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A Conversation With A Forest of Stars

Black metal has come a long way over the past two decades. What started out as straightforward blasting and tremolo picking has evolved far beyond the limited scale shown in the early years of the genre. Progressive elements crept in and pushed the genre into a direction most could not have foreseen. A Forest of Stars is one of the modern bands taking the fundamentals of black metal and incorporating psychedelic and folk elements to create lengthy, but stimulating, material.

With their second album, “Opportunistic Thieves of Spring,” pushing the band further away from the traditional black metal sound, things look very bright for the future of the quirky British act. Metalunderground.com recently had the chance to speak to guitarist T.S. Kettleburner about the challenge of long songs, the difference between the first and second album, and the importance of music over visuals in a live setting.

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Photo of Iced Earth

Band Photo: Iced Earth

Interview With Matt Barlow of Iced Earth

Many fans were angry that Matt Barlow left the band after "Horror Show," since Iced Earth is not quite the same band without him. In the early 2000’s he decided to pursue something quite non-musical (Law Enforcement), and Iced Earth found Tim Ripper Owens as a replacement for “The Glorious Burden” and “Framing Armageddon.” Even though Tim Ripper Owens has tremendous talent, Matt Barlow does more justice to Iced Earth with such a distinguished voice and even more memorable falsettos than Owens. Matt Barlow was asked to return with “The Crucible of Man….Something Wicked Pt. 2,” in 2008. With everything back in sync with the optimized lineup, Iced Earth is preparing for their next untitled studio album that will “Hopefully be out next summer or fall.”

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TheDownGoing Explains New Album "I Am Become"

Australian godless two piece grinders thedowngoing have recently birthed the unholy abomination that is their debut album "I Am Become." Mastered by Alan Douches in New York and recorded in Sydney, the new album is the band's first full-length foray into the chaos of grindcore.

Describing the theme of the album, guitarist/vocalist Mathias Huxley stated, "'I Am Become' is our first CD, and is based around the birth of thedowngoing. Lyrically, the album focuses on a broad range of topics, but which all can be related back to the central theme of beginning, like the birth of nihilism and the void caused by that, for example." Throughout our interview Mathias explained the band's birth, his attraction to the ferocity of grindcore, and the album's distinctive artwork.

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Demon Hunter Discusses New Music, Faith, And More

Seattle's Demon Hunter has become one of the most mainstream recognized Christian bands in metal lately, appealing to religious and non-religious audiences alike. The group released "The World is a Thorn" earlier this year, and is currently lining up a string of European dates. Demon Hunter's Jonathan Dunn spoke with about the band's concept and the issues behind the name, stating "The title is definitely not meant to be taken literally, although we do get some people who take it literally and that sometimes gets a little weird trying to explain that to them. It’s more trying to be in reference to your personal demons and issues you are dealing with and going through. It’s more in that aspect of hunting down demons."

Dunn goes on to discuss his personal faith and belief in Christianity, his musical roots and more recent influences, and the possibility of the band working on new material next year.

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Photo of Neurosis

Band Photo: Neurosis

Steve Von Till Discusses New Neurosis Releases

U.S. based act Neurosis is a band that doesn't do labels and doesn't care about genres, and the members aren't shy about that fact. While discussing how the band is frequently referred to as sludge or atmospheric hardcore, guitarist/vocalist Steve Von Till stated,"The words people use to define microgenres are just ridiculous. Cyber death doom dip, whatever the hell. It doesn’t mean anything. What matters to us is if it has an emotional impact. Does it make you feel something real? Does it feel honest and genuine? Is it intense? Is it original? Nothing else matters."

Steve spoke with me recently about the band releasing the "Live at Roadburn 2007" album, as well as the re-release of the early "Enemy of the Sun" disc. We also discussed the writing of new Neurosis material, and what the group has planned for live appearances in the coming year.

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Interview With Anthrax Frontman Joey Belladonna

A man that needs no introduction, but here's one anyway. Joey Belladonna is the singer from the classic lineup of the iconic thrashers Anthrax. In and out of the band, Joey is back to the delight of fans everywhere. Recently off of the Big Four Tour, Anthrax joins Megadeth and Slayer for the American Carnage Tour, carving it's way through the States as we speak. I had the chance to sit down and talk with Mr. Belladonna before his show in New Orleans where we discussed a new Anthrax album, his solo career, and just what it was like being on the show "Married...With Children." A transcription follows.

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Photo of Katatonia

Band Photo: Katatonia

Interview With Katatonia Vocalist Jonas Renkse

Formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1991 Katatonia has become one of Europe's top dark metal acts. Releasing eight influential albums during it's career, the band is continuing on without reprieve. Vocalist and Katatonia founder Jonas Renkse sat down with Metalunderground.com to talk about the band's latest offering "Night is the New Day" and the band's highly successful "New Night Over North America" tour.

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Photo of The Absence

Band Photo: The Absence

The Absence Explains New Album "Enemy Unbound"

Who says you have to hail from Sweden to make melodic death metal? Florida's The Absence is back for a third full-length album of Gothenburg goodness entitled "Enemy Unbound," which saw release earlier this month through Metal Blade Records. In support of the new album the band has recently shot a music video for the title track, and is also streaming the track "Maelstrom" via Metalunderground.com.

The Absence vocalist Jamie Stewart recently shared his thoughts with Metalunderground about the sound of "Enemy Unbound" and the direction of the lyrics, stating "The lyrics this time around deal with life in a band, the not-so-glamorous parts while still being able to enjoy the really great things like creating moving music with close friends and brothers, meeting people who really give a fuck and care about what we do, and take the time to express that." Jamie also discusses drummer Justin Reynold's car accident, recruiting Jeramie King, and the "shred off" contest that brought the band a guest guitar player.

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Photo of Kataklysm

Band Photo: Kataklysm

Kataklysm Guitarist Talks "Heaven's Venom"

Canadian death metal maestros Kataklysm took a brief break from their northern hyperblast sound to dip into Roman themes with the Ex Deo project. While Ex Deo continues, the members returned to Kataklysm to release the latest album "Heaven's Venom."

Guitarist Jean-François Dagenais took some time out during the band's recent North American tour dates to discuss the new album, stating "I think it’s a really aggressive album with a lot of emotions put out on the table because we’ve gone through a lot in the last few years. It’s one of my personal favorites. As soon as we finished at the studio I still played it and enjoyed it. Usually when we’re done with an album I’ve heard it too much, but this one I still enjoy months later." Jean-François also explained what Kataklysm and Ex Deo will be up to in the future.

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Arkhum Spreads Cosmic Terror With "Anno Universum"

Oregon based, blackened death metal act Arkhum recently got picked up by Vendlus Records for the release of the band's debut full-length album "Anno Universum." Heavy on the technicality, and oozing an atmosphere of Lovecraft style sci-fi, the album is a surprising piece of metal mayhem from a band on the rise.

While discussing the themes of the album, Arkhum bassist Matt Edwards stated, "They’re our way of trying to convey the feelings we get of just looking out into the stars at night, wrapped in the shroud of science fiction and various scenarios taking place in the cosmos." He goes on to explain how he adds his own bass groove to a brutal death metal release, how the band works as a unit, and where Arkhum is going from here.

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Photo of Exodus

Band Photo: Exodus

Interview With Exodus

Exodus are one of the heaviest thrash metal bands to emerge out of the Bay Area Scene in the 80’s. Most of the bands that were the frontrunners of that era have all but faded away. Only the very best like: Slayer, Megadeth, Testament, Anthrax, Death Angel, and last but not least, Exodus have survived. With many lineup changes, including three different vocalists, one might worry about Exodus’s future. Lead singer, Rob Dukes was introduced in 2005 after the departure of Souza to create “Shovel Headed Kill Machine.” Now with three more studio albums under the belt, it seems that Exodus’s lineup is as strong as ever. I sat down with Rob Dukes before the concert at Reggies Rock House in Chicago. I followed up with some questions with Gary Holt immediately thereafter.

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Photo of Accept

Band Photo: Accept

Wolf Hoffmann Discusses Accept's New Album

Iconic German heavy metal act Accept, which was recently covered in our Sunday Old School column, has reunited with a new vocalist to release the band's first album in 14 years. Guitarist Wolf Hoffmann recently discussed the band meeting up with new singer Mark Tornillo of TT Quick and the creation of the latest album, "Blood of the Nations."

While explaining the sound of the band's latest addition to heavy metal, Wolf stated, "It’s really not that different honestly. It’s pretty much what people would expect from Accept. We try to sort of go back in time and give them some good old school ‘80s kind of metal, but with new ideas and a modern drum and guitar sound. We really didn’t try to change much and we tried to stay true to the formula." Wolf also covered the band's upcoming tour schedule and the various Accept cover tunes that have appeared over the years.

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Interview With Pilgrim Of Funeral Circle

The underground metal scene in Vancouver is one that is constantly thriving and growing each and every day and is a city that is constantly churning out new, young metal bands. Some are fantastic, some are good and some are down right terrible. One thing that remains a constant though is the fact that Vancouver has one of the top metal scenes in the world. A scene that has have given unholy birth to numerous internationally recognized bands.

One of the more respected and talented of these young Vancouver metal acts is Funeral Circle. Signed to the U.K. based Miskatonic Foundation; Funeral Circle have slowly become a name to be reckoned with throughout the world doom metal scene. Having released it's debut EP "Sinister Sacrilege" in December of 2009 the band are preparing their second onslaught to be unleashed upon the globe. Funeral Circle guitarist Pilgrim sat down with Metalunderground.com to discuss the band's history, present day and its blasphemous future.

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Interview With Vifinita

I was able to catch up with the guitarist Mark Grillo and drummer Dan "Phoenix" De Lafe of Vifinita, an unsigned New Jersey metal band, last month. In the following interview, the band discusses their EP and upcoming album, their careers in metal thus far, and their local scene. The band gave very thorough answers and I learned how personal their music is to them. Enjoy:

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Photo of Behemoth

Band Photo: Behemoth

An Interview With Orion From Black River/Behemoth

Tomasz “Orion” Wroblewski is best known as the bassist for extreme metal icons Behemoth. He is also the leader of symphonic black metal band Vesania, but his most unique side-project is the stoner/black n’ roll Black River. Fans of Orion’s other projects will definitely be surprised by how much groove the music has, and he seems to fit in just as well with this as he does with the more rambunctious Behemoth. Also featuring drummer Dariusz "Daray" Brzozowski of Dimmu Borgir and Vader fame, the band has just released their second album, “Black'n'Roll,” which is also the first look many in the U.S will get of the band. I recently had the chance to speak to Orion about Black River's new album, the current situation with Nergal, and what the future holds for Orion while he plays the waiting game with both Black River and Behemoth.

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Photo of Blind Guardian

Band Photo: Blind Guardian

Hansi Kursch Talks "At The Edge Of Time"

After 25 years of championing fantasy-themed power metal, Blind Guardian has returned with the band's latest journey "At the Edge of Time." Vocalist Hansi Kürsch took some time to explain the creation of the album and the themes behind the songs. Commenting on the influences in the album and how it fits into the Blind Guardian discography, Hansi stated "...there’s a little bit of everything. It makes the album attractive not just for Blind Guardian fans but for heavy metal fans, because it’s a pure, epic, orchestral heavy metal album." He also dropped some hints about the possibility of a new Demons & Wizards album with Jon Schaffer, and discussed the band's upcoming tour schedule.

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A Conversation With Trivett Wingo Of The Sword

Coming fresh off the release of their new album, "Warp Riders" (reviewed here), The Sword drummer Trivett Wingo sat down with Metalunderground.com to talk about the musical shift of "Warp Riders," the absence of acoustic guitars on the record, tug of war battles with "Warp Riders" producer Matt Bayles and the band's love for all things old school.

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Photo of Five Finger Death Punch

Band Photo: Five Finger Death Punch

Interview with Zoltan of Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch is the rare heavy metal band that has had consistent radio success in the past few years. As heavy metal has trended toward the extreme recently, bands like Five Finger Death Punch are much rarer and they get put down more often by the troo metal fans as pale approximations of real metal. But Five Finger Death Punch guitarist and founder Zoltan Bathory just won the Dimebag Darrell Shredder Award at the 2010 Golden God Awards, and for the leader of a band named Five Finger Death Punch he has remarkably well-grounded opinions on how the band fits into the metal landscape, among other things. He was kind enough to take an hour out of his day to chat over the phone with Metal Underground, and the below transcript is what he had to say.

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Seb Painchaud Thinks There Are "Too Many Humans"

With song titles like "We Are Future Housing Developments For Maggots," and "No One Would Notice If You Died," you know Canada's The Last Felony wants to tear your face off with pure, hate-filled death metal. The band's latest full-throttle assault is "Too Many Humans," which saw it's release via Lifeforce Records in August.

The Last Felony's Seb Painchaud took some time to discuss the new album with me and how the band has progressed since 2008's "Aeon of Suffering." "On the first album you’ve got one or two or maybe three songs at the most that really what The Last Felony should sound like. On the new album we found our sound and knew what we wanted it to sound like. It’s really 100% The Last Felony," commented Painchaud. From there he went on to discuss the recording of the album, the band's signing to Lifeforce, and more.

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Photo of Karnivool

Band Photo: Karnivool

Interview With Karnivool

Walmart shopping raids. Existential questions. Super 8 hotels. Vehicular breakdowns. Rock concerts. Cross-country traveling. Strange food. Absurd observations about the mundane. Friendship.

This isn't a plot outline to a potential sequel of "The Hangover," but slice of life on the road for Australian band Karnivool. The act returned to the states this summer for its third U.S. tour (and first headlining run) to support second album "Sound Awake," which arrived in the States in February. The combination of the group's mesmerizing progressive tracks, superior live performances and support from Sony's SIN division is helping the five-piece act to seep into America's collective consciousness one show at a time. The steady of conversion of fans is evident by two concerts we saw Karnivool play within a year's time. Last fall we first watched the group entertain about 150 faithful at New York club Don Hill's; when we caught up with it again Aug. 27, it was captivating a full crowd at Bowery Ballroom with songs like "Themata," "New Day" and "All I Know."

When MetalUnderground.com spoke with singer Ian Kenny by phone a few weeks ago, the band was driving through Oregon on the way to Vancouver to kick off the tour. A few days prior, traveling was delayed for a few hours due to a broken water pump, so as repairs were made, Karnivool relaxed by descending on a local Walmart (they don't exist in Australia) and stocking up on essentials like Sharpies and Dickey shorts. "They've been a novelty for us, " Kenny says of Walmart. "We take full advantage of them when we come over here."

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John Fattoruso Talks "Black Water Rising"

Brooklyn's Black Water Rising is keeping the flame of hard rock and heavy metal burning strong, taking the sounds of yesterday and translating them to the modern day. Guitarist John Fattoruso, previously of the now-defunct Stereomud, spoke with me about joining with Black Water Rising and the band's latest self-titled album.

Discussing the highs and lows of the music industry and his own place in it, Fattoruso stated "You’re playing in front of crowds every night and that was your job, and then all of a sudden you’re back in a day job. You’re like, Wow, what happened?" He also goes on to explain the appeal of Black Water Rising's sound, commenting "Any true metal head, and when I say metal head I don’t mean thrash metal or death metal, I mean just someone who appreciates good heavy music, would definitely like it. If they want to hear good vocals, we’ve got it. If you want to hear screaming, it’s on there too. We don’t shy away from anything." A transcription of our discussion can be found below, where John discusses how they managed to get a professional sound recording in an apartment and more.

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Photo of Omega Crom

Band Photo: Omega Crom

An Interview with Omega Crom's Johnny Ketlo

There may be just one show to go on the Summer Shred Tour, but Omega Crom doesn't plan on slowing down. If anything, this year's hyperactive tour schedule is a sign of things to come for the metal act, at least if vocalist/guitarist Johnny Ketlo gets his wish.

“Once we get this cross-Canada tour done, we're going to turn our attention to getting down to LA and back. We've got our passports, but the visa is the hardest one. Setting up the shows. We're just hoping to generate more buzz, more publicity, and then feed off of that to hopefully slingshot us into the United States.”

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Ian Fleming Explains The Reforming Of Ritual

California based on again, off again black metal act Ritual has recently reformed under the direction of vocalist/guitarist Ian Fleming, after the departure of Robert Nusslein, who did an interview with Metalunderground last year. Ritual's new lineup is set to release an album by the end of the month, and is also currently gearing up to take their brand of black metal to the live scene.

Describing Ritual's upcoming new full-length album "The Resurrection," Fleming stated "It’s been a long time so it’s going to be a lot different. The sound quality is going to be a lot better than the previous Ritual records. It’s not going to be a basement/garage recording sounding black metal, it will be a quality recording. There’s a really killer intro that starts the record off dark and depressing and it comes in full force. It’s going to be a really cool record." He also went on to explain the lyrics of the new album and the recent changes in Ritual.

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Photo of Guns N Roses

Band Photo: Guns N Roses

An Interview With Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal

Somewhat of a child prodigy, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal has been playing, writing and recording music almost since he could walk. Though he never graduated high school, he now teaches music at SUNY, when he's not busy touring with Guns n Roses that is. Between that and the re-release of "The Adventures of Bumblefoot" and his first hand-written tab book, Ron and I had a lot to discuss.

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The "Mad Scotsman" Gives A History Of Sicarus

San Diego's dual guitar act Sicarus has been gaining force in the California metal scene, sharing the stage with the likes of Threat Signal, Napalm Death, and 3 Inches of Blood. The band's most recent release was the five track "Strength of All" EP, and two songs from the disc are currently available for streaming via the Sicarus MySpace page.

The band's "Mad Scotsman" guitarist Kenny shared the history of the band and how it has changed to move towards a more melodic sound with frequent clean vocal work. While explaining the idea behind the band's most recent EP, Kenny commented "Going to the title track, 'Strength of All' is basically saying that you aren’t going to succumb to all the crap life throws at you and you’ll overcome and prevail over that type of stuff. It’s giving a positive attitude towards life."

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