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Interview With Hydrogyn's Julie Westlake

With the newly revamped lineup of Hydrogyn with ex-Megadeth guitarist Jeff Young, and bassist James Lomenzo, many fans were excited with the fourth coming album: "Judgment." Jeff and Julie Westlake and Jeff Young posted video updates weekly on youtube updating on the recording process. Then, slowly, the video diaries were become less frequent. What happened? In late July, it was announced that Jeff Young has left due to "creative differences." James Lomenzo landed another gig with Lynch Mob.
I talked to Julie about these departures and the future of Hydrogyn. Julie and Jeff Westlake to the contrary, remain hopeful on their future and confident that the new album: "Judgment", will be a huge success.

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Photo of Testament

Band Photo: Testament

Interview with Chuck Billy of Testament

Even though Testament was not included in the “Big Four,” many have said that Testament are not only as good, but even better than the bands that made up that elite title. You can tell that Testament is at the forefront of the subgenre even more so today,when plenty of modern thrash bands will emulate older Testament riffs.

Chuck Billy has been with Testament from the very beginning with their debut album “The Legacy.” Spanning over twenty years, with nine studio albums, Chuck Billy has forever engraved his name as a top dog vocalist in the thrash hall of fame. Having the capacity to mix harsh vocals reminiscent of old school death metal to a more cleaner style of thrash, Chuck Billy definitely is one of the best vocalists in thrash metal.

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An Interview with Negura Bunget's Negru

“Every (album we write) is an entire spiritual journey, one which changes us both at a personal level, and as musicians. The more you get into such a generous field, it becomes clear how little you actually know. It’s a humble experience as much as it is fascinating,” says Negru, percussionist for the Romanian black metal band Negura Bunget.

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Photo of Iced Earth

Band Photo: Iced Earth

Jon Schaffer Explains New Solo Project

Musician Jon Schaffer, best known for his work with Iced Earth and Demons & Wizards, recently launched a new solo project titled Sons of Liberty, which he has said was created to spread awareness about world issues. The band's debut album "Brush Fires of the Mind" was released on July 13th, and is currently available for streaming in its entirety at this location.

Explaining the theme of the album, Schaffer said "It’s all based on things I’ve learned since what I call my 'awakening' to what’s really going on in our country and with our government and the governments around the world and why we are headed to collapse." During our conversation, Schaffer also discussed the recording of the new album and went on to more fully explain the ideas behind the album's lyrics.

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Interview with haarp Part 2

haarp (spelled with two a's, all lowercase, get it right!) is one of New Orleans' fastest-rising straight-up metal bands. With the support of their label Houscore Records and it's owner Philip Anselmo, they've got the go ahead to spread their metal to the masses. The band consists of vocalist Shaun, bassist Ryan, guitarist Grant, and drummer Keith. I had a chance to speak with haarp just before their show in Metiarie, Louisiana to discuess their debut full-length album soon to be released, what it's like to have Philip Anselmo as a boss, and Shaun's strange "stage" presence. View Part 1 of the interview. I've included videos of haarp's latest performance for those who aren't yet familiar with their sound. A transcription follows.

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Interview with haarp Part 1

haarp (spelled with two a's, all lowercase, get it right!) is one of New Orleans' fastest-rising straight-up metal bands. With the support of their label Houscore Records and it's owner Philip Anselmo, they've got the go ahead to spread their metal to the masses. The band consists of vocalist Shaun, bassist Ryan, guitarist Grant, and drummer Keith. I had a chance to speak with haarp just before their show in Metiarie, Louisiana to discuess their debut full-length album soon to be released, what it's like to have Philip Anselmo as a boss, and Shaun's strange "stage" presence. A transcription follows.

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Photo of Autopsy

Band Photo: Autopsy

Chris Reifert Chronicles The Demise Of Abscess

While news of the retirement of non-traditional metal act Abscess was a blow to the scene, it also came on the heels of another announcement that got the death metal legions riled up and ready for destruction - the resurrection of Autopsy. Abscess came to its end just after the release of the "Dawn of Inhumanity", the band's sixth full-length album. Since then, Autopsy has already begun working on a new EP and full-length. Chris Reifert of Abscess and Autopsy took some time to explain the reasons behind the breakup and subsequent reactivation, and discussed the future of Autopsy.

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Photo of Dax Riggs

Band Photo: Dax Riggs

Interview with Dax Riggs

With a laundry list of amazing and incredibly diverse bands on his rap sheet, Dax Riggs is soon releasing his second solo album and then heading on a tour of the U.S. Former Acid Bath/Agents of Oblivion/Deadboy and the Elephanmen vocalist has a legion of loyals, but attracts many different kinds of people with his mix of musics. I caught up with Dax before on the eve of his album release and tour to discuss "Say Goodnight to the World," what he believes his sound is exactly, and the BP Oil Spill Disaster that has affected his hometown.

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Having Dinner with Black Skies

North Carolina is certainly a city of sludge and Black Skies is one of the best from the southern state. Through struggles and hardship, Black Skies has perservered. With the recent addition of a new drummer, the trio is ready to take on anything that comes their way. I caught up with the band as they were having dinner at a fine restaurant in New Orleans just before their show to discuss a new album, touring, and what they classify their heavy music as. A transcription follows.

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Photo of Soilwork

Band Photo: Soilwork

Soilwork's Bjorn Strid Talks "The Panic Broadcast"

Swedish metallers Soilwork are currently on their eighth full-length studio album, entitled "The Panic Broadcast," which saw its release earlier this month. In a recent interview with Metalunderground, vocalist Björn Strid raved about the band's latest creation by stating he hasn't been as proud of a Soilwork release since 2002's "Natural Born Chaos." Björn also discussed how Soilwork was changed since the debut demo "In Dreams We Fall Into The Eternal Lake," the literal meaning behind the new album's title, and his upcoming new side project.

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Photo of Fear Factory

Band Photo: Fear Factory

A Chat With Vocalist Burton C. Bell

Burton C. Bell is a busy man. When he’s not on the road screaming/singing his lungs out for Fear Factory, he is working on various side-projects that show a limitless abundance of creative juices flowing through Bell’s mind. His latest project, City of Fire, is releasing their self-titled debut album in physical form at the end of August. The band aims for a hard rock vibe, one that may surprise fans of Bell’s aggressive side. While on the road to a Fear Factory gig, Bell spoke to me about City of Fire's debut album, the balancing act of having many distinct projects going on at once, and hinted at a potentially-major project he may be engaging in sometime in the near future.

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Walking Corpse Syndrome Discusses "Narcissist"

Dark metal act Walking Corpse Syndrome recently saw the release of a second full-length album, entitled “Narcissist.” The members of the band spoke with me prior to the group’s show at the 406 Club in Great Falls, Montana. Walking Corpse Syndrome discussed the changes in the band between the two albums, their use of violin and dual drummers in live shows, and the recent passing of Ronnie James Dio. The first half of the video interview can be viewed below, and the second half (along with a text transcription) can be found after the jump.

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Photo of Nevermore

Band Photo: Nevermore

Jeff Loomis Explains "The Obsidian Conspiracy"

Seattle's long running metal phenomena Nevermore launched the latest full-length album "The Obsidian Conspiracy" on June 8th, 2010, which debuted at #125 on the Billboard top 200 chart. Prior to the album's release, guitarist Jeff Loomis spoke with me about the direction of the new album, the dark theme of the music, and his own projects outside of Nevermore.

Commenting on the change in musical style on this album, Loomis stated "I wanted the songs to be a little more catchy. Peter Wichers, the producer, was a very big part of helping me out with that to make the songs much more easy to listen to and take in. That’s the real difference to me. I think a lot of people are probably going to freak out a bit." Check out the whole chat below.

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East of the Wall Discusses Tour and Debut Album

New Jersey progressive metal band East of the Wall is currently on their Metalunderground.com sponsored US summer tour with Name. I was able to catch up with the band and ask them about their tour and debut album, “Ressentiment,” which will be released on July 20th, 2010.

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Demether Of Arcane Grail Discusses "Arya Marga"

Blending symphonic black metal, melodic death metal, and pure opera, the Russian group Arcane Grail has created a unique mix of sounds rarely found together in the same place. Arcane Grail unleashed a second full-length album titled "Arya Marga" last year, and just recently released the tracks online in digital format. The band's front man and male vocalist Demether explained the group's recent member shakeup, the distinctive mixing of various metal styles, and the story behind the lyrics on "Arya Marga."

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Photo of Black Sabbath

Band Photo: Black Sabbath

Kyle Gass Talks About Losing Dio And More

In one of his final film appearances, legendary metal icon Ronnie James Dio pops out of a wall poster to convince a young would-be rocker (through song of course) to head out on an epic quest to form the world's most awesome band. "The Pick of Destiny" co-star Kyle Gass, also of the bands Trainwreck and Tenacious D, worked closely alongside Dio during the filming of the movie.

Kyle Gass took some time off his recent tour with Trainwreck to discuss the loss of Dio, who passed away due to stomach cancer in May. Gass also touched on subjects ranging from his currently inability to perform a full cock push up, to the upcoming third Tenacious D album.

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An Interview With Kings Destroy

Featuring members of Killing Time and Uppercut, Kings Destroy seems like the ultimate wet dream for any hardcore music fanatic. However, the band is as far away from their roots as possible. With a groovy stoner metal sound and some sneering attitude to boot, Kings Destroy will leave some scratching their head in confusion.

Thankfully, the band seems more than capable at playing at a slower tempo if their show in Philly on June 25th supporting Starkweather was any indication. While it was only their fourth live show, they gelled well as a unit and put on an effective performance that featured songs from their upcoming debut album scheduled to be released later in the year. In-between their set and Starkweather’s, I had the opportunity to speak to vocalist Steve Murphy about the band’s latest 7-inch, plans for the debut album, and how important storytelling is to their songwriting.

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Heaven Shall Burn Discusses New Album "Invictus"

German melodic death/metalcore group Heaven Shall Burn launched the band's latest album "Invictus" in North America on June 8th, 2010 via Century Media records. "Invictus" is the third act of the "Iconoclast" trilogy. Guitarist Maik Weichert recently discussed the themes behind the album and the band's decision to make a trilogy of interconnected releases.

Discussing the history of the band, Weichert shared "We are doing the same as we did twelve years ago when were founded. We’re five friends playing together, meeting twice a week and rehearsing and playing a show once in awhile. Just the record sales changed. The way we do things and the way we are didn’t change." Weichert went on, with a good dose of self-deprecating humor, to discuss topics such as the band's choice of cover songs, the recent rash of metal musician deaths, and the way war has affected the world.

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Silent Civilian Vocalist Discusses New Album

Los Angeles, California's thrash tinged metalcore act Silent Civilian recently released a new album titled "Ghost Stories" while out on tour with Fear Factory and Prong. "Ghost Stories" is the second full-length release by the band, which was formed by vocalist Jonny Santos after departing Spineshank.

Jonny Santos spoke with me about producing the album to get a more raw feel and his departure from the political themes of the lyrics on the band's debut release "Rebirth of the Temple." Commenting on "Ghost Stories," Santos said, "It’s heavier and dirtier. For lack of a better term, I want to say the word 'dangerous.' You don’t really hear that term applied to music anymore, but that’s kind of what I feel like."

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Photo of Quartered

Band Photo: Quartered

Interview With Quartered

Vancouver progressive metallers Quartered recently sat down with Metal Underground to talk about their recent tour of the Philippines, playing in front of 25,000 people, opening for Lamb of God and Testament, the recording of their new album “Walks Like A Ghost” and their beginnings in the varied Vancouver metal scene.

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Interview with Canchroid

Portuguese technical death metallers Canchroid are currently celebrating the release of their debut EP, "The First Slaughtering," which has so far gained a small internet following. Band leader Dead Meat Grinder has thankfully had the time to chat with Metal Underground about the release of their debut album and where you can catch him online.

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Photo of As I Lay Dying

Band Photo: As I Lay Dying

Chad Ackerman Talks Destroy The Runner Breakup

Vocalist Chad Ackerman has been around the metalcore block, providing vocals for iconic act As I Lay Dying as well as Arnold impersonations for the governator themed band Austrian Death Machine. For the last three years Chad has been working full time with Destroy the Runner, which was in the process of recording a third full-length album and follow up to 2008's "I, Lucifer." The band then unexpectedly broke up after a period of relative quiet, leaving the fans wondering what happened and what the fate of the new album would be.

Chad took some time to discuss the breakup and the recording that had been done so far on the third album. An audibly emotional Ackerman commented, "It was just sad how everything went down. I really wish we could release that third album or even just a song or two to say goodbye to fans, like a farewell to let them know how it sounded. Everyone went through a lot of work and it would be awesome to give those fans who were there from day one something to part with." He also discussed his reactivated band Chapter 14 and the circumstances behind the band's decision not to release the new Destroy the Runner album.

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Photo of At The Soundawn

Band Photo: At The Soundawn

At The Soundawn Discusses New Album "Shifting"

Italian band At The Soundawn is an extremely tough band to peg down, which defaults them to genre titles that could mean anything, such as "Post Rock." The group's latest jazz and rock influenced hardcore outing "Shifting" hit stores in North America on April 27th through Lifeforce Records.

At The Soundawn's Andrea Violante shared the story behind the band's recent changes and the work they put into making "Shifting" into a single stream of sound. Andrea commented, "We would like the songs to be fluent and there should be a constant flow you follow. It’s not always easy to do it. Sometimes we have to do the sudden changes, but our aim is to do a slow composition." Andrea also went on to explain in detail the concept of the lyrics and the difficulties in playing the band's local scene.

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An Interview With Madder Mortem

Since the early 90’s, Norway’s Madder Mortem has been delivering atmospheric metal with a progressive touch. They have been labeled a gothic metal band for years, but with the lack of cheesy lyrics and awful make-up, that seems like an unfair branding. The band has been chugging along for a while under the radar, maintaining a small but dedicated fan base both overseas and in the states. While they have yet to do a full-scale tour of the states, the band’s latest album, “Eight Ways,” left an impression on many in the U.S. In a recent interview with Metal Underground, guitarist BP M. Kirkevaag talked about the band’s latest EP for single “Where Dream & Day Collide,” future plans, and the status of new material.

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Interview with Jimmy Bower

Veteran NOLA sludge metallers Eyehategod are finally releasing an album after ten years of turmoil. Making appearances at European festivals like Roadburn and playing some shows on the American coasts, Eyehategod is heading out for a proper tour to promote the album coming out this year. I had the chance to speak with guitarist Jimmy Bower a few days before the band plays with Pentagram in their hometown and then heads off to Maryland Death Festival and the rest of thier tour. A transcribed version follows the video.

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