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Simon Says: Sharing The Love With Lofat's Lead Axe

I have been following Brickhouse Recording's, Lofat, a thrash metal act from Norfolk, Virginia for going on nine months now. Besides their inventive combination of old school metal meets new.They have featured in their talented lineup, Simon, an easy on the eyes female axe shredder. This babe can truly throw it down with the best of them, producing some of the most blunt force trauma-laden riffs I've heard from anyone in the past several years. I took this opportunity to get more of the skinny on the band and this true metal vixen.

Rocket: When did you first begin listening to metal? And list some of your all-time favorites.

Simon: A'ight, I first started listening to REAL metal in high school. A buddy of mine passed me a combo tape that had some Suicidal on it and some old school Metallica.....AND THAT WAS ALL SHE WROTE! All time fave's are SUICIDAL, OLD SCHOOL METALLICA, PANTERA.

Rocket: You are the coolest chick ever. Haha. When did you start playing guitar?

Simon: Got my first p.o.s. classical guitar at age 5.

Rocket: How did Lofat form originally as a band? And please run us down on the other members.

Simon: Welp, I was puttin up ad's at local music stores and found the drummer, Zeus, that way. He worked there and came up to me. He was the second guitar player for a while but no drummer could touch his style so he stepped up to the plate and dominated the space! Then we found our singer, Mishun. He answered an online ad. He walked into the room and that was it. He had the chords, the aggression and the attitude we needed! The hardest position to fill was the bass, DZL. We fuckin tried out EVERY MUTHA FUCKER ON THE PLANET it seems. Finally, Zeus' brother DZL made himself available and completed the sound with that fuckin' deadly bottom end.

Rocket: Right on. I can dig it. Lofat is signed with Brickhouse Records. I am intrigued to learn more about what this relationship is all about. Tell us more about the deal you have with them.

Simon: We have a special relationship with BRICKHOUSE RECORDS. (www.brickhouserecordsva.com). After seeing a few live shows, some IHOP dinners and a conference call, we signed a deal with them to help us move up in the ranks, and to get some national attention. Brickhouse records backs Lofat 110%, and is looking to put other Virginia based artists on the map! Tours, buses, albums...they are all covered under the Brickhouse "umbrella"!

Rocket: What about the Lofat's sponsors. Who are they and how's that been working out?

Simon: This is fuckin AWESOME MAN!!! You guys really need to check out da' sponsors we have: BC RICH GUITAR's backin' us, Krank Amplifiers, Monster picks, Sam Ash, Coffin Case Ofsett Clothing and MORE TO COME!

Rocket: What I love so much about Lofat's music is that it has a quirky System Of A Down vibe but never forgets to get back to the heavy stuff in each song, which is something I believe SOAD seriously failed at with their latest two album release. How does the Lofat writing process work? Does it start with you and the riff?

Simon: Different for every song. It usually does start out with a riff or a feeling. The drums seriously change up the mood when added. Sometimes though, We will come up with a riff and then I'll mold it into my own thing. When I'm stumped on tryin' to write a riff, I'll just punch the drummer in the face and say "gimme a beat, fucker".

Rocket: Haha... okay. Who has been your single most influential guitar player? And why?

Simon: WAAAAAAY in the beginning...before I got my first guitar, before I was even INTERESTED in it, my aunt, Junie, played -- and she was a shredder! She started me out when I finally got old enough. She gave me lessons and got things rollin! She was my first real influence because she introduced me to guitar and live music.

Rocket: That's awesome. Outside of band practice, how much time are you spending alone and just building on your skills?

Simon: Every day at least a few hours. Most of the practice is really with the band. You know, those "out of focus guys"!!!! LOL

Rocket: Tell me about the metal scene going on in Virginia? And who are some of the other cool metal bands we may not know of from that neck of the woods?

Simon: Virginia's club scene is aight' still a lot of bad ass metal is here. All Has Fallen, Epoxy, St. Diablo, Endchain, Kilfast... to name a few.

Rocket: Is Lofat working on a full album of material and if so, when do you think it'll actually see the light of day?

Simon: We are workin on a full length...seems like we been fuckin workin on it for 100 FUCKIN YRS. but now with a label involved, it's got to be 110%. It's finally in the last stages! Should be seein' it in early spring. We will be touring the whole planet of earth on it!!!!!!

Rocket: That's big news. So are you looking forward to really getting out there full-time?

Simon: HAIL YEAH! This Spring yer' gonna see Lofat EVERY-FUCKIN-WHERE!

Rocket: What's the worst moment that you've had personally on stage?

Simon: You may think i'm bullshittin' but every moment on stage is bad ass, so even if I shit my pants in front of 10,000 people, it's better than workin' 9 to 5!!!!!

Rocket: Alrighty then. On the Dimebag murder that still haunts so many of us true metalers, can you remember when you heard the news and share some of your feelings about him?

Simon: This is still kind of a sensitive subject for me. I haven't really talked about it to anyone. But anyways, I heard it on the radio news on my alarm clock, it was the first thing I heard. WHAT A FUCKIN WAY TO START THE DAY. I was in disbelief. I was like, I heard that wrong. I sat up on the edge of my bed for it seemed like hours. For about two weeks after that I was like a zombie. Couldn't talk about it, couldn't listen to any dedications (songs) or interviews or even look at any pictures of him. This dude seemed to enjoy life to the fullest! He is an incredible inspiration. He was ripped away.

Rocket: Yeah, absolutely. He was ripped away to sell a few more metal magazines. Anyway, what was your favorite metal album for 2005? And why?

Simon: Did that new Soulfly disc come out in 05?? If it did, THAT'S THE FUCKIN CD TO GET' MAN!!! That fuckin thing has EVERYTHING! Its got MAX fuckin doin what he does BEST! AND the fuckin solo's are FUCKIN AWESOME!!!! The hooks are STRONG. What can I say? I liked it!

Rocket: There is a serious underground metal movement going on at MySpace. How important do you think using this internet-based form of marketing is working for your band to get its word out and brand its name into the skull of the metal consumer?

Simon: It has helped LOFAT out tremendously! Gigs, sponsors, new fans, etc. It's cool because peeps can see what you look like... taste a bit of tune-age and get to know the band a lil' bit. Sheeeit man its probably ONE of the best things that has happened for underground and unsigned talent. Helps git' yer buzz happenin'.

Rocket: Haha... I bet every guy reading this that sees your picture is going to want to marry you. You rock! Now, let's end this bad boy with some special shout outs you want to give to anyone that has helped you get this far in the music game.

Simon: All Has Fallen, another Virginia Hardcore Metal band on the up. Check their shit out @ www.myspace.com/ahf. BC RICH, KRANK AMPS, Monster Picks, Sam Ash, Coffin Case, Mary Jane, Black Tooth' Grins, Brickhouse Records The Metal Fuckin' Den, Jeremy fuckin' Lee , Highland Choppers, Harry, ej, Z, June.

....maaaaaaan, I know Im forgettin' SOMEBODY(S)!

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Anonymous Reader
1. ~KC~ writes:

thanks for the insight into this great up and coming band.
and hell yeah that soulfly album kicks......

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Anonymous Reader
2. By Demons Be Driven writes:

Sweet interview, lofat rules!!

# Mar 4, 2006 @ 11:59 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Anonymous Reader
3. Charlie writes:

This band completely kicks arse....Thanks again for anotther awesome interview....

# Mar 5, 2006 @ 11:33 AM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Anonymous Reader
4. AnselmosGirl writes:

Lofat Kicks major Butt!! Simon Rules!!! I can not wait to catch them on the road!!!!!Great Interview as always!!!

# Mar 5, 2006 @ 2:42 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address

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