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Four Strings And Beer Bong Rips With Erick Of Dawn of Correction

Clearly not an easy metal act to put a label on, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's Dawn Of Correction
has been on a recent warpath throughout the true metal underground. I find myself more and more entertained by their rare brand of full-throttle, kick you in your teeth heavy music, and I got the chance recently to get some questions in with their highly adept bassist, ECH.

Rocket: How long have you been playing the bass guitar, bro? And did you take lessons?

ECH: I've been pretending to play bass for over 20 years! Hahaha. I took lessons for a little while and even gave lessons for a bit. I really learned by watching local bands bass players and stalking their licks and changing a little bit to make em my own. Bass has been with me through the good and bad times, it's definitely one of my best friends.

Rocket: What kind of bass guitar(s) do you play?

ECH: Holy Shit, that should be an easy question but I have some bass addiction issues. Here it goes I have a BC Rich Warlock, BC Rich Ironbird, Fender Jazz Precision, Steinberger, A Flying V (I sort of built that one, Ill take credit when it works), ESP Five String, a Lakland Five String, a BC Rich acoustic guitar, an Acoustic Bass, a Precision Copy air brushed with Gene Simmons face on it and his tongue is the neck and the big daddy of em all Gene Simmons Axe Bass. J.T. Fux is rockin it on his myspace page in his pics. If I left any of my basses out, I'm sorry didn't do it on purpose.

Rocket: Damn, that sounds like a cool collection you have going there. Now are you using a pick or going to town with the fingers?

ECH: I can play with my fingers but I use a pick. I like to really lock in with the guitar and especially the drums. I think the pick lets me do that and adds a real heavy sound and adds some more crunch.

Rocket: Tell me about your amp rig. What brand are you playing and please give us the specs.

ECH: Here we go again. My rig is ready to play anywhere. It is immense. I recently switched from Peavey gear to Ampeg. The Peavey stuff was cool, it just was getting old. So I went out and went insane. No matter where we play or who we play with youre gonna hear my bass. I have two Ampeg Cabinets- 8X10 and a 2X15. A SVT IV Pro head a chorus pedal and a wireless with two transmitters so I can have two basses ready to go. I got the SVT IV head because its the Ampeg head with the most power. When I ordered all my shit the guy at one store told me I didn't need it all. So, I left and went somewhere else and got it. Its not my issue that he doesn't understand Metal!! His opinion lost him the sale!!

Rocket: Hell yeah, ninety-nine percent of them clowns in them stores are straight boneheads who have never played an instrument. Makes me want to just scream when I go in to look at shit myself. Who is your single most important bass playing influence. And why?

ECH: Obviously, I'm a huge Gene Simmons fan but that's from when I was younger. I think he kicks ass live. There's a lot great bass players out there and more coming out everyday, but I remember the first time I heard Billy Sheenan I never heard a bass player play that fast. But, my main man is Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath. I remember being a kid and everybody was into some bullshit stuff and I got a Sabbath album and my mouth hit the floor. They could make one note heavy as balls and Geezer he knows exactly when to sit in the pocket, when to not play at all and when to rip your face off with perfectly fitting bass riffs. When I got my new rig I saw what Geezer was playing when I got my B.C. Rich basses back in the day. It's cause Geezer played em. When I bought my Lakland I read an article that Geezer was playing them. (I got my ESP cause Tom Araya was using them!!)GEEZER IS THE MAN!

Rocket: Geezer is totally the man on the four strings, bro. I can't think of one other bassist that straight up get that deadly demonic tone of his. Period. Okay, If Dawn Of Correction sold a shitload of albums one day and you could go out and buy any bass guitar your heart desired, which would it be?

ECH: You know Rocket, I dont know, I'd probably get something built for me by B.C. Rich or something like that. You only live once, so I try to get everything I can. Maybe I'll let you pick it out: The Rocket Series and with a special case called The Metal Den Den bass!!

Rocket: Haha... that is some good shit, homes. Now what about the perfect amp set-up? You have to have a dream tour rig in your mind.

ECH: I would get clones of mine just more cabinets and heads. I'd also get some old SVT heads and run em on a different series for different sounds for some of our stuff.

Rocket: SVT heads are the shit! They're like crack to us bass players, huh? So are you involved in the Dawn Of Correction songwriting process?

ECH: Sure, we all are. We try to bring all our different influences to the table when we write. Someone might come in with a drum beat, guitar riff or bass riff and well build from there. Sometimes I'll be driving and Ill think of a title or some lyrics and Ill write em down and call up J.T. But, we all work together.

Rocket: That's cool to hear, man. What does the band moniker Dawn Of Correction mean exactly? Or to you at least.

ECH: A new beginning... a dawn of a new Metal Day!!

Rocket: Works for me. Let me ask you, what's your funniest stage moment?

ECH: Well, youve talked J.T. before, right? I have two classics one is carrying his drunk ass off the stage before he fell off of it again and the other time is when we just played at the Troc in Philly. Were doing our D.O.C. thing and he starts running around me with his Mike cable trying to tie my legs up that Jackass, I couldn't stop laughing I had to turn away it was a classic

Rocket: Mr. Fux is a madman, no doubts. It's a big reason why I love this band so much. Are you guys in the studio right now working on new material or mainly just focused on performing shows?

ECH: We have some new stuff weve been working on and we played a new song Never Ending Payback at the Troc, but we really want to go out and play and rip the faces off some people.

Rocket: Can you tell us anything about the full length album you are going to eventually release. Will it contain a mixture of the demos heard currently off your MySpace music profile page and some newer things... or have you guys had the songs in the can already and are just waiting for the right recording situatuon to get it done right?

ECH: We'll probably put everything in there, some of the stuff we have on the EP, some stuff from demos and definitely some new songs. Some of the songs like Loss Eternal will sound kick-ass in a studio with our production guy Rich Gervalis from Dome Studio. We're really lookin forward to get back in there. But, like with any other band stuff were goin through some shit right now but it'll all work out. The next recordings will be brutal.

Rocket: So who are some of your favorite metal bands right now?

ECH: I dig some of the stuff that's out right now, but I'm an old-school cat!! Im still into Maiden, Priest, Pantera, Queensryche and of course Slayer. But, what I try to do is give everything a listen a few times through to really get a feel for it. I listen to a bunch of different shit, especially for different ideas and stuff.

Rocket: Finally, let your fans know about some of the upcoming DOC show dates.

ECH: We have some shows in the works all over PA, New Jersey, Delaware and some shows lined up for Connecticut and that part of the country. All the info will be updated on our websites.

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