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To date, we have conducted 1617 interviews. If your band is available for an interview, feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do. Here are our latest:

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Interview with Leif of Dew Scented

On Noverber 7th I had the opportunity of interviewing Aborted's guitarist Tace, Cryptopsy's vocalist Lord Worm, and Dew Scented's guitarist Leif at BB Kings in New York City. Leif was a very nice guy, very relaxed and willing to answer any questions I had for him. Also, he was very kind and made sure I got something to eat after the interview, I had not eaten since lunch. Overall, Leif was a very personable individual. Dew Scented is an amazing band and I would reccomend them to anyone and Leif is a very nice person and seems very approachable, any fan that would like to meet him, but is nervous, I reccomend you approach Leif. During a part of the interview, I noticed playing the tape back to myself, his accent rubbed off on me for a question or two. Anyway, the interview is as follows:

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Into The Great Metal Mind: With Sin of Society 1

I first met Sin, lead guitarist for Society 1, in person while covering the recent MY RUIN show at The Whisky A Go Go on January 7th of this year, and I must admit that he is one of the nicest guys I’ve met in the music business to date. We kicked around much killer metal music discussion, including the status of the next Society 1 album. I wanted to get more in depth at this point with him and really give everyone a much closer look into the mind of this gifted metal musician.

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Q&A With Tyson of Downspell, Scumchrist

I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to interview Mr. Tyson Montrucchio, lead vocalist for San Diego-based hardcore metal outfits, DOWNSPELL and SCUMCHRIST. The underground scene needs to holds its brightest talents up to the light and help expose them. My interview with the man follows.

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Interview With Myrkskog's Secthdamon

One of our interviews for the recent Hammerslag Festival (December 16 and 17, 2005) coverage was with Norwegian black/death metal band Myrkskog. After a slight delay, we've heard back from Myrkskog's drummer, Secthdamon.

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Photo of Framferd

Band Photo: Framferd

Interview With Mats Kittelsen of Framferd

Lost in a sea of email, I discovered I had gotten a response from Framferd's vocalist and guitarist Mats Kittelsen regarding the Hammerslag Festival interviews we had sent out. Mats cautions that his English isn't that good, but it certainly isn't that bad, so I've posted the interview unedited. Here are his responses to my questions:

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Interview With Sigurd of Grand Alchemist

In our ongoing Hammerslag Festival coverage and in an effort to help raise awareness about the bands on the bill, we sent out some questions to Norway's Grand Alchemist, who are playing the December 17th leg of the festival at the old church in Tønsberg, Norway. Sigurd (vocals, guitar, synth) was cool enough to respond, and here's what he had to say:

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Photo of Amon Amarth

Band Photo: Amon Amarth

Interview With Amon Amarth

For the 3 years that I’ve been going to The Palladium in Worcester, MA, rarely have I seen the venue as full as this past Saturday night. I’ve also never seen 98% of the crowd show up for the opening band and cheer as much as they would the main act. Stripped to the waist and drinking out of a horn, Johan Hegg presented a formidable sight. Amon Amarth solidly delivered all the rigour and intensity that fans who had not yet seen them live were hoping for. The Swedes blasted out a furious start to a night that will now be the archetype of a great metal show in the collective consciousness of all the fans present.

Trivium’s performance was plagued by screeching feedback but nonetheless the set was powerful. They managed to unite the crown by doing a fragment of Pantera’s “Walk” and had every single soul sing and headbang vigorously. Children Of Bodom stirred up some confusion by showing up on stage under the sounds of Twist And Shout which I assume was simply a vivid display of humour. The Finns offered a long and inspiring set including Silent Night, Bodom Night, Needled 24/7, Follow The Reaper and Are You Dead Yet.

Before the show, I caught up with Amon Amarth’s Johan Hegg. Here’s what he had to say about Norse Mythology, drinking and why he never wears a shirt.

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Mindgrinder Interview

This 3 piece hails from Noteddam, Norway and was sprung to life with a single objective- to unleash pure aggression upon the masses. Make no mistake though- this is not another devil worshipping act, it’s bashing death metal at its finest and their latest release “Riot Detonator“ is an example of enriching the style by adding an industrial spin to it.

In our ongoing Hammerslag Festival coverage and in an effort to help raise awareness about the bands on the bill, we sent out some questions to Mindgrinder, who are playing the December 16th leg of the festival at Rivals. Nitrous (guitar) was cool enough to respond, and here's what he had to say:

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Interview With She Said Destroy

In our ongoing Hammerslag Festival coverage and in an effort to help raise awareness about the bands on the bill, we sent out some questions to She Said Destroy, who are playing the December 16th leg of the festival at Rivals. Anders was cool enough to respond, and here's what he had to say:

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Draugstafur Interview

In our ongoing Hammerslag Festival coverage and in an effort to help raise awareness about the bands on the bill, we sent out some questions to Draugstafur, who are playing the December 17th leg of the festival. Vocalist Storm was cool enough to respond, and here's what he had to say:

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Photo of Children of Bodom

Band Photo: Children of Bodom

Interview With Alexi Laiho Of Children Of Bodom

On November 22nd, I had the honour of interviewing one of my favourite Finnish bands, Children of Bodom, when they rolled through Vancouver for a headlining show. I did not know which member I would be interviewing until I got to the venue at 4:40pm. It was then that I found out I had lucked out and scored an interview with frontman Alexi Laiho. The band was in a rush to get to the autograph signing at Scrape Records and was supposed to leave the venue at 5. However, it was a few minutes until 5 when a very tired Alexi walked in. I used whatever time they gave me to ask as many questions as I could. And this is how it went:

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Interview with Mati of Orphaned Land

During my stay in Atlanta, GA for ProgPower, September 16-17, I was fortunate enough to interview Orphaned Land. I interviewed Orphaned Land guitarist, Mati Svatizki. Mati was very kind, intelligent, and seemed eager to hear my questions and respond. Also, Mati and I were able to have a very interesting discussion after the interview about religion, Israel, the middle east, and the current situation in Israel.

Orphaned Land's live show was MIND BLOWING! Not much is known about Orphaned Land and I was absolutely impressed when I heard them for my first time at ProgPower. Their energy was relentless and the musicianship uncomprable. After their set, I immediately went to buy their latest release, "Mabool", which is even more unique! Orphaned Land have taken, flamenco, classical, death/doom metal music and combined them into one euphoric cd and entitled it, "Mabool".

I urge anyone and everyone to definately check out Orphaned Land if they are playing near you and to go out and get "Mabool". To see and hear Orphaned Land is an experience in itself, you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! Not only are the great musicians, but they are also VERY nice people and I believe the following interview portrays that.

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Photo of Cryptopsy

Band Photo: Cryptopsy

Interview with Crpytopsy's Lord Worm

On November 7th at BB Kings i had the opportunity to interview Lord Worm of Cryptopsy among other bands. He was a very well spoken, kind, friendly guy who treated me like a friend and thought my questions were original and thanked me for it.

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Interview With Aborted Guitarist Tace

Monday, November 7th, I had the opportunity to interview Aborted guitarist, Tace. He was very nice friendly to me. The interview was done at BB Kings in New York CIty. Here's how it went down:

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Photo of Opiate for the Masses

Band Photo: Opiate for the Masses

Interview With Opiate For The Masses

After catching Opiate for the Masses on the Warped Tour this past summer, I decided to do an interview with the band. But we were having some problems with email and such and so there was a delay in getting this interview ready. Anyway, the questions here were answered by Opiate for the Masses guitarist Jim Kaufmann via email:

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An Interview with TJ Miller of Still Remains

This interview was conducted on Friday, August 19th 2005, at the HYAMP in Huntington, WV. HYAMP, which stands for Huntington Youth Arts and Music Project, is an all age’s venue run strictly by volunteers, with much of their equipment funded by grant money. The interview took place behind the venue, next to a rail yard. TJ Miller, the lead vocalist of Still Remains, was more than happy to give me the run down of the bands experiences and future thinking. He was fun to talk to, very receptive and whimsical at times, really a unique character. I really enjoyed our conversation and the interview as a whole; I’m looking forward to the opportunity to talk with him again.

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Interview with Five Bolt Main

This interview was conducted on Friday, August 12th of 2005. The interview took place in the VIP room of the Monkey Bar in Huntington, West Virginia. All of the band members were present, though Cris fronted most of the questions with Ivan and Chandler playing back up. I really enjoyed talking with these guys, their all down to earth and take their music very seriously. Talking with them simply made me want to see them play live even more.

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Interview With Fear Before The March of Flames

I was to interview Fear Before The March of Flames for the Sounds of the Underground coverage metalunderground.com was doing. The interview was to take place at HYAMP, an all ages venue in Huntington, WV. Unfortunately I was unable to attend this event due to circumstances out of my control. My questions were then emailed to the band to be answered virtually, gotta love the net. Thanks to David of Fear Before the March of Flames for taking the time to interview with us via email.

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Photo of Edguy

Band Photo: Edguy

Interview with Edguy

On August 16th I interviewed Edguy at BBkings in New York City, NY. Due to time constraints, I had to interview the singer, Tobias Sammet, with two other interviewers. In addition, I missed most of Into Eternity, opening band’s, performance. I enjoyed doing the interview with Tobias, even if it was short and scattered.

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Photo of In Flames

Band Photo: In Flames

Interview with In Flames

I had the pleasure of Interviewing Bjorn (guitar) of In Flames at Ozzfest on July 26th at PNC Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ.

It was a hot, sunny, dry afternoon of about 95 degrees. Bjorn found a spot on some grass to do the interview, which had been shaded by a near by tent. He was very laid back and no problem answering the questions I asked him.

Overall, the interview went very well. I enjoyed conducting the interview and learned a few things about the artist's perspective of their fans and reasons for doing what they do.

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Interview With Ryan Primack Of Poison The Well

I had the chance to interview Poison The Well's Ryan Primack (guitar) at the Sounds Of The Underground Tour in Philadelphia, PA on June 26th, at the Festival Pier. On our way out to the bands touring van we had to pass the entrance and the woman checking tickets didn’t know he was in a band. She was ignoring him for about two minutes before she finally let us outside.

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Photo of Atreyu

Band Photo: Atreyu

Interview With Dan Jacobs From Atreyu

The original plan at this year’s Warped Tour was to interview Avenged Sevenfold. However, I found out at the last minute that A7x weren’t doing any press for the day. Instead, I did an interview with Atreyu guitarist Dan Jacobs. I only had 15 minutes and had to take turns with Debbie from Popyoularity.com but I managed to squeeze in the following questions:

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Photo of Chimaira

Band Photo: Chimaira

Interview With Chris Spicuzza of Chimaira

In our ongoing Sounds of the Underground coverage, I had the chance to interview Chris Spicuzza (keyboards/fx) from Chimaira by phone last week. The band had yet to play their set in Winston-Salem, NC that day, and were to play immediately before headliners Lamb of God that night. Despite some phone issues, the interview went pretty well and Chris seems like a very cool guy. Here's how it went:

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Photo of Hate Eternal

Band Photo: Hate Eternal

Interview with Hate Eternal's Eric Rutan

On Sunday, June 26th, I had the opportunity of interviewing Hate Eternal during their current headlining tour. The interview took place at BB Kings in New York City and was done with front man Eric Rutan. Eric was very nice and answered all of the questions took the time to make me feel as comfortable as possible. Overall, I must say, it was like two friends talking.

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An Interview with Bobaflex

This interview was conducted on the evening of June 10th with Mike and Martin of Bobaflex. The interview took place inside the Monkey Bar in Huntington, WV. The club was empty at the time except for the rest of the band (Jared and Thomas) plus crew setting up on stage, along with the club staff preparing the bars before the show. The interview went very well, and as always the guys from Bobaflex are truly cool to hang out with.

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