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Catching Fire With Adam Of Krell

The underground metal scene is home to one of Rock music's best kept secrets, Krell. This is a very dynamic and thought provoking Industrial metal band that I can only see shooting straight through to the top of the game sooner rather than later. They seem to understand that the best tag to have as a band really is one that's not clearly defined. They can hit you in the gut from so many angles at any moment with their demonic yet beautifully sweeping songwriting prowess, that I just have to believe in my heart that this band is going to achieve great things. Now besides saying I have traded Jag bombs with Krell's talented six stringer, Adam, I can say we've hammered out a really interesting interview that should win them over many more fans.

Rocket: When was Krell formed?

Adam: Back in 1995. Richmond,VA. by Gym Krell. they were one of the few industrial acts back in Virginia at that time. I used to be in a mostly instrumental metal band called Vulvaboy (R.I.P.), and we played a couple of shows with Krell, and I was really blown away by 1. the stage volume, loud as a mother fucker, and 2. the songs were really good, 3. they always had some naked strippers dancing on the stage! I also remember that there was alot more sampling in the music back then, opposed to now where we have samplers running in every song, but we really want the live instuments to stand out

Rocket: Right on. Yeah, I was obviously blown away as well by this band or we wouldn't even be talking here. Haha! So when did you first start playing electric guitar? And are you self-taught?

Adam: 1984. My dad took me to see my first concert, Van Halen 1984 tour, and right after that I bought my first guitar, $110 Lotus, and a Fender Sidekick 10. After that it sat in my room for a year, until one day a freind of mine came over and showed me how to play Rock You Like A Hurricane, and that was it, hooked ever since!! I had a couple of lessons here and there, but I like to still learn stuff by ear. More fun that way. I always looked at lessons or reading music as learning other peoples stuff, and I am not really into that. I like jamming my own tunes!

Rocket: Who is the one metal guitar player that's influenced you the most? And why?

Adam: Dimebag. Unike alot of other guitar players I know who try and create his riffs and such, I just love that fucking sound he created. The tone, the heaviness. I believe he was one of the first guitar players that I listened to the sound of his amplifiers, more than his notes. And for a long time I tried to get his sound, until I realized how much his sound costs!!!!!His rig is costly... haha... but he influenced me to want to capture that chunk sound, you know.. that fucking wall shaking , leg hair moving crunch!!!

Rocket: What kind of guitars are you playing on stage and in the studio?

Adam: I mostly play a B.C. Rich Mockingbird, Acrylic Series. I have heard people make fun of these guitars, they say that they are heavy, or no tone..blah blah blah, they are pussies who can't take a little extra weight. Ever played a Les Paul Custom Deluxe? Just as heavy , you fools. And I think they get great tone, as well as sustain. I also have a 1988 Sunburst Hamer, but it needs a little tender love and care. I put that guitar through some fucking hell.

Rocket: What kind of amp rig?

I play straight into a Peavy XXL head into 2 4x12 cabinets. I was really impressed with the Peavy's ability to handle the lows, highs and the crunch. I am thinking about getting a Krankenstein Head though. Those mother fuckers rock!!!

Rocket: How does the songwriting process work with this band?

Adam: Usually Gym has a programmed beat or idea that he has been fooling around with and brings it to practice. We listen , we jam, we create. Everyone has an input on what we are doing. It wouldn't be any fun any way else.

Rocket: Is Krell working on putting out an EP soon?

Adam: Actually we have just finished one. SqueezingJesusBerries is out. We made a limited run of only 1000. We are using most of them for publicity packages, but we are selling them as well - $5 bucks y'all @ www.myspace.com/krell666 - email me. But we are going to get back in the studio after some of these shows we have going down. Our old bass player Dirt, from Society One , played a critical role in getting us a great deal, with a great guy .He recorded on this one with us, but we need our new bass player to feel ownership in the music as well, so we have to go back and record a couple of more tunes. Billy at Dinky Music Studios, in Corona. Great ear, great studio, great Prices.

Rocket: Who are some of the indie record labels that you respect?

Adam: Ferret , Relapse, Road Runner(1990's), Solid State.

Rocket: What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you on the stage?

Adam: We were playing at Bar Sinister. We had a fire breather and 2 strippers. The fire breather made a fireball so big I thought I was on fire and didn't realize that the stripper was rubbing all over me. Strange how drinking and fear can do that! Haha.

Rocket: How come there weren't any strippers at the show I saw? Haha. Who is your dream band sponsor?

Adam: Jack Daniels and Mesa Boogie

Rocket: Now that's a combo to die for. Ha! Have you been out to any good local metal shows lately?

Adam: A few, My Ruin was a good show.. Misery Index was good as well.

Rocket: Do you hate Avenged Sevenfold as much as I do?

Adam: Haha... I don't know if Hate is a good word, but they are a little weak for my tastes. They look tough, but the music isn't, so its not my cup of tea.

Rocket: Come on, they are the biggest posers in Rock music history. How can you not hate that? Haha. Anyway, what are some of the upcoming Krell shows we need to be watching out for?

Adam: The 6-6-6 show we are playing woth Society One, at Zen Sushi and a bunch of others is going to be off the hook. Check out our Myspace site for details. Lots going on at that one!!! Also playing May 20th at Bar Sinister. It's our EP release party.

Rocket: Well, it's been awesome getting an update on Krell, bro. I really expect major things from this band. Give a shoutout to your biggest supporters.

Adam: TMD!!! L.A. County Jail, A.A., Fuck Bush, Ramiro ( you'll see a good show soon bitch), Michael (Gal not guy), girlfriends, clubs, and fans we have gathered over the years, thanx for your support.

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