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Interview: Brent Vaughn Of Deliver Us From Evil

Evansville, Indiana's great white hope Deliver Us From Evil is a band that only seems to continue gaining popularity in the deepest most toughest to penetrate inner circles of metal underground today. Whether it's through their 'pump your blood through the vein fast' sonic approach or just the energy and passion that each member gives off individually and then also as a team, Deliver Us From Evil is hands down currently one of the top unsigned metal acts in America. And at center stage for the band is a definitive artist and powerhouse on the microphone, Brent Vaughn, who I recently got some Q&A in with.

Rocket: Are you originally from Evansville, Indiana?

Brent: Born and raised in Evansville. We got them there cornfields and our neighbor KY has got the sour mash. So we're all going to the field to get wasted. See ya in hell!

Rocket: Haha. Right on. So when did you first start singing?

Brent: I first started yelling when I was either 14 or 15 it took a lot of toilet time to actually learn how to use my voice effectively. I started finding technique from "The Zen of Screaming" video. You just can't beat good fuckin advice, the breathing exercises are great so instead of feelin like shit after a gig I am ready to party. I developed an actual style of vocals about a year ago, so I still have a long road ahead of myself. I'm looking forward to the challenge because there is no such thing as second best in Deliver Us From Evil. We thrive off of a cutting edge sound pure, new, and untouchable.

Rocket: Well, that's exactly why I love this band so much. So you never did actually take a formal vocal lesson?

Brent: Not yet. Although, I don't think it would hurt to know all the ins and outs of my instrument. Don't get me wrong, I have definitely structured my own exercises out so I get practice in as much as possible.

Rocket: How did you initially join up with Deliver Us From Evil, Brent? Are you one of the founding members?

Brent: I was here before there was a Deliver Us From Evil. Me and John (guitarist) were making hot tracks in a closet the size of a portapotty when I was 14 - 18. The only problem was when we listened to our supposed badass music later on, we knew we were on the right track but to be honest it sounded like it was made in a fuckin closet. Not to mention we didn't have a drummer or bassist that could handle John's caliber of playing. So with that said we learned a lot about drum machines and producing music in general because if there was a problem, we ran into the mother fucker. We were able to do shit that seemed impossible to the other local talents. I guess they didn't read the user manual. I wouldn't call myself a founder, but I was there before John picked up the guitar. I introduced John to the bands I thought were badass when we were growing up, so I didn't put bullshit in the cd player. John could play any genre of music. He probably would be wealthy had he said fuck it and went to Nashville, but I've got mad respect for John for sticking to his guns. Metal is the only music that has been there for me and you know what? It is still here!

Rocket: Who are a few of your biggest influences from a singing standpoint, past or present?

Brent: Well, I got to give it to anybody that's worth a shit. I never wanted to sound like this guy or that guy, but I have my favorites. I don't personally want someone elses' style influencing me enough to change our sound or our purpose. My musical influences are Pantera, Cradle of Filth, Chimaira, Lamb of God, Arch Enemy, Tool, Down, Crowbar, Deftones, Megadeth, Mudvayne, Slipknot, and many others. Budweiser and pot are my biggest influences, unlike some people who have the whole world in their possesion, I got the good shit and I aint comin off it. Ha!

Rocket: How do you get inspired to write your song lyrics? I must add that you are very good at it.
Being a professtional writer myself, I appreciate the poetry that you drop. It's brutal and beautiful at the same time, bro.

Brent: My lyrics are totally off the top of my head I love good animes, video games, movies, and skateboarding can you find any direct relation to these things and our music. I'll give you a hint,Words of War was inspired by three different animes Devil Man Volume 1 The Birth, Volume 2 Demon Bird, and Amon, this one is underground as fuck. I found it at an Anime convention in Chicago. It is an OAV off of the Devil Man Series. Check it out. My style is very unorthadox. I hope people understand where i'm comin from, but I got my own reasoning for our message. It's the end of the world and everything that follows can probably be found in my lyrical content, behold a pale horse. People ask me all the time how do you come up with some of the shit you sing? I say "figure it out", and a week later the same person comes to the show knowing the lyrics. And here's the kicker, they're singing the shit with me, that is why I am doing this shit. For it to rub off on someone and for the hook to be in the back of their head during their 9 to 5. I love it. Until Tomorrow is another good one to look at. Can you figure it out?

Rocket: Dude, I know. I am a major comin book buff too. Since I was a kid. I almost figured that maybe you were into that stuff too cause your writing is so bitchin. Are you guys working on some new material at this point?

Brent: We are always working on something, but we refuse to just write another song. We only release the sickest shit we can, that is why we don't have a full length album yet. Rest assured, we will get the shit done. We want this album to be flawless and remembered as one of the best fuckin albums ever constructed. I couldn't be with a better group of guys. Together we have captured the newest wave of metal. I feel really fucked up just thinking about what our music could do if we got some big shows. Its a monopoly, and were selling the product.. Are you an addict yet? I see nothing but larger steps and bigger footprints, cause when we come to your town its over. So be there, and witness this shit for yourselves.

Rocket: Do you go through any vocal warm-ups before going out to perform live? Or is it all just blunts and Jag bombs, letting the chips fall where they may?

Brent: Ha! I warm up in my car, on the way, or I just rip it I don't give a fuck. I have been sicker than shit, and still played the show; knowing that this is not my full potential. I do what I do, and most the time it just comes together on its own. I am not one to believe that my path is already chosen, but it was no coincidence that this band was born. I have had dreams about this shit before it ever happened. It was just meant to be. My vocals are comin up and with time, they will only become stronger. I am right were I want to be. Kinda like Scarface, comin to our country, not knowin dick, but still makin it to the top because of his fuckin balls.

Rocket: What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you while singing for a crowd?

Brent: I try to be humorous when we play a show, mainly because I don't like to feel like some kind of solid rock with no emotion that I see way to often in other frontmen. I usually am very friendly, and some what funny. I have tripped before, and also unplugged John's guitar cable with my drunken accurate and precise movements. Not to mention hangin in there during all the fuckin covers that I just didn't know the lyrics to like Panama or Reign in Blood. Don't think that I just rambled on I knew abut 40% of the lyrics which made it very interesting for our audience. By far the funniest thing that I have experienced during a show ,or lack of show, was playing at a small, small venue we were gonna open with Lamb of God's song Ruin. Well, we got about 35 sec into the song, and "booooom!!!", the fucking guitar head blows up because the electrical service sucked, and the head wasn't ran through a surge protector. The head is still fucked, but it was just so funny seeing 4 dudes going off and then the definition of trainwreck happens. Complete failure of equipment.

Rocket: This band remains unsigned, but I see that coming to and end sooner rather than later. Who are a few of the indie labels out there that you respect?

Brent: We know that if we keep doin what were doin, it could go somewhere. We are looking for a label that doesn't have a million bands signed already. Deliver Us From Evil needs great distribution. I personally would like to get on with Big Vin Records, or any label with some badass bands. We would love to get some shows with the best out there such as Chimaira, Lamb of God, Arch Enemy, BLS, and if Slayer is reading this shit, we would love to do a show with yall and trust me we can hang. I have seen bands open for some of these badass bands and I was actually disappointed. But if Deliver Us From Evil plays with any of these badass fuckers, we will go the fuck off and it will be remembered as one of the sickest shows ever. We fuckin love METAL! Don't forget Pantera signed to a small ass label called ATCO for their first album, and look at there success.

Rocket: What's your favorite metal album so far for 2006?

Brent: I haven't seen anything so far that has caught my attention, but that DimeVision DVD was sick. I think the 6 song EP that we are putting out is by far my favorite, I listen to the shit all the time. You can check it out on our MySpace.

Rocket: What are a few of the upcoming Deliver Us From Evil shows we need to be aware of?

Brent: We got a Show coming up it is called MurderFest. It should be pretty fuckin badass. On the 27th, we have a show with from Atlanta GA. called DAATH (RoadRunner). It will be badass if you live in the tri-state area, you need to be there, and I am telling you it is gonna be awesome. I will even give the 3 degree guarantee, and I haven't been wrong yet. Partly cloudly with some badass metal. We are currently in the process of setting a show up at POP's in ST. LOUIS. If we get that show you need to be there. We also have a show in Fort Wayne. It is a tribute to "Dime" show so be there. it'll be crazy. For exact dates for all our shows, check out our Myspace Deliver Us From Evil.

Rocket: Do you ever actually answer your fan mail on MySpace or is it just a hassle?

Brent: I personally only have 70 friends on my MySpace page. I'm fuckin lonely, so if want to be my friend, come join me and smoke blunts until tomorrow. Don't be a stranger. Smoke with me Rocket. Just another Casualty? I think not! We got heavy artillary, and it is burnin. Thanks for the interview!! LISTEN TO OUR SHIT AND SPREAD THE WORDS OF WAR.

Rocket: Thanks for taking the time out with me on this, Brent. Give a shoutout to your biggest supporters.

Brent: I would like to thank all the fans for makin our dream a reality. We thank you so much. Yet again, if any beer company would like to sponsor us, we will drink them shits. Also, if anyone would like to abduct me and take me Amsterdam, my bags are already packed. Lets hear it for Rocket. Thanks for the support. Horns!!

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Anonymous Reader
1. Madame Amenti writes:

E-ville LOVES Deliver Us From Evil! >;:) Kick a$$ interview Brent! I can't wait to party with you guys again. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!

# Jul 20, 2006 @ 12:39 AM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Anonymous Reader
2. Jerry from 7 days of pain writes:

I have never seen a band that destroys every other band it plays with like these guys. Except Slayer and Pantera. For some stupid reason these guys aren't making millions yet. I hope the world is ready, because I know my band wasn't.

# Jul 27, 2006 @ 11:01 AM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Anonymous Reader
3. -c5s-eternal writes:

yo...just wanna say that f***in DELIVER US FROM EVIL is out to f*** some sh** up...Brent, you're crazy hilarious, dude...can't wait for the full album...get ur asses in chi-town and record that sh**!!

# Aug 2, 2006 @ 1:49 AM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address

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