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Chewing The Fat With Mishun Of Lofat

Norfolk, Virginia's Lofat is a young and determined thrash metal band that is now hooked up with Brickhouse Records. They have certainly yielded quite a bit of interest on the local Virginia music scene over the last year and are quickly making their name known in the underground metal scene through sheer force of will and yes, Myspace. Whether bringing the thrash ala Suicidal Tendencies or going for the monster grind Pantera-style, this band clearly shoots for the stars when it comes to how they represent metal's great legacy as it moves forward. I went to the guy who does Lofat's screaming, talented lead singer, Mishun, to see what the skinny is.

Rocket: Were you born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia?

Mishun: Unfortunately, yes. I was born in the ghettos of Norfolk, but I was raised mostly in Virginia Beach. I moved back to the ghetto. I guess I missed the gun shots and being a minority.

Rocket: When did you first start singing metal songs and realize that you could actually do this sort of thing at a pro level?

Mishun: When I used to get pissed, I would put in Pantera's Mouth For War. I started to realize that I sounded similar. I have always been a writer so it was a matter of harnessing my true voice and style and putting the pieces together.

Rocket: Who are some of your biggest metal vocal influences?

Mishun: I guess Phil Anselmo, Mike Muir, and Tom Araya.

Rocket: Not bad. I'd surely say those are some killer individuals. Lofat is working right now on writing/recording some new material, right?

Mishun: Yeah, we have a lot of things going on right now. I have lyrics ready for several new songs. We are doing a lot of "finishing" at the moment.

Rocket: I know you guys are building a strong following in the tightest underground metal circles, which has got to be a victory in of itself. Do you feel pressure now to have to really always be pushing yourself harder to write and perform better than the rest?

Mishun: I always push myself to write better lyrics or at least something that I am proud of. As far as live performances I have always given it my all, sitting still is for losers. If I don't sweat then I am being boring.

Rocket: What is the the worst thing that's ever happened to you while performing live?

Mishun: I was called a bigot and a racist. Sometimes people don't understand that all songs aren't written in first person. That's the power of ignorance. Other than that I have fallen down a couple of times.

Rocket: I took this next statement right off your 'about me' on your personal MySpace profile and I must share: "I get high, I like sex, I like tripping, snowboarding, fighting, eating, and sleeping. I am human. I get cut and bleed, and that blood is red." Haha... I love the seriousness of the last statement... "and that blood is red." Haha... bro, you're hilarious. So who can out drink who between you and Simon? She looks like she can hang or can't she?

Mishun: We have never really sat down and went drink for drink. I am a Bud Light, light bud type of guy. And she's a take a shot, smoke some pot type of chic. She can probably out drink me, but not out smoke!

Rocket: Haha. Tell me how the reaction has been on at the most recent Lofat shows? Are you guys happy with how that's going? Is the mosh pit circling?

Mishun: It almost always varies. Most of the time guys are too busy staring at Simon. So sometimes I hop down off of my soapbox and mix it up with the crowd to get them going.

Rocket: Do you answer your fan mail on MySpace or do you not care?

Mishun: Nobody likes me on MySpace. I am the vocalist but Simon is the star. I do answer all of my messages. I have recently recreated my page so I only have 16 friends.

Rocket: What's your opinion of a corporate mall metal act like Avenged Sevenfold?

Mishun: Do we really want to go there? Wouldn't a tour bus accident be justified here?

Rocket: Haha... good stuff. Can you recall what went through your head when you first heard Dimebag got shot on stage?

Mishun: Disbelief. Then I started thinking, man if this fucking radio flunky says that shit one more time I am going to the station to fucking strangle her!!!!!! There was a definite disturbance in the force. It felt as if a million voices cried out at once and then suddenly silenced.

Rocket: That's a really cool last statement, bro. Very poignant. I know Dime will never die in the hearts of all that belong to the true metal family. So what are some of the upcoming Lofat shows we need to be aware of?

Mishun: Any show. All the shows. Fuck, I don't know.

Rocket: Well, everyone's going to have their eyes and ears open for whatever next moves Lofat makes that's for sure. Go ahead and send some shoutouts to your biggest supporters!

Mishun: Thanks to all of our sponsors: B.C.Rich, Sam Ash, Monster Pics, Coffin Cases to name a few. Thanks everyone that has shown us love! Thanks to Metal Underground!!! A shout out goes to Tim, our biggest fan! And anyone else who believes in us!!!

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