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Interview with Perra Karlsson of In Aeternum

Sweden's black metal masters IN AETERNUM, after being on Poland's Agonia Records label are now residing with Singapore's PULVERISED RECORDS, the home of great acts such as Dissection, Watain and Sathanas. The highly anticipated first release for them will be the brand new Mini-CD "Curse of Devastation" that's been produced at the Abyss Studios with engineer Tommy Tägtgren. This MCD will be available probably during late January/early February 2007. I fully believe this is one of the more important underground metal acts around, mainly due to the fact that they keep it honest and true in concern to black metal's original meaning, while not getting bogged down too much in that over the top snynth'd-out production that you get now from Cradle of Filth and so many other in this sub-genre. I am beyond honored to have landed this Q&A in with one of heavy music's more remarkable drummers, Perra Karlsson.

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Interview with Matt 'The Lord' Zane of Society 1

Los Angeles, California's SOCIETY 1 band is one that needs no introduction at this point. An industrial metal unit for the ages fronted "Mr. Hooks in His Back", Matt 'The Lord' Zane, a true talent that has pretty much seen and done it all in the heavy music world to this point and he's still not anywhere near thirty years old. Let's be more to the point that people either love this band and Zane or they positively despise them. They have undergone a label change and a lineup facelift in over the past year and I can guarantee that those people that hate this band are really going to be pissed at the fact that Zane, unlike many rockers of his stature, has not decided to slow up on his continued assualt versus the mainstream way of thinking in the music business. The band is currently at work on putting out a brand new album and so I ventured into his dark realm recently to get some Q&A in and think you'll all enjoy the brief trip into The Lord's world.

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Interview with Pandemic's Andy Giardina

Pandemic is a Sonoma County, California based metal band that I stumbled upon while covering a show for HOSTILITY last year. Their style is a combination of the more traditional Iron Maiden heavy metal, mixed up with some of the thrash and melodic death metal. One of the things that I love the most about the work I do is getting to meet so many different types of metal musicians from all walks of life, and let me just say that this band Pandemic may not even register on a restaurant napkin right now with most of you, but this band, to me at least, is what heavy metal is all about: brotherhood, having a damn good time while you're alive and kicking, yet still being able to throw down some music that revitalizes the scene by any means necessary and not just going the copycat route. This is a band that really could care less what anyone outside of them thinks. Yeah, they want to try and make it somewhere, who the hell doesn't? But they will not sacrifice eachother or their music to make that happen. And that's the kind of metal band I want to be around. I am real happy to bring this Q&A to all of my readers here with Pandemic's colorful and out spoken lead vocalist, Andy Giardina.

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Interview With Bess Of Liquid Violence

New York's LIQUID VIOLENCE are working on their new album on Rut Records and plan to keep it heavy and straight ahead with their unmistakeable rockin out the walls of a joint sound. With clearly a great live reputation that far proceeds them, this is one of those recent band discoveries for me where I must fully confess makes me feel rather guilty for now just jumping on the bandwagon. But that's not this issue. Music is always about new discovery and it's clear to see that this band has been paying its dues for quite some time now and slowly but surely have begun to develop a strong fanbase of alcohol chugging, rip the beer bottle cap off with your teeth type of following. And that's not to say that these guys aren't talented musicians in their own right and can't draw the more musically educated fan. They can bring it with the best of them around when they need to. All one has to do is hear what they're about and make their own mind up. I got some Q&A in with their drummer, Bess.

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Interview with Jim Neal of Lathe

Fort Wayne, Indiana's LATHE is a hard-hitting metal band that cites Slayer, Slipknot, Pantera and Mudvayne as their main influences. They are still working hard at getting the word out on their self-released debut full-length effort 'Now Or Never' from 2005 and are looking to start playing hotter venues in the east here in 2007. I got some recent Q&A in with their drummer, Jim Neal, to find out more about this upcoming act and their highly aggressive and ready to take over the world attitude that they possess.

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Interview With Myke Long Of 2nd Offense

Altoona, Pennsylvania's 2ND OFFENSE has been a presence on their local scene now for three years and have self-released two albums. They have been well received by local radio and fans of other hard hitting acts like Stuck In Chaos and Scars Of Hatred. The band cites Hatebreed, Bad Religion and Slayer as a few of their main influences. They are still working hard to bring fans over to their MySpace page to checkout thier 2006 release 'Seven' and in the process hope to get more bodies out to their shows. I have just gotten in some Q&A in with their lead vocalist, Myke Long.

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Interview with Adder's Dan Marchini

Southern New Jersey's ADDER is a band I got turned onto while they were rocking it out in late 2006 as part of Adrian Lugo's lineup for Ironman Corp's first annual MetalFestEVIL and I took an immediate liking to the old school thrash, 'take it to the limit' metal sound these guys were throwing down and so I wanted to immediately learn more about them. The band cites influences ranging from Pantera, Slayer, Van Halen, Lamb of God, Machine Head to Black Sabbath. They are finishing up on their debut album and are planning to hit the local New Jersey club scene harder than hell throughout 2007. I recently got some Q&A in with their lead guitarist, Dan Marchini.

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Interview With Brandon Sullivan Of Burning Alive

In late August of 2005, six young Southeast Iowa musicians joined together to form BURNING ALIVE. The band cites influences from Children Of Bodom to Slayer to Pantera and Lamb of God. They are putting a new album together and are planning to embark on a multi-state tour this coming summer, reaching as far as Los Angeles, California. They are certainly still in that very raw development stage but I think you'll agree when hearing their music that these guys have serious potential to achieve some great things. And part of what I am here to do is not to only feature those acts that have already made it to that certain higher level in the business but it's also to help foster along the much younger groups that deserve it because they seem to have great work ethic for what they are doing and that limitless passion for expressing themselves in the heavy music format. I got this new Q&A in with their friendly lead vocalist, Brandon Sullivan aka Sully.

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Interview With Tim Donofrio Of CounterAct

COUNTERACT is a thrash/metal band from Central Pennsylvania consisting of Benjamin “Remi” Youtz on Vocals, Tim Donofrio on drums, Zack “Sanchez” Graham on guitar, Pete Munroeon bass, and Lawrence Wallace on guitar. They cite influences ranging from Pantera to Mudvayne to Slipknot to Chimaira. They are set to begin playing more shows on their local scene with names like Ninetail and Passion at Gunpoint. I recently got some Q&A done with their drummer, Tim Donofrio.

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Interview With Mig Of Bordel

London, UK's BORDEL is one upcoming metal act that everyone worldwide is going to be hearing major noise from in 2007. They don't seem to be confined to one regimented, formulastic sound like so many other metal acts that are trying to define themselves today. Yet, they clearly pay respect to the great heavy music bands that have certainly helped shaped their at times punk'd up, gothic-metal approach. But they are mainly about one thing and one thing alone: coming up with memorable, rocking tunes that makes you want to press 'play' all over again once the song is done. And that's what you get with Bordel, along with a sense of true rocker spirit involved behind it. I got some Q&A in recently with their very engaging frontman, Mig.

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Interview With Gorgoth Of Vanmakt

Karlskrona, Sweden's VANMAKT at this moment have recorded and released their first demo called: “Diaboli Iubeo, Para Vindicta”. Four songs that represent their very own interpretation of how Black metal really should sound. They are now starting to record their debut album after having just been signed to Singapore's respected Black metal label PULVERISED RECORDS. I think this is a band that is important because of the brilliant execution they demonstrate by delivering all the best elements of what this sub-genre should be about: demonic as all hell vocals, challenging lyrical content and a heavy chaotic sound that isn't over produced. I conducted some Q&A with their frontman, Gorgoth.

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Interview with Kari Kane of Fall To Grace

Los Angeles, California's FALL TO GRACE are on a roll. They have recently switched management companies and are in the process of finshing thier debut album, which is exactly where this lineup wanted to be at this point when I conducted my first set of interviews with the band earlier this year. More to the point, what I think is great about these guys is that although one of its members is a well known veteran rocker that's already toured the world and back in another well known outfit, Fall To Grace are realistic and not one to expect more or less than just simply getting themselves into a credible position right now to get their music heard by the mass music audience and potentially land that coveted major label record deal. Fall To Grace is in the perfect spot right now and I fully believe that with some further gigging on the legendary Los Angeles Sunset Strip scene in the first quarter of 2007, that this band could soon find itself staring big time directly in the face. I am thrilled to have nailed down this year end Q&A session with the band's ever so witty and sly like a fox drummer, Kari Kane.

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Interview With AJ Of Mutiny

Edison, New Jersey's MUTINY is a young group making its way up through the muck and myre of the metal underground scene. They have been working hard to find that defining sound for themselves and are currently in the midst of looking for a new lead vocalist, though they will continue with their current lineup through year's end. One thing you can't say about these guys is that they don't have drive and determination. Because they do. And that's what it takes, no matter what pitfalls you come across when developing your band along the way, it's the guys that keep their nose to the grind even when it's literally being grinded down to a bloody nub that makes it truly happen for themselves in the music world. I took some time recently to get a round of more than entertaining Q&A in with Mutiny's bass guitar player , AJ.

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Interview With Liv and Alex From Leaves' Eyes

There is one thing you need to know about Leaves' Eyes- they are not just another ephemeral female fronted band on the horizon. Although this band is young in existence, its members have been prominent for more than a decade. For those unaware, Leaves' Eyes consists of the renowned Liv Kristine ( ex- Theatre Of Tragedy) and German machine Atrocity. Separately, they've left their marks in metal history. The quality of Liv Kristine is no secret to my European metal brethren. Atrocity have enjoyed a dedicated following throughout their career as frontrunners in the progressive death metal track. Mix these two together and you get a highly concentrated mixture of talent, experience and dedication.

On Dec 2, I traveled down to Philadelphia for my interview with the band. Vocalist Alex Krull answered the first half of my questions.

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Interview With Gojira

Gojira have harvested success in their home country of France since their initiaton 10 years ago. But only after their last year’s release From Mars To Sirius did they show the world their true potential. The album created a surge in the metal press and was dubbed one of the most interesting releases of the year. Often compared to bands like Morbid Angel and Meshuggah but at the same time setting themselves strongly apart with ecologically inspired lyric concepts, something quite atypical for the genre.

Currently on their first North American tour with titans Amon Amarth and Children Of Bodom, I caught up with enigmatic mainman Joe Duplantier last Saturday during their Worcester, MA stop.

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Interview with Sons Of Poseidon's Carter Evenson

The best part of my job this year has been getting to discover true rockin gems from the underground scene. Fargo, North Dakota's SONS OF POSEIDON are one of those rare jewels that you come across that just makes you scratch your own damn head and ask: "How the hell are these guys still unsigned after playing their scene for over ten years now?" SOP have just newly released their third album, entitled 'North American Metal' and these guys have straight up delivered a knockout punch that I do believe will finally get them the notoriety that they deserved long ago. I also want to say that with all the primadonnas in this business that I deal with, mainly coming from guys that couldn't hold a candle to this heavy as all hell band, my experience with SOP has been one to remember. They are that down to earth and appreciative of the work that I do here. I got some Q&A in with their front man, Carter Evenson.

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Interview With J. William Heitmann of Ninetail

There's only a handful of unsigned metal acts going in America today that I think truly have earned a chance at being signed to a respectable label that can really bring them to the masses as they so justly deserve and have outright earned with their diehard tenacity and composure in the clinch and without flinching to make the first choice, NINETAIL out of York, Pennsylvania is one of them. They have been putting their money where there mouths are at every single venue they've stepped into here in 2006 in support of their debut LP "The Process Of Conversion" and even when they haven't played up to their full potential on a night, the first guy in the room that will admit it is this gentleman right here, J. William Heitmann. This interview is an honor for me and every single one of you that are looking to start up a band or are in the midst of the process, need to take notes from who I plainly see as metalunderground's classiest act going and a true talent who is only starting to find his big stride as a great metal vocalist.

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An Interview With Cutthroat's Guitarists

In conjunction with the Hammerslag Vinterblot 2006 sponsorship, I sent over some questions for Cutthroat's by email. Cutthroat's guitarists Thor Øivind and Endre have taken the time to respond.

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Project Independent Roundtable Interview

Project Independent has had an incredible year. Headed by CEO Jeff Totten, the National Band Search Program has recently nailed down a new distribution deal with Century Media Records. This is a major victory for the underground scene because this will allow the next Project Independent compilation CD comprised of top unsigned U.S. metal acts to finally reach the masses and yet not sacrifice the original appeal of its grass roots approach: to find the best of the best burgeoning talents working hard to make a name for themselves directly out of the hottest club venues in cities from coast to coast . I recently conducted this roundtable interview with Jeff Totten himself, along with Florida area promoter J-Rock of The Rock Solid Pressure Showcase, Erik Ulrich of I.R.A.T.E, Greg Bowman of Level Nine Entertainment and Rick of the Texas-based thrash metal band Grain to get a deeper perspective from all of these forces involved on the good, the bad and the ugly of this impressive band search program.

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Photo of Sarkom

Band Photo: Sarkom

Q&A With Sarkom Vocalist E. Unsgaard

In conjunction with the Hammerslag Vinterblot 2006 sponsorship, I sent over some questions for Norwegian black metal band Sarkom by email. Sarkom's vocalist E. Unsgaard has taken the time to respond.

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Interview With Deliver Us From Evil

DELIVER US FROM EVIL from Evansville, Indiana is one of those discoveries I can lay claim to this year that I still feel is pound for pound one of my best. They are doing daring things musically that most metal acts wouldn't even try and they continue to put fear into each and every local band that have to share the stage with them. It's been a tremendous year for these guys and I freely admit that they are several heads above the rest of their peers in terms of collective determination and pride in how they go about laying down their groundwork for how heavy music will move forward into the next decade.

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Interview With Griff Of Ninetail

What a year in metal it has been for York, Pennsylvania's NINETAIL.. And what a great group of people involved here, from Greg Bowman with Level Nine Entertainment to each and every bandmate in this act. I have to deal with a lot of headaches or 'head cases' if you will from so many countless upcoming acts that come nowhere near the level of greatness that you will surely find here with this underground phenomenon. They have been stomping through one venue to the next on their local scene in support of their debut LP "The Process Of Conversion" here in 2006, playing alongside some really big names, and seem to have built up an an incredible following that should certainly help propel them to the top names of the business in 2007. I had the opportunity to get some Q&A in with their bass player, Griff. Watch it go.

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Photo of Malsain

Band Photo: Malsain

Short Q&A With Malsain's Phobos

In conjunction with the Hammerslag Vinterblot 2006 sponsorship, I sent over some questions for Norwegian doom/extreme metal band Malsain by email. Malsain's drummer, Phobos, sent some brief replies:

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Photo of Cannibal Corpse

Band Photo: Cannibal Corpse

Interview with Paul M. of Cannibal Corpse

On November 13, 2006 I had the privilege and honor to interview Paul Mazurkiewicz, the drum master of Cannibal Corpse. He was one of the nicest down to earth guys I've ever met - not at all what I expected. I was expecting a rip your face of type of guy and at first thought that as I got on the Cannibal Corpse tour bus as everyone in the band clearly hits the gym at least twice a week. After the interview I expressed how much of a dream come true the opportunity was and asked if they would sign my "Vile" and "Eaten Back to LIfe" CD booklets, and every band memeber was kind enough to sign (except for the Alex Webster, one of the axmen for Cannibal Corpse, who was missing in action at the time of the interview). After the signing I went on my merry way. What follows may shock Cannibal Corpse fans, you have been warned. The interview is as follows:

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Photo of Framferd

Band Photo: Framferd

Interview with Framferd's Drummer, Magnus Nødset

Framferd have been a staple of the Hammerslag Vinterblot Festival each of its three years of existence due to their relationship with the fest's organizer, Dark Side of Norway. Framferd's drummer, Magnus Nødset, took the time to answer some questions related to the festival and what's new with the band by way of a followup of last year's interview (with vocalist Matt Kittelsen).

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