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To date, we have conducted 1534 interviews. If your band is available for an interview, feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do. Here are our latest:

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Photo of Sonata Arctica

Band Photo: Sonata Arctica

Interview With Sonata Arctica

I caught up with Tony (vocals) and Henkka (keyboards) from Sonata Arctica at the New England Metal Fest on April 23rd. Here’s an account of our discourse:

Gothique: You were supposed to be the supporting act for Nightwish on their North American tour but due to their cancellation you had to cut short the previously announced dates. Good thing you didn’t cancel the whole tour.

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Photo of Mudvayne

Band Photo: Mudvayne

Interview With Matt McDonough Of Mudvayne

I had the chance to attend the Mudvayne, American Head Charge, Life of Agony and Bloodsimple show in Philadelphia, PA. The show was on April 09th at the Electric Factory, a venue that holds approximately 3,000 people. I got to do an interview with the drummer of the band, Matt McDonough, prior to the show. So without any further delay, here is the interview:

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Photo of Swallow The Sun

Band Photo: Swallow The Sun

Interview With Swallow The Sun

Very few bands in recent years start off with a debut album which gains so much attention and media acclamation. Swallow The Sun are yet another marvellous Doom/ Death act from Finland and their first album, "The Morning Never Came", is an amalgam of mesmerizing sounds in the finest tradition of the meisters in the genre ( My Dying Bride, Katatonia).

As much as I wish to have seen them live and done this interview face to face, alas I had to resort to the electronic medium. Nonetheless, guitarist Juha and keyboardist Aleksi took the time to answer my questions about their forthcoming album, new video and... ballet.

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Photo of Trivium

Band Photo: Trivium

Road Rage 2005 Roundtable Interview From Philly

I recently attended the Road Rage Tour 2005 and had the chance to do my first ever round-table interview and also at the same time too Zach from Still Remain was doing his first actual interview ever. This is how the interview transpired:

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Photo of As I Lay Dying

Band Photo: As I Lay Dying

Interview With Tim Lambesis From As I Lay Dying

Shortly after interviewing Phil from All That Remains on March 29, I interviewed As I Lay Dying singer, Tim Lambesis, about the the band, their touring life, their upcoming album and music in general. This is how it went down:

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Photo of All That Remains

Band Photo: All That Remains

Interview With Phil Labonte Of All That Remains

On Tuesday, March 29, I got the chance to interview All That Remains vocalist, Phil Labonte, when they rolled through Vancouver with As I Lay Dying and Throwdown. Phil had problems with his throat and was advised to cancel all press but he was cool enough to let me ask him a few questions. As usual, I brought my sidekick Jen with me to help out a bit.

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Photo of Into Eternity

Band Photo: Into Eternity

Interview with Into Eternity

I had the honor to interview Tim Roth, the guitarist and songwriter of Into Eternity, on March 20th, 2005 before their show at BBkings in NYC. I conducted the interview in a small back stage dressing room. Overall, it was a fun interview with laughter, smiles, and agreement.
Some of my questions threw Roth off, but he answered them thoroughly with some added humor.

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Unearth Interview With Ken Susi

I had the chance to sit down with Ken Susi, the guitarist from Unearth, and do an interview with him. This took place at the Trocadero Theater, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; on February 28th. Here is how the interview went:

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Photo of Behemoth

Band Photo: Behemoth

Interview With Nergal From Behemoth

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to interrogate Behemoth's mainman Nergal after their blistering live performance in Worcester, MA last friday.

Gothique: First of all, tell me how's the tour been going?

Nergal: Very good so far. It's been our third, fourth tour in a row right now, so it's pretty much we jump from one tour to another so we got our reasons to be burned out but still. Today I was totally sick, I caught pneumonia with all this. I had an awful headache.

Gothique: You sounded very well on stage despite that.

Nergal: You know what- it's adrenaline and it's the people. My theory is that it's the people who make the show. And we just help them out, that's how it works. When you get such dedicated and extreme metal lovers you just can't suck, you know, you go totally mad. So that's what we did.

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Photo of Lamb of God

Band Photo: Lamb of God

Interview with Randy of Lamb of God

Wednesday last week, I had the chance to catch up with vocalist Randy Blythe of Lamb of God for a long-overdue phone interview. I planned to catch them in person on one of the last shows of their US tour with Fear Factory in Washington, DC, but got bumped for a gig they had with XM radio before the show (note XM no longer has a metal station - BASTARDS!). Lamb of God have been touring their asses off since Ozzfest last year and therefore most of my questions were about touring and their latest album on a major label. Here's how it all went down:

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Photo of Magna-Fi

Band Photo: Magna-Fi

Interview with Magna-FI

I recently did an interview with Magna-FI who was opening for SevenDust at The Plex in Charleston, SC on 12-08-04. All the members were present Mike Szuter (Vocals/Guitar), C.J. Szuter (Guitar), Rob Kley (Bass) and Charlie Smaldino (Drums). First of all I have to say that this was one hell of a show, these guys played there hearts out. And secondly, they kicked ass. If you don’t own there album, you need to get it. From Mike’s melodic vocals to Charlie’s heart stopping bass kicks and driving percussive beats, which command you to move. This band is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

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Photo of Killswitch Engage

Band Photo: Killswitch Engage

Interview With Joel Of Killswitch Engage

I recently had the chance to sit down with Joel Stroetzel, guitarist, from Killswitch Engage. This was at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA on November 18th, which was part of the Jagermeister Fall Tour. Here's the interview:

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Photo of Cradle Of Filth

Band Photo: Cradle Of Filth

Interview With Cradle Of Filth

When the Headbanger's Ball Tour hit the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC this past Wednesday (December 1), my friend Jen and I got the chance to speak with Cradle of Filth bassist Dave Pybus for about half an hour. We brought our friend Simon along because he's British, just like Cradle of Filth. Sarah, who does backup vocals for the band, was also in the room backstage but she was busy working on the laptop.

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Photo of Gwar

Band Photo: Gwar

Interview With Oderus From Gwar

When Gwar was in Vancouver for a show on November 24, my friend Jen and I interviewed their singer Oderus (real name: Dave Brockie). It was really a ton of fun doing the interview with him and he just kept us laughing non-stop, even more so when he mocked Eddie Vedder.

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Photo of Arch Enemy

Band Photo: Arch Enemy

Interview With Arch Enemy

I had the chance of talking to Arch Enemy's bass player Sharlee D'Angelo this last Saturday in Worcester, MA. As I've said before, I always have so much fun talking to Scandinavians and this time was no exception to the rule. Special thanks go out to Sharlee for being incredibly nice, their tour manager Notty for arranging the interview and Ragnar, a.k.a. Mannahnin for helping out with the questions.

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Photo of Bleeding Through

Band Photo: Bleeding Through

Interview With Bleeding Through

On Saturday, Nov 6th, I spoke to Scott from Bleeding Through. He was really cool and accommodating and I had a great time talking to him because of his insight into the hardcore scene.

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Photo of Kittie

Band Photo: Kittie

An Interview with Kittie

This interview was conducted on the evening of October 7th with all the band members of Kittie. The interview took place inside the Kittie tour bus, which was parked directly in front of the venue. The venue for the evening was Banana Joe's in Huntington, WV. The interview went very well. I walked away from this experience with a big smile on my face. The ladies of Kittie are truly the coolest to hang with. Thank you ladies! (Sorry it took so long to get this posted)

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Photo of Children of Bodom

Band Photo: Children of Bodom

Interview With Children Of Bodom's Henkka

On October 26th, I had the pleasure of interviewing the bassist Henkka T. Blacksmith from one of my favourite bands, Finland's Children of Bodom. I brought my friend Jen along to sort of help out. And I gotta say Henkka was really nice and was cool enough to put up with our strange sense of humour, though he may have been weirded out a bit. My apologies if some of my questions may seem rather stupid and redundant but I've been suffering from major sleep deprivation due to the late-night cramming sessions.

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Photo of Soulfly

Band Photo: Soulfly

Interview With Soulfly's Max Cavalera

Recently I had gotten the chance to interview one of my all-time favorite musicians/vocalists Max Cavelera of Soulfly. This was amazing to do since I’ve been a big fan of Max’s since way back when he was in Sepultura. I found Max and his wife both to be extremely nice and very down to earth as well. Anyway, without further adieu here is my interview with Max Cavalera:

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Photo of Atreyu

Band Photo: Atreyu

Atreyu Interview From Ozzfest '04 In Camden, NJ

I recently had the chance to sit down with, Marc McKnight the bassist of Atreyu at Ozzfest 2004 in Camden, NJ. After a few minor problems getting the passes I was supposed to have I still got to do this interview. I was supposed to interview Darkest Hour but their manager never got back to me after I left a voicemail. Without further delay the interview is as follows:

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Photo of Nightwish

Band Photo: Nightwish

Interview With Lullacry

Last Friday ( Aug 20th) I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely people from Lullacry after their gig with Nightwish. We talked about the band, their music and ... drinking (every time I talk to Scandinavian people I'm having so much fun).

My questions were answered by Heavy ( bass) and Tanja (vocals). Many, many thanks to Toni from King Foo Entertainment for arranging everything.

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Photo of Nightwish

Band Photo: Nightwish

Interview with Nightwish

On Thursday, August 19th I had the pleasure of interviewing Marco (bassist) and Emppu (guitarist) of Nightwish. I brought my friend, Marina, along with me cause she wanted to ask some questions too... and for support. We arrive about 40 minutes later than we probably should have due to traffic, we left like 3 hrs before scheduled time. We were lucky because the people who helped put this together were nice and very helpful. The interview was conducted in a conference room. most of the conversation was between Marco and I, but Emppu and Marina had some important comments. It seemed like they were nervous and excited as well as us. Overall I had a great time even though they aren't the lead members of the band. I actually think this was good because I got a different perspective of the band. They were funny guys and there was laughter throughout the whole interview. It was definately a positive experience. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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Photo of Machine Head

Band Photo: Machine Head

Interview With Machine Head's Phil Demmel

I had the chance to interview Machine Head's Phil Demmel (lead guitars) before the Road Rage show on August 9th in Washington, DC (report/review here). It was short n' sweet, as I was fried from work and being stressed that I would not make it there on time for the interview. Here it is:

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Photo of Chimaira

Band Photo: Chimaira

Interview with Jim From Chimaira, RoadRage '04

I had the chance yesterday to sit down with Jim (bassist of Chimaira). The interview was short but to the point, and as usual, without anymore delay, here is the interview:

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Photo of Trivium

Band Photo: Trivium

Interview With Matt From Trivium At RoadRage '04

I had the chance yesterday to sit down with Matt, lead singer and guitarist of Trivium, and interview him prior to the Road Rage '04's stop in Philadelphia. Without anymore delay, the interview is as follows:

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