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Photo of Cannibal Corpse

Band Photo: Cannibal Corpse

Interview with Paul M. of Cannibal Corpse

On November 13, 2006 I had the privilege and honor to interview Paul Mazurkiewicz, the drum master of Cannibal Corpse. He was one of the nicest down to earth guys I've ever met - not at all what I expected. I was expecting a rip your face of type of guy and at first thought that as I got on the Cannibal Corpse tour bus as everyone in the band clearly hits the gym at least twice a week. After the interview I expressed how much of a dream come true the opportunity was and asked if they would sign my "Vile" and "Eaten Back to LIfe" CD booklets, and every band memeber was kind enough to sign (except for the Alex Webster, one of the axmen for Cannibal Corpse, who was missing in action at the time of the interview). After the signing I went on my merry way. What follows may shock Cannibal Corpse fans, you have been warned. The interview is as follows:

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Photo of Framferd

Band Photo: Framferd

Interview with Framferd's Drummer, Magnus Nødset

Framferd have been a staple of the Hammerslag Vinterblot Festival each of its three years of existence due to their relationship with the fest's organizer, Dark Side of Norway. Framferd's drummer, Magnus Nødset, took the time to answer some questions related to the festival and what's new with the band by way of a followup of last year's interview (with vocalist Matt Kittelsen).

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Interview With Ikaro Stafford of Ankla

Los Angeles, California's ANKLA are powered by the earth shaking guitar dynamics of ex-Puya axe slinger, Ramon Ortiz. The band has already seen two major label releases and been on nationwide and South American tours, including playing Ozzfest in 1999). The band offers up a fury-laced Latin metal sound that is unrivaled and seems to be gaining fans daily in the same outright explosiveness inwhich they deliver their unmistakable sound. They have just released their new album "Steep Trails" off Beiler Brothers Records and I am really happy to have conducted this recent Q&A with their very down to earth lead vocalist, Ikaro Stafford.

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Interview with Lofat

Norfolk, Virginia's emperors of thrash metal LOFAT have had quite the year here in 2006 and continue to draw a strong worldwide following mainly due in part to their heavy promotional attack via the web and networking sites like MySpace. They have a growing legion of fans or 'fatheads' I supposed you could call them who continue to champion this group of true underground metal heroes. They are refreshingly one of those rare bands today that are totally uncompromising in their own approach to heavy music. The band is getting ready to unleash its debut record on us here very soon and so I am very happy to be able to get some Q&A in with their guitarist and bassist, Simon and DZL.

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Kampfar's II13 Answers Some Questions

In conjunction with the Hammerslag Vinterblot 2006 sponsorship, I sent over some questions for Kampfar by email. Kampfar's drummer, II13, has taken the time to respond.

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Interview With Tim Hale of Anomalous

San Francisco's ANOMALOUS is a pure death metal band on the Brutal Bands record label and are about to release their debut EP "Cognitive Dissonance' at the start of 2007. The band truly gets it done right for this wildly popular sub-genre that mostly finds itself bogged down with shitty production after the next. I got some Q&A in with their lead vocalist and rhythm Guitarist, Tim Hale.

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Jason Ellett From Seven Year Existence

SEVEN YEAR EXISTENCE out of Champaign, Illinois is a young metal band with big goals. They take from old school hardcore metal and blend that with the newer crushing sound ala Lamb of God and seem to have found a perfect mix of demonic as all hell sounding heavy music that most veterans ten years older than them simply wishe they could attain. The band is one of the more popular unsigned acts on its local scene and recently took second place at their first major Battle of the Bands competition with Bodog Music in Chicago, IL's Lakeshore Theatre on August 9, 2006. Their victory was based on crowd reaction and crowd turnout. I got some Q&A in recently with their guitar player, Jason Ellett.

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Interview With Steve Junkins From Scars Of Hatred

Pennsylvania's SCARS OF HATRED cites Slayer, Slayer, Slayer as its primary influence. And with one listen of what these guys are doing musically, it's easy to understand. With a heavy as hell guitar sound, deadly low end, crushing drums and all-out brutalizing vocals, they seem to have the extreme metal approach firmly in grasp. They are working on thier debut full-length and have been playing their local club scene with other respected names like NINETAIL and FROM DISSENSION. They have a two guitar approach, and I was lucky enough to get some Q&A in with their tried and true axe slinger, Steve Junkins.

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Making No Sense With Al-Ce-Mi's Ned Barrett

Alchemy—(Al-Ce-Mi): the transmutation of base metal to heavy metal such as platinum and gold. Like the alchemist that fuses together elements to make potions this band combines the sounds based in the Los Angeles streets. Whittier, California's AL-CE-MI is a band that doesn't pull its punch when it comes to expressing itself across all dividing lines of rock music. The band has just finished recording its debut EP with legendary NoFX producer Ryan Green and are gearing up for a new round of shows throughout the Southland. I got some Q&A completed, amazingly, with their rough and tumble and always ready to poke you in the neck with a stick guitarist, Ned Barrett.

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Interview Wth Kaan Of Mutiny

Edison, New Jersey's MUTINY cites Children Of Bodom , Symphony X, Arch Enemy and Deicide among its main influences and upon hearing this band's progressive black metal music, it's easy to understand why they're now starting to climb up the ladder. Featuring incredible talents among all its lineup, Mutiny is definitely a band to watch out for right now. I got some Q&A in with their lead vocalist, Kaan, and I think everyone is going to really enjoy what this guy is all about.

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Photo of Hypocrisy

Band Photo: Hypocrisy

Interview With Peter Tagtgren From Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy is one of the bands that have written their own chapter in the metal archives. From the very beginning 15 years ago, this band released a number of amazing albums and their music never became stagnant.

Last Friday, Nov 17th, I sat down with legendary mainman Peter Tagtgren after their performance in Worcester, MA. Here's the transcript of our conversation:

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Interview With Pandemic's Julian Kidd

PANDEMIC is a progressive thrash metal act from Sonoma county. They formed in the summer of 2005 initially with drummer Eric Ford and guitarist Julian Kidd, following the break up of their previous short lived project D.E.K. Their potent lineup now is rounded out with vocalist Andy Giardina, formerly of TOTAL ECLIPSE, Patrick Daly on rhythm & lead guitar and Adam Herman on bass guitar. The band is set to release a full length album soon and turn up the tour dial up to eleven around the Southern California area in support of it. I got some Q&A in with their lead guitarist, Julian Kidd.

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Interview With Hostile Takeover's Kevin Raposo

Boston's HOSTILE TAKEOVER is one of beantown's more talented upcoming metal acts that features in its skilled lineup Ricardo Matos on vocals, Kevin Raposo on drums, Matthew Freeman on lead Guitar, Dustin LaRose on guitar and Serg on bass guitar. They cite Pantera, Lamb Of God, Shadows Fall and Unearth as their primary influences and it shows. They pay a direct homage to the bands before them without watering their sound down with pop sensibilities to try and land on the next cover of "Hey, I wear makeup and bracelets' rock magazine. These guys are committed to planting the true metal flag back in the soil it sprouted from and based off the unrelenting and heavy as hell songs they're dropping on everyone right now, they look to be one of the brightest acts rising from out of the east. I tracked down their drummer, Kevin Raposo for this Q&A session.

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Interview with Ol' Dirty Bailey Of Liquid Violence

LIQUID VIOLENCE on Rut Records is a throwback thrash/punk metal band that is starting to catch a buzz and no, I'm not talking about their beer drinking habits. This trio is simply hardcore to the bone and features Bess on drums, Andy 13 on bass and Ol' Dirty Bailey on guitars and vocals. They have been slamming the rounds of one east coast venue after the next and are working on taking their game now to the next level and plan on breaking a few necks if that's what they gotta do. I am pleased to bring all of you this Q&A with their frontman without a tude, Ol' Dirty Bailey.

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Interview With Greg Haran Of Hostility

Novato, Califonia's HOSTILITY has been leveling everyone in their path this year with their debut album "Uncompromised" off The Penn/Voltaic Records. They are one of the few bands that seems to properly incorporate the best of thrash and death metal into their own brand of heavy music destruction and are looking to take their game now to a higher level for 2007. I've been lucky enough to see these guys live and to hang out with them and wanted to continue educating all of you on a real metal band that deserves the hype and killer national exposure this band is certainly now receiving. I was able to recently get some Q&A in with their lead vocalist, Greg Haran.

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Q&A With Ironman Metal FestEVIL's Adrian Lugo

ARTIST PROMOTIONS LLC, subsidiary of IRONMAN CORPORATION LLC, is a promotions based company geared toward local/national bands & music events, who will be promoting top-rate metal events once per month, flip flopping between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Tomorrow on Nov 18th, 2006 will be the Ironman Metal FestEVIL held in Gibbstown, NJ. The bill will feature an assortment of underground's newest and brightest metal band talents, such as ADDER, TREMOR and Metal Blade records THE NETWORK, along with many other top New Jersey area acts. I caught up with the man behind it all, Adrian Lugo of Ironman Corp. LLC and I am pleased that I can help us all learn more about what he's got planned to help continue growing out the true underground heavy music scene we are all in love with.

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Interview With Crowned By Fire's John The Impaler

Los Angeles, California's newest heavy music sensation CROWNED BY FIRE comes in the form of a group of crazy as bobcats in levis and flannels, beer pounding til dawn rock n roll animals, who, oh - just happen to be led by Zakk Wylde's ex-guitar tech, Justin 'Slush' Manning on lead guitar. We all know what a character Slush is from my previous interview with him. Well, I think we have him beat now with the band's singer, affectionately known as John The Impaler. This dude is about as rocker as they come without it becoming too obscene. Actually, scratch the last statement. This interview does get obscene. I tracked him down for this Q&A somewhere inbetween sheer drunken stupidity and a blackout from too many shots of the black tooth. Getcha pull!

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Interview With Ekotren Band

Cape Coral, Florida's EKOTREN has had one of the most successful year's in recent memory for a metal act made up of all twenty-one year olds. They have been touring the lights out of their Florida area scene in support of their debut EP 'The Tables Have Turned' and are getting ready to enter the studio for the recording of their first full length effort. I had a lot of fun conducting this interview with their band manager, Eddie of The Edge Factory and the entire Ekotren band. They are guitarist Keith Finnell, bassist Sean Fiene, Eric Pottle on drums, DJ/keyboardist Steve Chin and vocalist John Sheldon.

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Interview With Ninetail's Max Melton

The Central PA music scene has a real heavy metal war machine in its midst with NINETAIL. The band is simply shining like glinting chrome over all other acts in its home scene. They have been touring around from one venue to the next with an increasing army of fans in support of their debut CD entitled 'The Process Of Conversion' from Level Nine Entertainment. I got a chance to get some Q&A done with their drummer, Max Melton. Let's take a deeper look into the brilliance behind these steel-toed musical soldiers.

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Interview With Erik Ulrich Of I.R.A.T.E.

Los Angeles, California's hardcore metal act I.R.A.T.E. has seen more than its fair share of adversity this year, including a name ownership battle with NYC counterparts who seemed to want to see this band crash and burn under outrageous 'character assassination' attempts and even literal 'death threats', yet still managing to even hold its own against the other enemy that needs to be worried about: a stiff wall of competition coming from countless hordes of other upcoming rock acts making their rounds on the most famous music scene of them all, Hollywood's Sunset Strip. Sure, this band has been touring the lights out across this great nation of ours with The Project Independent Tour and doing a great job at making friends and fans with their music from one city to the next, but I think what is most compelling about I.R.A.T.E. is their abiity to take all the good and bad in stride and never forget what they intended to be in the first place, a powerful and important rock n roll band. I got a chance inbetween the band's recent touring break to conduct a fresh round of Q&A with their always entertaining frontman, Erik Ulrich.

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Crowned By Fire's Justin 'Slush' Manning

Los Angeles, California's CROWNED BY FIRE is a newly formed heavy metal band that has one of the scene's more talented guitar players leading them into battle versus the over-populated and mostly over-hyped hard rock acts that they will be competing against on their way to the top. I don't think they're going to have any problems gaining label attention quicker than most due to the fact they have that 'Us Versus Them' vibe going on that Guns N Roses gave off when they first hit the Sunset Strip, yet clearly back it up with serious musical prowess as the Gunners always did. What I like most about the early demo work from this band is that it has real soul to it, that is sorely lacking in any rock music that's being put out today, and I think that's what's going to really help them in the long run. I had a chance to get some questions in with their man on the six strings, Justin 'Slush' Manning.

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Interview With Scott White From Victim Of Thought

Birmingham, Alabama's VICTIM OF THOUGHT truly is one of those rare underground finds for me this year that I just sit back with a big ole grin on my face. These guys are what heavy metal is all about. Period. They almost seem like they've been locked up in a room somewhere since the end of the 90's when bands like Pantera and Alice In Chains, who they draw so much inspiration from, were taking the genre to new heights. These guys are clearly untouched by the corporate manufactured metal -sound and influence that is seriously tarnishing the great name of metal. It's bands like Victim Of Thought who are going to be at the forefront when all the faux metalers finally call it a day. I am really excited to be working with them and even more thrilled to have a chance to interview one of the underground's most talented singers, Scott White.

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Interview With Project Steiger's Ken Steiger

Los Angeles, California's PROJECT STEIGER is headed up by Ken Steiger, a celebrated guitar instructor at Musicians Institute who is now busy promoting his sensational new self-released CD entitled "Defiance". He has surrounded himself with the best of the best from the progressive heavy music scene, names that true disciples of the genre will clearly recognize at first glance. I am most taken aback by the man's spirit and zest for the life of metal music, and that is why I wanted to make this interview happen so badly. I believe many of you who are just starting out on learning guitar or maybe are picking it back up again, can learn a whole lot from Ken Steiger. And I don't speak merely about his ability to teach chops. I speak of the man's character, along with his unbridled passion and relentless pursuit to achieve great things at what he loves doing most.

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Interview With Level-Zero's Jesse Bilson

Los Angeles, California's LEVEL-ZERO is one of those unique metal bands in the underground that truly thrives off being in the underground, where political moves at big corporate labels can't mess with them. From my vantage point, they are clearly one of the most respected and talked about acts in the country, even up against bands that have record deals and big money to back them. That is a true testimony to the hard work that the band and its loyal fans put in on a continual basis to keep these guys rocking hard.
I got some Q&A in with their drummer, Jesse Bilson. And it's one that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

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Interview With Shimera's James Seaton

One of my favorite underground discoveries this year is Tampa, Florida's SHIMERA. A real savvy death metal unit that doesn't allow it's songwriting to get bogged down with the same antics as before. They are playing shows all throughout their local scene right up to year's end, and have been gaining a lot of attention with metal fans online at their MySpace music profile. It seems I am not the only one who appreciates the musical brutality they have to offer. I got some Q&A in with their man on lead/rhythm guitar & vocals, James Seaton.

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