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A Quick Chat With Moonsorrow's Mitja Harvilahti

Moonsorrow has become one of the most popular names in pagan metal over the past sixteen years, developing an epic sound that practically brings the bloodthirsty Vikings back from the grave. Their music has become beloved not just by metal fans, but by lovers of classic rock and indeed history buffs, fascinated with the research that goes into every song.

During their recent tour with Korpiklaani, (see review here,) I was able to fleetingly sit down and speak with the band's guitarist Mitja Harvilahti, who discussed the group's new album, "Jumalten Aika," it's cover artwork and how it feels to top the charts in their native Finland. You can watch the interview below.

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An Interview With Overkill Frontman Bobby Blitz

Overkill are one of the bands that have held the flag of thrash metal at it's highest throughout their career, keeping the genre's name alive in the good times and the bad. At the heart of it all is vocalist Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth and bassist D.D. Verni, the only two constant members in a band which has spanned over three decades.

During their recent tour of the United Kingdom with Polish death metal stalwarts Vader (see review here,) I had the pleasure of meeting one of thrash metal's most beloved singers and asking Blitz about the past and present, the upcoming American election and much more. You can watch the interview in two parts below.

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Udo Dirkschneider Reflects On A Legendary Career

Heavy metal has it's fair share of superstars but all the more important are it's heroes and legends. There are some names which strike reverence and respect in the hearts of metal fans such as Rob Halford, Lemmy, Ronnie James Dio and one of Germany's most beloved voices, Udo Dirkschneider, whose voice was first heard when Accept released their self-titled debut album in 1978 and since then has gone on to have hit records, write classic songs and forge a legacy which will always be respected.

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Dirkschneider when his European tour came to London, in which we discussed why he has decided to say goodbye to the Accept catalogue, plans for the next U.D.O. album and if performing in Spain allows him time to head to his home in Ibiza. You can watch the interview below.

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Vader Drummer Discusses New Album And More

At a recent show in Bristol with American thrash metal legends Overkill (see review here,), James Stewart, drummer for Polish death metal veterans Vader was able to take some time to speak Metal Underground about how it feels to be a member of such a respected band, how the tour with Overkill had gone and when we can expect to hear a new Vader album. You can watch the interview below.

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Ghosts Again Discusses Debut EP Release

North Carolina three-piece band Ghosts Again is set to release new EP "The Closest Thing To Closure" tomorrow (April 22nd, 2016) that includes the recent singles "Pant's Division" and "Les Enfants Terribles."

With the EP just about to drop and a music video recently coming online (see below), we checked in with bassist Brandon Washington to get the skinny on how this fresh post-hardcore outfit came together and recorded the emotionally driven anthems of "The Closest Thing To Closure."

For more info on the band, head over to Facebook here and you can also pre-order the new EP directly at this location.

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Photo of Diamond Head

Band Photo: Diamond Head

Diamond Head Discusses Self-Titled Album

Although Diamond Head paved the way for the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, they never achieved the success of NWOBHM bands like Motorhead and Iron Maiden. Money never seemed to be the driving factor for The Midlands-based group, though. The band was interested in making good music. In fact, their penchant for writing good songs is what caught the eye of a fledgling Metallica who covered many of their songs live and on recordings such as the “Live Metal Up Your Ass” Demo and “Garage Days Revisited.” Once Metallica really broke out and became one of rock’s biggest successes, songs like “Helpless” and “Am I Evil” resonated with the metal establishment.

It’s not that Diamond Head hasn’t achieved some major success. In fact, at one time they were considered the second coming of Led Zeppelin. They signed to MCA Records to release “Borrowed Time” in 1982, but were dropped in ’85 and the band split up later. The group has split up and had large gaps between records, but forty-years later they are still relevant and on the verge of releasing their seventh album, a self-titled effort (due June 3rd).

Diamond Head’s career has depended on hard work. Even the self-titled effort, which comes thirty-six years after their “Lightning To The Nations” debut full-length, the band is still very much a DIY band. In fact, the forthcoming record was almost a self-release. There has to be something the reinvigorates artists to continue playing music for forty years without making major money. In the case of the self-titled album it’s very much due to new vocalist Rasmus Bom Andersen. In the following phone conversation, band original and lead guitarist Brian Tatler gives Metalunderground.com the scoop on creating said album and why he is so excited for his fans to hear the album.

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Photo of Fear Factory

Band Photo: Fear Factory

Fear Factory Reconstructs "Demanufacture"

Few bands produce albums as influential and unique as Fear Factory’s “Demanufacture.” A record of such magnitude only comes around a few times per generation. It is such a great album that the Los Angeles-based band is currently celebrating its twenty-year anniversary by playing the entire album on their U.S. tour. With “Demanufacture” the band found its blueprint for future recordings. This included syncopated guitars synched with kick drums, electro-industrial sounds and aggressive-meets-melodic vocals.

Guitarist and founding member, Dino Cazares spoke to Metalunderground.com before playing a sold-out show in San Antonio, Texas. We spoke about not only the making of “Demanufacture,” but how the album developed from previous recordings, which took us back to the early days of the group. Cazares recalled not only the bands he played in before Fear Factory, but also the bands that influenced Fear Factory. Unlike many groups that find a formula that works on the first album, the first record, “Soul Of A New Machine,” showed the band in a developing stage. “Demanufacture” was the result of a combination of influences from previous groups.

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Visigoth Comments on "The Revenant King"

If the members of Visigoth were born during the Iron Age, they definitely would have proved their worth on the battle field where cold steel talks and words are for the dying. There were not, however, born in that age, but rather into a time that still recognizes the power of great fantasy literature depicting barbarian hordes in battle, monsters, and sorcery.

The band’s first full-length recording “The Revenant King” contains nine epic length tracks that realize the band’s epic tales, put to traditional and power metal like Agent Steel, Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol and Manowar.

One of the complaints, as you’ll see in the following interview, about their album is that it’s too long, clocking in at over an hour in length. The length of these songs seem warranted, though, considering the stories Jake Rogers tells. When I reviewed the album at the beginning of 2015, I had few complaints. In fact, I listed it as an early contender for power metal album of the year, a boast that stayed with me throughout the entire year as I put the album in my top twenty list of 2015.

Sixteen months have passed since the release of “The Revenant King,” but fans haven’t forgotten. The group has released a video for the title track right before the end of 2015 and is currently on tour with NWOBHM strong hearts Night Demon. I caught up with guitarist Jamison Palmer and vocalist Jake Rogers before their performance in Austin, Texas to discuss their album, video and tour.

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Photo of Pig Destroyer

Band Photo: Pig Destroyer

Pig Destroyer Confirm New Album for 2017

I've been a fan of Pig Destroyer since Terrifyer back in the mid-2000s which I got into after looking up who played in Anal Cunt and from there into Scott Hull's other band Agoraphobic Nosebleed. His riffs are always amazing. His production never ceases to sound perfect. So I'll confess that I still occasionally get star struck although I manage to hide it a lot better than I did at 21.

Sadly, I never saw them live until now since Pig Destroyer only tour once ever few years but this time, I was thankfully able to attend. So without further adieu, here's my interview with JR Hayes and Scott Hull.

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Melechesh Discusses Music, Racism And More

Melechesh are truly a law unto themselves. Not just as a band of renegades, led by the charismatic frontman Ashmedi, but also as a musical force, bringing in melodies from the near and middle east to their ferocious brand of black metal. Their debut, "As Jerusalem Burns...Al'Intisar," hit the shelves in 1996 and the band has continued to tear down musical limitations and social barriers since, most recently with their incredible album, "Enki," which was released last year.

At a recent show with Nile and Embryo in Bristol (read the review here) I was able to sit down and discuss the band's music, the struggle against racism and religious oppression and much more, with guitarist and vocalist, Ashmedi. You can watch the interview below.

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A Conversation With Dallas From Nile

Nile have made a name for themselves as one of America's most popular technical death metal bands. Since releasing their debut album, "Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka," the group has gone from strength to strength, making a name for themselves worldwide with their complex arrangements and tales of Egyptian mythology.

At a recent show with Melechesh and Embryo in Bristol (read the review here), I was able to sit down and discuss the band's music, plans and how social media and youtube has affected how bands market themselves in the modern age, with guitarist and vocalist, Dallas Toler-Wade. You can watch the interview below.

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Ken Susi of Unearth talks about the Fury Tour

Matt: I'm here with Ken of Unearth. I like a lot of the black metal elements on “Watchers of Rule.” I also noticed the alternative rock elements on “Darkness In the Light,” Swedish death metal stuff on “Oncoming Storm,” jazz on “The March” and a lot of grunge on “Stings of Conscience.” It's been two years since “Watchers of Rule” and you're probably gearing up to record soon so I've just got to ask, what have you been listening to?

Ken: We always try to keep our records different. Our first album had a lot of hardcore mixed with Iron Maiden. “Storm” was kind of a derivative of that and more heavy metal and “Eyes of Fire” was more thrash. So on and so forth. We always try to mix it up. They try to pigeonhole us as metalcore but I think that all of all the bands out of our era or generation we've been the ones that have taken the most chances. We don't put out the same record every time. Right now Buz and I are putting out another record and it's super cool.

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Wrong Relates Band's Brief History And Philosophy

Even though Miami, Florida-based Wrong played a stoner/doom-heavy festival called Heavy Metal Parking Lot during the week of SXSW in Austin, Texas, the band didn’t display much of those sounds. Sure, singer/guitarist Eric Hernandez claims the Melvins as an influence. Also, he played in bands that seem more aligned with that movement like Kylesa and Torche (and even spent some time as Corrosion of Conformity’s drummer). Wrong’s style is more in step with groove metal bands from the ‘90s like Helmet and UNSANE.

Wrong plays syncopated, aggressive rhythms that get into your brain and beat on it. They were certainly one of the bands that stood out at this festival. The group is still a new entity, though, so we caught up with Hernandez to talk about some of the band’s history, influences and philosophy for making music. Read on to learn more about this new band and watch for their self-titled, first album to come out on Relapse Records at the end of this month.

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Abbath Comments on Debut, Solo Recording

Immortal will always be a classic Norwegian black metal band. From the icy riffs and artic-wind-swept lyrics to Abbath’s yeti calls to the band’s warrior imagery, few black metal artists emulate the mighty Immortal. Their reach goes beyond merely the realms of black metal. There is a beer company called Jester King that produces a Black Metal Stout. The artwork depicts a black metaller who curiously looks like Abbath, as well as the title of the beer, “Suds of Northern Darkness,” which is a parody of the Immortal album “Sons of Northern Darkness.” Also, there are a million memes on the Internet including the one showing Immortal with Grumpy the Cat, who also resembles Abbath’s face paint in it’s facial fur.

Immortal remains near the top of the black metal hordes, but no one knows where the group goes from here. Abbath is no longer with them, so his trademark looks, voice and guitar are no longer present. Abbath has moved on to what he feels is a step up in his career. At the beginning of the year, he released his debut solo album. The self-titled effort is by no means a step away from Immortal. Abbath has a song writing style that is legendary, one that he continues with this recording. Blasting drums via Creature and creative bass lines support Olve Eikemo’s (Abbath) subterranean shrieks and icy guitar tones. Those who mourn the loss of Abbath in Immortal, mourn no longer.

Abbath is currently touring around the U.S. as part of the Decibel Magazine tour with High on Fire, Skeletonwitch and Tribulation. Metalunderground.com caught up with Abbath before he took the stage in Austin, Texas to talk about leaving Immortal, recording the self-titled record and his thoughts on the future of his solo project.

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Photo of Novembre

Band Photo: Novembre

Novembre Discusses Returning With "URSA" Album

It's been quite a few years since Novembre dropped previous full-length album "The Blue," and now the Italian gothic metal act is finally set to return with new release "URSA."

A few days out from the official release date through Peaceville Ecords, vocalist / guitarist
Carmelo Orlando got in touch with us to chat about the album and what went on in the intervening years of down time.

Read on to find out what Orlando has to say about the social commentary found on the album, the laundry list of stellar guest musicians that appear on these new tracks, and what he thinks of the band inching in on a 25th anniversary.

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Bloodthirst Talks New EP "Glorious Sinners"

In just two weeks, Polish outfit Bloodthirst will drop new EP "Glorious Sinners," which is the latest in a long line of thrashing extreme metal from this gloriously blasphemous outfit. We had the opportunity to fully premiere all the tracks in advance, so if you want an early listen - check it out here!

Following on two years from the "Chalice of Contempt" full-length release, this upcoming mini-album features a change in lineup for an injection of fresh blood and thematically focuses on the worst actions from throughout papal history.

Below you can find a full overview of the EP's creation from guitarist / vocalist Rambo, who discusses bringing on new members and being a stanuchly anti-religious band in a heavily Catholic country.

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A Conversation With Septicflesh Guitarist Christos

Septicflesh must be one of the more unique bands in the history of death metal. Their catalogue is an ever changing one in which no two albums sound alike, with new territories often explored as they've gone on.

After disbanding in 2003, the band returned in 2007 and have since released three more albums, "Communion," "The Great Mass" and most recently, "Titan," which have all displayed a symphonic element.

At a recent show with Kataklysm and Aborted in London (read the review here), I was able to sit down and discuss the band's music, plans and the state of their home country of Greece with guitarist and co-founder, Christos Antoniou. You can watch the interview below.

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Photo of Prong

Band Photo: Prong

Prong's Tommy Victor Weighs In On "X-No Absolutes"

Prong is a rare band. Not only has the group survived 30 years, the group has continued to evolve. Band mastermind, vocalist and guitarist, Tommy Victor, could have called it quits a long time ago due to many reasons such as band members leaving and his involvement with major players Ministry and Danzig. Victor has a long list of musicians whom have Prong on their resume, but at the end of the day what matters most is how these artists come together to make a cohesive unit, to make a good album. Prong’s latest recording “X-No Absolutes,” is a good album. In fact, don’t be surprised if this album makes many fan and journalist top ten lists.

Artists often herald their latest release as the best of their career. Victor echoes this assessment on the new album, and it’s really hard not to agree with him. The record is DAMN good in so many aspects, from the duality and problem=solution (not always easy to see) lyrics to the speed of drummer Arturo "Art" Cruz to the catchy grooves laid down by Victor and bassist Jason Christopher (who has also played in Stone Sour), it’s a solid record, through and through.

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Photo of Reign Eternal

Band Photo: Reign Eternal

Reign Eternal Talks New EP And Music Video

A fairly new face on the U.K. metalcore scene, Reign Eternal is already making waves with the "Premonitions" EP, and we recently premiered a brand new music video for "The Amendment" taken off that release.

For more info on this rising band, check out our full interview below, in which the group discusses working with producer Ash Scott, shooting the new video, and how dedicated the fans and bands are in the Exeter music scene.

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Arrayan Path Discusses New Album

Arrayan Path - champion of the Cyprus metal scene - is about to unleash fifth full-length album "Chronicles Of Light" through Pitch Black Records.

We just premiered the full album two days ahead of time, and also checked in with the band to get more background on this latest power metal opus came together.

Below you can find out about the band's choice of cover tunes, info on a secret link to a song not on the regular album, and how "Chronicles Of Light" shifted away from the typical ancient history concept to a more varied release.

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Reign Of Fury Discusses New Album, Upcoming Plans

For thrash fans, last year's "Death Be Thy Shepherd" was a serious high point, released via Static Tension Recordings back at the beginning of 2015.

This U.K. outfit isn't stopping there though, as the band recently recruited a new guitarist and is now in the process of working on the follow-up album.

Recently vocalist Bison Steed and new guitarist Ross "Lenny" McLennan checked in with Metalunderground.com to talk everything from tats to the perfect album artwork to putting out quality material by working under pressure. Check out the full interview below, along with a stream of a standout track from "Death Be Thy Shephard."

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Photo of Dissona

Band Photo: Dissona

Interview With Matt Motto Of Dissona

Illinois progressive metal act Dissona have just released the new album "Paleopneumatic." The release is the band's third full length album, all independently released by the band. The band combines a host of different styles into each song, crafting a unique blend of both harsh and calm material - fitting for a wide variety of metalheads. You can order your own copy over at this location.

Guitarist Matt Motto took out some time to talk about the new album, the band's writing process and the current state of the music business.

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Photo of Suppressive Fire

Band Photo: Suppressive Fire

Suppressive Fire Unleashing Absolute "Bedlam"

A young player on the thrash scene, the North Carolina extreme metal outfit Suppressive Fire is on the cusp of releasing debut full-length album "Bedlam" - due out tomorrow (January 14th).

We previously had the pleasure of premiering the entire new killer album prior to its official release, and can't wait for the world to get ahold of this monstrous disc of raging death/thrash.

In addition to streaming the album, we checked in with guitarist Joseph Bursey to chat about the diverse Raleigh metal scene, whether the band feels actively seeking label support is worth the effort ("...at the moment what could a label really do to benefit us that we’re not doing on our own?") and the good happy fun things covered in the album's lyrics - like the sexual satisfaction of running another man through with a bayonet.

Be sure to grab your digital or physical pre-order for "Bedlam" via Bandcamp here and check out the full interview below.

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Photo of Razoreater

Band Photo: Razoreater

Razoreater: "Our Songs Grab You By The Balls"

The chaotic grinding metal masters from Razoreater are just about to drop "Vacuum Of Nihil," and we had the pleasure of streaming the entire insane LP ahead of its official release (if you missed it, check it out now!).

Only days from the LP's official detonation, Stephen Pickles from Razoreater checked in with us to discuss the band's predilection for short and sweet atomic blasts of metal ("It's definitely a conscious decision to make our songs grab you by the balls and be as intense as possible...") and the decision to only release on the vinyl format.

You can pre-order your own copy right here and read the full interview with Stephen below.

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Photo of Trace Your Steps

Band Photo: Trace Your Steps

Trace Your Steps Discusses New Video And Album

Yesterday we had the pleasure of premiering a new music video from up and coming New York metalcore group Trace Your Steps.

Discussing the lyrical content of the video, Trace Your Steps vocalist Tom Calderone stated it's a "reminder to take others into account, while appreciating the life you have, and making the most of what you can while the opportunity still presents itself."

That performance clip for "Animal (Creature Of Habit)" is just the start of new music to come from the band however, as a full-length album is now underway and is coming out later this year.

The members of Trace Your Steps - Tom Calderone (Vocals), Ian Schneider (Guitar), David Hassan (Guitar), Jalen Alvarez (Bass), and Matt Graf (Drums) - also got in touch with us to chat about the video and what's in store from the band in the future. Check out the full interview below.

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