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Photo of Prong

Band Photo: Prong

Prong's Tommy Victor Weighs In On "X-No Absolutes"

Prong is a rare band. Not only has the group survived 30 years, the group has continued to evolve. Band mastermind, vocalist and guitarist, Tommy Victor, could have called it quits a long time ago due to many reasons such as band members leaving and his involvement with major players Ministry and Danzig. Victor has a long list of musicians whom have Prong on their resume, but at the end of the day what matters most is how these artists come together to make a cohesive unit, to make a good album. Prong’s latest recording “X-No Absolutes,” is a good album. In fact, don’t be surprised if this album makes many fan and journalist top ten lists.

Artists often herald their latest release as the best of their career. Victor echoes this assessment on the new album, and it’s really hard not to agree with him. The record is DAMN good in so many aspects, from the duality and problem=solution (not always easy to see) lyrics to the speed of drummer Arturo "Art" Cruz to the catchy grooves laid down by Victor and bassist Jason Christopher (who has also played in Stone Sour), it’s a solid record, through and through.

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Photo of Reign Eternal

Band Photo: Reign Eternal

Reign Eternal Talks New EP And Music Video

A fairly new face on the U.K. metalcore scene, Reign Eternal is already making waves with the "Premonitions" EP, and we recently premiered a brand new music video for "The Amendment" taken off that release.

For more info on this rising band, check out our full interview below, in which the group discusses working with producer Ash Scott, shooting the new video, and how dedicated the fans and bands are in the Exeter music scene.

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Arrayan Path Discusses New Album

Arrayan Path - champion of the Cyprus metal scene - is about to unleash fifth full-length album "Chronicles Of Light" through Pitch Black Records.

We just premiered the full album two days ahead of time, and also checked in with the band to get more background on this latest power metal opus came together.

Below you can find out about the band's choice of cover tunes, info on a secret link to a song not on the regular album, and how "Chronicles Of Light" shifted away from the typical ancient history concept to a more varied release.

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Reign Of Fury Discusses New Album, Upcoming Plans

For thrash fans, last year's "Death Be Thy Shepherd" was a serious high point, released via Static Tension Recordings back at the beginning of 2015.

This U.K. outfit isn't stopping there though, as the band recently recruited a new guitarist and is now in the process of working on the follow-up album.

Recently vocalist Bison Steed and new guitarist Ross "Lenny" McLennan checked in with Metalunderground.com to talk everything from tats to the perfect album artwork to putting out quality material by working under pressure. Check out the full interview below, along with a stream of a standout track from "Death Be Thy Shephard."

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Photo of Dissona

Band Photo: Dissona

Interview With Matt Motto Of Dissona

Illinois progressive metal act Dissona have just released the new album "Paleopneumatic." The release is the band's third full length album, all independently released by the band. The band combines a host of different styles into each song, crafting a unique blend of both harsh and calm material - fitting for a wide variety of metalheads. You can order your own copy over at this location.

Guitarist Matt Motto took out some time to talk about the new album, the band's writing process and the current state of the music business.

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Photo of Suppressive Fire

Band Photo: Suppressive Fire

Suppressive Fire Unleashing Absolute "Bedlam"

A young player on the thrash scene, the North Carolina extreme metal outfit Suppressive Fire is on the cusp of releasing debut full-length album "Bedlam" - due out tomorrow (January 14th).

We previously had the pleasure of premiering the entire new killer album prior to its official release, and can't wait for the world to get ahold of this monstrous disc of raging death/thrash.

In addition to streaming the album, we checked in with guitarist Joseph Bursey to chat about the diverse Raleigh metal scene, whether the band feels actively seeking label support is worth the effort ("...at the moment what could a label really do to benefit us that we’re not doing on our own?") and the good happy fun things covered in the album's lyrics - like the sexual satisfaction of running another man through with a bayonet.

Be sure to grab your digital or physical pre-order for "Bedlam" via Bandcamp here and check out the full interview below.

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Photo of Razoreater

Band Photo: Razoreater

Razoreater: "Our Songs Grab You By The Balls"

The chaotic grinding metal masters from Razoreater are just about to drop "Vacuum Of Nihil," and we had the pleasure of streaming the entire insane LP ahead of its official release (if you missed it, check it out now!).

Only days from the LP's official detonation, Stephen Pickles from Razoreater checked in with us to discuss the band's predilection for short and sweet atomic blasts of metal ("It's definitely a conscious decision to make our songs grab you by the balls and be as intense as possible...") and the decision to only release on the vinyl format.

You can pre-order your own copy right here and read the full interview with Stephen below.

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Photo of Trace Your Steps

Band Photo: Trace Your Steps

Trace Your Steps Discusses New Video And Album

Yesterday we had the pleasure of premiering a new music video from up and coming New York metalcore group Trace Your Steps.

Discussing the lyrical content of the video, Trace Your Steps vocalist Tom Calderone stated it's a "reminder to take others into account, while appreciating the life you have, and making the most of what you can while the opportunity still presents itself."

That performance clip for "Animal (Creature Of Habit)" is just the start of new music to come from the band however, as a full-length album is now underway and is coming out later this year.

The members of Trace Your Steps - Tom Calderone (Vocals), Ian Schneider (Guitar), David Hassan (Guitar), Jalen Alvarez (Bass), and Matt Graf (Drums) - also got in touch with us to chat about the video and what's in store from the band in the future. Check out the full interview below.

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Photo of Nervosa

Band Photo: Nervosa

A Conversation With Nervosa Vocalist Fernanda Lira

Back in August of this year, myself and Zora (also of Hyperfocal Fotos,) were fortunate enough to attend a show in London co-headlined by Cryptopsy and Brujeria.

Though the second of those bands grabbed peoples attention with bandannas, stage invasions and machetes, the opening act, an all female thrash metal band from Brazil named Nervosa, caught the eyes and ears of the head bangers who turned up the earliest. Their aggressive take on the genre reminiscent of the likes of Destruction and Kreator earned them several new fans on a trek which mostly featured them headlining shows on their first tour of the United Kingdom.

I was fortunate enough to meet with the band's very talkative and very friendly, vocalist/bassist, Fernanda Lira before the show and after welcoming her to London in my broken Portuguese and Fernanda speaking about her love of Amy Winehouse, we discussed the tour, their album "Victim of Yourself," and the state of the world today:

Diamond Oz: You're currently on your first headlining tour of Europe is that right?

Fernanda Lira (Bass/Vocals): Yeah, yeah! This is actually our first time ever here in the U.K. This show is really important to us because it's always been a dream for us to come here to the U.K. and Europe and playing the first gig with Brujeria and Cryptopsy and bands like that is just so awesome for us, we can't wait for that. I'm just too excited! I'm even drinking some Jack and Coke to see if I can calm down! We still have lots of other shows too, after the U.K. we're touring in Russia but it's been pretty cool so far. I'm pretty sure the U.K.'s gonna rule!

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Photo of Kult Mogil

Band Photo: Kult Mogil

Kult Mogil: "All Men Play [With The Volume] At 10"

The new Polish death metal group Kult Mogil is about to release a debut full-length titled "Anxiety Never Descending" later this month via Pagan Records.

We are stoked to be premiering that album in full a little closer to the release date, but in the mean time we wanted some more info on this mysterious group that hasn't released much info about the lineup.

After getting in touch with the members the other day, the end result was a fabulously nihilistic and snarky interview. It's clear that "Anxiety Never Descending" is a death metal album in a very literal sense of the term, with the band describing the central lyrical idea by saying: "Through the words the readers have to realize that with time there will be more and more deaths, then suddenly their turn will come. The end."

It's also an album meant to be played LOUD, as I was informed the only proper way to hear the disc is with the volume nob firmly cranked to 10 and no lower. Check out the full interview below, to discover such gems as where parts can be appropriately fondled (and remember, English is not these guys' main language).

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Photo of Hate Eternal

Band Photo: Hate Eternal

Hate Eternal Comments On “Infernus” Album

Erik Rutan played with Morbid Angel during the height of popularity on the “Domination” album and previously played with Ripping Corpse. He left Morbid Angel in 1996 and formed what people were calling a death metal super group, Hate Eternal, with Suffocation’s Doug Cerrito, Alex Webster and the drummer who would go on to win the world’s fastest drum contest, Tim Yeung. Since then his lineup has changed and he has welcomed some of the best drummers in death metal like Kevin Talley, Derek Roddy and most recently Hannes Grossman.

Coming out of Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal’s sound has always seemed a bit like his older band. The Morbid Angel comparison is much less defined on the band’s sixth album, “Infernus.” The tempos are more varied and the music is more straight forward with fewer solos and harmonies. It still retains the infernal sound that defines the band, though.

Nearing the end of a tour supporting “Infernus,” Hate Eternal came to Austin, Texas with a tour package that included Rivers of Nihil, Beyond Creation and Misery Index. Bassist/backing vocalist J.J. Hrubovcak spoke to me concerning the album and tour, with the full transcript available below.

Hrubovcak flew back and forth between Rutan’s Mana Studios in Florida and his home base of New Jersey and was instrumental in helping write the album. J.J., whose been in the band since 2008, contributed music and wrote the lyrics to two songs. He gave me the lowdown on completing the album and how he feels about the overall package.

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The Black Moriah Comments on Old And New Material

The Black Moriah were fortunate enough to live near (Dallas/Forth Worth) one of the greatest black metal bands to ever grace the States, Absu. The group is heavily influenced by Absu. The group is no sideline fan of Absu, though, their guitarist Zawicizuz played with Absu on their self-titled comeback albums, one of the highlights of 2009.

While there are similarities to Absu in their music, especially on the title track of “Casket Prospects,” The Black Moriah is by no means a clone. They have their own sound and their own shtick. Samples and tremolo riffs create atmosphere, while drummer The Mad Arab plays a variety of tempos. They’ve brought Westerns into black metal’s narrow fold. When they take the stage, the group dresses like bandits from the old West.

Three years have passed since the release of “Casket Prospects,” and the group is ready to get back in the saddle again. They have a new full-length and tours in the works. Last month, the band played Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Horror Film Festival, where they played the pre-fest party at Korova with other Texas heavy-hitters like Aggravator and Protest, plus Sweden-infused Black Breath. Drummer/lyricist The Mad Arab recollected on “Casket Prospects,” and gave us a glimpse into dusty, corpse-ridden material that is on the way.

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Housecore Horror Film Festival: Incantation

Along with groups such as Acheron and Deicide, Incantation summoned the Devil into death metal. Tremolo riffs, doomy passages, blasting drums, harmonic squeals and guttural vocals animated infernal tales of heresy and hell on essential early nineties death metal releases “Onward to Golgotha” (1992) and “Mortal Throne of Nazarene” (1994). These early releases also helped spearhead Relapse Records. Craig Pillard produced earth-churning lows in the creation of the most vile lyrics on these albums as well as “Upon the Throne of Apocalypse” (1995) as well as the “Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish” (1997) EP.

The Chasm’s Daniel Corchado moved from Mexico to be in the band and brought a higher register to the band’s vocal department on their next recording “Diabolical Conquest” (1998). From there the group experienced instability in singers. A parade of vocalists marched through including Duane Morris, Tom Stevens, Mike Saez and Vincent Crowley. Many of these singers were sessions members who were filling in while John McEntee learned the position (while also playing guitar). Once McEntee was comfortable in his new role, the band also brought in Sonny Lombardozzi on lead guitar.

The last eleven years the group has experienced a stable lineup and has released more dark delightful material in such albums as “Primordial Domination” (2006), “Vanquish in Vengeance (2012) and most recently “Dirges of Elysium” (2014). The group is currently working on a new album and played a monumental show with Autopsy in Chicago. On the third day of Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Horror Film Festival, Incantation prepared to once again to spill the blood with Autopsy.

Members John McEntee (guitar/vocals), Sonny Lombardozzi (lead guitar), Kyle Severn (He’s got a mustache-drums) and Chuck Sherwood (bass) laughed as they recalled band history, including playing one show with two vocalists, and gave the lowdown on new material.

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Housecore Horror: Agoraphobic Nosebleed

Chaotic. Spastic. Destructive. All these adjectives describe Agoraphobic Nosebleed’s brand of unkind grind. The group along with Pig Destroyer, who shares members, are one of Relapse Record’s flagship grindcore bands. Since 1994, the band has released a epic list of recordings through split 7-inches, label comps and four full-length albums. The Massachusetts-based group is known for blasting out minute-or-less-length tracks, many at five seconds or less. This means a long list of tracks on each album including 100 tracks on “Altered States of America” (2003). The group’s last full-length “Agorapocalypse” (2009) contained songs a bit more substantial in length, although the album is still gonzo in many ways.

Agoraphobic Nosebleed is also known for using multiple singers, including current screamers Kat Katz and Richard Johnson, who trade back and forth lung-piercing wails. The group also paved the way for grindcore bands to use drum machines. Before only their second ever full live performance at Housecore Horror Film Festival 3, singer/lyricist Richard Johnson joined me for a chat about the band’s brief tracks, use of drum machines, influences and the group’s future plans.

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Photo of Corrosion of Conformity

Band Photo: Corrosion of Conformity

Housecore Horror Film Festival: C.O.C.

Corrosion of Conformity is one band that could never be found guilty of releasing the same album over and over again. One reason for that is the group has experienced many lineup changes. With each lineup change comes a different sound. Their career can be broken down into periods—each period with a succinct sound. Mike Dean (bass/vocals), Woody Weatherman (guitar) and Reed Mullin (drums) have been the core members of C.O.C. since their hardcore punk rock inception in the early eighties, although all three members have left the band and returned sometime throughout the band’s history.

Starting as a hardcore punk band, C.O.C. released two LPs, “Eye for an Eye” (1984) and “Animosity” (1985) and the “Technocracy” EP (1986). Each record featured a different singer such as Eric Eycke (“Eye For An Eye”), Mike Dean (“Animosity”) and Simon Bob Sinister (“Technocracy.”) They brought in Karl Agell to man the mic on their next recording “Blind” (1991). This album showed a transition from punk to metal and also introduced the singer of their next four albums, Pepper Keenan.

On “Blind,” Keenan sang on the track “Vote with a Bullet,” and was the sole singer on the following albums, “Deliverance” (1994), “Wiseblood” (1996), “America’s Volume Dealer” (2000) and “In the Arms of God” (2005), which saw a greater reliance on heavy blues and southern rock. The band also received its greatest commercial achievement with the “Deliverance” album. After being on hiatus for a few years, the group returned in 2012 with their self-titled effort. This album marked the return of three-piece lineup that comprised the punk-addled “Animosity” record—Dean, Mullin and Weatherman. In addition to the self-titled effort, the three created another full-length “IX” (2014) and the “Megalodon” EP (2012). Although these albums were punky, they still retain much of the groove of the Keenan years.

Back in the spring, Mullin got with Karl Agell to tour as the “Blind” package, which the group performed the said album. Even more recently, Pepper Keenan rejoined Mullin, Weatherman and Dean for tours such as their U.S. jaunt with old buddies, Clutch. Now, the group has a contract with Nuclear Blast records to record another album with Keenan. Before starting another tour with a killer stoner rock package that includes Saviors, Mothership and Brant Bjork and the Low Desert Punk Band, the band stopped off in San Antonio, Texas to play Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Horror Film Festival. Woody Weatherman and Reed Mullin were kind enough to lend a few minutes of their busy schedule to talk about C.O.C.’s history, current tours and what the future holds.

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Photo of Exodus

Band Photo: Exodus

Housecore Horror Film Festival: Exodus

Along with Kirk Hammett, Tom Hunting is a founding member of Exodus. He also originally did vocals for the band. While Kirk Hammett left Exodus to play in Metallica, Hunting went on to play drums on Exodus’ first three albums: “Bonded By Blood” (1985), “Pleasures of the Flesh” (1987) and “Fabulous Disaster” (1989). Hunting has appeared on seven of Exodus’ ten albums including their most recent opus “Blood In Blood Out.” Ex-White Zombie, Testament drummer John Tempesta and current Slayer skin basher Paul Bostaph stepped in during Hunting’s absence.

In the time Hunting’s been in the band, Exodus toured America with Venom and Slayer in 1985 during their “Bonded By Blood” days as part of the Combat Records Tour, which released the VHS gem Combat Tour Live: The Ultimate Revenge." More recently, Hunting joined unholy forces with Slayer again on a thrasher’s dream package of Slayer, Exodus and Suicidal Tendencies. While commanding heads to bang across America with King Diamond, the group stopped in San Antonio, Texas to play Phil Anselmo’s third annual Housecore Horror Film Festival. We caught up with Hunting to discuss these tours, “Blood In Blood Out,” as well as personal influences, drumming styles and how everybody is doing the “Toxic Waltz.”

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Photo of Slomatics

Band Photo: Slomatics

Slomatics Talks Album Re-Issues, New Material

Newly signed to Black Bow Records (the label from Jon Davis of Conan), Belfast doom outfit Conan is being re-introduced to the metal world with a series of re-issues before a new album drops next year.

Tomorrow we'll be streaming the full re-issue of debut album "Flooding The Weir," but before those sludgy low and slow tunes come your way we also checked in with guitarist David Majury to discuss past releases and upcoming material.

Slomatics aims to reduce riffs to a primal state of heaviness, to produce music that implodes under its own weight but still creates a joyous and euphoric state of wellbeing which can only be obtained with a slew of vintage amplifiers, fuzz pedals, analog synths and an alarming array of percussion instruments. Find out all about the past and future of Slomatics through our interview below.

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Interview With Farhad Hossain Of Shumaun

"Bridging the gap"....these words aren't usually associated with your typical straight up metal act. However, when it comes to genre defying acts like Northern Virginia's Shumaun those words ring true. With a style that lies between Rush, Symphony X and Tears for Fears - and all points in between - composer/guitarist/vocalist Farhad Hossain is out to win the hearts of pure music fans.

On November 13th, Shumaun issues a self-titled and self-funded release and one that hopes to grasp the attention of more than those just rooted in the metal scene. The band seeks to capture a whole new audience that simply loves good music and good song writing, bringing it back to intelligent hooks, fundamental principles and above all sophisticated musicianship.

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Hank Shermann Comments on Denner/Shermann Debut

Glen Tipton and K.K. Downing, Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King, Adrian Smith and Dave Murray, Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield are all considered legendary twin-axe assassins. Michael Denner and Hank Shermann certainly deserve to be part of this conversation. The two are responsible for creating absolute magic on classic early Mercyful Fate records “Melissa” and “Don’t Break The Oath” (and Shermann on every MF recording).

From balls-to-the-wall heavy riffs like the devilishly delightful post chorus dirge on “Come To The Sabbath” or the infernal trot on “Black Funeral” to dark spiritual levitation of notes that lead into the black heart of “Desecration of Souls,” their guitar play is technical, memorable, melodic and chilling, often further enhancing King Diamond’s ghostly wails.

While Denner left Mercyful Fate in 1996, he appeared with the band in 2009, Shermann and Denner reunited in the early 2000s to form Force of Evil with other King Diamond/MF alumnus Bjarne Holm and Hal Patino. Now, nearly a decade after releasing the last Force of Evil album the duo is at it again, this time using their namesake. Mercyful Fate has largely been inactive for a decade and a half, so for many this newly assembled band provides a needed fix of Mercyful Fate. While there are certain differences between this group and MF, the two guitarists have a writing style that just can’t get away from Mercyful Fate comparisons. If you like the guitar play in Mercyful Fate, there is a good chance you’ll enjoy Denner/Shermann.

“Satan’s Tomb,” the debut EP from the dynamic duo was released by Metal Blade on October 2nd. Composer Hank Shermann spoke with Metalunderground.com about the making of said album, assembling the players, and of course what’s going on in the Mercyful Fate camp.

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Photo of Exquisite Ending

Band Photo: Exquisite Ending

Exquisite Ending Hates You And The Rest Of Mankind

U.K. metal outfit Exquisite Ending is all about the misanthropy, as I learned when interviewing vocalist / guitarist Cardinal Andra-Inanyus. This very well may be the first time an interviewee told me to kill myself - thanks for helping me knock that off my bucket list guys!

If you can get past the band's active disdain for you and everything you stand for, there's some killer black metal to be found here, with the latest release in the ongoing "Rite of Misanthropism" saga set to drop on Friday (with pre-orders available here).

You can now find out more than you ever wanted to know about hating the vile plague that is mankind through our interview with Exquisite Ending below.

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Photo of Blynd

Band Photo: Blynd

Blynd Delves Into "Liber Sum"

Three years following the excellent melodic death/thrash album "Punishment Unfolds" (reviewed here), Cypriot metal band Blynd is finally returning with follow-up "Liber Sum," due out next month through Pitch Black Records.

Based around a theme of the legends, history, and personalities from the band's home country, "Liber Sum" sees a shift in sound, but with enough of the core style there that fans won't feel lost. As Blynd puts it, "expect good metal!"

To find out more about the band and this upcoming release, check out our interview below with drummer Alex, guitarist George, and bassist/vocalist Andreas.

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Lee Dorrian Talks With The Dead Debut Album

With The Dead consists of ex-members from two of the most recognizable and respected doom acts in the UK—Cathedral and Electric Wizard. Fans of both bands will delight in the group’s self-titled debut, which comes out tomorrow via singer Lee Dorrian’s record label, Rise Above Records. The album thrives on hypnotic down-tempo rhythms, raw guitar tones, bombastic drums and bone-chilling atmosphere, the kind heard on Electric Wizard albums—which makes sense because this is the former rhythm section of Electric Wizard. It also contains the voice of Cathedral—Lee Dorrian, whose deliberate vocal rhythms, shrieks and desperate cries add another dimension of psychosis. Imagine six songs of slow churning terror!

With the dawning of their debut album, Dorrian talked to me on the phone about his entrance into the band, something he wasn’t on board with in the beginning. He also details recording the album and dives deep into his nihilistic lyrical themes. Read further for more details about one of the great super groups in the realm of doom metal.

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Phil Anselmo Talks Superjoint & Other Projects

Last year I spoke with Phi Anselmo in a two-part interview concerning his Housecore Horror Film Festival Housecore Horror Film Festival. He was set to play a reunion show with Superjoint Ritual (now known as Superjoint). Other than the tragic death of his partner and HHFF founder Corey Mitchell at the festival ending, the festival went down without a hitch. Superjoint put on a crushing performance as did the dozens of other bands that played the fest.

A year later, Superjoint is back together on tour opening for Danzig on the Blackest of the Black tour. I caught up with Anselmo at the band’s stop in Austin during only the second date of the tour. Besides talking about the third installment of HHFF that takes place in November in San Antonio and the current tour, we get into some of his other projects including The Illegals, which has a new guitar player. Also, we discuss the band the internet is abuzz with, Scour, a collaboration he has with members of Pig Destroyer and Cattle Decapitation.

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My Dying Bride Guitarist Talks "Feel The Misery"

Last month, British doom metal legends My Dying Bride released their twelfth studio album, "Feel The Misery," (reviewed here) and this year also sees the band celebrating their twenty fifth year as a band. To get a clearer idea of where the band stand on these matters and indeed their state today, guitarist Andrew Craighan was kind enough to sit down and answer some questions.

Diamond Oz: First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions. I suppose the bestplace to start would be with your forthcoming new album, “Feel the Misery.” Having witnessed your set at this year’s edition of Graspop Metal Meeting, I have to say the title perfectly sums up a live performance from yourselves. Was this where the record’s name came from?

Andrew Craighan: Not entirely, but I can see why you might say that. Also that particular Graspop show was special, they don’t always go like that. Our shows do have a certain angst attached to them sometimes. But the title comes from a sense of despair that we are all genuinely doomed. Feel The Misery is a sort of tongue in cheek dig at established religions…well the fighting ones anyway. You can’t preach love and peace while using and RPG, for example, but you can deliver misery with it. We avoid overly political lyrics and art, but this is more or less where we stand on this and without giving away all the cover’s secrets is what it basically represents.

Diamond Oz: The title as a mission statement is a very successful one. “A Cold New Curse,” for example, left me with my head in my hands and my hyperactive dog lay down with a forlorn expression throughout the album. Do you feel this is your most miserable album to date?

Andrew Craighan: No, I think “A Map Of All Our Failures” was that. This is by no means a sunshine beach party classic, but as for out and out misery paradoxically, no. It has more to offer – stronger more direct songs, more hints of death doom through fog cloaked slithering ambience. It’s a more colourful record even if they are mostly hints of colour that’s actually bleakness.

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Photo of Morbid Vomit

Band Photo: Morbid Vomit

Morbid Vomit Preaches A "Doctrine Of Violence"

Late last month we discovered the up and coming Finnish death metal outfit Morbid Vomit - a band originally created to have an absurd name and a lo-fi sound that quickly evolved into something much more ambitious.

After getting scooped up by Spinefarm Records founder Riku Pääkkönen's new label Ranka Kustannus, the band is now about to release debut full-length "Doctrine of Violence" (with music from the album and previous releases available below).

While we took a look at the band in our latest edition of Unearthing the Metal Underground, we also got in touch with vocalist Ryöti and guitarist Löndgren for a deeper look at what went into the band's creation and upcoming album "Doctrine of Violence."

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