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Brazilian Shredder Moyses Kolesne States Krisiun's Goal: "To Leave A Legacy As A Real Metal Band"

Following my interview with Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) at Higher Ground in South Burlington, Vermont, I seized the opportunity to speak with one of his Brazilian countrymen in death metal trio Krisiun. Guitarist Moyses Kolesne reflected on the extensive North American tour then nearing completion, spoke of near-term plans, discussed Krisiun's latest album "The Great Execution," [2011] and even managed to weigh in on a death metal-related controversy with a refreshingly different opinion.

Mike Smith (OverkillExposure): Tell me about Krisiun’s plans immediately following the Sepultura tour.

Moyses Kolesne: We’re doing some more tours. We’re going to Europe next week for some festivals, and yeah, we’re just gonna keep touring ‘til later this year, ‘til Barge To Hell. We’re coming back here in October, too. It’s almost a hundred percent confirmed we’ll be back here with Septic Flesh.

Mike: And are you continuing on the offshoot of this tour, once Sepultura is finished?

Moyses: No, it’s just Death Angel and Havok. They’re doing some more dates, but we’re riding with Sepultura on the bus, so once they’re done, we’re done, and we’re gonna head to Brazil.

Mike: I’m sure that playing shows in Brazil is a different experience altogether for Krisiun – more of a local dynamic – than touring as an international act. Does it ever feel weird jumping back and forth between the two?

Moyses: For us, it’s all about being professional and taking our band seriously. We put the same amount of thought into all the shows, and we try to play as well here as we do in Europe or Brazil. And if we get a chance to put our banner up, our backline, and make it look even better, we’re gonna do it. So sure, in Brazil, we can tour as a headlining band, and can bring all our gear and play all the records. It is different. In the U.S., we’re always supporting other bands, but one day, maybe we will headline so people can see a real Krisiun show! I hope it will happen one day; that’s why we’re doing this.

Mike: This tour is almost over. Any memorable experiences that stand out?

Moyses: Yesterday we had a day off and had a fucking great barbecue. It was somewhere in New Jersey, in our hotel parking lot. We drank a lot and did a lot of Brazilian style barbecue with a lot of meat. It was fucking cool. For us, touring with Sepultura is something special, because we grew up on them. They’re the biggest Brazilian band, and this is the first time ever that two Brazilian bands are touring together! This is a historical fact, and we’re proud to be part of it. That makes this tour really special for us.

Mike: I’m surprised it didn’t happen earlier!

Moyses: Yeah, it’s all because they had other issues back in time, y’know? When we came out, they were having their split-up and stuff, and it took a long time for them to get established again, but now they can choose the bands to support them, so they invited us, and we felt really honored. Like you said, I don’t know why it didn’t happen before, but I guess the opportunity just came along at the right time.

Mike: Heavy music in the U.S. seems to undergo constant trend cycles, with one or two styles grabbing the spotlight at any given time. Do you feel that Krisiun’s brand of death metal has been well received by American fans?

Moyses: Sure! We’re touring with three bands that are more like thrash metal. And for us, that’s good, because we’re showing our music to a different kind of crowd. Usually we’ll come here with bands like Nile, Morbid Angel, or Cannibal Corpse. Oh, we toured with Destruction too, another thrash metal band. And I think it’s good, man. People come to the show and see more diversified kind of music, not only one style. I think that’s doing well. I’ve felt our music is well accepted here, the record sales went well, and we’ve gotten the opportunity to do this tour, another one later this year, and the Barge To Hell, and next year we’re gonna do some more. In the U.S., people always love the brutal music! There are a lot of bands that blast, and we blast. So I think it’s great over here!

Mike: “The Great Execution” is my favorite Krisiun album to date, and you guys have spoken about wanting to include more classic metal influences in the music, which really broaden your sound. Why now, with this album, to take that step?

Moyses: I think it’s because we’re getting older. When you’re young, you just want to go really extreme, y’know? You don’t really care about your roots; you just want to play as aggressive and fast as possible, because that’s the driving feeling you have inside. But once you start getting older, you feel that if you just keep doing it the same, things can get a bit boring. So instead of just taking influences from the trends in music nowadays, we decided to look to the past, to stuff we grew up with, like the old Maiden, old Black Sabbath, old Metallica, old Sepultura stuff, and put it in our music. It came out really satisfying, I think.

Mike: What albums have you been representing in your setlist?

Moyses: Well, we have thirty minutes and five or six songs. So it’s hard, man! Each song is from a different record, so we have one song from the new record, one from the last one, one from the first, second… It’s hard.

Mike: Especially when trying to represent Krisiun to people who might be unfamiliar with your music.

Moyses: I see this every night! I’ll go out into the crowd, and people say, “Man, I never heard about you guys before, but you guys are great!” So I feel that on this tour, we’re conquering some new fans, which I’m pretty happy about.

Mike: Do you think girls like Krisiun?

Moyses: [Laughs] Some do, sure!

Mike: When it comes to future music, what thoughts, if any, have you had about the stylistic direction? Do you see a continuation of “The Great Execution,” something more old school, or something else?

Moyses: Well, you never know, because when you do a tour, you always get a lot of influences from bands. We’re touring with Sepultura, I’m watching them every night, and getting to learn some more stuff. And we’re gonna keep doing more and more tours until we find a point to start writing new stuff. And all the things that we learned on all these tours are gonna be there, on the next record. Also, you need to open your mind to new things. Not to be commercial, but just to have new ideas. You can’t just stay somewhere you feel safe. It’s about trying to keep our identity, keep it metal, while putting something new in the music.

Mike: Speaking of newer music, is there anything out there now you guys are enjoying?

Moyses: I still like all the old bands like Sabbath, Slayer, Sepultura, AC/DC, Motörhead. New bands… Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel, not new bands, but I still like them, y’know? Behemoth, Decapitated, and all those guys. I do like Havok. They’re a great band. I’d never heard about them before, and I really became a fan. Havok is one of the best newer bands I’ve heard lately.

Mike: What’s your opinion on the big controversy over Morbid Angel’s latest album? [“Illud Divinum Insanus,” reviewed here]

Moyses: I guess people waited more than twelve years for [bassist/vocalist] David Vincent to get back in the band, and they expected a record a lot like “Covenant” [1993] or “Blessed Are The Sick.” [1991] But it’s a different era; it’s a different time. People change, and I think they changed a lot. David Vincent was playing in other kinds of bands, and he brought his baggage with him, and [drummer] Pete Sandoval left the band. I really like the death metal songs they put on the record, and some of the new industrial songs I started to like too. I know a lot of people don’t like it, but I like it. Music is something that should make me feel good, and when I like it, I like it. It’s hard for people to explain why they don’t like certain music. “Oh, it’s too commercial,” some people say. But maybe they just don’t understand the music so well. They hear it one time and think they get the point, y’know? But for me, it takes several times. I have to keep listening until I get the point. Music just makes me feel good.

Mike: Has Krisiun gotten any criticism for the sound on your new album?

Moyses: Sure, sure. A couple people have said, “What, are you guys wimping out, or something?” And “The record’s not a hundred percent fast,” and shit like that. Kids, man. They need to bitch about anything. And some critics back in time have said, “Oh, Krisiun’s so boring, they just play the same shit,” and we put the new record out and some say, “Now I can listen to them.” So nobody has the same opinion, but we’re gonna feed some hungry kids that like extreme metal, like me when I was a kid. I just liked blasting stuff back then. I mean, I always liked all kinds of metal, but I REALLY liked the blasting shit. So I know there are kids out there that like that stuff, and we’re there for them. And if a critic just listens to “soft” metal, sure, he ain’t gonna have any clue about us. We play for us, for metal – not for critics. So if you like the music, you like it, and if you don’t, you don’t, but you don’t need to be out there spreading bad news about bands.

Mike: Does being brothers on the road make things easier or harder?

Moyses: It makes things easier because we’re a family. We have problems like any other band, but we don’t break up the band just because of that. And we keep doing it. I know that us being a family, for some people, it’s like, [Groan] “Oh, the same three guys, always.” But there’s nothing you can do about that. That’s Krisiun: a family, three brothers. Some people like that, some people don’t: “Oh, they all look the same,” and stuff like that. But I don’t give a fuck, y’know? I think it’s really good. We’re really good friends, and not just because we’re brothers – some brothers hate each other. We just get along pretty well. You’ve gotta have the maturity to know that a band is like a relationship, and you can’t just think that your own ideas are the right ones. You have to listen to the others and see another point. That’s how you make things happen.

Moyses: What kind of interests or hobbies do you guys have outside the band?

Moyses: My hobby is guitar, man! The other guys do some other stuff, but for me, it’s just guitars. When I’m not playing in the band, I’m doing something with pedals, or fixing and building guitars.

Mike: Collectively, what is Krisiun’s greatest hope for this year and beyond?

Moyses: A solid following, y’know? A solid following, keeping the band together, and being happy doing what we do. That’s the main point for me, because as far as I’m happy playing in Krisiun, I’ll be playing forever. When it starts to make me sad, I’d better quit. So we’re all happy doing this and having a lot of fun. Playing metal, getting the chance to tour all over the world and meet new people, it’s a dream that we’ve had since we were kids. So for me, this is magical. It’s really beyond my expectations when I was a kid. So the goal is to keep the band together and keep a healthy attitude, and whatever comes or doesn’t come for us, the music stays here forever. After we die, in a hundred years, maybe some people will listen to our old records and start liking them. Music is something that’s ageless. It’s boundless; it’s there forever. As humans, we know that one day, we ain’t gonna be here anymore, but the music will be here. That’s my dream to accomplish: leave the Krisiun legacy here, as a real metal band.

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Mike Smith is a native Virginia writer and a diehard metal and hard rock fan. As a music journalist, he is a staffer with Metalunderground.com and Outburn Magazine.

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