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Photo of Danzig

Band Photo: Danzig

Spitting The Triple Six's With Jerry Montano

Jerry Montano of Danzig and Nothingface is one of the rare metal personalities of today that seems to understand the true scope of metal music and its great history up to this point. He's never been one of those players that gives off one of the typical major rock star attitudes. And what's even more amazing with him being as in demand as he is, he has never played in a band just to try and get rich quick. This is what endears Jerry Montano to the hardcore metalheads like myself in the true underground scene. I have also yet to ever see someone that looks as downright ominous plucking away on the low end as Montano does. Whether he's played alongside the greats like Danzig or Dimebag Darrell, one thing you know you're always going to get with Jerry Montano is someone that is there because of the pure love they have for the music. I want to sincerely thank him for being even bigger than life by spending time on this interview with me. I don't know what better way to celebrate 6-6-6 and with that, I hold the devil horns high and proud.

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Interview With Sacrum

Memphis, Tennessee is famous for being the home of the man with the dangerous hips and velvet-lined voice, Elvis Presley. I knew the first time that I came across Sacrum's music profile on Myspace that I was looking at the future of heavy music when listening to their down home, ass stomping brand of metal. They have now really started a serious buzz for themselves, and I'm not talking about their partying activities either. Sacrum has a lot of great people surrounding them at this point in time and the members of the band are some of the most intensely driven musicians I've ever witnessed. I have nothing but the utmost confidence in this group really staking its claim in metal over the coming years. This interview covers a lot of exciting ground and I'm pleased to be working as closely as I do with them.

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Interview With Lofat's Zeus

Norfolk, Virginia's Lofat continues to make strong waves in the metal underground, having recently produced their first video for the song Roaches under the Brick House Records label. The video, directed by Fabian Rush, is quirky, dark and totally fresh in its approach. I have always felt that this is a metal outfit that simply will not wear the same uniform and clown makeup that most seem to think is a prerequisite for delivering heavy music today. I believe that this is their main strength, beyond the fact that they offer a very compelling mix of old school hardcore and the metal/punk vibe that Suicidal Tendencies became so famous for. I had the chance recently to get some Q&A in with their entertaining drummer, Zeus.

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Interview With Ekotren's Sean Fiene

In the Fall of 2000, five young and hungry musicians out of Cape Coral, Florida formed as Ekotren, in an all-out pursuit to bring passion back to the game of metal. They have hung in tough and really started to make a name for themselves on their local club scene and now are scheduled in a short time to unleash their self-released debut album, entitled The Tables Have Turned. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the work I have done with this band up to this time, for it's rare to find such a talented bunch that are as well mannered and respectful as I have found Ekotren to be. I had some questions answered recently by their bassist, Sean Fiene.

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Interview With Hayg Terzian From Orcus

Hayg Terzian on lead guitar for the poignant yet darkly themed progressive black metal band called Orcus is quite a pleasant revelation. He is not one of the new breed of axe slingers that thinks going fast is the only way to impress anyone, yet he seems to be more than capable with both tremendous dexterity and ability to stir emotion from his notes, which is the highest compliment I think that can be paid to any electric guitarist, no matter what style of music they play. Orcus is a very unique and I believe meaningful unsigned metal band at this point in time and are due to be releasing their new album entitled Birth at a record release party Saturday, June 17th at the famed Whisky A Go Go.

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An Interview with Dan Palmer of Death By Stereo

I recently had the chance to interview Dan Palmer of Death By Stereo. The name Death By Stereo was taken from a scene in the movie The Lost Boys. In 1998, Death By Stereo signed to Indecision Records and released its first album the following year. Shortly after the release of the band's Indecision debut, Dan Palmer (formerly of Southern California hardcore band Eyelid) joined the band. In the winter of 1999, while Death By Stereo was on the road with Straight Faced and Ignite, Brett Gurewitz of Epitaph Records approached Death By Stereo, interested in signing the band. 2000 saw the band sign to Epitaph Records. In January of 2001 Epitaph released the band's second album, Day of the Death. Since the release of Day of the Death, Death By Stereo has gone on to release two more full-lengths: Into the Valley of Death and it's most recent album, Death for Life.

Known for blurring the lines between punk rock, hardcore and metal, Death By Stereo's sound is noted for its originality in a scene that some say has become stagnant in recent years. The band's sound has also evolved over time, with If Looks Could Kill I'd Watch You Die leaning more in the direction of punk rock/hardcore, while later albums — including Death for Life — bring more metal elements to the mix.

Here's how the interview went down:

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Interview With Hard Echo's Mark Arrington

San Diego, California is home to many intriguing metal acts today, but I dare say that Hard Echo is one of its most well rounded and technically sound, featuring Mark Arrington on vocals, Tony Jenkins and Tim Bailleul on guitars, with Norm Campbell on Bass. Though they are currently looking for a competent double bass drummer, this is a metal act that is ready for a bright future ahead and the thousands of screaming fans that await their old school progressive metal attack. I was able to recently get some questions in with their extremely gifted lead singer.

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Making It To The Top: Level-C's Misty Everson

Many that watched Level-C on the MTV cable produced Battle For Ozzfest may recall seeing this female metal group out of Cleveland, Ohio make it all the way to the top ten out of nearly eight hundred bands in the entire competition. When I discovered them on Myspace and saw that they did indeed have a unique sound and hard rocking image, I expected that they would be signed by a label sooner rather than later. And sure enough, they have been recently signed to Crash Music Incorporated for a two album deal. In light of this, I had some of my new questions answered by the band's drummer, Misty Everson.

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A Lesson In Non-Violence: Nando From NYC Irate

There's been a bit of an ongoing verbal war between the infamous hardcore thrash metal act from Bronx, New York called Irate and the west coast I.R.A.T.E. - over the ownership of well, the Irate group moniker. My past interview with Erik Ulrich of the latter mentioned I.R.A.T.E. - who are currently travelling across the country with The Project Independent Tour - stirred up literal blood dripping over the curbs into the streets from the anger and frustration expressed by the New York Irate's devoted legion of fans. I wanted to be fair and give both sides a chance to tell their story. Jeff Totten of Project Independent has already spoken on his band's behalf in concern with this over-heated issue and now I give that opportunity to the other Irate and hopefully we can finally bury this battle six feet under. I personally thank Nando and Nick from NYC Irate for being real standup and giving me the honor of discussing not just the name ownership situation - but also giving all of us true metalers a bit more history of their band and what is to come from them as they move forward in life. I respect both sides, for I am merely a rock journalist who loves metal music and at the end of the day on all of this, I hope that's what we walk away talking about: music not destruction. Maybe the White house could learn a thing or two from this themselves.

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Interview With Killing Of Mind

Killing of Mind hails from Santa Rosa, California and is made up of four members, including Paul Nieblas on vocals, Niall Mulcahy hitting the drums, Russell Mederios on guitar/vocals and Tony D'Orazio on Bass/backup vocals). Having released two independent cd's: "Self-titled" black EP (2002), and "Strings" (2004), they are one of the top unsigned metal acts in the underground at this point and seem to firing on all cylinders with their high energy live shows. The band took time out recently to give us all a better rundown on what makes Killing of Mind tick.

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Eye Of The Storm: Alex Of Deliver Us From Evil

Of all the hundreds upon thousands of upcoming metal acts around the globe that I have checked out on Myspace this year, I can say that there is not one that has hit me dead smack between the eyes with its literal uncanny ability like Deliver Us From Evil has done. They incorporate with true gusto the best elements of metal from the past and what is most appealing today. They cannot be labeled very easy due to this. They are not another Lamb of God imitator, nor are they at all classifiable as NU metal. The band is made up of Jeff Thomas on bass, Alex Morgan on percussion, John Matheis playing lead guitar and one of the more talented screamers in the underground game today, Brent Vaughn on vocals. I wanted to provide everyone with more insight into this extremely gifted metal act's background and what can be expected in the future by conducting this inteview with their drummer, Alex Morgan.

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Pork Pie And Gorillas: Kane Of Fall To Grace

Fall To Grace out of Los Angeles, California has quickly started the big climb to the top of the metal heap and doesn't seem to be letting up soon. This is a band that sidesteps playing down the extreme and instead plays up the beauty of a well-written song. I rarely find myself ever listening to a band that is frankly way too far from the brutal path, but I will be the first one to stand and defend the honor and accomplishment in the art that Fall To Grace is presenting to the music world. I went to their drummer, Kari Kane, in attempt to get into the mechanics of this impressive metal unit.

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Brutal In Seattle: Brandon Eckert Of Burnt Shadows

The bowels of Seattle, Washington have regurgitated up, Burnt Shadows, one of the more chilling and eerily death-sounding extreme metal acts in metal's underground today. It is an act that revisits the murder cry and blast beast of Acid Bath, while channeling the downright haunting thrash of Slayer. The band is made up of Brandon Eckert on vocals, Craig Saner on guitar, also including Dan Moore on guitar, Dave Moore playing bass and Tony Mitchell hitting the drums. They have made a serious impression on me from the first moment I heard their tracks on Myspace, and I am pleased to be taking a few moments with their extremely gifted singer, Brandon Eckert.

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Interview With Thales

A couple of months ago, I was approached on Myspace by a Finnish 5-piece named Thales to check their music out. As a fan of most melodic metal, especially from Finland, I gave them a listen and found an incredible band that absolutely kicks ass. Anyone who likes technical, early-Dark Tranquillity-influenced Scandinavian metal should definitely check them out at their Myspace page or the official website.

Anyhow, I did an e-mail interview with the band. Guitarist Lasse Kristiansen, drummer Juuso Backman and bassist Juha Tretjakov took the time to answer the questions. Here is how it went:

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Getting Down On The Bass: South Gate's Treadway

There is a rare type of seed that is planted within the breeding grounds of the underground metal scene that can bloom into a true metal act with the ability to straight up show honor to the great extreme metal bands before it and still push the boundaries of heavy music as it now moves forward Post-Dimebag Darrell. Detroit, Michigan's hellspawn South Gate is just that very kind of band. A dangerous mixture of old Sabbath and Slayer, this group's been delivering now a very mean and death-grinding brand of old school thrash metal to metalers all throughout the currently thriving Michigan metal scene. They are right now clearly one of the top underground metal acts, and I jumped at the chance to interview their beer slamming and pick hand swolen bass player, Treadway.

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Catching Fire With Adam Of Krell

The underground metal scene is home to one of Rock music's best kept secrets, Krell. This is a very dynamic and thought provoking Industrial metal band that I can only see shooting straight through to the top of the game sooner rather than later. They seem to understand that the best tag to have as a band really is one that's not clearly defined. They can hit you in the gut from so many angles at any moment with their demonic yet beautifully sweeping songwriting prowess, that I just have to believe in my heart that this band is going to achieve great things. Now besides saying I have traded Jag bombs with Krell's talented six stringer, Adam, I can say we've hammered out a really interesting interview that should win them over many more fans.

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Photo of Prong

Band Photo: Prong

Snapping Necks With Prong's Mike Longworth

Prong has always been one of the more compelling hardcore metal acts since being formed in 1986 by singer/guitarist Tommy Victor. This is a band that has always delivered some of the meanest, pit-swirling songs around. And from a critical standpoint, Prong has amazingly kept its head way above water over the years, even throughout the stadium-filling eras of Guns N Roses and Metallica. Prong has always been refreshing in its experimentation by mixing elements of progressive thrash with electronica. This metal act will go down in Rock history as being one of the grittier, flat out well respected heavy music outifts ever. Even when you think you've heard the last from them, Prong's music somehow always manages to work its way back. I am so thrilled to have this chance to get some questions in with Prong's new bass player, Mike Longworth.

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Q&A With Jeff Totten: The Project Independent Tour

Underground metal music has a new hero in its midst. His name is Jeff Totten of Celestial Entertainment/On-Stage Management. He is the main man behind The Project Independent Tour, a nationwide music event, showcasing some of the top un-signed metal acts from all over the country. The band I.R.A.T.E. out of Los Angeles, California is the headliner and are supporting their new album release Brothers Of The Same Struggle, currently available at Tower Records. A second compilation disc is included, featuring many of metal's brightest new talents. Jeff is a real busy guy and I thank him for taking time out to give me this cool interview.

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Bound For Success: Silas Burke Of Fall To Grace

Los Angeles, California's Fall To Grace is a metal band that doesn't rely on any kind of formula. This is a band that seems to understand that at this point they really are onto something good here. Most bands on the famed Hollywood metal scene right now that try to do what Godsmack does or what Alice In Chains did, never quite seem to distance themselves from the original source of inspiration. FTG is a musical unit that flatout has the talent on stage and I see so much potential for success. I had FTG's guitarist, Silas Burke, answer some questions recently.

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Breaking The Law With Gary Mader Of Outlaw Order

New Orleans, Louisiana's Outlaw Order is one of underground metal's most compelling side projects, spreading an almost more intensely anti-establishment message than the legendary Eyehategod itself, of which EHG bassist, Gary Mader, has swapped the four strings for six. Much like EHG, they have been working hard to pull themselves back up by the bootstraps since the Katrina Hurricane devastation nearly took NOLA out completely. They are planning to record a new album so they can do what they love the most, playing out live for their most loyal of fans.

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Taking It To The Extreme With John Paul Of Orcus

Underground metal has a new sensation in its midst and it comes in the form of Glendale, California's progressive black metal act, Orcus. This group freshly mixes in extreme metal influences ranging from Opeth, Cradle of Filth, Devil Driver to Amon Amarth. They are a band, beyond its mutant-like musicianship and songwriting prowess, that has been truly blessed with one of the stronger vocal talents in black metal that I've ever heard in the affable John Paul Fernandes. He and I shared some discussion recently, traversing further down that chilling road of musical darkness that is Orcus.

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To The Core: Q&A With Gary Macey Of Mindrought

Downriver, Michigan's local metal fave Mindrought has been unleashing its own unique brand of thought-provoking metal music with their very own private label of some of the heaviest and hooky, guitar-driven mosh-inducers that issue a bold tongue in cheek delivery, thus putting more of an exclamation point on the subject they rant about. This is a very exciting unsigned band at this moment and one to keep your attention on for sure. They are in production currently of a new full-length album release. I had some questions on this intriguing and face crushing metal act answered in good spirits by the band's lead vocalist, Gary Macey.

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Chewing The Fat With Mishun Of Lofat

Norfolk, Virginia's Lofat is a young and determined thrash metal band that is now hooked up with Brickhouse Records. They have certainly yielded quite a bit of interest on the local Virginia music scene over the last year and are quickly making their name known in the underground metal scene through sheer force of will and yes, Myspace. Whether bringing the thrash ala Suicidal Tendencies or going for the monster grind Pantera-style, this band clearly shoots for the stars when it comes to how they represent metal's great legacy as it moves forward. I went to the guy who does Lofat's screaming, talented lead singer, Mishun, to see what the skinny is.

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Determined For The Metal: Keith Finnell Of Ekotren

Founded in the Fall of 2000, Cape Coral, Florida's Ekotren are passionate young musicians that strive to put out a positive life message through their freshly offered melody-friendly songs. And while they certainly shoot more into the realm of Linkin Park's all out pop metal approach at times, this is a heavy music band that has loads of talent and so many years ahead to fully define itself , and it's really only the members themselves who know what is in store for the rest of us. I recently was able to shoot some questions at their guitarist, Keith Finnell.

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Photo of Drowning Pool

Band Photo: Drowning Pool

Back In The Saddle Again: Jason 'Gong' Jones

Orlando, Florida's AM Conspiracy is led by former Drowning Pool frontman, Jason 'Gong' Jones. He makes no bones about the fact that at this point in his life, he just wants to do what makes himself happy musically. This guy really is one of the rare singing talents that can effortlessly go from a soulful, bluesy-metal range to high-piercing screams that can even make Halford proud. Gong is now taking his music down a new road with a different set of bandmates. Ranging from Layne Staley'esque choruses to being able to growl with any other of metal's elite, the likes of say a Dez Fafara or Randy Blythe. Gong Jones convincingly continues onward in building his impressive rock legacy, more than ready at any point to show all of us another thing or two by pulling the ace card out from one of his tattooed arm sleeves.

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