the day to hit. Later on at night, after the band had savored the sound of an uproarious auditorium clapping for them, the main songwriters of the band sat down with me in the courtyard of the Artmore hotel for an interview. Guitarist Peter Degenfeld-Schonburg and keyboardist Christopher Tarnow opened up about the concept of their album, how the band formed, working in the studio, getting close to an idea for the second album, and even about possible adaptations for the first.

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The ProgPower Interview: Amaranthe

Growing up on the game-changing melodic death metal music from Gothenburg, Sweden was very fun for me. However, growing up WITHIN the game-changing melodic death metal world of Gothenburg, Sweden must have been incredible. Such is Amaranthe's story. Evergrey, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates, Soilwork, and other heavyweights took the genre to new heights and left in their wake a trail for others to follow and enhance. As I was about to learn, Amaranthe had come from this wake after entertaining ideas of starting a Gothenburg melodic death metal super-group.

It was Friday, September 14th, and in the middle of the afternoon at the Artmore hotel just down the street from ProgPower XIII venue Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia. Amaranthe was to go on stage in about an hour, but the band was very nice to agree to an interview in the courtyard of the hotel. Guitarist Olof Mörck and vocalist Jake E not only revealed the creation story of Amaranthe (originally Avalanche), but also details on the upcoming record, producing versus mixing, liver sandwiches, and actually being beaten up in their music video for "Hunger."

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