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Lychgate Provides The Antidote You Need

It should come as no surprise that Lychgate's "An Antidote For The Glass Pill" (reviewed here) offers a claustrophobic, disturbing experience considering the album's themes are based around prisons - both physical and of the mind.

The U.K. metal band's new album drops through Blood Music on August 18, with a digital version already available on a name-your-price basis via Bandcamp here.

Wanting to find out how Lychgate produced such an authentic and moody pipe organ sound across the album, we got in touch with the band for a new in-depth interview available below. Read on to find out about the band's new custom guitar, how Lychgate's sound translates to the live experience, and more.

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Photo of Tad Morose

Band Photo: Tad Morose

Tad Morose Explains The Meaning Of "St. Demonius"

For years, Tad Morose has been a mainstay on the Swedish metal scene, revered for the band's stellar combination of power riffs enveloped in progressive overtones. Albums like "A Mended Rhyme" (1997), "Leaving the Past Behind" (1993) and "Modus Vivendi" (2003) are only some of the critically acclaimed masterworks.

Over the years, the band has brought forth some of metal's strongest vocalists with Kristian Andrén (ex-Bloodbound/ex-Wuthering Heights) from 1993-1995 and Urban Breed (Serious Black/Project Arcadia) from 1995-2005 leading the way. From 2004 until 2013, the band activities were minimal and then with the addition of Ronny Hemlin (Inmoria/ex-Steel Attack) the band re-emerged from its slumber with a more stripped down metallic riff assault on 2013's "Revenant" (see review here).

Now less than two years later - and along that same path - the band presents its newest studio offering "St. Demonius" (available August 28th via Despotz Records). Metal Underground.com caught up with guitarist/songwriter Christer "Krunt" Andersson to talk about the new album and the meaning behind its ominous name.

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A Fall To Break Checks In From The Road

Earlier this month we broke the news about Arizona outfit A Fall To Break hitting the road with Kobra And The Lotus for a string of U.S. shows.

With the trek still going strong (remaining tour date info and upcoming live activity can be found at the A Fall To Break Facebook profile), we also got in touch with the band to find out more about the tour, the progress of work on upcoming material, and the best way to drink ColdCock whiskey!

A Fall To Break is touring in support of latest album "Disaster, Destruction And After" (available at Bandcamp here). Before catching the band's latest live show, be sure to read our new interview with the group below.

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Magister Templi Discusses "Into Duat" Album

Magister Templi hails from the cold, northern confines of Norway where black metal thrives. Although the band includes two members of the black metal group Svarttjern and the band delves in the occult, they are not a black metal band. The five piece plays grandiose heavy metal in the tradition of such greats as King Diamond and Rainbow. Magister Templi’s lyrics could be transposed into black metal songs, though.

The band writes about Western occultism, specifically Aleister Crowley. Their most recent album “Into Duat,” (reviewed here) available September 18th, is based on Egyptian Mythology—a critical part of Western occultism. Their penchant for the occult is analyzed in the following interview with Magister Templi members Abraxus d’Ruckus and Baphomet.

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Goatwhore Talks Tours

Metal Blade Recording artist Goatwhore has stayed busy over the past year. The group toured almost non-stop. Last summer they sweated out among some of today’s top death metal acts on Summer Slaughter. In the fall Goatwhore joined Glenn Danzig for a few dates with Samhain. In the winter the band traveled to the other side of the Earth when they went to Australia. Most recently the band headlined a tour with Black Breath, Ringworm and Theories. Now the band is gearing up for another string of dates on the road including Gwar B-Q

Much of Goatwhore’s tours were without longtime member, bassist James Harvey. Trans Am (ex-Hod, War Master) has filled in for James. I caught up with Ben Falgoust to see what the future holds in store for Harvey and TA. The gauntlet-clad front man also shared his thoughts on this past tours and expressed excitement regarding the upcoming tour.

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Dead Horse Talks Band's Resurgence

Dead Horse’s musical style, imagery and sense of humor has led to their being one of the most popular bands in Texas’ heavy music scene. The group crosses over death metal with thrash, punk and even a hint of country. Also, as you’ll find in the following interview, their sense of humor has left a mark on the scene. The title of their first full length, released in 1989, relates a band that doesn’t take itself so seriously, “Horsecore: An Unrelated Story That’s Time Consuming.” In 1991 the band followed this recording up with “Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers.” They released the “Boil(ing) EP in 1996 and then disbanded a year later.

During their hiatus, Relapse Records ensured Dead Horse’s music would still find listeners when they reissued their LPs in 1999, but the band would not play a show again until 2011. However, fans of the band could look elsewhere to hear its members when guitarists Greg Martin, Scott Sevall and drummer Ronnie Guyote joined Kurt Brecht of D.R.I. in forming the band Pasadena Napalm Division. In 2011, Michael Argo joined the band, which was the first time the band used a lead singer since Michael Haaga left the group around 1993. Since then the group has released the “Loaded Gun” EP and “Making A Dead Horse Live!” DVD.

Although the band doesn’t skateboard, they are heavily influenced by the music of skater bands, so to have their own skateboard was something special for the band. On the night of their skate deck release party, I caught up with Greg Martin, Scott Sevall and Allen Price to talk about the band’s resurgence, some of the shows they’ve played and music they’ve created the past couple of years, much of which is done in tone-and-cheek humor.

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Photo of The Unravelling

Band Photo: The Unravelling

The Unravelling Returns From The Dead

A few years back our readers may recall a Canadian band releasing "Thirteen Arcane Hymns" (reviewed here) a little under the radar... and then disappearing for quite some time.

We're very pleased to announce that The Unravelling - consisting of duo Steve Moore and Gustavo De Beauville - is now back and ready to plow forward full steam ahead.

Following a battle with cancer, Moore recently reconnected with De Beauville to begin crafting new material, resulting in the two singles "Revolt" and "Master Drone" seeing digital release, but that's just the beginning, as full-length albums and live shows are on the horizon.

We've now got a new in-depth interview with the twosome, in which they discuss a shifting focus and changing musical influences (or as Gustavo puts it, he's "had a few years to clean the great Maynard James Keenan’s jizz stains out of my hair"), the labels people needlessly apply to themselves, and the many regrouping classic metal outfits these days. Check out the full interview below (photos courtesy of Ryan Donnelly).

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Photo of Shape of Despair

Band Photo: Shape of Despair

Shape of Despair Discusses "Monotony Fields"

After eleven years, Finnish masters of funeral doom, Shape of Despair, have returned with their fourth album “Monotony Fields.” Said album revisits the atmosphere heard on their first three albums. Rhythms drone on while female vocal harmonies and synth create a tranquil ambiance. While new vocalist Henri Koivula brings a another dimension to the band in his clean vocals, male vocals are primarily the abysmal growled type. These vocals are a harsh contrast when paired with Natalie Koskinen’s delicate voice. Each song is a bleak soundscape into realms of misery and tragedy.

Henri Koivula talked to Metalundergroun.com via email about “Monotony Fields.” With the help of guitarist/keyboardist Jarno Koivula tells us about such aspects as recording the album, why there was such a long wait between albums, delves into some of the lyrical themes and tells us about a special upcoming concert.

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Photo of Archaea

Band Photo: Archaea

Archaea Dishes On New Album "Catalyst"

Arcahaea's "Catalyst" will see an official physical release this coming August 28th, and we recently had the pleasure of premiering the "Silhouette" single online (available below).

With the release pending, we chatted up the members of the Gothenburg-based death metal group to discuss the trials and tribulations of home recording, the band's favorite cut off the album, best and worst live shows, and more. Read on to dive into the collective minds of a Swedish melodic death metal band.

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Cathedral Guitarist Gaz Jennings Discusses Demo

Black Sabbath’s first devilish tri-tones on their namesake track gave birth to the doom metal riff in 1970. However, the ‘80s was the decade that truly defined doom. Trouble, Candlemass, Saint Vitus and Pentagram all debuted with monumental full-lengths in the mid-Eighties. Greatness had already been achieved and ideas used. When Cathedral emerged in 1989 they weren’t trying to reinvent the wheel. The band sought to recreate the sounds of the bands they loved, doom bands.

Cathedral is heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, but the group is far from being a cover band. Gary “Gaz” Jennings has a signature guitar sound. His guitar speaks its own language. Also, Cathedral expanded the conversation on metal bands for how slow a band could get. They took the rhythms of doom bands and slowed them down even further. Not that these paces were always expected of them. Fans of Napalm Death did not expect the newest band from Lee Dorian, one of the singers on Napalm Death’s debut “Scum,” to sing so slowly.

Lumbering riffs, psychedelic space jams and Dorian’s slow and low gruff voice made this band a new favorite in the still blossoming doom scene. The group released nine albums, influenced countless acts and played all over the world, often with bands they idolized like Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus. They released memorable videos like “Ride” and “Hopkins (Witchfinder General).” Above all the group was having fun. When they stopped having fun was when they decided to call it quits.

Cathedral has been on hiatus since 2013, but their music lives on. Lee Dorian has a place to re-release the band’s albums on his label, Rise Above Records. One such release was the band’s demo “In Memoriam.” While drone and funeral doom bands of today play even slower tempos than “In Memoriam,” the demo was at the time hailed for being excruciatingly slow. I spoke with founding member and guitarist Gaz Jennings about this reissue. He reflected on the band’s early days, its eventual demise, and brought us up to date with his new projects Lucifer and Death Penalty.

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Photo of Crystal Ball

Band Photo: Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball Talks "LifeRider" Album

Power metal fans rejoiced when Crystal Ball returned last month with new album "LifeRider," which has seen the release of several catchy music videos and will soon be supported by summer festival appearances.

With the melodic metal opus out now via Massacre Records, we caught up with guitarist Scott Leach to discuss the band recording "LifeRider" with Stefan Kaufmann and bringing on Battle Beast vocalist Noora Louhimo for a guest appearance. Read the full interview below.

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Photo of Carnivora

Band Photo: Carnivora

Carnivora Shares Its Metallic Vision

Massachusetts outfit Carnivora is about to release a new EP titled "The Vision," which we'll be premiering a full stream of in the coming days.

To get you properly prepared for these four tracks of groove-infused death metal, we also chatted up guitarist Cody Michaud about the release - check out the full interview below, in which we discuss the ghosts of angry witches and hitting small markets on tour that are starved for metal.

If you missed it, be sure to also read Carnivora's recent entry to our growing roster of Pit Stories in which the band ended up in a brawl with a crowd of hardcore dancers.

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Photo of Pitbulls In The Nursery

Band Photo: Pitbulls In The Nursery

Pitbulls In The Nursery Discusses New Album

Years after the release of "Lunatic," someone set the pitbulls loose in the nursery again and managed to record the whole affair, which has now been unleashed under the "Equanimity" title via Klonosphere Records.

Mixing together proggy, technical death metal with some melodic guitar work and clean vocals, the album is a complex and multi-faceted release worth multiple spins. If you haven't heard it yet, the full album is available below along with our new interview with vocalist Tersim Backle.

During our interview, Tersim made a point to champion local, underground bands (stating "if you don't know where to go, look where you come from"), explained what's been happening with the band in the nine years since the last album, and what fans can look forward to next from Pitbulls In The Nursery.

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Cain's Offering Discusses New Album "Stormcrow"

Back in 2009, following guitarist/composer Jani Liimatainen’s departure from Sonata Arctica, a “supergroup” consisting of Liimatainen, keyboardist Mikko Harkin (Mehida/ex-Symfonia), vocalist Timo Kotipelto (Stratovarius), Jukka Koskinen (ex-Norther/Wintersun) and drummer Jani Hurula (Silent Voices) was formed as Cain’s Offering.

Liimatainen was the sole writer of the music and lyrics that would appear as on the debut release “Gather the Faithful.” With other commitments coming into play since its release, Liimatainen came out in the summer of 2014 and announced that writing was underway for a sophomore effort, which would be released via Frontiers Records. For fans of the debut, the long wait was over.

“Stormcrow” was issued back in mid-May and Liimatainen took out some time to answer a few questions about how it came to be and whether the band will ever play live.

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The Great Discord Talks Disharmony On "Duende"

“Duende” is a term derived from Spanish mythology, which represented a fairy like creature. It basically means “having soul” – or a heightened state of emotion, expression of authenticity.

“Discord” is defined as a “lack of agreement or harmony” or a “combination of musical sounds that strikes the ear harshly.”

“The Great Discord” is a band from Linkoping Sweden that has a style and a name that are very much in accord. With elements derived from bands like Meshuggah and Opeth with a touch of Voivod, there is a soundscape of wonder that waits on the smash debut album “Duende.” With a deliberate inharmonious approach that keeps the listener on his/her toes, one can never predict where each song takes you. Imbalance, disharmony, discordancy, disunion are all words that describe the mix of sounds on “Duende,” all which center around the strong vocals of Fia Kempe to create a beautiful work of art.

Co-founders Fia Kempe (vocals) and Aksel Holmgren (drums) took out some time to answer questions about how the band got started and exactly what is at work on “Duende.”

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SOiL Interview: Back On The Road!

Ryan McCombs suffered from a stroke only days after finishing a headline U.K. tour last October (2014).

7 months on, touring as support to Coal Chamber, McCombs and the crew are back on the International Road of Rock, proving that stroke does not stop a hardcore musician like him!

Also, temporary drummer Mitch has now been made a permanent addition to the band, and sits in with me and Ryan on a quick catch up (and another ridiculous challenge) over the last few days.


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Photo of Abnormal Thought Patterns

Band Photo: Abnormal Thought Patterns

Abnormal Thought Patterns Talks New Album

Instru-metal lovers mark your calendars: the U.S. wizards of instrumental metal will help you reach "Altered States of Consciousness" next month with a new full-length album release.

Breaking out of its typical comfort zone, the band actually brings on vocals on one track this time around with a guest spot by none other than Tommy Rogers of Between The Buried and Me (who also goes by Thomas Giles in his solo material).

If you need an Abnormal Thought Patterns fix before the album drops, check out our interview below with guitarist Jasun Tipton, who discusses the album's guest spots, writing compelling instrumental music, and the current status of related band Cynthesis.

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Doyle Discusses "Abominator," Lineup Changes

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein is best known for playing guitar in the Misfits. This is where he partially found his look, at least the long bangs called devil locks. Doyle also played in Kryst the Conqueror, Gorgeous Frankenstein and has toured with Danzig performing Misfits songs.

Doyle most recently branched out to create his own solo project. Last year Doyle released its debut album “Abominator.” Said album is a mix of punk and metal that will appease both Danzig and Misfits fans. The album featured Alex Story of Cancerslug on vocals, Dr. C.H.U.D. of the Misfits on drums, and Left Hand Graham of Gorgeous Frankenstein on bass. Since its release, Doyle has experienced lineup changes. While on the second day of his headlining tour, I caught up with Doyle to discuss these lineup changes. In the following interview we also talk about the making of “Abominator,” Doyle’s label, Monsterman Records and his brand of hot sauce.

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Photo of Nightrage

Band Photo: Nightrage

Nightrage Talks New Album "The Puritan"

Nightrage's latest album "The Puritan" just saw official release today, filled with heavy riffs, emotional melodies, and brutal vocal hooks.

Marios Iliopoulos checked in with us to discuss the ins and outs of the album, from writing to recording at Dug Out Productions and on to shooting a series of music videos for the album.

Summing the theme of the new disc succinctly, Marios comments, "No matter what happens, always following your heart in life, in ups and downs, never stop fighting, believing in yourself and on your ideals. Even if the whole world is against you, you need to be able to stand up and fight for yourself."

Read on for the full interview with the Greek guitarist, along with music taken from the freshly released full-length.

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Photo of Striker

Band Photo: Striker

Dan Cleary of Striker Comments on Tour, Video

When Metal Underground.com last spoke with Striker the band had just released its full-length album “City of Gold.” CROMCarl spoke with guitarist Adam Brown who was their latest had just joined the band. The two also discussed a tour with Onslaught and Artillery that Striker later cancelled. Fast forward a few months later and the band is experiencing many of the same things. I talked to Dan Cleary about the cancelled tour and how the group eventually stepped out on the road with Artillery, a tour that is taking place at this very moment. Now that “City of God” has been on shelves for eight months, we were able to discuss how critics and fans view the album. In the following interview we also discuss new guitarist Trent Halliwell who replaced Chris Segger.

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Sworn Enemy Talks Tour and Video

Sworn Enemy was a fixture in the hardcore scene of the ‘00s. The New York City group released an album of streetwise hardcore about every other year in the first part of the ‘00s. “Total World Domination” was their last release of this period in 2009. The band did not release another album for five years due to lineup changes. That album came in the form of “Living on Borrowed Time,” which was released last year.

Now the group has a stable lineup and recently released a video for the song “No Mercy.” While touring as part of the No Mercy No Surrender Tour, the group stopped off in Austin, Texas to play the Texas Independence Fest. Four of the five members gathered around me in the courtyard to discuss this video, tour and creating “Living on Borrowed Time.”

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Shining Talks North American Touring And New Album

Sweden's upcoming moody and reflective album "IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends" is set to drop on April 21st through Season Of Mist, which you can pre-order physically here or digitally at this location.

The band just wrapped up a festival appearance in Canada to support the impending release, and front man Niklas Kvarforth graciously checked in with us to discuss the show and album. For those who have long awaited a Shining live show in the United States, Kvarforth claims it may finally be happening next year for the band's 20th anniversary.

Find out what he had to say on the subject as well as what's happening musically and lyrically on "IX" in the full interview below.

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Photo of Lancer

Band Photo: Lancer

Lancer Heralds A "Second Storm"

A "Second Storm" is on the horizon, ready to officially break into a melodic metal squall on April 10th through Despotz Records.

After several music videos have dropped and the album is just now on the cusp of official release, we checked in with Lancer vocalist Isak Stenvall to find out what the band had to say about this album's creation.

Read on for more info on the impending full-length, which covers everything from killer robot ostriches to Sodom and Gomorrah in its nine killer tracks (and if you haven't yet, pre-order your own copy right here).

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God Damn Discusses "Vultures" Album, SXSW

God Damn is a hard band to describe by way of single genre terms. The band has elements of hard rock, hardcore, stoner, thrash, noise and alternative. They are heavy. They are light. What makes their diversity even more astonishing is that this is all created by two members. The duo recently made the trip from the UK over to America for the first time. Their tour led them to SXSW to play the widespread festival. After failing to connect with the group, they were cordial enough to answer a few of my questions via email. In the following interview, the band discusses their time in America and the SXSW experience as well as giving us details about the history of the band and what to expect from their forthcoming debut album “Vultures,” due to hit American stores on May 12th via One Little Indian Records.

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Interview with The Skull Vocalist Eric Wagner

South By Southwest (SXSW) is a festival for discovering new bands. The Skull is only three-years old and released their debut album “For Those Which Are Asleep” just last year. However, its members, Ron Holzner and Eric Wagner have a long history in the metal scene. The two formerly played in the highly influential band, Trouble, which is rooted as far back as 1979. The Skull took its name from Trouble’s second album, which Wagner lent his vocals to. The group also plays early Trouble songs live. I caught up with vocalist Eric Wagner before the band played one of three performances at SXSW. In the following brief interview, Wagner discusses the history of The Skull, its formation, members and lyrics.

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