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Photo of Quartered

Band Photo: Quartered

Quartered Discusses New Album "Walks Like A Ghost"

Vocalist Greggor Williams and guitarist Todd Sanft of Vancouver progressive metal act Quartered sat down with Metalunderground.com to catch up on its recent activities following the release of its new album "Walks Like A Ghost." You can read the Metalunderground.com review for "Walks Like A Ghost" at this location and find out what the band has been upto by reading the interview below.

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Sumerian Metallers Melechesh Discuss New Album

Sumerian-themed blackened metallers Melechesh launched "The Epigenesis" last month, which is their latest exploration of occult oriented extreme metal. Front man Ashmedi recently discussed the new album with me, explaining how everything from the lyrics to the guitar riffs to the promo shots are interconnected and chosen specifically to be in alignment. Ashmedi also recently posted a track-by-track breakdown online of the new album, which can be seen at the following links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

Talking about how the songs flow, Ashmedi commented, "It’s not afraid to step out of the box in the sense that every song stands alone, just like a good healthy rock album or metal album." He also discussed the possibility of an upcoming music video and where the band will be touring in support of the new album.

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A Discussion With Lizard Skynard

Lizard Skynard sounds like a reject Lynyrd Skynyrd cover band, but behind the gimmicky name and eccentric frontman Erik Sprague, aka The Lizardman, is a legitimate force to be reckoned with. Their sound runs the gamut from blasts of hardcore fury to ambient space rock. Lizardman’s spoken word style has a Henry Rollins flavor to it and helps to make the band stand out from the rest of the pack. With their self-titled debut being released a few weeks back, guitarist Mossy Vaughn spoke to Metalunderground.com in early October about the new album, having a frontman like Lizardman around, and the dangers of vomiting during a live Lizard Skynard show

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Photo of Black Tide

Band Photo: Black Tide

Black Tide Discusses Upcoming Second Album

Black Tide has been making waves in the heavy metal scene, both because of the young age and talent of the band's members. The group was famously promoted to the main stage during Ozzfest of 2007 after being deemed too young to perform on the Jagermeister stage, and then went on to release the debut album "Light From Above." Black Tide is now back with a new single, along with a second full-length to be released next year. At the Seattle stop of the band's current tour with Bullet For My Valentine, guitarist/vocalist Gabriel Garcia filled me in on the details of the upcoming second album and how growing up in the metal scene has changed the band's lyrical content and outlook.

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Photo of Vanden Plas

Band Photo: Vanden Plas

Interview with Vanden Plas Guitarist Stephan Lill

When I was first approached about doing an interview with Stephan Lill, Guitarist of one of my favorite Prog/Metal bands, “Vanden Plas”, I was stoked to say the least. Not only am I a big fan of the band who possesses every studio album they have put out (with the exception of colour temple), I am also a huge fan of their lead guitarist. Now although personally I felt all their recordings had been nothing less than phenomenal, I was nevertheless skeptical to there ability to follow up their previous release “Christ O”, a very adventurous and epic album, and one of my personal favorites. A lot of bands when faced with the challenge of creating a follow up to a great album, buckle under the pressure, releasing lack lustered efforts at best.  Upon hearing the new album “The Seraphic Clockwork”  I knew that this was not the case for these guys.

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Photo of Led Zeppelin

Band Photo: Led Zeppelin

An Interview with Stephen Davis, Author of LZ-'75

Stephen Davis is the author of rock biographies "Hammer of The Gods," "Walk This Way," and "Watch You Bleed." His latest book, "LZ-'75: The Lost Chronicles of Led Zeppelin's 1975 American Tour" (reviewed here) takes the reader into the backstage world of touring with Led Zeppelin during their prime, highlighting the good, the bad, and of course, the decadent. Below is an interview with Stephen.

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Photo of Woods Of Ypres

Band Photo: Woods Of Ypres

T.N.O.B.M.P.S Speaks/Woods Of Ypres Interview

David Gold (Woods of Ypres) and Aaron Palmer (ex-Woods of Ypres, Arkayic Revolt) of The Northern Ontario Black Metal Preservation Society sit down with Metalunderground.com to discuss the formation of the project, the meaning behind its name, the recording of its debut 7" Vinyl "Future Northern Prosperity" (reviewed here) and its future going forward. David Gold also discusses the current status of Woods of Ypres, its signing with Earache Records and shares an interesting story from the road during the band's last tour stop in Vancouver.

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Journey Into The Instrumental Metal Of Odyssey

Spokane based instrumental metal act Odyssey bucks the trends of music by ditching the idea of a vocalist and letting the instruments do all the talking. Odyssey, which is composed of brother team Jordan and Lukas Hilker along with guitarist Jerrick Crites, recently released the "Schematics" EP and is soon to begin pre-production for the new album "An Abstract Existence." The band members took some time out to explain why they choose to go on without a singer, how they approach song writing, and taking a break from live shows to work on the new full-length album.

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Whitechapel On "A New Era of Corruption" And Tour

With some hot new Billboard chart positions for their latest record, "A New Era of Corruption," and a five-band headlining tour, Metal Blade deathcore act Whitechapel is riding a wave of success. On October 22nd, that wave brought them back to Nashville in their home state of Tennessee for their largest headlining show. Before the ear damage began for the night, the charismatic guitarist Alex Wade and down-to-earth frontman Phil Bozeman took some time out for an interview.

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Photo of Ayreon

Band Photo: Ayreon

Arjen Lucassen On Star One, Steve Lee, and Ayreon

The progressive metal force from the north, Netherlands-based guitar-player and songwriter Arjen Lucassen, has just finished up the second album for his project, Star One, which is set for the release date of October 26th for the US and November 1st for Europe. Arjen's been a busy man in the eight years between "Space Metal" and "Victims of the Modern Age." He's written, recorded, and put out several albums with Ayreon, Guilt Machine, Ambeon, and Stream of Passion -- Each one of them a banquet of musical styles, involving a lot of instrumentalists, vocalists, and musical talent. The man behind the helm of these projects took some time out for an interview to discuss these things, as well as the tragic death of Gotthard's Steve Lee, who had been a guest vocalist on the latest Ayreon album, "01011001."

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Interview with Adam Warren of Oceano

Oceano hasn't been around long, but has had their share of problems. Van crashes on tour and the resignation of both guitarists have made for plenty of headlines while they only had one album released. 2010 has been more kind to Oceano, though. New guitarists Devin Shidaker and Nick Conser have joined the ranks and the album "Contagion" is on the way, due out November 9th. I caught up with vocalist Adam Warren in New York as they were shooting the video for "Weaponized" off the new album to talk about the new happenings of the band.

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Forbidden Spreads The Despairing "Omega Wave"

After 13 years of near-silence, reactivated California thrashers Forbidden have dropped "Omega Wave," their new thrasterpiece heralding the coming of the apocalypse. Forbidden guitarist Craig Locicero clued us in on the themes of the album and how the recording process went, along with many other interesting insights ranging from the U.S. political process to his dream thrash lineup.

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Thomas Youngblood Discusses New Album And Tour

U.S. based power metal act Kamelot has had a run of mixed luck lately. Kamelot has seen some of the band's highest chart positions ever with the new album "Poetry for the Poisoned," but also had to cancel a North American tour due to the health issues of vocalist Roy Khan. After the cancellation of the tour, I spoke with guitarist Thomas Youngblood about the new album and what the band has planned for the future.

Commenting on how the new album advances Kamelot's sound, Thomas said, "I guess you could say, in my opinion, the new record is a bit more progressive and maybe more diverse. It’s another Kamelot album, another step in the direction we want to go in. With this album the direction we wanted to go was a little more progressive and darker. I think we achieved that." He also discussed the band's brief attempt at continuing the ill fated tour with Circus Maximus vocalist Michael Eriksen and working with Elize Ryd of Amaranthe.

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Photo of God Forbid

Band Photo: God Forbid

Interview with Byron Davis of God Forbid

I recently had the chance to conduct an interview with Byron Davis of New Jersey metal outfit God Forbid. The band was playing a gig at a small bar called Whiskey Tango that I frequented for the better half of a decade. So, before their set at the venue, located in the northeast section of Philadelphia, I was able to pick Byron’s brain a bit.

I’d also like to point out how gracious the guy was when setting this up. I literally e-mailed him about a day and a half before the show to set up the interview. He was quick to reply and quick to solidify details, something I’m not used to. After the interview, he was also kind enough to stand around and shoot the, well you know, with me for a while. It’s a nice change from being rushed doing some interviews to find the singer of this band just relaxed and polite. You can read the full interview after the jump.

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Photo of No Redeeming Social Value

Band Photo: No Redeeming Social Value

Interview With NRSV Vocalist Dean Miller

Since appearing in the New York Hardcore documentary movie in 1995, No Redeeming Social Value has become known to fans of the genre all across the world as a good time band who are as funny as they are a solid unit. I was recently given the opportunity to ask lead vocalist Dean Miller some questions and found that there was much more to the band than beer and hardcore...

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Freddy Madball Discusses "Empire"

Madball is undoubtedly one of the hardest working bands in the world of hardcore. Having start when lead singer Freddy Cricien (aka Freddy Madball) was only nine years old, they have made a name for themselves as true legends of hardcore music. I was lucky enough to ask Freddy a few questions lately about the new album, "Empire," the situation with drummer Jay Weinberg and what he thinks of the modern day hardcore scene.

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Photo of Atheist

Band Photo: Atheist

Kelly Shaefer Discusses The Return Of Atheist

Legendary progressive death metal act Atheist is about to release a new full-length album entitled "Jupiter," which is the band's first studio album since 1993. Atheist vocalist Kelly Shaefer recently spoke with me about the long hiatus between albums, what he's been up to since '93, the themes of "Jupiter," and other topics as diverse as the pope and Bill Maher.

"I think we knocked it out of the park with this one, it’s the perfect continuation with where we left off," Shaefer stated about the new album. He also went on to further explain, "We’d just sit down and write and whatever happens, happens. That’s how we set our template. I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. I hate saying that, because everybody says that. If you are a fan of Atheist you are definitely going to love this record. It’s all over the place, and yet it’s right down the middle."

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Interview With Black Label Society's Drummer

Will Hunt is the new drummer for Black Label Society. Initially, he was only going to stay with the band as a session artist for their new record “Order Of the Black.” Since Hunt is between records with his main band Evanescence, he has continued his stay with Black Label Society on the Ozzfest tour, and now the Bezerkus tour. The question remains: does Hunt have enough time to become a permanent drummer for Black Label Society? After seeing him live at The Rave in Wisconsin, all I can hope is he will since his drumming was phenomenal!

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A Conversation With A Forest of Stars

Black metal has come a long way over the past two decades. What started out as straightforward blasting and tremolo picking has evolved far beyond the limited scale shown in the early years of the genre. Progressive elements crept in and pushed the genre into a direction most could not have foreseen. A Forest of Stars is one of the modern bands taking the fundamentals of black metal and incorporating psychedelic and folk elements to create lengthy, but stimulating, material.

With their second album, “Opportunistic Thieves of Spring,” pushing the band further away from the traditional black metal sound, things look very bright for the future of the quirky British act. Metalunderground.com recently had the chance to speak to guitarist T.S. Kettleburner about the challenge of long songs, the difference between the first and second album, and the importance of music over visuals in a live setting.

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Photo of Iced Earth

Band Photo: Iced Earth

Interview With Matt Barlow of Iced Earth

Many fans were angry that Matt Barlow left the band after "Horror Show," since Iced Earth is not quite the same band without him. In the early 2000’s he decided to pursue something quite non-musical (Law Enforcement), and Iced Earth found Tim Ripper Owens as a replacement for “The Glorious Burden” and “Framing Armageddon.” Even though Tim Ripper Owens has tremendous talent, Matt Barlow does more justice to Iced Earth with such a distinguished voice and even more memorable falsettos than Owens. Matt Barlow was asked to return with “The Crucible of Man….Something Wicked Pt. 2,” in 2008. With everything back in sync with the optimized lineup, Iced Earth is preparing for their next untitled studio album that will “Hopefully be out next summer or fall.”

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TheDownGoing Explains New Album "I Am Become"

Australian godless two piece grinders thedowngoing have recently birthed the unholy abomination that is their debut album "I Am Become." Mastered by Alan Douches in New York and recorded in Sydney, the new album is the band's first full-length foray into the chaos of grindcore.

Describing the theme of the album, guitarist/vocalist Mathias Huxley stated, "'I Am Become' is our first CD, and is based around the birth of thedowngoing. Lyrically, the album focuses on a broad range of topics, but which all can be related back to the central theme of beginning, like the birth of nihilism and the void caused by that, for example." Throughout our interview Mathias explained the band's birth, his attraction to the ferocity of grindcore, and the album's distinctive artwork.

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Demon Hunter Discusses New Music, Faith, And More

Seattle's Demon Hunter has become one of the most mainstream recognized Christian bands in metal lately, appealing to religious and non-religious audiences alike. The group released "The World is a Thorn" earlier this year, and is currently lining up a string of European dates. Demon Hunter's Jonathan Dunn spoke with about the band's concept and the issues behind the name, stating "The title is definitely not meant to be taken literally, although we do get some people who take it literally and that sometimes gets a little weird trying to explain that to them. It’s more trying to be in reference to your personal demons and issues you are dealing with and going through. It’s more in that aspect of hunting down demons."

Dunn goes on to discuss his personal faith and belief in Christianity, his musical roots and more recent influences, and the possibility of the band working on new material next year.

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Photo of Neurosis

Band Photo: Neurosis

Steve Von Till Discusses New Neurosis Releases

U.S. based act Neurosis is a band that doesn't do labels and doesn't care about genres, and the members aren't shy about that fact. While discussing how the band is frequently referred to as sludge or atmospheric hardcore, guitarist/vocalist Steve Von Till stated,"The words people use to define microgenres are just ridiculous. Cyber death doom dip, whatever the hell. It doesn’t mean anything. What matters to us is if it has an emotional impact. Does it make you feel something real? Does it feel honest and genuine? Is it intense? Is it original? Nothing else matters."

Steve spoke with me recently about the band releasing the "Live at Roadburn 2007" album, as well as the re-release of the early "Enemy of the Sun" disc. We also discussed the writing of new Neurosis material, and what the group has planned for live appearances in the coming year.

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Interview With Anthrax Frontman Joey Belladonna

A man that needs no introduction, but here's one anyway. Joey Belladonna is the singer from the classic lineup of the iconic thrashers Anthrax. In and out of the band, Joey is back to the delight of fans everywhere. Recently off of the Big Four Tour, Anthrax joins Megadeth and Slayer for the American Carnage Tour, carving it's way through the States as we speak. I had the chance to sit down and talk with Mr. Belladonna before his show in New Orleans where we discussed a new Anthrax album, his solo career, and just what it was like being on the show "Married...With Children." A transcription follows.

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Photo of Katatonia

Band Photo: Katatonia

Interview With Katatonia Vocalist Jonas Renkse

Formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1991 Katatonia has become one of Europe's top dark metal acts. Releasing eight influential albums during it's career, the band is continuing on without reprieve. Vocalist and Katatonia founder Jonas Renkse sat down with Metalunderground.com to talk about the band's latest offering "Night is the New Day" and the band's highly successful "New Night Over North America" tour.

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