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Photo of Pestilence

Band Photo: Pestilence

An Interview With Pestilence

Dutch death metal band Pestilence got their start back in 1986 and released four full-length albums before deciding to disband and focus on other projects. Front man Patrick Mameli has now brought Pestilence back to life and has released the aptly titled "Resurrection Macabre," which is the band's first studio album in 16 years. Patrick spoke with me about the band's new line-up and the plans for recording a new album again soon.

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Photo of Primal Fear

Band Photo: Primal Fear

An Interview With Primal Fear's Mat Sinner

Ask any German who is the most successful metal act ever to come out of his country, and he’s sure to respond with Primal Fear. These guys have been a mainstay in the German metal scene for a generation, and their success in their home country is second to their chart positions throughout the United States and the rest of Europe. I recently spoke with Mat Sinner about their latest release, "16.6," which is an excellent classic metal mix, and their upcoming world tour.

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An Interview With Robert Of Ritual

California black metal band Ritual released three albums and several demos in the '90s before finally disbanding in 1998. Ritual has now come back together to record a new full length. Three demo tracks from the album are currently playing on the band's MySpace page. Ritual's bassist Robert spoke with me about the band's history and what they've got in store for the future.

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An Interview With DimmZ Bassist Jens

DimmZ is a gritty, no flash hard rock band out of Sweden. Their latest release, “This Is Life,” is the band’s first full-length album, and was recently released through the small label Blue Topaz Records. As a still up and coming band, DimmZ is currently working small venues and trying to get their name out in the music world. I recently spoke with DimmZ bass player Jens about the band’s beginning and future, as well as his passion for fast cars.

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Interview with Suffocation

Suffocation has had the world in a chokehold for the past 20 years. They are currently headlining the Summer Slaughter fest with many notable bands in tow. The latest installment in their arsenal of albums is "Blood Oath," and you can pick it up at the show before it is released in July. I had a chance to talk to Frank Mullen, Terrance Hobbs and Guy Marchais when the Summer Slaughter Fest stopped in New Orleans on their day off to rock our city.

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Photo of Kataklysm

Band Photo: Kataklysm

An Interview With Ex Deo Front Man Maurizio Iacono

Ex Deo is the new band formed by Kataklysm front man Maurizio Iacono so that he could explore the themes of ancient Rome in his music. Maurizio shared with us how the debut album "Romulus" came to be and why he wanted to make an album about Rome. “Romulus” will be released by Nuclear Blast Records on June 19th in Europe and June 30th in North America.

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An Interview with Epica's Mark Jansen

Epica is a powerhouse symphonic metal act that has brought fame to the Netherlands. The distinctive vocals of Simone Simons and front man Mark Jansen’s death growls give Epica an edge that makes them popular with more than just the traditional symphonic fan, and their latest live album, "The Classical Conspiracy," is one of the finest pieces of musicianship I’ve reviewed. I recently had the opportunity to ask Mark and Simone a few questions about "The Classical Conspiracy," and managed to get some insider’s info about their new release slated for this fall.

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Chat with Aaron Weaver of Wolves in the ThroneRoom

Wolves in the Throne Room has only been around for six years, but has forced their way into the top of the black metal heap. Wolves released their third studio album "Black Cascade only a few weeks ago and has become very popular with established fans as well as new listeners. Before they test their metal at the European festivals, they stopped for a show in New Orleans where I was able to have a word with drummer Aaron Weaver.

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Photo of Testament

Band Photo: Testament

Interview with Eric Peterson of Testament

Testament has been working hard for almost thirty years. With the release of their latest album "The Formation of Damnation," a new found glory followed. The band is currently on tour with four original members and one who has been around long enough to be called original. I caught up with guitarist Eric Peterson on their stop in New Orleans where we talked about their trials, tribulations, and excitations.

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Photo of A Band of Orcs

Band Photo: A Band of Orcs

A Band Of Orcs Plans The Domination Of The World

The rampaging orcs of the Gore-Stained Axe Tribe made their way into our world to pillage and destroy, but decided to start making brutal music instead when they heard the sounds of Slayer. Their first album "WarChiefs of the Apocalypse" was unleashed onto the human world in the summer of 2007 under the name A Band Of Orcs. I managed to get an interview out of the orcs, in between their attempts to eat me and add my skull to their pile.

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An Interview With Everett Mason of APE

Everett Mason is one busy guy. As singer, songwriter, and guitarist for Canadian metal band Ape, he doesn’t get much time for anything besides his music. Add to that the fact that Ape is currently an unsigned band who just released their second album, "Survival of the Fittest," and are busy marketing the album and themselves to the Canadian and U.S. music scenes. Fortunately, Everett took time out recently to chat with me about the unique origin of the band’s name, the struggles of self-promotion, and what it’s like to be a metal fan and musician.

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An Interview With Perverse Osmosis

Baltimore based Dungeons and Dragons themed band Perverse Osmosis released their first album last year titled "Swarm, Kobold, Swarm!" The band will be playing their only live show of the year at the Baltimore Nerd Fest on Saturday, June 6th. Members Jonas and Mark spoke with me about the band's upcoming "choose your own adventure" album and shared their thoughts on music and D&D.

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Photo of Eluveitie

Band Photo: Eluveitie

An Interview With Eluveitie's Chrigel Glanzmann

Eluveitie is a band from Switzerland known for their unique instruments and Gaulish vocals. In April they released their first acoustic album, "Evocation I," through Nuclear Blast, and are currently on tour throughout Europe. Labeling them is a difficult task, as founder and resident death growler Chrigel Glanzmann rejects some of the commonly used descriptors like celtic or pagan. But fans of those genres will find something familiar in the pipes, whistles, mandola, and even hurdy gurdy that Eluveitie uses in their compositions. I recently spoke with Chrigel about Eluveitie’s unusual style, and his work and interest in Helvetian history and the ancient Gaulish language.

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Amorphis Guitarist Esa Discusses Their New Album

Long running Finnish metallers Amorphis are set to release their upcoming album "Skyforger" on May 29th in Europe and later this summer in North America. The album is currently streaming in it's entirety at the band's MySpace page. Amorphis guitarist Esa Holopainen, who has been with the band since its inception in 1990, spoke with me about the new album and the band's plans for an upcoming DVD release.

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An Interview With Chris Of Woe

Philadelphia based black metal band Woe is currently offering their latest album "A Spell For The Death Of Man" for download on a "pay what you want" basis. Woe mastermind Chris Grigg recently spoke with me about the band's absinthe origins and the upcoming vinyl release.

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Skumlove Talks Music, Porn, And More

L.A. industrial band Skumlove is currently recording their new album "Church of the New Perversion" and has premiered a song from the album titled "Anti-American Idol" at the Metalunderground MySpace page. The group has also recently embarked on a U.S. tour alongside Static-X and Seventh Void. After the
Great Falls stop of the tour front man Skum and bassist DB spoke with me about the new album and their touring plans.

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An Interview With The Members Of Lake Of Blood

Southern California black metallers Lake of Blood released their four song EP "Heed the Primal Calling" via Milkweed Records in the summer of 2008. The members of the band spoke with Metalunderground about the release and the other projects they are currently involved with.

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Interview with Abriosis

Formed no more than two years ago, local death/prog metal act Abriosis began their story with only two members in the band: guitarist Taylor Lipton and singer Chris Mathis. They later released a self-titled EP and recruited drummer Robin Iwasiw and bassist Daniel Maidana. On a sunny Vancouver afternoon, I met up with the guys of Abriosis on Taylor's porch to ask them a few questions about the band. Here is how it went down:

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Swashbuckle Rapes and Pillages New York City

On Monday May 4th, 2009 I had the pleasure of interviewing the pirate metal trio, Swashbuckle at the Blender Theater at Gramercy in New York City before their performance at Paganfest 2. I wasn’t sure what to expect, since pirates are hostile. These pirates were definitely just out to have fun. The band, though not dressed like pirates at this time, certainly acted and sounded like them from the interview. Enjoy.

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Interview with Jungle Rot Guitarist James Genenz

“The sound of a Panzer tank rolling down your street and politely knocking on your door, then smashing your head in when you open it,” laughs guitarist James Genenz, as he describes what Jungle Rot's latest album sounds like.

“What Horrors Await” is the Wisconsin-based band's sixth studio album since 1996's “Skin the Living.” The Jungle Rot regime released the 14-track death metal unit across Europe May 4, 2009, and with May 19 scheduled for the record's North American invasion.

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An Interview With Lady S Of Nocra

The female Russian black metal duo of Nocra recently released their first music video for the track "Enlightened by Death" as well as posting online a new song titled "Worship to Unholy." Front woman Lady S spoke with Metalunderground about the difficulty of running a black metal band in Russia and the status of her other ambient project Astra Autisma.

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Interview with Centaurus-A's Maik Matanovic

“We all grew up in the 1990s and love the big thrash and death metal bands like Sepultura, Pantera, Morbid Angel and Death. This, I would say, was the common denominator when we started the band nine years ago,” says guitarist Maik Matanovic, from German quintet Centarus-A.

“Nevertheless, we all listen to different music – both metal and non-metal genres – and today everybody has his own inspirations and brings in his own influences,” he added. “We love metal music, but we all have bit different tastes and diverse musical backgrounds, like alternative, indie, rock, ska, jazz, classical music, just to name a few.”

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An Interview With The Guitarist Of Seance

After sixteen years of limited activity death metal band Seance put out their latest album "Awakening of the Gods" through Pulverized Records in January of 2009. Guitarist Rille of the Swedish metal veterans answered some questions for Metalunderground about the band's long period of silence and the sound of their newest release.

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Photo of Municipal Waste

Band Photo: Municipal Waste

Interview with Tony Foresta of Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste have been thrashing their asses off for 9 years now. A new album is on the way in August, and it's said to be "Massive Aggressive." I had the privilege of talking to frontman Tony Foresta in Lafayette, LA. He had just come back from trying crawfish for the first time, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

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An Interview With One Man Band, Dryden Sagoth

Spanish one man ambient black metal band Dryden Sagoth just recently recorded and self-released his first demo "Long Dark Corridors." Samples of the demo are currently streaming on the Dryden Sagoth MySpace page. The man behind the music spoke with Metalunderground about the lyrical themes of his demo and the metal scene in Spain.

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