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Mario Petrovic Reveals Deadborn Only Wants To "Play Death Metal In The Good Old Way"

Once upon a time there was a band named Necrophagist...and there still is. One of its band members went on to Obscura and two others went on to form the German death metal machine known as Deadborn. Already on its second full-length release, "Mayhem Maniac Machine," Deadborn does things the old school death metal way - composing unadulterated, delivering non-stop power and energy with deadly force. Vocalist (and part-time guitarist) Mario Petrovic caught up with Metal Underground when he had a gap in his busy schedule of shooting a video and gearing up for ExtremeFest 2012 in Germany to give us some insights into Deadborn's new album and some of the band's interesting history, letting us know that these Teutonic thrashers don't plan on letting up on the steam anytime soon.

Sonic: Hello! You released your new album "Mayhem Maniac Machine" on the German label Apostasy records. Each of your three releases has been on a different label (Massacre, Sylphony Creations), so have you been looking for the right fit for Deadborn?

Mario: Hey you maniacs out there, death metal rules the world! Yeah, we just released our new album. The reason why we got a new label? Well, we didn´t get much support from our former labels, so we tried it again with Apostasy Records. They are doing much more for us than the previous labels and support us pretty well. Together we are looking forward to spreading the name Deadborn and want to insure our position in the world wide death metal scene.

Sonic: Deadborn seems to have a unifying theme with each album. On your first full-length, "Stigma Eternal," it seemed to be a theme of existential spiritual isolation. This one appears to take aim at a mechanized society with its biological song titles. Was that your intention?

Mario: Yeah, of course. The "MMM" album has got a concept. The theme is a question of mankind and this gigantic machinery dominating us, controlling everyone of you and telling you what to think and what to feel. Presented in some gruesome metaphor, we just want to inspire our listeners and express something more sophisticated with our image of music, lyrics and artwork

Sonic: You even changed the band logo this time to a more legible, less typical death metal like the old Deadborn logo from a few years ago. Why?

Mario: So, we didn´t change it, we just took a second symbol to our concept. This Symbol represents the MMM and the 3rd aeon death metal insanity . In the future we will take both logos. Anyway, sometimes it's less typical much more death metal than something usual. Think about it…

Sonic: On "Mayhem Maniac Machine" you brought in a session bassist, Christian Neumann from Jack Slater, to record with you four. Kevin Olasz knew him from his previous band, I gather. Is there a reason you do not add a full-time bassist to the line-up?

Mario: Well, unfortunately Christian didn't want to join Deadborn because of his lack of time. He only helped us out with the bass part on this album. We further searched for a fourth member and Kevin came to us one year after the recording of the "MMM" album. Now he is a full time member and plays the lead guitar. Sadly we still got no bass Player.

Sonic: So far, Deadborn has streamed "Bionic Abomination" and "Insane Motor Cortex" from the new album, which are both non-stop energy from the get go. Take us through the recording process of the new album and your interpretations of the songs.

Mario: All the Deadborn songs are non stop energy-styled. In the studio at first we recorded the guitars followed by the drums and the bass guitar. The vocals and the solo guitar are put on last. In every song is a lot of energy and agression - they are all on a par. Fucking brutal man!

Sonic: I found it interesting that the album ended in the track "Kraftwerk D," a massive guitar riff over heavy machinery. Is that title a reference to the German electronic band from the early eighties?

Mario: Hehe, no it´s not. A guy of a well known German magazine asked me the same question. It has nothing to do with this glorious electronic band from the eighties. If you translate Kraftwerk, that means something like power station. D of course stands for Deadborn. I thought that title fits pretty well to the whole concept of the album and this last track, an monumental sound wave that hypnotizes the listener. That’s all about "Kraftwerk D."

Sonic: You have once again worked with Christoph Brandes of Iguana Studios for this album. Then again, he has a long history with Deadborn and also with Necrophagist - where a couple of Deadborn's members came from a long time ago. How was that like?

Mario: We are really glad to have such a competent sound engineer. This man is the chief master of death metal recording, really! His work flow is great and the final result is absolutely outstanding. We are looking forward to the next Iguana Studio session.

Sonic: Even though you and Slavek left Necrophagist eleven years ago, you still seem to share a lot of history and shows. You both respectively play brutal, precise death metal and seem to remain on good terms. Even Christian Muenzner, after he left Necrophagist to go to Obscura and Spawn of Possession, has contributed solos to Deadborn.

Mario: Yes, the idea for his guest appearance on the "Stigma Eternal" album for the song “Crack of Doom” was kinda paying homage to the old Necrophagist time. This monster solo he played is really awesome and we fucking love it. He is an outstanding guitar player, respect to him!

Sonic: You do the ungodly vocals, but it seems as if you went from doing guitar earlier in your career to phasing out the guitar and going more in the direction of exclusively vocals. Are you happier concentrating more on one thing?

Mario: Yes, I am happier. And I think that especially live the vocals can be presented in a much more energetic way and the show gets more dynamic. I´m still playing guitar, composing Deadborn songs and arranging the songs with the other guys. On the "MMM" album I played four songs and all the solos.

Sonic: I have seen a couple of your videos from the "Stigma Eternal" period, "Pain is God" and "Thorns of Inner Fear." You went for a claymation theme in both of those, with spiders, praying mantises and an electric chair. Do you plan to do an official video for a certain song off of "Mayhem Maniac Machine?"

Mario: Yes, a videoclip for the song “Insane Motor Cortex” is just in the works. This time it won´t be a stop/motion styled video but again filmed on 8mm, like in the good old times. The clip will be shown in summer this year. We are looking forward to presenting it.

Sonic: I have noticed in the comments on your videos that many of the fans appreciate that you have kept the music strictly unadulterated brutal death metal. One comment read "no fruity symphonic bull." Keeping it basic and savage seems to be Deadborn's aim, no?

Mario: Yeah, we only want to play death metal in the good old way. Maybe we'll have some little instrumental experiments in the future, but it will always be basic. We only got our instruments and trying to create this certain atmosphere without synths or

Sonic: When you mention your place of residence as the Black Forest, it conjures up a certain mystique. It sounds like the kind of place an extreme metal band would get great inspiration from. Tell us about the black forest...

Mario: That’s true. The Black Forest is really a mysterious area here in Germany's southwest. As you said, it´s pretty inspiring. The dark woods, a lot of wild hogs, intense orkans, snow storms and also a lot of disturbing tourists.

Sonic: You have done plenty of festivals like Fuck The Commerce and Party.san, and toured with a whole host of bands such as Dying Fetus, Cephalic Carnage and Hate Eternal in the past. What are Deadborn's immediate tour plans?

Mario: Yeah, we had some great concerts in the past. I hope we will upstage our past success but for now we planed only some festival appearences in July. A short tour in Germany is planned and hopefully a lot of concerts. We are looking forward to this.

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