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Interview with Ben Falgoust of Goatwhore

Goatwhore has been relentlessly touring since the release of their amazing album "Carving Out the Eyes of God." Off of the DevilDriver Tour and about to begin the Behemoth Tour, Goatwhore played one night in their hometown of NOLA, where I was able to have a chat with the incredibly enertic vocalist Ben Falgoust, and we discussed working wiht Erik Rutan, having fun with Suffocation and the Who Dat Nation. A transciption follows the videos below.

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Photo of Primordial

Band Photo: Primordial

An Interview With Primordial

Call it Celtic, folk or black metal; whatever you label Primordial, there is no doubt about the sheer creativity that has come out of the Irish metal band since the early 90’s. The band is one of the few that doesn’t rush out a new album, taking its time to craft each album with attention to details. 2007’s “To The Nameless Dead” was another stellar release from the band and now the band is celebrating the release of their first-ever live DVD, “All Empires Fall.” Vocalist Alan A. Nemtheanga recently spoke to me about the DVD, the pressures that come about from filming a live show, an update on the new album, and the band’s involvement in the re-releasing of past Primordial albums.

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Photo of Exodus

Band Photo: Exodus

Interview with Tom Hunting of Exodus

Exodus has been thrashing the brains out of the skulls of metalheads for over 30 years and show no signs of stopping. Currently on the Rust in Peace Tour with other legends Megadeth and Testament, the California thrashers did a one-off show in New Orleans with local but infamous black metallers Goatwhore. I had the chance to talk to drummer Tom Hunting before the show to discuss their new album and the thrill of performing for their fans. A transcribed version follows.

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Interview With Trevor Strnad

The Black Dahlia Murder are currently touring for "Deflorate," their best album since their 2003 debut "Unhallowed." Having recently finished a US tour and being right about to hit Japan and Australia, there doesn't appear to be much that can stop this band and their even increasing legion of fans. They're not only one of the most important bands of the past decade but one of the best live bands ever assembled. A Black Dahlia Pit is not just in the center of the venue, it is the venue and you're going to be part of it, whether you like it or not.

Metal Underground was lucky enough to be able to talk with frontman Trevor Strnad.

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Photo of Lazarus A.D.

Band Photo: Lazarus A.D.

Interview with Dan Gapan of Lazarus A.D.

Unlike most newer thrash bands, Lazarus A.D. isn't afraid to be original. While they still wear their influences on their sleeves, they would still rather invite controversy than repeat the accomplishments of others and have managed to break new ground in thrash metal when for years cynics thought it would be impossible.

Having toured extensively for their debut album The Onslaught, Lazarus A.D. has proven to be the true saviors of thrash, sounding far too mature than a band that only has one album to their name should. The new decade has it's new metal saviors and you're either with them or against them.

Finding myself lucky to catch up with guitarist Dan Gapan, an interview was inevitable.

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Interview With Away From Viovod

Voivod has been one of the most important names in thrash since their 1984 debut War and Pain. Now touring for their final studio album with original bassist Blackie, Metalunderground.com had the opportunity to talk to drummer Away about Voivod's history and the band's upcoming performance at the 2010 Wacken Open Air.

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Interview with Chicago Band Act of Destruction

Act of Destruction is a local technical death/thrash band from Chicago Illinois. I had the opportunity to see them play live at the Bottom Lounge with an Israeli metal band known as Orphaned Land, and at the Pearl Ballroom in Moneka Illinois with folk Metal’s Alestorm and Tyr. Lead guitarist John Bravo got it right when he said that no two songs by them sound the same. In this day of age, when there are plenty of bands competing for a record label deal, having the versatility in their songwriting will most certainly make Act of Destruction stand out from the competition. Currently, Act of Destruction is in a time of transition, as they are seeking a new guitarist. Any and all information can be found on their MySpace.

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Ron Keel Keeps On Rocking For Keel Reunion

Hard partying rock icons Keel have come back together for a 25th anniversary reunion to rock the world again in a string of festival appearances. Not content to simply rehash the past however, the band has also put out an entirely new album "Streets of Rock and Roll." Front man Ron Keel commented on the creation of the album, "Immediately after the first couple of rehearsals we started coming up with some songs. The energy was flowing and the excitement was there. It felt like 20 years had just melted away. We thought we had a few songs that could be the foundation for a strong album and that’s when we decided to pull the trigger and make a new album."

Ron and I spoke at length about the new album and the re-released version of their flagship album "The Right to Rock," which features fans singing with the band on the title track. We also discussed the long history of the band, Ron's other projects, and his thoughts on rock and roll parody/tribute act Steel Panther.

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Joshua Craig Discusses New Album "Bekoming"

The Alien Blakk doesn’t just have a unique and experimental sound, they have a unique outlook on making music. “There may have been a few third takes on the album but it wasn’t due to playing it was due to technical situations. I don’t really believe in doing it too many times. If you can do it you can do it, if you can’t you shouldn’t be there” says band founder and front man Joshua Craig. Their second album "Bekoming" is soon to be released, which was an endeavor three years in the making featuring musicians from bands such as CKY, Flotsam and Jetsam, and Megadeth. During my chat with Joshua we discussed the making of "Bekoming," the stellar guest appearance from Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame, and the two cover tracks on the album.

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Interview with Icarus Witch

Remember those classic metal days when clean vocals and production that was just right ruled the metal industry? Whatever happened to the classic sounds like that of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabboth, WASP, and other of the essentials? Fortunately, this particular sound has gained some uprising again. Icarus Witch is a classical metal/rock band from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I sat down with Bassist Jason Myers, who is also the tour manager as well. Icarus Witch continues to tour with Paul Di'Anno the original vocalist for Iron Maiden.

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Photo of Paul Di'anno

Band Photo: Paul Di'anno

Interview with Paul Di'Anno

It has almost been thirty years since the completion of one (if not the most important) metal albums in history. When you listen to modern Iron Maiden music, then listen to anything from the first two albums, you can tell right away that there is a completely different tone. Indeed, Paul Di’Anno has always regarded himself as “Punk.” Inadvertently though, Di’Anno back then, set up a bridge between an unprecedented blend between punk and thrash in this New Wave of British Heavy Metal. This has influenced all modern day thrash bands way before the explosion of eastern thrash metal.

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Interview With Chris of Blood of the Tyrant

One of the tightest and most innovative bands from the Chicago scene, Blood of the Tyrant, is set to conquer the Midwest. From playing House shows in Dekalb to co-headlining at The Empty Bottle, Blood of the Tyrant has established themselves as the biggest name in progressive metal within the city of Chicago. Having already encountered Chris in person on four separate occasions, I felt that it was time to conduct an interview.

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Photo of Eluveitie

Band Photo: Eluveitie

Eluveitie's Vocalist Chrigel Talks New Album

Swiss metallers Eluveitie are the new kids on the folk metal block, but they've already made a big impact with releases such as "Slania" and their recent all-instrumental disc "Evocation I - The Arcane Dominion." The band has now released a new Celtic themed death metal experience in the form of "Everything Remains As It Never Was." While the album keeps up the epic folk elements, it focuses more on the human tales behind the stories of legend.

Front man Christian "Chrigel" Glanzmann explained, "When you are dealing with history you get hard facts like this war started then and ended then, end of story. Stuff like that is very dry but I think you should always keep in mind that in the end its people like you and me who stand behind such historical incidents and write history. That is the strong focus of the lyrics." Chrigel recently spoke with me about the many different recording studios used for the album, their recent use of an electronic bagpipe for live shows, and his own surprising taste in music.

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Photo of System Of A Down

Band Photo: System Of A Down

Serj Tankian Discusses His Solo Career

After taking his leave of wide reaching and influential act System of a Down, Serj Tankian went it alone for his debut solo album release "Elect the Dead." In the man's own words, "With Elect the Dead, in retrospect, I ended up making the rock record I’ve always wanted to make." A new symphonic live version of the album performed by the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra was also recently released.

While System of Down remains on hiatus for the foreseeable future there is still plenty of music coming from the band's former front man. Besides "Elect the Dead Symphony" he is currently putting together a musical based on the play "Prometheus Bound" and is also hard at work on a second solo album. Serj recently shared his thoughts with Metalunderground about the direction of his solo career and his upcoming tour plans.

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Photo of Hypno5e

Band Photo: Hypno5e

Gredin of Hypno5e Discusses Recent Tour, New LP

Not only does Hypno5e have a tough name to pronounce, but this French experimental Metal band writes some pretty challenging music - as far away from Power Metal as it gets. Taking this type of metal on the road can be challenging for both bands and fans, but Bassist/vocalist Gredin Le Fourbe assures us that it was well played and well received. He recently took the time to answer some questions about their recent Metal as Art Tour, their music and how the band name is really pronounced.

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A Conversation With Annotations Of An Autopsy

Murder, mayhem, legions of darkness, and bathing in snakes. Sounds like a recipe for a blistering death metal experience, which is provided by recent Nuclear Blast addition Annotations of an Autopsy. February saw the release of the band's sophomore full-length album "Reign in Darkness," and the coming months will send the band on the road to both Europe and North America in support of the catastrophic hate as the band tries to bring civilization to its knees. A taste of the new reign of darkness can be had at the band's MySpace page. Annotations of an Autopsy guitarist Jamie Sweeny filled me in on the details of their second album and their evolution in sound from their debut release.

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Angelica Rylin Discusses Debut Album "Divanity"

Created by drummer Daniel Flores and fronted by vocalist Angelica Rylin, newly formed Swedish act The Murder Of My Sweet just released their debut album “Divanity." Several tracks from the album can currently be heard through the band's MySpace page. Commenting on the name of the album and the sound of the band Rylin stated, "We wanted a name that could capture the elements of the sound and the lyrics and the film noir vibe that we want to create and so we came up with this hybrid of words like diva, divine, and vanity, simply Divanity." Rylin explained to me the process of recording the album in Daniel Flores' own studio, the sound of their music, and discussed writing a new song with former In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad.

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Photo of Heathen

Band Photo: Heathen

A Chat With Heathen Frontman David White

19 years after their last album, “Victims Of Deception,” Bay Area thrashers Heathen return with “The Evolution Of Chaos.” The album shows the band drawing heavily from their earlier sound, with a few modern touches here and there. Loaded with guest musicians and brimming with intensity, Heathen’s third studio album is an early candidate for many “Best-Of” lists at the end of the year. I recently had the opportunity to speak to vocalist David White about the new album, how it felt to write new material after a long hiatus, and the most underrated Heathen song.

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An Interview With Members Of Ventflow

Ventflow is a metal band from the south of England who released their debut album, "Terrorsiah" last August. They have gained a large fan base in their time of touring and have performed with the likes of Carcass, Saxon and Arch Enemy. Recently, I spoke with vocalist Lee Brennan and bass player Craig Daws to discuss their achievements, their goals and their past.

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Speaking With Eye For An Eye Frontman Tom Norris

Eye For An Eye are an upcoming heavy metal band from the British town of Swindon, a place just over an hour's drive from London. They will be releasing their debut album, "Downfall" on April 19th through Rising Records and have been touring heavily recently to promote the release. I recently got the chance to ask lead singer and guitarist Tom Norris about the album, the band, influences and where he sees the band going in the future.

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Photo of Dark Tranquillity

Band Photo: Dark Tranquillity

Mikael Stanne Talks New Album "We Are The Void"

"How we do deal with the fact that we aren’t immortal and how do we justify the things that we do up until that last inevitable day?" asks Dark Tranquillity vocalist Mikael Stanne. For one of the pioneers of the Gothenburg melodic death metal sound it's taken the band a long time to finally get to the subject of man's mortality. In their ninth full-length opus "We Are The Void," the subject will be the focus of the music. "It’s something that everybody cares about and I’m being a little bit more honest about it and being more real than dealing with faith or other imaginary things." Mikael took some time out of the band's current tour with Killswitch Engage and The Devil Wears Prada to discuss the new album with me and their upcoming plans for a full headlining tour in support of the release.

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Photo of Emperor

Band Photo: Emperor

An Interview With Ihsahn

Ihsahn has been one of the figureheads of black metal for almost two decades. From his time with the mighty Emperor to his current solo project, the frontman has had a hand in some of the best albums in black metal history. On his third solo album, “After,” Ihsahn incorporates unfamiliar elements into his core sound, including eight-string guitars and saxophone melodies. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Ihsahn about the new album, illegal downloading, and the possibility of touring the US.

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J.W. Pozoj Discusses New Album "Escape Of Pozoj"

Croatian black metallers J.W. Pozoj are currently working their way through a concept trilogy dealing with birth, death, and renewal. The band recently released "Escape of Pozoj," the second phase in the cycle. Samples from the album can be heard at the band's MySpace page. J.W. Pozoj guitarist Filip Fabek and vocalist Ivan Borcic spend some time explaining to me the theme of their planned trilogy, the story behind their distinctive name, and what the world can expect in the future from this ambitious Croatian outfit.

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Photo of Strapping Young Lad

Band Photo: Strapping Young Lad

An Interview with Gene Hoglan Down Under

Gene Hoglan’s drumming style adds a distinctive intricacy and complexity to Fear Factory, already evident in his other seminal collaborations: Strapping Young Lad, Dark Angel, Death and Testament. The ever-present irony and humour of Hoglan’s style is reflected in his playing on the recorded albums of Dethklok from the series Metalocalypse, The intensity of Hoglan’s drumming is buttressed by the constancy and accuracy of his ferocious double kick rhythms, executed to blistering tempos. Touring Australia with Fear Factory, Hoglan reflects on the early influence of Slayer, working with Devin Townsend, blast beats and the satirical element of metal.

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Photo of Killing Time

Band Photo: Killing Time

Killing Time Takes "Three Steps Back"

Long running New York hardcore act Killing Time, who have gone through a series of break-ups and reunions throughout their 20+ year career, have just released their first full-length studio album in over a decade. "Three Steps Back" hit stores on February 9th via Dead City Records, and a record release party is planned for February 27th in Brooklyn. The band is currently streaming several sample tracks from the new record at their MySpace page. Killing Time guitarist Carl Porcaro spoke with me about the aggressive and high energy new release, writing the album in their original jam session space, and their plans to tour in support of "Three Steps Back."

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