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Interview With Rachid Of Zebulon Kosted

Musician Rachid, using the name Zebulon Kosted for his solo material, has performed in thirteen different bands and released numerous solo albums on both cassette and CD. Corresponding via e-mail, Rachid explained his views on extreme metal, the inspiration for his music, and his goal to record one hundred separate albums during his life. He is also currently in the process of recording a new album titled "Cavernous Quiet."

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Photo of Hennes Siste Host

Band Photo: Hennes Siste Host

Interview With Hennes Siste Host

After playing an amazingly atmospheric and heartfelt show on the first stop of the Hostferd tour, Fargo based black metal band Hennes Siste Host chatted with me about their band and their interest in Norway. Currently residing on Init records, a label known more for punk bands than metal, they have already released their debut album and our planning more tours in the future to grow their fan base and make a name for themselves in the black metal scene.

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Photo of At Home In Hell

Band Photo: At Home In Hell

Interview With At Home In Hell

Hardcore band At Home In Hell put a unique spin on their music by providing an elaborate black light show and utilizing masks and costumes during live performances. After playing their set at the Hostferd tour they spoke about how their lyrics come from real life, every day anger that anyone can relate to and how they are trying to make their band as big as it can get.

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Interview With The Trenches

Hailing from Bozeman, Montana, metal hybrid band The Trenches has been serving up its fast and hard blend of thrash, black metal, and punk to all those lucky enough to catch them. They talked with me before opening for Hennes Siste Host at the Great Falls stop of the Hostferd tour about how their band started and where they are going now.

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Interview with Travis Neal of The Bereaved

The past year or two have been anything but smooth for Swedish melodeath-metallers The Bereaved. Their old label, Black Lotus, dissolved, leaving them unsigned without a label to release the follow-up to 2004's "Darkened Silhouette." On top of that, the band went through a number of line-up changes. However, 2008 seems to smile on the group as The Bereaved solidify the line-up with new recruits prepared to unleash their upcoming album, "Daylight Deception," due out this fall via Vic Records. Joining the rank is their new American vocalist, Travis Neal, who took some time to answer a few questions.

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Photo of Recoil

Band Photo: Recoil

Interview With Recoil

Montana rockers Recoil bring their own spin on iconic rock and metal favorites from the 80’s and 90’s to the bars and festivals of the Great Falls area. Vocalist Preacher, bassist Justin "Darcwulf", guitarist Rod, and drummer "Drumboy" answered questions for me about how they started out, why they have chosen to do more covers than original material, and what they love about music just before a show at a local bar.

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Photo of Bumblefoot

Band Photo: Bumblefoot

Ron Thal, a.k.a. Bumblefoot, Interviewed

Ron Thal, also known as Bumblefoot, is an artist in the true sense of the word. It is not about fame or ego for Ron, it's about the music. He brings a unique and refreshing twist to every thing he does. His wild sense of humor, telling it like it is attitude, and his generous heart make him one of the more endearing artists of our time and the Rock Against Diabetes team is thrilled to have Ron on board.

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Interview With Lost Lady Saloon

Montana death metal act Lost Lady Saloon have described their music as “The diminishing sound of spurs walking away from your bullet riddled cadaver.” I caught up with three members of the band just before a practice session, as they prepare for their first live show next month, and discussed with them why they chose a cowboy theme for their music and how they came together as a band.

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Photo of Opeth

Band Photo: Opeth

Interview With Mikael Akerfeldt Of Opeth

Swedish melodic death metal band Opeth just finished playing with Arch Enemy in the UK on the Metal Defenders of the Faith Tour and are currently touring the US alongside Dream Theater for the Progressive Nation Tour. Opeth has recently gone through several major line-up changes, switching out their drummer, adding on a full time keyboard player, and losing sixteen year member Peter Lindgren. Their upcoming album "Watershed" will be released in the US in early June. I sat down with front man Mikael Akerfeldt in their swanky tour bus on the Seattle stop of the Progressive Nation Tour and we talked about how he started in music and what’s currently going on with Opeth.

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Sick of It All Guitar Tech Mei-ling Interviewed

While catching up with Sick of It All in Philadelphia, we got the chance to meet Mei-ling Koller, Sick of It All guitar tech, a powerful woman in a male dominated profession. We snatched her away from the mayhem backstage, and found a quiet spot in the in the First Unitarian Church to talk. We explored her journey, from how she started to what it takes to be a female in such a ballsy profession. Being in such a tough profession is trying at times, but Mei-ling Koller has the inner and outward strength, and the fortitude, to excel.

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Interview With Sick of It All's Lou Koller

New York hardcore band, Sick of It All was formed by brothers Lou Koller (vocals) and Pete Koller (guitar), Sick Armand Majidi (drums) and Rich Capriano (bass) in 1986. Hailing from Queens, New York, Sick of It All was formed alongside New York hardcore bands Straight Ahead, and Rest In Pieces, which both featured Majidi and current Sick of It All bass player Craig Setari. Majidi joined up with the Koller brothers and Rich Capriano to record the Sick of It All demo in 1986, after original bass player Mark McNielly and drummer David Lamb left. The band began to play Sunday afternoon matinees at legendary venue CBGB's, and soon after released a self-titled 7" on Revelation Records, which was later re-issued on the tenth anniversary of its release, in 1997.

Sick of It All is now touring off their latest release, "Death to Tyrants."

Roya Butler and Hannah Wagner sat down with frontman Lou Koller at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia, to talk about "Death to Tyrants," touring, and their upcoming DVD.

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Averse Sefira Bassist, Wrath, Interviewed

Averse Sefira first darkened their way onto the black metal scene in 1996 and have since become one of the most popular black metal bands ever to come forth from the bowels of America. Twelve years later, they are one of the only black metal bands ever to perform on three continents - North America, Europe and South America - and continue to release intelligent melodic black metal while touring relentlessly and constantly experimenting with new sounds and lyrical imagery without alienating their fans.

The music of Averse Sefira combines bassist Wrath Sathariel Diabolus and guitarist/vocalist Sanguine Mapsama's black metal roots with the death metal influences that have developed and evolved within the music since the inclusion of The Carcass on drums in 2001. And, although the black metallers have only recorded four full-length albums since their 1999 debut "Homecomings March," including this year's "Advent Parallax," the songs are at once diverse and brutal without relying on black metal clichés.

Wrath, who admits his first musical interests lay in the classical - and cites DRI, Anthrax, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Sodom, Bathory and Iron Maiden as early influences - took some time to chat with Metal Underground.com about the band's latest album, touring and how illegal downloading has actually helped the band.

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Photo of Skeletonwitch

Band Photo: Skeletonwitch

Skeletonwitch Vocalist Chance Garnette Interviewed

Skeletonwitch has been assaulting their hybrid of thrash, death and black metal to unsuspecting crowds since 2003. The Ohio natives are one of the hardest working bands in the underground and have won the respect of fans and critics alike. Now signed to Prosthetic Records, they recently released "Beyond the Permafrost" and will head out on tour with Hate Eternal in April. I recently spoke with Skeletonwitch vocalist Chance Garnette exclusively for Metal Underground.com anout about the band's history, his love for Howard Stern and his thoughts on the thrash metal resurgence.

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Photo of Ministry

Band Photo: Ministry

Ministry Guitarist Sin Quirin Interviewed

Guitarist and song writer extraordinaire; we had the opportunity to chat with Sin Quirin, metal guitarist for Ministry and the Revolting Cocks. With this being Ministry’s final album and tour, Sin sheds some light on his future plans as well as giving us an insight into his musical career.

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Mindset Guitarist Drug-free Mike Interviewed

With their music self-described fast, old school hardcore. Mindset definitely sticks to their roots by playing hardcore the way it was meant to be played-raw, angst-ridden, brash, and unapologetic. Mindset is a band that doesn't back down. Growing up in Maryland, they've been playing straightedge hardcore for the past two years. I got a chance to ask Mindset guitarist, Drug-free Mike, questions about their lifestyle, background, and future aspirations.

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Catching Up On Local Metal With Ken From Centralia

Formed in late 2005, Centralia began attacking the New Jersey metal scene. The band quickly found a stable line-up and began to crank out heavy tunes with groove. They have rocked the stage with the likes of Anal Cunt, From A Second Story Window, Mensrea, Spur, and countless local metal/hardcore actts. Fast forward to 2008, and Centralia are in the midst of writing a full length album and planning many more shows. In addition, Centralia now have their own web domain, which you can check out centraliaburns.com. I caught up with Ken, one of the guitarists, via email.

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Crackin Vocalist Killian Appleby Interviewed

Hailing from South Central, CT, Crackin epitomizes the best that hardcore has to offer with their new 7" release Stand Tall out on Refusal Records. Their music can be heard at http://www.myspace.com/crackinct.

Crackin singer Kilian Appleby was cool enough to take the time to answer my questions.

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Stand Firm Vocalist Aaron Martyr Interviewed

Hailing from Erie, PA, Stand Firm is a political hardcore band who believes in revolution and doesn't back down. Their current lineup is Shane Young (drums), Greg Waldron (bass), Aaron Martyr (vocals), Black Matt (guitar), and Bryan Elchynski (guitar). With musical influences such as All Out War, Subzero, Death Threat, No Retreat, Merauder, Fury of Five, their sound is tight and strong. Their music can be heard at on their MySpace page here.

I had the chance to interview singer Aaron Martyr and discuss politics, the straight-edge ideology, and what Stand Firm is doing to make a difference.

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Bane Vocalist Aaron Bedard Interviewed

Bane is a hardcore punk band legendary for its high energy shows, sing-along anthems, kindness and honesty towards fans, and promotion of tolerance and unity within the hardcore scene.

The band began as a side project between Aaron Dalbec (then of Converge) and Damon Bellardo. Inevitably Dalbec approached Aaron Bedard (who had previously sung for the hardcore band Backbone) about singing for Bane.

They went into the studio in December of 1995 with a few friends and released a 5 song demo. The next year saw the release of their first EP, and many shows throughout central Massachusetts. Spring of 1997 saw the release of the Free To Think, Free To Be EP, where 1998 saw the release of the Holding This Moment 7" and CD collection, plus their first US Tour. In 2001 Give Blood was released and national/international tours followed.

In earlier albums Bane claimed straight-edge (lifestyle whose adherents abstain from alcohol, smoking, recreational drug use, and promiscuity) however it was never their main political focus. They still perform early songs with straight edge references, such as "Count Me Out" which includes the lyric "Just like this X on the back of my hand, I'm not going nowhere." However, the lyrics to the song "Wasted On The Young," on Bane's latest album, "The Note," can be interpreted as criticism of people who ignorantly claim straight edge too early in their life.

I sat down with Aaron Bedard upstairs at The Knitting Factory in New York City to get personal about their most recent album, "The Note," and experiences on the road.

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Interview with Frontman Brian Sheerin of Mower

San Diego's heavy metal rock band, Mower, has seen it's fair share of setbacks in the last few months. I had the chance to speak with one of the frontmen, Brian Sheerin, over the holidays to discuss their upcoming album and future plans for the new year. Some bands might have just given up, but not Mower. They plan to come out stronger and heavier in 2008. Currently Mower is seeking a new drummer and guitarist; so feel free to send them your info at mowerinfo@yahoo.com.

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Full Blown Chaos Drummer Jeff Facci Interviewed

Hailing from Queens, New York, Full Blown Chaos is a hardcore/metal band well known for their songs of inner-strength backed with riffage that hug hairpin turns and a dynamite-triggering rhythm section. Touring with bands such as Hatebreed, Sick of it All, Terror, Madball, Himsa, Napalm Death and many others, Full Blown Chaos commands insane mosh pits with their intense stage presense and connection with their fans.

I had the chance to sit down with Jeff Facci, drummer of Full Blown Chaos; as he told me about his background, about the band, and their new album "Heavy Lies the Crown," released June 2007 on Ferret Music.

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Photo of Ill Nino

Band Photo: Ill Nino

Ill Nino Bassist Laz Pina Interviewed

Metal music mixed in with a little bit of Spanglish, it's a band we call Ill Nino. Their Latino metal style has gotten them noticed around the world along with their amazing live performances. I had the chance to talk with Laz Pina, bassist of Ill Nino; as he told me about his background, about the band, and their new and upcoming album Enigma due out in January of 2008.

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Photo of Horse The Band

Band Photo: Horse The Band

Horse The Band's Erik Engstrom Interviewed

An experimental metalcore band, Horse The Band is well known for their achievement of an 8-bit video game-influenced sound, resulting in the band often being referred to as "Nintendocore." Their keyboardist, Erik Engstrom, uses the Korg MS-2000 and more recently, the Roland Juno-D synthesizer and LSDJ Gameboy cartridge to create their trademark sound.

Horse The Band's songs include Cut Man from Mega Man, although the song is spelled "Cutsman"; Birdo, one of the bosses from the NES game Super Mario Bros. 2, in the song "Birdo"; and the rabbit-like nemesis from The Legend of Zelda in the song "Pol's Voice". The song "A Million Exploding Suns" refers to the Marvel Comics character Sentry, a schizophrenic hero with this abundance of power.

2007's "A Natural Death" featured significant lyrical evolution into the concepts of nature and mortality while moving slightly away from the Nintendo metaphors. The song "Murder" is inspired by the Western novel "Lonesome Dove," in which a Native American named Blue Duck stalks and kills white settlers on the plains.
HORSE the Band is known for their tremendously energetic live performances; their Halloween show at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia was filled with props and costumes.

Current band members include: Nathan Winneke (vocals), Chris Prophet (drums), David Isen (guitar), Dashiell Arkenstone (bass), and Erik Engstrom (Synthesizer/LSDJ)

I met up with Horse The Band in their van before their show, to listen to what they had to say about their tour and the new album.

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Disturbed Frontman David Draiman Interviewed

Widely known for their single Down with the Sickness; Disturbed's frontman, David Draiman, took the morning off to give me a phone call to discuss their upcoming album and future plans for the band. Recording their fourth album, these guys have plans to come out stronger than ever in 2008.

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Photo of Otep

Band Photo: Otep

Otep Shamaya From Otep Interviewed

Guitar riffs, killer bass, brutal drumming, grueling screams, and poetry that sticks in your mind for days; this is a band known as OTEP. I had my first experience with them on 2004's Ozzfest and have been hooked ever since. Here is my first interview with OTEP's vocalist, Otep Shamaya, as she talks about the backgrounds of where she grew up, a little bit about the band, and their new album that just got released on October 30, 2007 The Ascension.

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