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Dead Label Discusses Download Festival

Dead Label is a heavy metal band from a town in County Kildare, Republic of Ireland. Founded in 2008, the band consists of Dan O'Grady's raw and brutal vocals, combined with some insane riff-age from Danny Hall and the blast beats of drummer Claire Percival.

The band has released two albums so far, "Sense of Slaughter" (2012) and new album "Throne of Bones" (2016), both illustrating their insane passion and talent for metal music.

Dead Label will be playing at the UK's Download Festival this June, so I spent some time chatting to Dan O'Grady (DG) about the upcoming Download Festival debut, their most recent album and some other bits.

Check out our conversation here!

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John Frum Talks Cargo Cults, Production, And More

Darkly psychedelic and utterly devastating death metal troupe John Frum has come out of nowhere to offer an incredibly offbeat musical excursion you can't possibly be prepared for.

Press releases for the impending debut album "A Stirring In The Noos" have described it as the "backdrop of a bad trip," and that's perhaps not too far off, but there's a lot more to this group than meets the eye.

For starters, John Frum features no one by that name, instead including the likes of Liam Wilson (Dillinger Escape Plan) and Derek Rydquist (Bereft, ex-The Faceless), who I got in contact with to discover more about this mysterious project.

In the interview below, they discussed the John Frum mentality of the world being a "cargo cult" always waiting for new cargo to arrive that seems magical or personally meaningful but is actually just outside our current understanding. From there we jumped from a preference for not jumping on the lyric video craze, to the very specific kind of production sought for this album ("We didn’t want something that seemed too modern, cold or antiseptic") and finally the duo left me with little nuggets of wisdom like "thrash hard or the terrorists win."

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Don Jamieson Discusses "Communication Breakdown"

Metalunderground.com is 1000% devoted to covering the best metal in the underground. Sometimes we even argue if something is fitting enough to be on the site. We rarely cover anything outside of the realm of music, but every now and then something like Don Jamieson “Communication Breakdown” comes out and we feel compelled to cover it.

Not only has Jamieson co-hosted VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show, he is a big metal head and much of his stand up is devoted to heavy metal. He even has a Dave Mustaine riff on the album as a transition to and from the stage. He’s a funny guy who has a special talent of being able to bring two worlds: metal and comedy together, so it only seemed right for us to chat with him a bit about his new stand up album. Also, he’s a big supporter of the metal underground, so we feel it’s only proper to give him a little support.

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Dawn Of Ashes Discusses The Left Hand Path

The Dawn Of Ashes has arrived, and its being heralded with new extreme metal opus "Daemonolatry Gnosis!"

This symphonic black / death metal mashup officially arrives June 9th, 2017 via Metropolis Records and features 12 crushing tracks including a Mayhem cover and a guest vocal performance from Cradle of Filth's Lindsay Schoolcraft.

With the follow-up to last year's "Theophany" now on the horizon, I checked in with Kristof Bathory from Dawn Of Ashes to discuss the album and his devotion to the left hand path.

While prepping for the interview I was scrolling through the band's Facebook page and I both cringed and chuckled when I saw this wonderfully, ludicrously offensive meme. I immediately begin understand why the Dawn Of Ashes entry in our Pit Stories column went the way that it did... For those who love their offensive online memes, I also got a good laugh at this Easter post from the band. Memery aside, check out our full interview with Dawn Of Ashes below.

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Kingdom Of Giants Talks New Album

Despite having released several EPs and LPs in the past, Kingdom Of Giants is a name new to Metalunderground, and its one we're hoping becomes a household staple in the scene.

New album "All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare" will arrive via InVogue Records this coming May 5th, offering a blend of modern metal and melodic hardcore that shows off the best elements of the genre without giving up either the heaviness or the melody.

While the band is gearing up for a May tour in support of the album, we got in touch with this California-based crew to discuss the impending release and how it all came together, from a "Stranger Things" inspired video to taking chances with an eclectic song lineup. Check out the full interview below.

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Tygers of Pan Tang Discuss Self-Titled Album

Tygers of Pan Tang have been releasing albums for nearly 40 years. How does a band make it 40 years? Well, I guess they do it for the love, or they’re broke, either way, Robb Weir has managed to present one incarnation after another as Tygers of Pan Tang. He is the driving force, the band founder, and even though he has brought in various members and called them Tygers of Pan Tang, the band has remained truly a product of that moniker.

Yes, 40 years later and Tygers of Pan Tang are still Tygers of Pan Tang, regardless of the lineup. The lineup, in this case, is solid, though. Three of the members have been with the band for over a decade and the remaining two don’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Thus we have the band’s recent creative output, a self-titled album. Why do bands make self-titled albums so late in their career? I guess they do it to show they still have what it takes to put out a good album and call it by a legendary name, in this case, Tygers of Pan Tang.

Tygers of Pan Tang is a legend even though they’ve never been a standout act like Iron Maiden. Without the help of Metallica and Megadeth, many of the second wave of British metal bands, NWOBHM if you will, haven’t gotten much exposure. Still, even without the name recognition of Diamond Head or Iron Maiden, Tygers are able to release a video to over 100,000 raving fans. They’re doing something right. Read on to learn more about Mr. Weir’s latest music under the Tygers of Pan Tang name.

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Photo of Dragonforce

Band Photo: Dragonforce

Dragonforce Comments on "Reaching Into Infinity"

There is technical and then there is Dragonforce. Listeners try to discredit the band, saying they use too many effects, but an effect can’t make your fingers move with the precision and speed the band possesses. Guitarist Herman Li has made a career out of complex notes. Don’t think Dragonforce is all flash and no substance, though, the band writes very “powerful” power metal songs. Sometimes they’re thrashy and fast, sometimes they’re melodic and slow—whatever the case it, Dragonforce is one of the biggest power metal bands in the world. Even though Mr. Li doesn’t want to acknowledge numbers, last year the band played in front of nearly 200,000 people at Woodstock in Portland, Oregon.

Now the band is gearing up to release another album, “Reaching Into Infinity,” which will drop on May 19. Shredder extraordinaire, Herman Li spoke with me concerning the album, playing live and about their being on another video game. Listen to the interview as you scroll down through the text.

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Season Of Arrows Is Keeping Stoner Doom Alive

Originally slated for release via Static Tension at the end of 2016, a label shift saw Nashville doom crew Season Of Arrows holding off on dropping new album "Give It To The Mountain" until this week.

Due out Friday, March 24th, via masters of all things heavy and slow - Argonauta Records - "Give It To The Mountain" is about to hit the metal world like a ten ton sludge hammer! Now just a mere handful of days from its official arrival, guitarist Dave Gates got in touch with us to chat about the album, joining Argonauta Records, and much more.

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Woe Talks Politics And Black Metal

Four years after going through some serious black metal "Withdrawal," U.S. group Woe has returned with stunning follow-up "Hope Attrition" (reviewed here), which officially sees release today - March 17th.

Corresponding with that release, I got the opportunity to hit up band founder Chris Grigg once again so we could reminisce about a full decade of unholy black metal expression, the project going from solo to a full band, and the state of a seemingly hopeless world.

Check out our full interview below, and you can also pick up "Hope Attrition" via Bandcamp here.

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Photo of Cannibal Corpse

Band Photo: Cannibal Corpse

Chris Barnes Interview Part II: Cannibal Corpse

Part two of my discussion with Florida Death Metal Legend Chris Barnes goes back to the early days of Cannibal Corpse. We discuss topics such as early support for the band and Chris’ influences as a writer. Murder is a main topic and we discuss several serial killers, or “dissect,” as one could say. First, though, we need to step back in time and relive my intro to Cannibal Corpse first authored here, in my first column of an ongoing series I’m going to present on “Sunday Bloody Sunday.” This excerpt was taken from the column “The Golden Years of Death Metal: 1985-1995.”

“It was the fall of 1992 my friend and I were waiting to see Metallica for the first time. We were still figuring out metal and listening to mostly popular bands, but this crazy, Satanic metal head at school let me borrow Cannibal Corpse’s “Butchered At Birth” (1991) and “Tombs of the Mutilated” (1992) The lyrical content was especially offensive.

You just don’t paint pictures of zombies cutting up babies and hanging them on clothes lines out to dry. We heard songs of war, personal strife, Satan, etc, but never having sex with corpses, putting people on meat hooks or smashing in someone’s face with a hammer.

The music was too fast and the vocals weren’t clear, even with the lyric sheet. It wasn’t until three years later when a buddy in college let me borrow “The Bleeding” (1994) that I began to understand Cannibal Corpse. This album featured understandable lyrics and refrain that wasn’t as apparent on earlier efforts.

While not losing a step, or a foot, in their quest for semi-stardom, the group brought out it’s crown opus—the one that produced their theme song that they also close their set with, “Stripped, Raped And Strangled.” In 1995, during recording sessions for a new album, singer Chris Barnes was dismissed and replaced by Monstrosity singer George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher. Barnes rose from what may have seemed his tomb and formed one of the most popular death metal bands in the coming years, Six Feet Under, which also featured members of Obituary and Massacre.”

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Chris Barnes Discusses Six Feet Under's "Torment"

“Torment” is the ultimate culmination of death metal legend Chris Barnes’ career. It encompasses some of the best elements of the cookie-monster-voiced singer’s storied career from not only Six Feet Under, but also Cannibal Corpse. It has the technical prowess of Cannibal Corpse, the sharp, lancing bass lines and battering drums of CC, but also SFU’s infamous groove. Much of this has to do with Barnes collaborating with Jeff Hughell (bass/guitar) and Marco Pitruzella from Brain Drill, a band I always felt was helping carrying the all-consuming torch “burned” by CC.

Finding great players from the DM underground has never been a problem for Barnes. Starting with the classic Florida-death-metal stylings of “Haunted” (1995), Barnes joined forces with such vaunted artists as Obituary alums Terry Butler and Allen West. Butler certainly had a foot hold in the Florida scene, having played in Massacre and Death as well as Obituary. These two definitely brought the Obituary sound to life, but with CC’s former singer at the helm. Other great artists that have played with the graveyard cowboy include Kevin Talley—a drummer’s whose resume is too long to even touch upon on this article, and Swedish DM royalty in Ola Englund and Victor Brandt who has played with Entombed and Firespawn.

SFU hasn’t always been every death metal fan’s dream band, in that so much of their music has been, at least in the past, mid-paced and even doomy and Barnes’ didn’t execute his vocal pukings to the extent of the first three Cannibal records, but, trust me, “Torment,” which comes out today (February 24, 2107) will have naysayers saying yes! Read further to learn more about how these audio ghouls dug in and created what will be, arguably, a top five DM album of the year! Also, play the audio to hear Barnes’ voice. I edited the language to allow for a greater flow.

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Cultural Warfare Talks "Future Kill"

Bringing 80's Bay Area thrash back to the forefront of the metal scene, Cultural Warfare is made up of four seasoned musicians with one common goal - absolute mass destruction!

The band's latest release, a blistering 5 track mini-album titled "Future Kill," just dropped last month via M-Theory.

After that release we got in touch with new-ish vocalist Jacques Serrano, who joined the band in 2015 and made his first recorded appearance on "Future Kill."

In the full interview below, Jacques shares his thoughts about bands getting political on Facebook, how his new vocal work expands the range of Cultural Warfare's music, and teases when fans can expect a proper full-length album release.

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Sicocis Discusses "Requiem Of The World"

There's only a week left to go before Nevada metal outfit Sicocis officially drops new album "Requiem of the World" via M-Theory Audio.

As we get ever closer to that February 24th release date, the group - which previously won the title of best local metal band from Vegas Rocks magazine - got in touch with Metalunderground to discuss the impending studio offering and what's been going on with local Las Vegas venues.

Check out the full interview with Ernie, Rafael, Travis, and Rob below, along with streams of a few select tracks from "Requiem of the World."

xFiruath: How long has the band been together and what was Sicocis up to prior to the recording of “Requiem Of The World?”

Rafael: There have been many incarnations of the band from the garage band days to the new lineup that is today. The main journey began back in 2008 when we were at a Dark Tranquillity / Firewind show here in Las Vegas out off all places for a tour to stop by. We met our previous bassist at the show and quickly formed a band that represented that kind of music on that tour. A kind of band with the sound heavily influenced by European bands or American bands that strictly tour in European markets. Prior to the recordings we’ve just been getting out there playing with who we can where we can and we’ve been blessed to know some incredible promoters and music lovers in town that helped us share the stage with many amazing acts that helped build our reputation. It’s been a whirlwind of a ride getting to where we are now.

xFiruath: Is there a particular story behind the band name?

Rob: A long time ago (in a galaxy far away) I was messing around with different band name ideas on paper. I thought it would be clever to create a Palindrome that represented the idea of escape, and something that represents a circular connection, much like Yin and Yang, which inspired the symbol design (you can find each letter of SicociS in it as well).

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Hammerdrone Prepares For The "Dark Harvest"

Over the last few years I've been consistently impressed with the quality of the underground metal scene across Canada.

Counted among that thriving metallic community is melodic death outfit Hammerdrone (and now I can't stop thinking about a drone that launches Super Mario style hammers instead of missiles - sorry guys, that's probably not what you were going for!).

Following the "Clone of Europa" album from back in 2013, the Hammerdrone is getting ready for another strike in the form of second full-length album "Dark Harvest." While that album isn't due until late March, we've got plenty of advance info to fans to wade through after checking in with vocalist Graham Harris.

From the real life, stranger-than-fiction origins that inspired the album to the tendency of Americans to view Canadians as hyper nice people, we cover a bit of everything below, including all things "Dark Harvest!"

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Phil Anselmo Comments On New Superjoint Record

Philip H. Anselmo is one misunderstood cat. Over his career, especially over the last year, he has been subjected to harsh criticism, mostly by the press. He made a joke on stage at the end of a performance. He was getting loaded on white wine and saluted a Seig Heil.

20 years ago, people would have laughed. People still laugh at it today, but we live in a super-offended, PC culture today. Yes, this probably wasn’t the smartest thing to say in a time that our First Amendment rights are tattered, but don’t get him wrong! He loves his fans, different races of fans from all over the world—a major reason he is so beloved around the world! And he’s a musical genius.

Arriving int Austin for Superjoint’s first show on their U.S. tour with Battlecross and Child Bite, Anselmo and his Superjoint “buds” came loaded with one of the angriest albums of his career. “Caught Up in the Gears of Application” is the first record in 13 years for him and his mates. Don’t think he has any rust on his wheels, though. Phil and his boys, Joey “Blue” Gonzalez (drums), Jimmy Bower (guitar), Kevin Bond (guitar) and Stephen Taylor (bass) are no green horns when it comes to recording. They’ve all spent time together in the studio recording. They're all veterans of several major bands including Warbeast, Eyehategod and Down. In fact, Phil and his mates have several albums just sitting and waiting to be released.

One of those albums shows Anselmo collaborate with horror movie icon, Bill Moseley (“Texas Chainsaw Massacre II,” “House of 1,000 Corpses,” “The Devil’s Rejects”) on their Phil + Bill album “Songs of Darkness and Despair.” Mosley was a fixture at Anselmo’s Housecore Horror Film Festival. The two combined their dark imaginations and astute outlook on the world today in a record that must be heard by fans of both artists (to be released January 20th, 2017 via Anselmo’s Housecore Imprint.)

Philip, Blue and Stephen joined me and my assistant, Michael Eisele, for a good sit-down on their tour bus. Check out what went down in the following feature.

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Mangog Awakens To Revitalize Doom

After signing with Argonauta Records back in June, Maryland's bluesy doom outfit Mangog just released debut album "Mangog Awakens" last week.

Featuring members and ex members of Revelation, Iron Man, Against Nature, and Beelzefuzz, "Mangog Awakens" is a true doom manifesto kicking off the year in a very unique way for the metal scene.

With the album out now, we got in touch with Mangog's Bert Hall, Jr. (Revelation, Beelzefuzz) to discuss the band's recent formation, the origin of the distinctive name, and the insanity of the Maryland Doom Fest crowd.

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Ur Arrives To "Hail Death" With Debut EP

A new majestic beast has arisen from the frozen Polish winter: Ur is here to "Hail Death" with a new EP freshly released via Arachnophobia Records. You can pick it up physically or digitally at Bandcamp here.

After covering the group in our first Unearthing The Underground column of 2017, we checked in with band mastermind Gregor for more details on how this new project came together and what went into the creation of Ur, from the band's drink of choice to landing a record deal and working on upcoming material.

xFiruath: I noticed over at Metal-Archives that you are listed as the sole band member, but the press releases about “Hail Death” sort of indicated Ur is a full band and not a solo output. What was the actual lineup for “Hail Death,” and are the members other than Gregor full time or just session warriors?

Gregor: Ur is not my solo project but a band with three members and each of them contributes to the final artistic vision. The rhythm section of the band is formed by Kroll - drummer with whom I play also in Bloodstained - and our longtime friend - Bony, who handles bass. Unfortunately Metal Archives does not always guarantee full information but thanks for paying attention to it - I'll have to take care of this issue and update data.

xFiruath: “Hail Death” is your first official output under the Ur moniker. What prompted the creation of this group, rather than going with any other project you're involved with, and how did the band originally come together?

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Photo of Tyrants Blood

Band Photo: Tyrants Blood

Tyrants Blood Dishes On Vinyl Re-Issue

Originally released in 2013, a new vinyl edition of "Into The Kingdom Of Graves" from Tyrants Blood is due to drop via Tridoid Records.

Coming very soon (December 23rd), this vinyl edition features liner notes from guitarist Marco Banco along with a digital download of the "Coven" compilation release.

We had the pleasure of originally premiering music off this classic extreme metal record three years back, and can't wait for the new version to hit the hands of a hungry fan base.

With that re-issue just about here, it probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Tyrants Blood also has new material in the works and lots to share about what's been keeping the band busy lately. Read on for a full new interview with Marco Banco about all things Tyrants Blood!

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Oceans of Slumber Comments on "Winter"

Dobber Beverly is one of the premiere drummers in the 4th largest city in the United States—Houston. Those who have heard his drumming in extreme bands Demoniacal Genuflection, Insect Warfare and War Master (Oceans guitarist Anthony Contreras also plays in War Master) can attest to his technical skill and speed. With Oceans of Slumber, though, he sought melody over speed. Not that there aren’t really fast parts in the group, but these are part of their dynamics. Singer Cammie Gilbert further adds to the group's harmonious nature. Her voice is smooth, jazzy and emotive.

In addition to writing their own deeply moving, emotional songs, the band has made a name for itself covering classic songs like Emperor’s “The Wanderer,” The Moody Blue’s “Nights in White Satin," and most of, Candlemass’ “Solitude.” The group strikes a balance between capturing the essence of the original song and creating their own, unique take.

The band has released the “Blue” EP and earlier this year the “Winter” album through Century Media records. They have participated in major European tours warming the stage for My Dying Bride and Enslaved. Before a Texas crowd full of friends, Dobber Beverly and Cammie Gilbert answered a few questions pertaining to their albums and recent tours.

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Misanthropic Rage Chats About New Album

Hailing from Poland and offering a more experimental and avant-garde take on the typical black metal sound, Misanthropic Rage has arrived to show us the "Gates Are No Longer Shut!"

After releasing the "Qualia" EP this summer, debut full-length album "Gates Are No Longer Shut" just dropped last month via Godz Ov War Productions and can be picked up in various formats right here.

We got in touch with the mysterious Misanthropic Rage duo, known only as W. and AR., to find out all about recording these releases in seclusion from humanity, signing a record deal, and even chat about the subjective nature of realty. For more info on the band, head over to the Misanthropic Rage Facebook profile.

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Monsters And Movies With Lordi's Drummer

Since their inception, Finland's Lordi has become one of the flag bearers for old school heavy metal. Their use of costumes, theatrics and pop culture references has made them a favourite for many who enjoyed the style which was most prominent in the eighties, while others have not warmed to the group quite so much. Over the cource of their career, the band has gained a significant fan base in Germany, the Balkans and the United Kingdom. During their stop in Bristol (reviewed here,) as part of their extensive tour of Great Britain, I was able to sit down and speak with the band's drummer, Mana, with whom I discussed a variety of subjects from their recent album, "Monstereophonic," where they find the most success and why they continue to make such use of the classic heavy metal stage show.

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SOiL Frontman Discusses Past, Present And Future

Back in 2001, I was eleven years old and obsessed with two things; Professional wrestling and the "nu metal" music that often accompanied it. I discovered such bands as Drowning Pool and Sevendust through wrestling and it led me to check out the Kerrang! TV channel, where I found more bands that gave me what I wanted. One band which I still remember seeing (and hearing) for the first time on the station was SOiL, with their filthy and punchy single, "Halo." It became one of the anthems for those of us into that genre and remains their best known song, even after lineup changes and five albums, the latest of which was 2013's, "Whole."

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk with singer Ryan McCombs about a range of topics, from "Whole" to his love of food in the United Kingdom, the cult status of "Halo" to the election victory of Donald Trump and more. You can check out the video.

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Photo of Rotting Christ

Band Photo: Rotting Christ

Rotting Christ Discusses Rituals, Europe And Sport

Formed in the Greek capital city of Athens in 1987, Rotting Christ remains one of Europe's longest running and most respected extreme metal bands. Emerging initially as a grindcore band, they soon became one of the first names in black metal, with their demos spreading across Europe and influencing the infamous Norwegian black metal scene as well as other groups on both sides of the continent. They have since gone on to release twelve studio albums and one EP, in addition to a live album and comprehensive DVD and are still one of the most unique sounding bands in extreme metal music.

At their recent show in London, I had the pleasure of sitting down with frontman and founder Sakis Tolis to discuss their latest album, "Rituals," as well as the legacy of the band, his side group Thou Art Lord, the current political and economic climate and our mutual love of association football. You can listen to the conversation below.

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Chasing Safety Talks "Nomad" And Video Shoots

After recently premiering a new music video from the band's upcoming "Nomad" album, we decided to get a closer look at the musical entity that is Chasing Safety.

Below is our full interview with the U.S. post hardcore outfit, which is currently gearing up to hit the stage for an Outerloop label showcase and unleash this sophomore album to the masses early next year.

xFiruath: Let's start with the “Brand New Prison” video we are premiering – what's going on in the clip and where did recording take place?

The video is a live play-through of the song while we were in the studio doing our album. It wasn't very hard to put it together. Shooting was simple we just had the video guy hang out and film while we ran through the song a few times, it was painless.

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Photo of Crowbar

Band Photo: Crowbar

Crowbar Discusses "The Serpent Only Lies"

Doom and sludge metal bands weren’t as common in the late eighties as today. Back then bands most often looked to hair metal and thrash for inspiration. New Orleans, Louisiana was no different. When the saints go marching in, they were doing it to the cadence of Exhorder. After a few years, every music genre becomes oversaturated. Thrash was no longer a novelty to friends Kirk Windstein and Jimmy Bower. Instead of worshipping speed, the two went the other direction, one treaded by bands such as Trouble, Saint Vitus, and of course, Black Sabbath.

Down tempos were a major facet of Crowbar’s sound, but they also liked to push the pace with circle-pit inducing hardcore rhythms. You get hit with a bass bomb and then a machine gun blast. Windstein’s vocals were cast from the same cinder blocks as his guitar grooves, resulting in a more aggressive take than any doom band. Crowbar is a band about fighting, but not in the sense of punching some one in the mouth. Their lyrics are about inner conflict, about fighting to overcome adversity. As hard as the band hits, though, melody is also a major tool to express these ideas.

The mix of hardcore, doom and southern rock became known as sludge. Just like many scenes the NOLA scene was built on friends influencing friends, sharing stages and sharing bands. Bower played drums for Crowbar in the early days. Windstein and Bower both also played together in Down. Add Bower’s other band, Eyehategod, and you have the scene that propagated sludge to the world’s masses. If not for bands like these three, sludge wouldn’t experience its current popularity. The sound has evolved into more of a stoner tag, but at the roots were NOLA bands.

In 1993, Down band mate Phil Anselmo helped NOLA sludge climb into the light. Anselmo had made a name for himself singing for Pantera, so the masses noticed when he produced Crowbar’s self-titled album and brought them on tour. He also sported Eyehategod shirts and took them on tour as well. Animated morons Beavis and Butthead watched “Existence is Punishment” and made fun of Crowbar’s weight. The dimwitted duo made fun of a lot of great metal videos—Death “The Philosopher” and Morbid Angel “God of Emptiness” for example. But even negative exposure is still exposure, especially on MTV.

Nearly three decades after they struck their first chord, Crowbar has looked to the past for inspiration. “The Serpent Only Lies” (due October 28th) is a throwback to the band’s early years. Often a band’s early records are fan favorites because those records are fresh and novel. Even though Windstein wrote the way he wanted to write the album, it’s still cool that he did something fans ask for but never get. Bands cringe at the idea of revisiting early records. In the following interview, singer/guitarist/lyricist Kirk Windstein talks about what inspired him to make this record and how their influences help define the band as a whole.

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