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Interview With Fear Before The March of Flames

I was to interview Fear Before The March of Flames for the Sounds of the Underground coverage metalunderground.com was doing. The interview was to take place at HYAMP, an all ages venue in Huntington, WV. Unfortunately I was unable to attend this event due to circumstances out of my control. My questions were then emailed to the band to be answered virtually, gotta love the net. Thanks to David of Fear Before the March of Flames for taking the time to interview with us via email.

Wes (aka Sundown): You recently wrapped up the Sounds of the Underground Tour. What was the craziest thing to happen to you (or that you experienced if nothing crazy
happened to you) on the SotU tour?

David: craziest thing that happened to us on the tour... was probabaly a bottle of piss thrown at us during our set in cleveland. i also spit in a kids face that day for flipping me off the whole time. he thought he was pretty clever holding up that middle finger of his.

Wes: How did getting signed to the SotU tour come about?

David: we were asked to be on the whole sounds tour. we thought about it as a band and really felt that it wasnt a good idea to do that much of the tour. we opted for taking about a week and half. thats about as much as we wanted to take on in a van. we did warped tour last year about the same amount of time. these big summer festivals are geared towards bigger bands on busses, with drivers. honestly we could have still done it... but that coupled with the fact that we are not a metal band.. and what we experianced in the short days we were on it... think we made the right move. we intead went on a headlining tour of our own with curl up and die, bear vs. shark, and fire when ready.

Wes: Who was your favorite band on the SotU tour?

David: a life once lost are some of my favorite dudes. and they are just unbelievable. heaviest band on the tour by far! im always blown away by them and they are always perfect... unless you saw them at the denver sotu, and bobby was less than par after i kept him out partying till 5 in the morning the night before. haha. IM SORRY A LIFE ONCE LOST!

Wes: Was the video for "Should Have Stayed in the Shallows" really shot in the same basement as Fight Club? Can you give us some back-story on that?

David: no bull shit, the actual location is in a basement in l.a. the cardboard that edward norton and company fought on and spit fake blood on in the movie was still down there when we showed up. the owner of the basement only rents it for movies and videos. our manager heard about it throught the grapvine.

Wes: What was it like shooting the Video?

David: the video was one of the weirdest experiances i've ever had. we didnt have a day off to shoot the video so we were stuck between a rock and a hard place. basically our only option was to film overnight. so after a sold out show in pomona california at the glasshouse with zao, we quickly packed up leaving the show as fast as we could arriving on the set at midnight. our manager mike kaminsky played director for the video and somehow scored a film crew who drove from salt lake city utah (convinced them to work for school credit???) hahaha. video's are so awkward. listening to your own song and playing for the camera isnt the greatest. i had this blood idea that i wanted from day one and we actually made it happen. so we made this stuff and it was supposed to flood and rain down on us more and more until wee were drenched. little did we think about the fact that its cold hose water for hours and hours and hours of sleepless hours. body shivering, teeth chattering and your whole body is sticky and uncomfortable from the blood mix. afterwards we are soaked. our skin is pink. we are disgusting. so we have a basement filled with blood... what do we do? we descided to pump it out in to the streets of l.a. people looked at us and the blood, then us again. told some ladies, 'its just water" when they asked what happened. haha. so at this point its 2pm. we were on set for 14 hours and we now have a show to get to in san diego that we are going to be late for. when we got there we loaded straight on stage and played. i dont think ive ever felt worse on stage completely sick, sleep deprived, and exhausted! moral of the story if you shoot a video, make sure there is a day off. we learned our lesson.

Wes: What's it like having a video played on MTV2?

David: its pretty surreal. its one of those milestones you never expected when you start a band. there are many things that im proud to say we accomplished as a band so far... but this was one of the kinds even your parents and grandparents, family, friends, etc. understand being on mtv as a big accoplishment. people ask what i do in truck stops all the time and they'll always ask... 'can i see you on tv' and i can say yes. thats pretty sweet. i still laugh when it comes on. its on 'on demand cable' now too so you can watch us on that too.

Wes: Who's responsible for the long winded song names?

David: the long song titles started kinda as a joke. on art damage they arent supposed to be funny. we usually just abbreviate them for our setlists anways. i forget they are long. our name is long too. maybe we just dont think about it. i see alot more bands doing long song titles now. bum out.

Wes: You released Art Damage in the fall of 2004, when can we expect the next album?

David: we are in the midst of writing for that as we speak. the band just got a house together and things are going really well. we know its time for some new material. but i really wanted us to take a break from song writing after we wrote art damage. we started writing art damage pretty soon after our first album 'odd how people shake'. those two cds do sound very differant... but i wanted to to see what would happen if we waited a really long time to even touch a new song. i think this past year was a huge year for us. we toured our asses off! i know that we've grown as song writers and as friends. our musical tastes have broadened and with that comes new sounds and ideas. our new material will be far differant from anything we've done before. as far as when it will come out and when we plan on recording it siply just depends on when we feel we are ready. there is no rush. all i can say is we are hoping for early 2006 and it will be fucking good. haha.

Wes: Did you record any material not on the Art Damage?

David: we had one song that we didnt use for the album. we felt like it didnt hold its own against the other songs that were going on the album.

Wes: What are your favorite songs from Art Damage to play live?

David: hmm. i'd say, 'the law of averages' is a pretty feel good song to play i like that. and 'whiskey...' is pretty interesting for me still. haha.

Wes: Because of your unique style of music do you find people take a little warming up at new venue?

David: completely! but i think music is supposed to be challanging. if you want cookie-cutter bull shit, its out there and its everywhere. we know our music is weird and not for everyone. i think you love us or hate us and thats fine by me. with every new cd we do we are going to challenge our fans to evolve with us. some will, some wont. i think thats the way art is supposed to be.

Wes: Is there a specific band or type of music which influences your sound the most?

David: actually yes. a lot of us just listen to a lot of 90's rock bands. for me the bands that originally got me into music are the ones that keep me here. the smashing pumpkins, pearl jam, beck, ben folds, radiohead are just some of the ones that got me to appriciate music. like the first time i smoked weed and listened to 'mellon collie and the infinate sadness' in middle school... thats a defining moment that i wont forget.

Wes: If FBTMF could record a song by any other band, what would it be?

David: oooh dang. im sure every one of us would pick something completely differant but for me... dang! maybe.. pearl jam 'go'. or smashing pumpkins 'tales of a scorched earth'

Wes: What kind of visuals accompany your live performances?

David: we have our own lights that we bring along. we hate normal venue lights. we are always adding things here and there and devloping them as we go, as we grow. we have three light boxes and i have a plexy-glass top box that i can stand on in the front of the stage. its pretty basic now. just whites, red, blues, and strobes. but like i said we plan on doing much more with that for the next record.

Wes: You're originally from CO, are you well accepted in your home state?

David: playing at home is amazing. we dont get to do it as much as we'd like to. but when we do its pretty amazing the support and response we get. it's kinda scary playing in front of the friends that have been there from the start just cuz i feel like i have to live up to something. but its all silly. I'm in a band becasue its what i love and what ive always wanted to do.

Wes: Do you have to tour the East Coast anytime soon?

David: we just came from there on tour with curl up and die, bearvsshark, and fire when ready. but we are going back and doing a full u.s. tour with bearvsshark (again), since by man, and fall of troy with us headlining. im pretty sure this will be our last u.s. tour for the year before we hit europe and then come back home to finish writing our next masterpiece.

Wes: How did signing with Rise Records for the new album happen?

David: actually... we are on equal vision records. we put our first full length album, 'odd how people shake' out on rise records. then we signed to equal vision who re-released it. then we put out art damage after that. we have been with equal vision for almost two years now. the new record will as well be on equal vision. we love it here and couldnt be happier.

Wes: Is Wes Gibson of Metal Underground a bitch for ducking out on your live interview?

David: absolutely! but he heard i had a mustache now and those are pretty intimidating... along with my 130lbs. of muscle. haha. thanks for the interview.. maybe i lucked out and you had way better questions! tah tah for now

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