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Interview With Ryan Primack Of Poison The Well

I had the chance to interview Poison The Well's Ryan Primack (guitar) at the Sounds Of The Underground Tour in Philadelphia, PA on June 26th, at the Festival Pier. On our way out to the bands touring van we had to pass the entrance and the woman checking tickets didn’t know he was in a band. She was ignoring him for about two minutes before she finally let us outside.

Ryan decided to stop and get some iced cream before we went to do the interview, even offering my friend and I some as well. After the really “crappy iced cream” (in Ryan’s words) we went to do the interview.

Mike (Corrosivemind): How’s the tour going so far, even though it’s only the second show?

Ryan Primack (Poison The Well): The tour’s alright, yesterday was the first show and it was alright, we played like crap though actually. We haven’t played a show together for like seven months and then we had four days to rehearse and then start the tour. It’s pretty cool though, it’s fun. I fell REALLY hard on my back though it was funny. I held it together though pretty good; it was one of those falls where it’s like “Is he going to? He could…No? He fell!”

Mike: What bands on this tour do you like touring with the most?

Ryan: Probably Every Time I Die, because we’re old friends, Unearth is pretty fuckin’ awesome. I’m pumped to see High On Fire too though I’m fuckin’ psyched! ::pulls out set list for the bands:: High On Fire’s on at 2:30 whhhhaaaat?! I kind of want to see Strapping Young Lad too because they’re nuts! Devin Townsend actually, I heard, started their set by telling everyone to suck his dick yesterday. Which I thought was pretty freakin’ rad!

Mike: So, how was recording the new cd going so far? Is it any different then your previous albums recording sessions at all?

Ryan: Yeah, we recorded live this time so it was more fun.

Mike: Like, everyone has their shit plugged in and played at the same time you mean?

Ryan: Yeah, it’s more fun that way, it’s more fun and it sounds more like a band too.

::Devin Townsend walks by::

Mike: Speaking of Devin there he goes.

Ryan: Skull-Let man! He’s got a skull-let! That’s such a hard hair-style to rock. Serious big balls to pull that off! Like, huge nuts!

Julie (my friend that was tagging along): Hey, at least he’s not trying to do a comb-over, though.

Ryan: Yeah, that’s true. I had long hair right before we left Sweden; I was contemplating giving myself a comb-over. Like shaving most of my hair from this side (right) and combing everything from this side (left) over. Just for fun.

Mike: So would you say the sound is the same on the new album or different?

Ryan: No, it’s different. I don’t take things in the heavier or mellowed way anymore, it’s just different.

Mike: Just the band’s natural growth you mean?

Ryan: Yeah, exactly. We’re just trying to not do the same thing twice. We’re just trying to sound like ourselves and not shooting to sound like anyone else.

Mike: Who or what inspired you to become a musician?

Ryan: My dad. He’s a classical French-horn player and there was always musical instruments and everything around the house. I raided his music collection when I was like eleven and they’re still like my favorite records. Led Zeppelin I and The Beatles and they were kind of like crazy and it blew me away. The first tape I ever bought on my own was Iron Maiden’s “Power Slave” when I was eleven. I didn’t think it was that dangerous though because they were kind of prissy too. They’re evil, but in the like theatrical, broad-way shit.

Mike: Do you own a car or if not, what would you like to drive when you’re at home, off the road?

Ryan: I don’t own a car because I don’t have my license. If I had it, though, I’d probably have one of those mid-seventies Dodge van’s with the one circular window in the back. Bean bag’s only on the inside, even the driver’s seat. Either that or maybe an early 80’s El Camino. I like the crappy white trash kind of cars.

Mike: ::spots crappy low-rider style SUV and points to it:: You’d like that one then, that’s pretty white trash. It’s about an inch from the ground though.

Julie: Yeah it has like that big dent in the back too.

Ryan: Yeah, it’s just not that good kind of white trash car though. That Oldsmobile is a good white trash car though.

::awkward silence::

Julie: I’m sure you’d like his (mine, Mike’s) car then if you saw it.

Mike: My car is pretty damn bad. The paint is all stripping off, the drivers side door is completely fucked up. You can’t open it from the outside and the window; you kind of have to hold it in order to roll it up.

Ryan: Oh! That’s so cool! ::looks at Julie:: How rad was it when he pulled up to get you for a date in it? When he got out through the passenger seat to get you?

Mike: No, I can get out through my door, just not in. So when I pick her up for a date I’d open her door then she’d have to get mine for me.

Ryan: Well, that’s fuckin’ fair.

Julie: We went to Burger King before and he had to open his door just go get the food. His speed limit and everything would light up to the music he was playing too.

Ryan: Yeah!

Mike: At least there was one cool thing about my car before my dashboard stopped working.

Ryan: So, your EQ was just like “chugga-chugga-chugga”?

Mike: No, it would flash on and off to whatever I was listening to.

Ryan: You were like listening to Slayer and it would just start going fast and be like a strobe light?

Mike: Yeah but then I’d listen to something softer and slower and it would flash to the speed of that too, it was awesome but creepy too.

Ryan: You put in Neurosis and your car is like “Ok, going to bed now” basically. Neurosis is good times though, man.

Mike: You guys played Hellfest are you guys going to play again this year?

Ryan: No, we’re going be off until next year after this tour because we want to record some more. We’re trying to have like twenty songs.

Mike: Let’s do something different, everyone asks you questions, ask yourself a question and answer it. Now, I guess people can call you crazy for answering yourself.

Ryan: People already call me crazy as it is, man. I don’t think it’s possible for it to be worse.

Mike: I’ll spare you then, what question do you hate to be asked the most and why?

Ryan: My most hated questions of the entire friggen’ world. “How do you feel about being part of the giant corporate world by being on a major record label?” then I ask “What’s your e-mail address?” It’s like “something something at aol.com” and I’m like “Well, we put our money in the same place, huh?” “You give AOL money every month and we’re owned by AOL, so kick ass.” Everyone has this misconception of record labels. People think that one is better then the other. Independent record labels aren’t any better then major ones. Half the time they will pretend to be your friend and shake your hand, while they’re other hand is in your back pocket. At least with most major label’s they’ll tell you straight up and not hide shit from you. They let you know what you’re getting yourself into and how to fight to get what you want. Most independent labels now are partly major anyway because they have major-label distributions. I find it kind of funny because our albums on our major label but yet the Trustkill records are five bucks more expensive. Like, our new album that’s coming out is like $11.99 and yet one of our old ones on Trustkill is like $16.99. I find it kind of ironic. To me, if the band sticks to their ideals and doesn’t change their style for anyone but themselves then that’s all that matters. Like, we’ve never been forced to do anything we didn’t want to do. They’ve asked us to do stuff that we didn’t want to do, but we’ve said no. You only become shoved down people’s throats if you want to be.

Julie: Here’s a good question, have you ever been stopped by security and told you couldn’t re-enter the venue after an interview?

Mike: Yeah, like today maybe?

Ryan: Yeah. There’s this place in Lancaster (PA) called the Chameleon I think? They have this anti-moshing/stage-diving/crowd-surfing no having fun rule thing. We played there with Every Time I Die and The Bronx and they basically tried to lynch us. What happened was some one was crowd-surfing and Keith from Every Time I Die was like “yeah!” and then the security came back and was roughing them up. So we all kind of ganged up on them and said get the fuck out of here. While we were playing I saw some security guard like grab a kid by his neck and throw him out of the club. So, I stopped the song and was like “what the fuck’s your problem, is your penis really that small that you have to beat up like some kid. You’re like eight times his size with none of the brains.” Then the security just started surrounding us on all sides and trying to like rush us and we had to call the cops just so we could get out. Andy from Every Time I Die used a sofa from backstage to pin the door shut. Then the cops came and we almost got arrested for almost starting a riot. It was crazy.

Mike: What would be the funniest thing that’s happened on tour?

Ryan: Whenever my pee-pee falls out when we’re playing. Because my zipper goes down and I play commando in the summer cause it’s easier. It’s so embarrassing; it’s like “oh fuckin’ shit my dick just fell out.”

Mike: You know you just cursed yourself, right? It’s going to happen tonight now.

Ryan: Yeah, well, fuck it. If it falls out tonight you’ll see me weeping on the side of the stage like “son of a bitch, now everyone knows about my lack of masculinity.”

Mike: Hey, well what better way to end an interview then some one talking about their junk falling out of their pants, right? Thanks a lot for doing this man; it was very fun, entertaining and informative. ….And not just because of you stating you have a lack of masculinity.

Ryan: Yeah, it’s alright a lot of people found out when it’s happened anyway. Thanks for doing this though man it was fun. You want to get a crappy iced cream this time? Since you passed last time?

Mike: Nah, it looked like you wanted to puke when you ate it, so I’ll pass. Thanks for the offer though.

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Anonymous Reader
1. lambgoat writes:

i enjoyed that. good job.

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Anonymous Reader
2. mayako writes:

hahaha, ryan is so cool.

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3. RememberMetal? writes:

Damn, how long are they going to make us wait for a new album..........20 songs is nice but their last one had as much filler as good stuff. Hope the wait is worth it.

# Aug 3, 2005 @ 12:07 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address

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