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Interview With The Metal Twins

I don't think I need to make much of an introduction on these two lovely young ladies, for they are extremely well known among the most dedicated of metalers on the live scene or that are addicted to MySpace online like the rest of us. THE METAL TWINS, Megan and Stacy are Rock N Roll gorgeous, full of child-like energy and definitely on their way up as recognizable personalities in the heavy music arena for sure. I wanted to take some time and finally interview them inbetween their dancing on stage for the likes of CHIMAIRA or being killed at the hands of GWAR to try and help show others around what a true metaler is all about. I got real lucky with these hotties, a two for one, if you will, and easily the most down for the music I've ever witnessed.

Rocket: Thanks for taking the time out with me, babes. Let me first ask, are you two originally from Philadelphia?

The Metal Twins: We were born and raised in Philly. Of all the travelling that we've done, so far Killadelphia has had one of the best party scenes besides New York on the east coast and Las Vegas (of course) on the west coast. We love the little run down Rock/Metal bars like 'Whiskey Dix' (Philly) and Duff's (Brooklyn). They keep people like us alive!

Rocket: So when exactly did you both start listening to metal music?

Stacy: Well, both of our parents were totally into Rock, so we were brought up in the scene. I could remember going to tower records in elemetary school and buying a Cannibal Corpse album just because of the way the cover looked. hahaha!

Megan: Yeah, Stace, you were a sick fuck at an early age, hahaha! Yeah, we went through phases just like any other kid does, but never out of the rock scene. We did the grunge thing, then of course the goth phase and then went straight to heavy metal!

Rocket: Who were some of the first metal bands that you liked?

Megan: Well, of course we grew up listening to big bands like Metallica and Slayer... then discovered bands like Nine Inch Nails, Fear Factory, and Slipknot then shit just spun off from there. Those bands were underground at the time....it's cool watching how big they've gotten over the years compared to then. I mean "Soul of a New Machine" Fear Factory's first album is a classic to me.

Stacy: Come on, Meg, you forgot to mention PAN-fucking-TERA! I don't even rememeber when we first started listening to Pantera but they have helped shape so much of our lives. When we were in highschool, angry and rebelious like every highschool kid, we would go home and listen to either Vulgar or Far beyond Driven. It was almost like and anger release. They were one of the most liberating bands I've ever listened to. They were the perfect mix of 80's and modern metal. Some people say they don't like Iron Maiden because of the way his voice sounds. If you listen to Phil, he uses the 80's style scream and the growls of the newer metal. They will always be one of my favorite bands. Even 20 years from now.

Rocket: Getcha pull on that! What was your very first metal concert? And what do you remember the most about it to this very day?

The Metal Twins: When we were little obviously we didn't have jobs so we could never afford to go to the concerts that we wanted to go to so badly. We were stuck looking at the covers of the CD's wishing that one day we could see them all live. Our first concert was one of the Ozzfests. We don't exactly remember which one, but we didn't pay for the tickets. My mom's boyfriend had bought them for us for an early birthday gift. The most memorable thing about that day was leaving the concert in so much pain from moshing and head banging, but we still had smiles on our faces. With pounding headaches and the loud ringing in our ears we smiled the whole way home. We finanlly realized that there was an even better way to let out our childhood anger and agression; a brutal fucking moshpit to some of the heaviest music in the world! We fell in love and from then on we have spent 90% of our leisure time going to shows ever since. The other 10% is sleeping it off.

Rocket: I know you two are real popular in your local metal scene and are known to dance on stage for big time national touring acts like Chimaira, right? What's it like working with those guys?

The Metal Twins: It's not even like we really work with the guys in Chimaira! Its all fun and games when we are out on the road with them. Parties every night on the tour bus. The only time it comes down to business is when its almost time to go out on stage, and even then its a party! Stacy, Matt, and I have a routine when getting ready to go on. First the entire band takes a nice husky shot of Jager, then we put on Rammstein's "Buck Dich" and headbang till its time to go on! Its such a rush to get on stage with those guys because the fans are so loyal, singing every word to the songs and throwing metal horns the entire time. The pits are thrashing! It gets us so pumped up! Out of all of the bands we know personally, we have never met a band so close. They all get along so well, they joke and every last one of them has a great sense of humor. Everyone tends to get into arguments on the road but that's obligatory. Men get P.M.S. too ya know...hahaha.. we couldn't imagine having more fun with any other band out on the road.

Rocket: Who are some of the other well known metal bands you've worked with?

The Metal Twins: Well, like we said, we don't really "work" with any bands. Most of the time, when we are out on the road, we're just out there to hang out, party, and experience what its like to be on tour and travel to different cities everyday. However, some of the bands we rode with include Static-X and Ill Nino, Cannibal Corpse, and Chimaira of course with Children of Bodom and Arch Enemy, also Danzig. But that's a whole nother story haha! One band we haven't driven with but love to travel from state to state to see is Slipknot. Those guys should have their own reality series. Nine members, 5 tour buses, and a lot of drama. But it's all in fun!! We'd love to tour with them, but we'd probably have to step up our performance to something a little more dangerous and psychotic hahahaha!

Rocket: Now, do you two have a talent manager or a booking agent working with you? You have a Publicist, right?

The Metal Twins: We do not have a talent manager or a booking agent. We have mostly booked ourselves for appearances, photo shoots and just kind of ended up going on tour. Our Publicist, Damien Maurer, is who you are talking about. He chose the title 'Publicist' but in our opinion he was more like a promoter, but a great one at that. He is a great journalist too! He has always been very good at promoting us and we are also good friends behind it all. We hang out at almost every show we go to. Most of the big things we have done like , WILD RIDE energy drink, the celebration of 666 and our audition for Fuse were more of a move on our part. People contacted us and we booked the dates ourselves.

Rocket: I know recently that you were both killed on stage at a GWAR show, correct? That sounds like good times. Give us the gory details on that.

Megan: As every summer festival concert goer knows...those festivals can be killer (temperature-wise) Standing on the stage building anticipation to be killed was wicked but sweating to death was not. I got drug out on stage by one of the slaves directly after my sister. The Gor-Gor pushed me down on the stage and I swear my whole body fit in its mouth, the blood was cold so it was completely refreshing. Then in the middle of my refreshing moment, I was picked up by one of the slaves and thrown over his shoulder. He took me to the front of the stage and smacked my ass to the beat of the drums...and as we all know they wear thongs on stage, so I couldn't resist slapping his ass back! I could hear people in the crowd screaming "Metal Twins"! It was fuckin awesome! I'm friends with the guys in GWAR but I'll tell you, its so different seeing them on stage than it is to see them in person. They look so intimidating. Even though I know Dave is a calm, cool guy under all that crazy gear, he really freaked me out when he came over to help drag me out on stage! hahaha...It was a legendary moment in my life..and definitely something I will never forget. Don't be surprised if you see it happen again!!

Stacy: It was so hot out that day. I was more preoccupied with the fact the sweat was pouring from my face then anything and then out of nowhere Dave (Oderus) came over to me and grabbed my arm, dragging me out on stage to one of the slaves. Like Megan said, it was very intimidating even though underneath all of the horror, they are really cool down-to-earth people. To tell you the truth I was kind of turned on. Hahaha. The slave dragged me over to the monster and it almost seemed like I was seeing everything in slow motion. I bent down and the Gor-Gor put it's entired jaw over my upper torso. The blood drenched me completely! I loved every gut wrenching, bloody, sick, vile moment of my experience onstage with them. It was amazing. Definately my most amazing moment in metal ever! I hope the next time I go to a GWAR show, that the Gor-Gor is hungry for seconds.

Rocket: Okay, on this past July 22nd was the official listening party for Slayer's new album. How did that go? I understand that you were not allowed to actually listen to the entire album. What happened?

The Metal Twins: Well, apparently, the record label was worried (as always) that playing the entire album would tempt local metalheads to record it in some way...or maybe they were just being greedy, I don't know. But they didn't want the album to leak out onto the internet so, in order to play the entire album, we would have had to have had a representative from Warner Brothers attend the party. Shit! I said Invite 'em! But unfortunately they didn't show. Other than that, the party went as planned. We drank Jack Daniels, took shots of Black Tooth in Memory of Dimebag and did shots of Jager! By midnight (as expected) we made our way to the bar and got up to dance. It was hot dancing to thrashing riffs and ass ripping drums beats of Slayers new CD "Christ Illusion"...while having our asses spanked by Mistress Julia of FUSEs' Uranium, from behind the bar!

Rocket: Now which one of you knocked a kid out at the party? Can we talk about that? lol. Why couldn't there have been video on this? Haha

Megan: Just as we thought the night was coming to an end, we sat down to have a final drink in the outside section of Duff's little bit of hell. When... some kid...yes...we said "kid" started bragging about graffitiing all over New York City. We asked him how old he was, because he was acting like a child. Apparently he was only 18, and how the hell he got in was beyond us. However, we wouldn't do anything about it, because it was none of our business. BUT...when Stacy asked him how he got in and why he was at a bar under 21, he rudely leaned in and began drinking his beer in her face.

Stacy: I felt that this kid was trying to disrespect me by drinking his beer in my face. So I smacked the beer right out of his hand as he was drinkin it and knocked his hat off of his head. He then, proceeded to spit beer in my face. So I rocked his fuckin jaw!

Megan: Now, I was in a short conversation with one of his friends when I turned around and saw this...that was it! I grabbed the kid by his throat from behind and dragged him to the ground. After a few swift kicks in the head with my stiletto heel, his friend picked him up, which gave me plenty of room to punch him in his head. Stacy grabbed his hair from the back of his head and uppercutted him. While all this happened security just stood there and (as they later told us) said "They got this..." The kid then had the audacity to take a swing at Stacy, thats when security stepped in and threw the kid out. When we re-entered the bar area, small groups cheered for us and took pictures with us! What an exciting night. I spent the rest of the night with ice on my fist and a smile on my face. We will definitely go back to Duff's to party again.

Rocket: Man, you two went Sid Vicious on that head. Haha. Metal up! So what's the best metal show you've seen in 2006?

The Metal Twins: The best performance we saw this year was Nine Inch Nails at the Tweeter Center in Camden,NJ. The light show was like and acid flashback and of course, Trent Reznor was hotter then ever! I'm sure TOOL would have been amazing but somehow we missed it! Please, we don't even want to think about it! But anyway, we have to say..out of 2006 the most fun we had at a show was the Trivium/Devil Driver show at the TLA. We don't even remember who headlined that show, we were so drunk! Dez and the guys as well as Dez' good friend B.C. (Bear Claw) came up to V.I.P. and that was the end of it!! We drank shot after shot of Crown Royal. Dez and his Crown Royal! Gotta love him! Some fans bought us shots as well as drinks we had already bought for ourselves. The next thing we remember, Dez and everyone disappeared and we were in a group hug, crying with Rita Abbott (Dimebag Darrell's widow) We talked about how Dime was such an inspiration to many people in this world and that we could very possibly be modeling for Dime's clothing line in the future. That was such a great night that neither of us will ever forget! Rest in Peace Dime!

Rocket: Back to your dancing on the stage... what's the funniest thing that's ever happened while you were up there doing your thing?

Megan: I would definitely have to say, I had a three day bad luck spree on tour with Chimaira where for three days, weird or bad shit happened to me and ONLY me on stage! Day one, we were performing in North NJ and as I walked up on stage my heel gave way under me and made me stagger. How fuckin embaressing, in front of all those people i felt my face fill up with blood but I just shook it off and laughed at myself and finished the song. Day two, Atlantic City, I believe, I had kneeled down on the stage to dance on the floor and in the middle of the song, Mark Hunter (Vox) went to step back from the front of stage and stepped on my head! I wasn't one bit mad at him, I laughed my ass off. Finally the last day of my bad luck streak, I was dancing on stage and notice a dry noodle (elbow macaroni) on the stage bouncing around everytime the bass drum was hit. Of ALL things at a metal concert that get thrown on stage or end up on stage, How the HELL did a noodle end up there?? I couldn't keep a serious face. Suddenly I wondered what the crowd must have been thinking of me laughing like this so I turned by back to the crowd to lean on the drum riser and Mark Hunter comes up behind me and pulls my spanky shorts down! Good thing it wasn't thongless thursday, otherwise the crowd would have gotten a susprise they weren't expecting. Not cool! I was so pissed (in a funny way), I stopped dancing in the middle of the song and went to try to pull his pants down, which, of course, was unsuccesful...hahaha! To his fans he is so serious and evil but to us he is a funny, outgoing person. I wish they all knew him the way I do!

Stacy: I think the funny thing I ever saw while we were onstage was some chick slap her boyfriend for watching us. That poor kid...We aren't out there to compete we are out there to entertain. That's what the music industry is all about.

Rocket: So let's get back to your careers in the entertainment business. What exactly are you looking to achieve? Do you want to become big time movie stars or what? Have your own reality show? Or just be well known celebrities on the metal scene?

Megan: You know its funny that you say that about a reality show. So many people have told us that we need to get our own reality show. Something close to that seems to be in the workings right now but I'm not allowed to say much about it, so just keep your eyes peeled! I don't know what I want to acheive in the metal scene. In the beginning it was just wanting to meet all the bands I grew up listening to and idolized. I have met and am friends with so many of them right now, I couldn't be more thankful. I feel very lucky to be where I am today in the scene. I mean, who WOULDN'T want to be famous or be a movie star? I would love it but I don't know if that is me yet. I like being well known in the metal scene because I Love to meet new people, I love having friends and metalheads are my favorite people of all time! I want to know all the metalheads because, to me, they fuckin rock! We have alot in common. I don't know if I want to say I want to be a celebrity, that would be cocky I think.

Stacy: I never want to be so famous that I can't walk down the street without being harassed by fans or to be so big that I have creepy stalker fans. The few fans that we have now are great! I can't see myself being a celebrity outside of the Metal Music Industy. That's just not really me. Why else would they call us The 'Metal' Twins? Ya know?

Rocket: What are some of the next live appearances The Metal Twins will be making that we need to watchout for?

The Metal Twins: Well, we hope that at the next GWAR show, like we said, that the Gor-Gor is hungry for seconds because we will definitely not pass up another opportunity to be brutally slaughtered on stage with those guys! Remember...you can't spell SLAUGHTER without LAUGHTER!!! Also, there are some things that are being worked on right now or are in the process of being created that we can't yet talk about but look forward to seeing us again soon!

Rocket: Man, it was real cool hooking up with you both on this. I have been wanting to do this interview for some time, cause I just love you both so much. Go ahead and give a shout out to your biggest supporters.

The Metal Twins: Well, of all people in the world we'd like to thank our friends who are our biggest supporters. We would also like to thank our friends in Chimaira who are partially responsible for where we are today! Those guys are the most hospitable and understanding group of guys ever. They also tolerated a lot of our bullshit! We Love you guys! Finally, we'd like to thank all the people that enjoyed our show and give The Metal Twins support!!! We'd be nothing without our wicked ass metal-as-fuck fans!

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Anonymous Reader
1. Gennaro writes:

Awesome interview....The Metal Twins are truely amazing...Love and utmost respect for you both...
Rocket keep the interviews coming brother...


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2. charest writes:

f***ing right rocket, those twins are what metal is all about, getcha pull!

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Anonymous Reader
3. Chris from ORCUS writes:

Good luck with the reality show ~ rock on!!!
Can't wait to see it...


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4. DJ ShaggZ writes:

Keep up the awsome interviews Rocket.

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5. METALSTIXXX writes:

what can i say but...LONG LIVE f***N METAL!!!
as we say in my country YA'LL f***N ROCK !!!

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Anonymous Reader
6. Meth writes:

f*** damn it man I want one, or hell both =)


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7. SybiL writes:

Hail Rocket and The Metal Twins....Keep it real !!!

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Founder, owner & programmer

8. deathbringer writes:

That's cool. I had no idea who they were at the Chimaira shows. But I sure noticed how all eyes were forward and all the moshing stopped when they came on stage!

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9. Scotty_2_hottie writes:

Excellent interview, yes The Metal Twins are extremely gorgeous. It was good to see some background into these women as well, because amazingly this is the first I've heard of them. It won't be the last though, goth is great, please keep us updated on the Twins Rocket!

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Anonymous Reader
10. lilmeghan writes:

f***ing right on! \m/ This was a great interview!

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Anonymous Reader
11. -c5s-eternal writes:

good sh**...kudos for kickin that punk's ass...also, killed by gwar, hangin w/chimaira n all these bands, payin tribute to Dime, keepin it real...doesn't get any better...great interview, Rocket!

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Anonymous Reader
12. Sharon writes:

I actually just went to the Metal Twins site today...kick-ass chicks! Good interview R...Keep it METAL

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Anonymous Reader
13. Lisa Marie writes:

Rocket ALWAYS gets the good sh** and The Metal Twins are it !! Very cool down to earth chicks !!

Keep it up Rocket .... and not only for the bedroom !!

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Anonymous Reader
14. The Metal Twins writes:

Rocket is the f***in man!!!

# Aug 3, 2006 @ 7:54 AM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Anonymous Reader
15. SHANE writes:

Dude, good s**t! The Metal Twins f***'n rock like Richard Pryor before his pipe blew up!

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Anonymous Reader
16. MORGASM writes:

Love those chicks Rocket!! You rock...keep doin what you're doin brother!

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17. MACE YO FACE writes:


# Aug 3, 2006 @ 9:43 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Anonymous Reader
18. DVS writes:

Thats the f***in bomb interview Rocket!!! These chics sound like a female version of me, if I wasn't stuck in drycrotch South Dakota, I'd be checkin out all these shows also!!!! I definitely would like to spend"5 minutes alone"(or 5 hours) with these ladies!!! Once again, a stellar f***in interview bro!!! Keep those horns high mutha trucka!!! L8r bro,

# Aug 4, 2006 @ 3:36 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Anonymous Reader
19. mojo mojo writes:

who gives a f*** about 2 fat strippers from philly ill!!!

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Anonymous Reader
20. kiladelphia469 writes:

they sould like glorified wanna be groupies who have to feel important by knowing bands

# Aug 9, 2006 @ 3:32 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Anonymous Reader
21. FarBeyondDRUNK writes:

I thought Metal was about the MUSIC?! Was I wrong?! Come on ladies....stick to stripping.

# Aug 10, 2006 @ 5:14 AM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Anonymous Reader
22. Terminator writes:

mojo mojo-- thats PHat

# Aug 12, 2006 @ 1:47 AM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Anonymous Reader
23. Terminator writes:

awesome interview. these two chicks f***in rock.

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Anonymous Reader
24. BEHEMOTH writes:

Hey if any bands want a free lap dance give em a call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous Reader
25. NeoGeo1980 writes:

wow, I wish i was famous for doin nothing. and ew the Chimaira video, come on girls have alittle more respect for yourselves.

# Aug 19, 2006 @ 6:44 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Anonymous Reader
26. Killurself writes:

Wow, you people are really jealous for no reason. Neo, you say they are "famous" for doing nothing...yet...they didn't label themselves famous...YOU did...
Behemoth...funny you say that, because it just so happens that NOTHING in life is free...even if it IS a lap dance, so think before you write a "what you think is witty" comment...
To anyone who has written a negative comment on this page when -- you don't know these girls, nor do you know how cool they are -- You know what they say...if you talk sh**, you're just jealous, so thatnk you for giving the other readers a chance to see your jealousy...and to the ones who joined you, they showed us how much they are followers and not leaders...how sad.

Also 99.9% of you wouldn't have the balls to say this to their faces because your computer tough guys...

# Aug 19, 2006 @ 10:58 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Anonymous Reader
27. TruPhillyMetal writes:

Hey 'FarBeyondDRUNK' Metal is music dipsh**! Don't you remember Motley Crue having chicks on stage. The Metal Twins are bringing that back. So maybe you should wait until you are old enough to be 'drunk' and pull that d*** out of your ass, which is probably your dad's d*** anyway. hahahahaha you must be the kid they beat the f*** up @ the SLAYER listening party.

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Anonymous Reader
28. FarBeyondDRUNK writes:

No I am not "that kid from the slayer party." And about crue, they were a different type of music.....not as heavy, just makes them look retarded up there. And no I would never be jealous of them, they have no talent. They act like rockstars. Its actually pretty sad....
all the luck in the world girls!
your gonna NEED all the luck you can GET.

# Aug 21, 2006 @ 2:59 AM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Anonymous Reader
29. FarBeyondDRUNK writes:

And if they are "SOOOOOO METAL" as you ALL claim,
Why in f***s sake cant they even SPELL damageplan?
Damaged plan? WTF?
They must be some HARDCORE fans....hahaha PATHETIC!
They are fake as hell.

# Aug 21, 2006 @ 3:01 AM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Anonymous Reader
30. FarBeyondDRUNK writes:

Haha NOTICE NOW, how they changed it on their profile from "DAMAGED PLAN" To Damage Plan....
LEt me tell you, these girls are NOT fans.
They actually are QUITE PATHETIC!

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31. FarBeyondDRUNK writes:

C'mon everyone....these girls arent metal.
Give it up ladies...

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