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An Interview with Christofer Malmström of Darkane

I caught up with Christofer Malmström, guitarist for Swedish melodic thrash metal band DARKANE, for an interview in the midst of their intense North American tour. On the road with SOILWORK, WARBRINGER, and SWALLOW THE SUN, they have been trekking through North America since January 30th in support of their latest album, "Demonic Art", released in North America on February 10, 2009 via Nuclear Blast Records. The North American version of the album contains a bonus track and a bonus DVD.

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An Interview With Tribulation Guitarist Adam Zaars

Swedish death metal outfit Tribulation recently signed to Pulverised Records for the release of their debut full length album "The Horror," which was unleashed on January 19th. Guitarist Adam Zaars let Metalunderground know about the musical direction of the band, their upcoming vinyl release, and their plans for the future.

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An Interview With Amaseffer

Israeli metal band Amaseffer has wowed listeners around the globe with the first installment of their Exodus trilogy, "Slaves For Life." The band, known for its film score work on both films and video games, released "Slaves For Life" in 2008, and are already in pre-production for its sequel. "Slaves For Life" was deemed Best Progressive Metal Album of the Year, and front man Erez Yohanan, the band’s drummer and narrator on the album, promises that the sequel will be even better. I recently spoke with Erez about the trilogy, and the unique experience of being a musician in a small, but up and coming place like his homeland of Israel.

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Photo of Samael

Band Photo: Samael

An Interview With Samael Frontman Vorph

Swiss industrial/black metal band Samael just released their ninth full length album "Above" on March 6th. The band's front man Vorph chatted with Metalunderground about the musical direction of the new album, their upcoming U.S. tour alongside Carcass, and the band's influences throughout the years.

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An Interview With Blessed By A Broken Heart

Blessed By A Broken Heart is finally back home after completing their Terminatour of the United States and Canada. The screamo turned hair metal band released their second album, “Pedal To The Medal,” in 2008, and since then have been on the road promoting the album. But it hasn’t been an easy trip. Arrests, stolen laptops, and a trip to the emergency room put a few kinks in the plans for these fun-loving musicians.

In fact, my original interview with bassist Tyler Hoare was put on hold when lead vocalist Tony Gambino was rushed to the hospital with what appeared to be meningitis. Fortunately, doctors determined Tony actually just had a bad reaction to antibiotics, and was released in time to finish the tour, and I finished up part two of my interview with him a few days later.

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An Interview With Batillus

New York doom metal act Batillus has recently made their self-titled debut EP available for free download here. Batillus drummer Geoff explained how the band got together, what they're doing now, and his thoughts on subjects as diverse as vinyl records and the Opeth discography.

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Photo of I Built The Cross

Band Photo: I Built The Cross

An Interview With The Members Of I Built The Cross

Nevada based death metal act I Built The Cross recently signed onto to Open Grave Records for the release of their debut album "Bridging The Gap Between Mind And Heart." Band members Reed and Garrett answered a series of questions for Metalunderground about their upcoming album and the message behind their music.

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An Interview With Funeral In Heaven

Sri Lankan "hela black metal" band Funeral In Heaven is currently hard at work on their debut full length album based on the ancient history of their country. The band has posted a sample of the first song as well as a fan created video accompanying the music at their MySpace page. Front man Chathuranga Fonseka gave Metalunderground an in-depth look at the Sri Lankan metal scene, some history of the nation, and what the band is currently up to.

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Photo of Autumns Eyes

Band Photo: Autumns Eyes

An Interview With Dan Of Autumns Eyes

New England one man band Autumns Eyes has recently started offering five albums for free download in celebration of the band's 10th anniversary. The project also recently shot a music video for the song "Feast of the Dead" in a classic slasher movie style. Autumns Eyes mastermind Dan spoke with me about the band's recent activity and his take on the horror movie genre.

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Interview With Snew Vocalist Curtis Don Vito

The California-based classic hard rock act Snew has been riding a wave of success since the release of their debut album, "Snew You." They’ve been tearing up the music scene in Los Angeles, performing live at a multitude of clubs, and they have much bigger plans for this summer.

But it’s been far from breezy for the band, who opted not to go the traditional route of signing with a big music label. Instead, the band has developed Snew World Order, a combination fan club and promotion web site, and has relied heavily on the internet, independent radio and music stores, and fans to spread the word about Snew.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with singer Curtis Don Vito about Snew’s success thus far, their shows, and their upcoming plans.

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Interview with The Eyes of a Traitor

The Eyes of a Traitor were all set to release their debut album on Feb. 2, until the distributor they had lined up fell through. Pinnacle Distribution – one of the UK's largest independent music distributors – fell victim to the rough economic times. But before disappointment had time to set in, Warner Brothers stepped up to the challenge and “A Clear Perception” will now hit store shelves Feb. 23 in the UK, with a North American release date of March 10.

Guitarist Steve Whitworth doesn't think the delay will have much effect on the Hertfordshire -based act's 10-track debut.

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Photo of Throne Of Malediction

Band Photo: Throne Of Malediction

An Interview With Throne of Malediction

Montana based metal band Throne of Malediction just recently finished recording their first EP and are preparing for an upcoming full length album. The band's husband and wife duo Eric and Jessica answered a series of questions about their upcoming releases and how living in Montana has shaped their music.

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Photo of Meshuggah

Band Photo: Meshuggah

A Calm Discussion With Meshuggah's Mårten Hagström

I met up with Mårten Hagström, rhythm guitarist of Meshuggah, as he pushed away his half-eaten plate of lukewarm chicken caesar salad. Too sick to eat, he'd been running a high fever and snoozing all day (though you couldn't tell by his rock-solid performance later that night) but in true metal fashion he took time out to converse with a fan. In this interview, we talked about the danger of over-analyzing Meshuggah's songs, the pitfalls of playing extreme music live, and how a solo album might be in the works.

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Photo of The Acacia Strain

Band Photo: The Acacia Strain

Interview with The Acacia Strain's Vincent Bennett

Four-piece metalcore act The Acacia Strain have been moshing their way across the globe since releasing their latest album “Continent” last August. Amidst a heavy touring schedule, the band made a one-night only pit stop on Dec. 28, 2008 in their home state of Massachusetts to film a special show for an upcoming DVD release. While the exact details of the DVD haven't yet been solidified, frontman Vincent Bennett graciously answered a few of our questions about the DVD filming, the importance of visualizing music, and what lies ahead for the band.

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Photo of Horns Of Anguish

Band Photo: Horns Of Anguish

An Interview With Horns Of Anguish

Swedish two man metal act Horns of Anguish got signed to Kampas Records last year and saw the release of their first demo "Everlasting Apathy." The band is currently writing an upcoming full length studio album, as yet unnamed, and will begin recording at the end of March.

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Photo of Fairytale Abuse

Band Photo: Fairytale Abuse

Interview With Simon Pederson Of Fairytale Abuse

Danish symphonic black metal act Fairytale Abuse recently released their latest full length studio album "Perversions of Angel VI." The album revolves around the fictitious character "Angel VI" and has a strong horror vibe coupled with plenty of melodic sounds. Vocalist Simon Pederson took the time to explain the band's recent signing to Massacre Records and their latest activities.

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Photo of Hauk

Band Photo: Hauk

An Interview With Hauk

Californa based Heathen metallers Hauk, whose name is drawn from their vocalist and guitarist Hauk, released their latest EP "To Hear The Trumpets Call" in May of 2008. The album featured two new songs as well as a remix and a re-record of an earlier track. The band's front man talked with Metalunderground about a wide range of subjects including the sound of the EP, different aspects of Heathenism, and the band's upcoming shows.

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Photo of Alestorm

Band Photo: Alestorm

Alestorm Washes Ashore With Anecdotes and Updates

I had the rare opportunity to chat with each of the current members of Alestorm at Studio 24 in Edinburgh, Scotland, recently, before a small show they played for the locals. Vocalist / keyboardist Christopher Bowes and guitarist Dani Evans were most eager to spin yarns of their voyages, but Ian Wilson and a gentleman that I believe was their drum technician also contributed to the highly amusing and irreverent discussion that follows.

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Interview w/ Greg Anderson from Sunn O)))

One half the supreme drone duo Sunn O))) and co-founder of Southern Lord Records, Greg Anderson has been creating monolithic walls of noise for more than a decade. With no sign of relenting, Greg was kind enough to answer some questions about the chemistry behind the bands and what's happening in the realms of the Southern Lord.

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An Interview With The Members Of Till Doomsday

Charleston based hard rock and metal act Till Doomsday is currently working on recording their first self-released demo. The members of the band recently answered a series of interview questions for Metalunderground about their history, style, and take on the metal scene.

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Photo of The Answer

Band Photo: The Answer

An Interview Northen Irish Rockers The Answer

The Answer is rapidly becoming one of the hottest bands in the rock world today, securing support slots with the likes of AC/DC and Aerosmith and touring extensively. The band will be releasing their second album soon and we caught up with them to find out more about the new album as well as the origins of the band and what the future holds.

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Photo of Gothmog

Band Photo: Gothmog

An Interview With Drummer Baal-Thamor Of Gothmog

Spanish black metal band Gothmog, one of the more recent to come out of the growing metal hordes in Spain, just released their first full length album "A Step In The Dark" on January 1st, 2009 through Xtreem Music. Gothmog's drummer Baal-Thamor was kind enough to conduct an interview with Metalunderground to provide some insight into the Spanish scene and let us know about their debut album.

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Photo of 16

Band Photo: 16

An Interview With 16 Drummer Jason Corley

Los Angeles based down tempo metal act 16 have recently signed with Relapse Records for the release of their upcoming album "Bridges To Burn," which will be available on January 20, 2009 in the U.S. Two songs from the album are currently being streamed online and can be heard on the band's MySpace Page. 16 Drummer Jason Corley recently answered some questions for Metalunderground about the new album and the band's upcoming shows.

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Photo of Senses Fail

Band Photo: Senses Fail

An Interview w/ Buddy From Senses Fail

Senses Fail, the New Jersey based group, released their debut EP “From Depths To Dreams” in 2002. Their most recent release, “Life is Not A Waiting Room,” deals with many personal issues from coping with the aftermath of a breakup to spending time with a fan before he died from cancer. They have a cut on the Madden NFL video game and have been on the Underworld: Evolution soundtrack in 2006 with “Bite to Break Sin,” and “Bad Reputation” on the Bad News Bears soundtrack in 2005. Now they are part of the new soundtrack Punisher: War Zone. I had an opportunity to talk with James “Buddy” Nielsen for Metalunderground.com.

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Photo of Obscura

Band Photo: Obscura

Interview With Obscura Guitarist Christian Muenzer

The German death metal outfit Obscura has just recently finished recording their new album "Cosmogenesis" which will be released on February 17, 2009 through Relapse Records. Obscura's guitarist Christian Muenzner shared some insight with Metalunderground.com into the recording process for the new album and what's in store for the band in the future.

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