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Interview With Mig Of Bordel

London, UK's BORDEL is one upcoming metal act that everyone worldwide is going to be hearing major noise from in 2007. They don't seem to be confined to one regimented, formulastic sound like so many other metal acts that are trying to define themselves today. Yet, they clearly pay respect to the great heavy music bands that have certainly helped shaped their at times punk'd up, gothic-metal approach. But they are mainly about one thing and one thing alone: coming up with memorable, rocking tunes that makes you want to press 'play' all over again once the song is done. And that's what you get with Bordel, along with a sense of true rocker spirit involved behind it. I got some Q&A in recently with their very engaging frontman, Mig.

Rocket: When did you first start performing in bands?

Mig: I started performing in bands when i was 17 way back in the early 90’s . I had only been playing the guitar for about a year and decided i could play well enough to join a band. I auditioned for a few bands and played a few rehearsals, but nothing seemed to float my boat back then. I eventually decided to start a band ‘The Fallen’ from Bradford UK, with my brother Rick (who has since passed away) - Drums, and two other guys Alex (also passed away) - Vocals and Dale (Bass). We were together for about 2 years, played a few gigs with now some major players (Emperor and Cradle of Filth). Finally we all went different ways. I went to college to study Graphic Design and Communications and that was the end of music for awhile.

Rocket: Who are some of your main playing influences, both on guitar and vocals? And I already hear the Danzig vibe in your music, which I totally love. Who else from past or present?

Mig: Wow! Thanks for the complement about the Danzig vibe that's cool!

Rocket: Right on. Haha. Well, bro. I call them like I see them. Or should I say 'hear'? Yeah, that's what first immediately drew me to this band. I have been a major fan of Danzig's music over the years. To me, he is just as much the Godfather of metal as Ozzy Osbourne.

Mig: Danzig is a great artist and excellent performer. I’m flattered to think we have a similar vibe. If my vocals are coming across anywhere near as powerful as Glenn’s that truly is a complement, I’m flattered to be compared!!

Rocket: Hey, man. It's a tough enough world as it is to not try and spread some good sentiment around. Haha.

Mig: But we are very different.

Rocket: Oh yeah. You are no copycat Danzig act, that's for sure. Bordel goes much deeper than that. That's why I wanted to do this interview and give my readership the opportunity to learn more about this band.

Mig: Some of my influences are so varied, I could be hear all day listing them, but the most appropriate are:- The Doors, Black Sabbath, Type O Negative, White Zombie..etc etc..

Rocket: What kind of guitars are you playing live and in the studio?

Mig: I have various guitars that I use. I tend to use my Gibson Les Paul ‘Gothic’ for the live stuff. It has a great low and top edge giving that all important heaviness to the BORDEL sound. In the studio I have several guitars that I use. Some you would never guess have been used, such as hollow bodied semi acoustics (Gibson 355 types). I use an American Fender Strat (Hot Rodded) a lot. They are great versatile guitars. Also use my customised RG 570 Ibanez guitar that i have had for 17 years. It was my first semi Pro guitar I bought and I still use it!!

Rocket: What kind of amp rig?

Mig: Live right now i’m using Line 6 gear as its easy to transport and cheap, so if it gets busted up it won’t cost the earth to replace. Also for sound check its heaven, real easy to set-up. I don’t have to bother with many effects, racks etc... except special custom effects. And it weighs nothing, not like my valve amps which weigh a ton. Carrying them sometimes is that last thing you want to do after a full on show. (Yep i do my own gear lugging.) But using the Line6 gear you do miss the warmth from the valves, its a different sound and you notice after playing digital stuff for awhile then going back to valves the sound is really different. In the studio I use a Marshall JCM 800 Lead Amp with a mixture of Line 6 stuff, plus ProTone custom made pedals. In an ideal world i’d have my own custom made amp. I would probably use a Diezel (tweaked of course to my specs). I don’t like off the shelf sounds, which is kinda hard to avoid with digital stuff, but I manage.

Rocket: Briefly, in one sentence. What is this band's mission statement?

Mig: Keep it True and from the Heart !

Rocket: Gotta love that. So now Bordel is trying to get onto Download Fest 2007 with Metallica headlining, correct? How can fans help to get you voted on?

Mig: Yes it is true, someone put us forward to play the festival. It would be great to play and a great show !!! BORDEL would love the opportunuity to tear up the stage at Download ‘07. Fans can help us by registering on the Download Festival Forum and voting YES !!! to BORDEL playing. www.downloadfestival.co.uk.

Rocket: If you did get voted on and had a chance to sit down and enjoy a night of drinks with only one of Metallica's members who would you choose and why?

Mig: I would like the opportunity to sit with James Hetfield. I think he has great ideas and think he is by far the best guitar player in Metallica. He has such great note choices. He writes from the heart, great riffs excellent business sense. I guess i see a bit of myself in him; he has something I can relate to, so I think it would be a good nights drinking. It certainly wouldn’t be boring, I think the words ‘wild’ & ‘enlightening’ would probably best describe the night.

Rocket: Yeah, I met Lars years back at the Rainbow Room. It's a funny story cause initially I was pissed off cause me and a buddy were drinking for three hours straight in one of the infamous 'red booths' with these two hot swedish chicks that we'd just picked up in line and we racked up well over a two hundred dollar bill and had paid it when we were next suddenly asked to give the booth up to another set of guests, right? And I was like saying to my friend, "What the fuck? I just dropped two bills here. We aren't moving or I'm gonna start a barfight on the way out this place." Haha. And that's when I realized they were sitting Lars Ulrich and Metallica's producer at the time, Bob Rock in our spot! It was during the actual L.A. touring for the Black Album. Needless to say, I chilled out with being asked to give that booth up very quick from there. Haha. I even walked over and said what's up to Lars, shook his hand like a bro and he was totally cool. Now, back to what Bordel is up to currently. This band is working on material for a new album that is expected to be released in early to mid 2007. What can we expect from the new stuff? I think what we all want to know here is "Are you bringing the heavy shit?" Ha!

Mig: Brining the heavy ?? Hell yeah!! There are some great hooks that you just can’t get out of your head!

Rocket: Have you chosen a producer yet?

Mig: Since I’m personally financing it, the producers I would really like to work with are out of my price range unfortunately (Rick Rubin or Scott Humphrey, Peter Lorimer). There are a few though that i’m considering. I will of course co-produce. Not an ego thing its just I know exactly what i want, but I’m open to new ways and ideas too.

Rocket: Bordel has been kicking some ass on the UK scene this year with many live performances. Who are some of the other upcoming metal bands from your scene that have impressed you?

Mig: Yes, there are a few bands that we have played with that I have thought were great!! Kreuz Dammer (Industrial) from Cambridge are a great band. Another band on the scene that BORDEL haven’t played with yet, that kick as live too, are PsychoCreeps Inc., a HorrorPunk band.

Rocket: I like to have fun with this next one. What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you while performing on stage?

Mig: Oh shit!!! There are a few, but not directly to me. One has to be the first gig BORDEL ever played in Europe (Lisbon, Portugal). BORDEL had a gimp for the show that night. Halfway through he got a little excited and stole my microphone and started singing down it, I was left speechless with my guitar in hand and just continued playing! Actually the crowd went nuts, it was really funny!! Great laugh!! Another time was at my birthday bash last year. We had some fetish dancers that put on a show. During their little performance which was during the song ‘Little Death’. One of the girls was being whipped, during which the whip caught panty bottoms taking them off !!, with her excitement to pull them up her top came undone, fortunately, my back was turned to them as i was in mid solo, so didn’t catch anything, it was only after the show i saw some photos, it was nasty Haha!!! But the crowd loved it especially the kids at the front, they thought it was christmas again!!!

Rocket: Haha. Sounds like it! Man, it was a great year for metal in 2006. What one album has been your personal favorite?

Mig: Yes, 2006 was a great year for metal. There have been some good albums and a lot of disappointments too. My personal favorites weren’t from 2006, but I only managed to get a copy of them last year. ‘Bumble Foot- Ron Thal’ - 911 and Hands. The last i heard Ron Thal was playing with Guns n’ Roses, but his solo stuff is just great. I expected more from Rob Zombie. I liked Black Aria 2 - Glenn Danzig, think i understood where he’s coming from. I’m excited about 2007 there should be lots more great albums out, especially with sites like My Space. Lots of fresh exciting ideas!!

Rocket: Oh yeah. That's the best part of my job, I just get to scout out music all day long. And while a lot of my time is spent working past the 'shitty stuff', it's when I come across unique and well-produced bands like Bordel that makes it all pay off. So, tell me, what are some of the upcoming shows for Bordel that we need to watchout for?

Mig: We have a show booked on 23rd of February in London, UK at The Standard (Walthamstow). It's the only show booked so far as there are many exciting things on the horizon with possible management (yes BORDEL are looking for suitable management), the recording of the album and possible tours, so I’m leaving things flexible at the moment. BORDEL would like to make it to the states for next fall too... let's see what happens. I will keep you all posted!

Rocket: Well, I expect big things to come from this band. Thanks very much for your time. Please give a shout out to your biggest supporters.

Mig: Stay true it will happen!!!

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Anonymous Reader
1. HellBitch writes:

I've seen a couple of Bordel's gigs and they are awesome!!!! The music is great and the performance is always on top form as well as very entertaining! I'll be going to the Standard for sure! :o)

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Anonymous Reader
2. Mike KreuzDammer writes:

Kick a$$ live band - check them out!

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