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Photo of Dethklok

Band Photo: Dethklok

Brendon Small Discusses The Dethklok Invasion

It may have all started with a simple idea, poking fun at the extremes in heavy metal music, but Dethklok has long since broken out of that simplicity and become a world-wide phenomena. The comedic antics of Nathan Explosion, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Toki Wartooth, Pickles, and William Murderface have already been explored in The Dethalbum, Metalocalypse Season 1, and Metalocalypse Season 2. That’s not going to save the unsuspecting masses from accidental death at the hands of the world’s seventh largest economy, however, as a new blitzkrieg of Dethklok is about to be unleashed.

Besides the upcoming “The Dethalbum II,” the bumbling musicians are coming back for more metal mayhem in a third season of Metalocalypse on Adult Swim. Dethklok will also be making the transition into interactive territory soon with its own video game. In addition to the Dethklok game, the track “Murmaider” will be appearing in the upcoming heavy metal themed video game “Brutal Legend.” To round out the deluge of new material Dethklok will again jump off the screen and onto the page with a new comic book series from Dark Horse.

Metalocalypse creator and Dethklok front man Brendon Small filled Metalunderground in on all the upcoming activity. Before getting to the latest material, Brendon spoke about how the show originally started.

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Interview with Winds of Plague

Hailing from the City of Angels, Winds of Plague have been spreading their deadly brand of death metal for the last six years; killing the crowds with extreme brutality. The Bubonic Plague has nothing on this new disease! I caught up with mo-hawked vocalist Johnny Plague and drummer Art Cruz while the Decimation of the Nation Tour stopped in Lafayette, Louisiana to infect the heart of Cajun Country. The video of the interview is below, followed by the full transcript.

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An Interview With The Members Of Antares

New York metallers Antares have recently seen the release of their debut demo "Different Light." All three tracks from the demo can be heard at the band's MySpace page. Vocalist and keyboardist Andrew Neary, guitarist Roy Sico, and drummer Charles Snyder all explained to me the recording process for the demo and shared their thoughts on writing music and their local metal scene.

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An Interview With Epitaph Of Seikolos

Montana based black metal act Epitaph of Seikolos released their debut demo "Comes The Angel Of Death" in November of 2008. Samples from the demo can be heard on the Epitaph of Seikolos MySpace page. Guitarist and founder Eternal (Ryan Denzer-King) filled me in on the band's history and the existential themes present in their music.

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An Interview With Korpiklaani Bassist Jarkko Aalto

Korpiklaani recently dropped their sixth full-length album "Karkelo," which includes the trademark beer drinking anthems that the metal world has come to expect from the Finnish folk metallers. Korpiklaani's bassist Jarkko Aaltonen spoke with me about the recording of the new album and the band's festival and tour schedule.

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Photo of At Home In Hell

Band Photo: At Home In Hell

A Video Interview With At Home In Hell

Montana metallers At Home In Hell had their first live show in seventh months on August 14th. The band raffled off B.C. Rich Warlock guitars and tattoos from local artists to raise money for the full-length follow up to their 2006 self-titled EP. Front man Ben and backing vocalist Chris sat down with Metalunderground.com's Ty Arthur (aka xFiruath) before the show to discuss their long absence from the live scene and their upcoming album "In Home Hell." A transcript of the interview can be found below the video clip.

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Photo of Mike Albert Project

Band Photo: Mike Albert Project

An Interview with Mike Albert

Former Megadeth lead guitarist Mike Albert, who replaced Chris Poland during the 1985 "Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good" US tour, has released a new album called “Afterlife” with his new group, the Mike Albert Project. This LP is being played on over fifty radio stations nation wide. Metal Underground had a chance to interview Mike about the new release and his experiences with Megadeth.

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An Interview With Augury Vocalist Patrick Loisel

Canadian death metallers Augury released their sophomore album “Fragmentary Evidence” through Nuclear Blast on August 11th. The songs "Aetheral" and "Faith Puppeteers" off the album can be heard at the band's MySpace page. The album features seven guest vocalists from a wide range of other metal bands from Unexpect to Aborted. Augury’s front man Patrick spoke with me about how the band got signed to Nuclear Blast and their upcoming tour plans. Unsurprisingly for a band that includes so many diverse elements in their music, the conversation had a tendency to go off topic into such interesting territories as Indian pop music and Quebec’s separatist movement.

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An Interview w/ Gallows Guitarist Laurent Barnard

Formed in 2005, Gallows is an English hardcore punk band from Hertfordshire, England. Guitarist Laurent Barnard united with bassist Stuart Gili-Ross, and with the rest of their band mates released their debut album, "Orchestra of Wolves." The album caught the attention of Bad Religion's Brett Gurewitz, who released it in the US on independent label Epitaph Records with new tracks including a cover of Black Flag's "Nervous Breakdown." In an interview Gurewitz named "Orchestra of Wolves" as one of his favorite albums of 2007, praising it as being the best hardcore album since Refused's "The Shape of Punk to Come."

The band won the 2007 Kerrang! Award for best British Newcomer, and were recently signed to Warner Brothers Records.

Roya Butler sat down with guitarist Laurent Barnard during Warped Tour to discuss the tour, their album, and why every Gallows show leaves audiences begging for more.

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Photo of Enthrope

Band Photo: Enthrope

An Interview With Enthrope Drummer Mikko Mustonen

Finnish dark metal band Enthrope has been making their own way in the music industry, releasing two high quality demos "Universe Mute" and "Silenced Earth" to show the world what they can do. Although they haven't nailed down a record deal yet, drummer Mikko Mustonen revealed that Enthrope is planning on hitting the recording studio again to lay down a full-length album. Mikko also discussed the band's history and their interesting use of synths to reproduce female vocal sounds.

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An Interview With Mats From Ereb Altor

Swedish viking doom metal band Ereb Altor is made up of the duo of Mats (Crister Olsson) and Ragnar (Daniel Bryntse), who are both also involved with the doom project Isole. Ereb Altor saw the release of their first full-length album in 2008 titled "By Honour." Mats recently shared his thoughts with me on the band's sound and his plans for Ereb Altor in the future.

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Photo of Suspyre

Band Photo: Suspyre

An Interview With Prog Metal Band Suspyre

New Jersey progressive metallers Suspyre saw the release of their third full-length album "When Time Fades..." in September of 2008. Since then the band has gone through some line-up changes and have begun working on their upcoming fourth opus, in addition to gearing up for their appearance at this year's Prog Power festival. Suspyre's guitarist Gregg Rossetti, vocalist Clay Barton, and drummer Gabe Marshall shared their thoughts with me on the latest album and what the band has in store in the future.

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Photo of Delain

Band Photo: Delain

An Interview With Charlotte Wessels of Delain

The symphonic metal band Delain is one of those few studio experiments that worked, and worked well. What originated as a group of musicians working on a special project with Martijn Westerholt is now a full-fledged five member band that has released their own album, “April Rain,” and toured throughout Europe with female singer Charlotte Wessels at the forefront. I recently spoke with Charlotte about how Delain grew into its own name, and what life has been like since that first studio project.

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An Interview With Neal Gist From Of Raven & Ruins

Of Raven & Ruins are an unsigned band from the United States, but listening to their music would never tell you that. With a symphonic style along the lines of Dimmu Borgir or Gothmog, but with a strong death metal edge, Of Raven & Ruins sound like they should be sharing the cover of a major metal magazine with the best out of Europe. The band's drummer Neal Gist spoke with me about the origin of the band's interesting name and their debut full-length release "Bound To Prophecy."

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Interview with Trapped Under Ice

Trapped Under Ice may be a little green, but with an extensive tours and a big following in hardcore circles, they mean to make it to the top. Their first full-length album "Secrets of the World" will be released August 4th, and it's sure to conquer the world, which is their master plan, of course. I had a chance to talk to the guys in a rather unconventional interview. Actually, Nick Jett, drummer of Terror interviewed them for me. Try and follow along and learn of your future rulers.

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Interview with Tony Freed of Godhate

"God is just a concept made up by man," says guitarist and vocalist Tony Freed of Godhate. The Swedish blasphemers have traveled a rocky road when they formed in 1991. Many have come into the band only to prove they couldn't handle the hate. But Godhate is strong now and will be releasing "Equal in the Eyes of Death" this fall. Tony took time from his horrendous schedule to talk to me about his impression of America and the band's future plans.

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Interview with Leroy Hamp of War of Ages

In an eerie corner of America, a ray of light shone down seven years ago to reveal War of Ages to the heathen world. The hardcore Christians have toured the world heavily and released an album almost every year since their immaculate conception so that you can rock your ass off. If you're a good little metalhead, they may grace you with their presence after their set to show you the way to salvation. Do not fear them you black-hearted bastards! The songs are not all crucifix-laden. They speak of the hurdles every one must face in life no matter what creed. I sat down with vocalist Leroy Hamp when the 10 for $10 Tour stopped in New Orleans to discuss future plans for the band and humankind.

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Photo of Pestilence

Band Photo: Pestilence

An Interview With Pestilence

Dutch death metal band Pestilence got their start back in 1986 and released four full-length albums before deciding to disband and focus on other projects. Front man Patrick Mameli has now brought Pestilence back to life and has released the aptly titled "Resurrection Macabre," which is the band's first studio album in 16 years. Patrick spoke with me about the band's new line-up and the plans for recording a new album again soon.

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Photo of Primal Fear

Band Photo: Primal Fear

An Interview With Primal Fear's Mat Sinner

Ask any German who is the most successful metal act ever to come out of his country, and he’s sure to respond with Primal Fear. These guys have been a mainstay in the German metal scene for a generation, and their success in their home country is second to their chart positions throughout the United States and the rest of Europe. I recently spoke with Mat Sinner about their latest release, "16.6," which is an excellent classic metal mix, and their upcoming world tour.

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An Interview With Robert Of Ritual

California black metal band Ritual released three albums and several demos in the '90s before finally disbanding in 1998. Ritual has now come back together to record a new full length. Three demo tracks from the album are currently playing on the band's MySpace page. Ritual's bassist Robert spoke with me about the band's history and what they've got in store for the future.

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An Interview With DimmZ Bassist Jens

DimmZ is a gritty, no flash hard rock band out of Sweden. Their latest release, “This Is Life,” is the band’s first full-length album, and was recently released through the small label Blue Topaz Records. As a still up and coming band, DimmZ is currently working small venues and trying to get their name out in the music world. I recently spoke with DimmZ bass player Jens about the band’s beginning and future, as well as his passion for fast cars.

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Interview with Suffocation

Suffocation has had the world in a chokehold for the past 20 years. They are currently headlining the Summer Slaughter fest with many notable bands in tow. The latest installment in their arsenal of albums is "Blood Oath," and you can pick it up at the show before it is released in July. I had a chance to talk to Frank Mullen, Terrance Hobbs and Guy Marchais when the Summer Slaughter Fest stopped in New Orleans on their day off to rock our city.

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Photo of Kataklysm

Band Photo: Kataklysm

An Interview With Ex Deo Front Man Maurizio Iacono

Ex Deo is the new band formed by Kataklysm front man Maurizio Iacono so that he could explore the themes of ancient Rome in his music. Maurizio shared with us how the debut album "Romulus" came to be and why he wanted to make an album about Rome. “Romulus” will be released by Nuclear Blast Records on June 19th in Europe and June 30th in North America.

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An Interview with Epica's Mark Jansen

Epica is a powerhouse symphonic metal act that has brought fame to the Netherlands. The distinctive vocals of Simone Simons and front man Mark Jansen’s death growls give Epica an edge that makes them popular with more than just the traditional symphonic fan, and their latest live album, "The Classical Conspiracy," is one of the finest pieces of musicianship I’ve reviewed. I recently had the opportunity to ask Mark and Simone a few questions about "The Classical Conspiracy," and managed to get some insider’s info about their new release slated for this fall.

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Chat with Aaron Weaver of Wolves in the ThroneRoom

Wolves in the Throne Room has only been around for six years, but has forced their way into the top of the black metal heap. Wolves released their third studio album "Black Cascade only a few weeks ago and has become very popular with established fans as well as new listeners. Before they test their metal at the European festivals, they stopped for a show in New Orleans where I was able to have a word with drummer Aaron Weaver.

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