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An Interview with Bobaflex

This interview was conducted on the evening of June 10th with Mike and Martin of Bobaflex. The interview took place inside the Monkey Bar in Huntington, WV. The club was empty at the time except for the rest of the band (Jared and Thomas) plus crew setting up on stage, along with the club staff preparing the bars before the show. The interview went very well, and as always the guys from Bobaflex are truly cool to hang out with.

Wes (aka Sundown): You guys have some new stuff to tell me now?

Martin: Yes

Wes: You just got signed to TVT, right?

Martin: Yes
Mike: Yep
Martin: The home of Little John, the Yin Yang Twins and Sevendust

Wes: How did getting signed with TVT come about?

Martin: There was actually several majors that came out to the table and TVT just came strongest. They gave us a lot of freedom, a lot of artistic freedom and they came pretty strong. It was pretty clear who we were going with.

Wes: Did signing with TVT have anything to do with touring with Sevendust?

Martin: Ah, no. We picked up new management and the band has picked up a lot of momentum in the past few years. With the new management and the new attitude of the band, it was going down. We were just sitting back and kick'n back ya know. We played for so many years, we've been through so many things with deals, we knew it was actually going to happen this time.

Wes: I saw you guys play at X-fest last year, the crowd already knew all your songs, I was blown away.

Mike: Yeah, so was I.
Martin: Yeah, X-Fest was crazy.

Wes: Do you guys find that happens a lot out on stage now?

Martin: Yeah, we got to Tampa on the Sevendust tour, the first show was in Tampa and we've never played Tampa before. The crowd was chanting our name before we hit the stage. That was a nice feeling. Really, really good.

Mike: We'll go places we've never been before and maybe two or three people in the front row will be singing along with our songs. So you know if it's a place you've never been and it's just a few people at a bar, their still feel'n it.

Martin: A lot of people have heard of us. It's surprising how many people know who we are when we come to town.

Wes: When I talked to you guys last you said you were going to put out the new album the beginning of this year, I assume because of the label change it's been put off?

Martin: Yeah
Mike: Yeah

Wes: Will it come out this year?

Marin: August 23rd
Mike: is the release date
Martin: is the official release date and it'll be in stores everywhere. And we'll be on the Gigantour with MegaDeth when it comes out.
Mike: We'll have commercials come out maybe run during NASCAR races, wrestling events, any type of extreme sports it'll be like a major marketing push.
Martin: Yeah it'll be a big push

Wes: Do guys have a name for the new record?

Martin: Apologize for Nothing

Wes: Are you going to put out a new website?

Martin: Yeah, yeah. TVT's going to handle our website. A little bit more flashy, a little bit more technology. The web is so... everyone's on the web constantly; you have to update your site.

Mike: The artwork for the album now is what we are waiting to see and the website is going to match the album artwork.

Wes: So what was it like for you guys to tour with Sevendust?

Martin: It was a dream come true. I mean I'm a big fan of Sevendust. Skindred was on the tour too, I was a big fan of Skindred. This is now the third tour we've done with Sevendust, so it's now about fifty, fifty-five shows with Sevendust. It's been unreal, sold out crowds; this last tour was twenty shows out of the twenty shows ten were at the House of Blues. It was unreal. It was just like I pictured it would be.

Wes: What was the craziest thing you guys did with Sevendust on tour?

Mike: We didn't sleep very much.
Martin: Ahhh...I don't know if we really...You'll have to ask Sevendust. I don't now how far I'm allowed to get into it.
Mike: Insemination
Martin: Yeah... it was a really good time.
Mike: We're good friends with 'em.
Martin: Yeah really good cool guys and good times. Ya know they took us under their wing and it was just a blast.

Wes: You said you're going to be on the Gigantour with MegaDeth, how did that come about?

Martin: Dave Mustaine was on his website and said he hand picked us for that tour.

Wes: Really?

Martin: Yeah. I shit my pants. I saw Dave Mustane talking about our band Oh my gosh.

Mike: Yeah, outta the thousands of the bands he could of chosen he chose our band outta the bunch. Martin: Yeah it's crazy to me, cause I'm a big MegaDeth fan.

Wes: Well that's gotta be a self esteem booster?

Martin: Oh yeah
Mike: Oh yeah
Martin: Holy shit that's Dave Mustaine talking about us, a personal message on his website.

Wes: Have you guys played with or toured with any of the other bands on the Gigantour?

Mike: No. No I don't think.

Martin: Actually none of them... Oh, Fear Factory. Yeah we did some shows with Fear Factory, that's it though right?

Mike: Yeah. We might be doing some stuff with Life of Agony after the Gigantour but ya know that's neither here nor there.

Martin: Yeah, we'd like to though.

Wes: Is there a date on the Gigantour you’re looking forward to the most?

Martin: Every one of them. Umm... Fresno, California.
Mike: Actually we might be stopping through West Virginia.
Martin: Yeah we might be coming through Huntington. Mike: We're definitely looking forward to that.

Wes: I know none of those dates are listed right now on the website.

Mike: Their adding new dates everyday, ya know what I mean. It's not official yet, but we are hoping to.

Wes: Do you guys have a lot of fans in this area, the Tri State area?

Martin: Yeah, oh yeah. We just sold out Headliners in Louisville, Kentucky.

Mike: Columbus, Ohio is probably our biggest city; we sell out when we play, every time we go through.

Wes: Is there anyone on the Gigantour you really look forward to playing with?

Martin: Dry Kill Logic. Can't wait to hang out with those guys, we might be splitting a bus with those guys. I like MegaDeth... Fear Factory.

Mike: Life of Agony.

Martin: It's going to be one of those tours where I stay out and watch all the bands play, every night probably. So yeah I'm excited just to see all the bands.

Wes: Are you guys going to play songs off the new album tonight?

Mike: Yes Martin: Yeah. Well probably play the entire new record. Yeah.
Mike: It's gonna be a long show.

Wes: From your new material what's your favorite song to play?

Martin: Six Feet Under Ground. Brand new, brand new, we'll probably open up the show with that tonight.

Wes: What's been your favorite city or venue to play at?

Mike: Roll'n out to California and playing Anaheim was really cool for me. Jada Pinket came out and she was at one the shows we played.
Martin: She bought one our t-shirts
Mike: Yeah that was really cool; I'd never been out the west coast before.
Martin: Any show really, is always a good time.

Wes: Do you guys think you have more fans in Ohio than here in West Virginia?

Mike: Yeah
Martin: Yeah
Mike: We're real close to Huntington, but Huntington's a college town so you've got a cycle of people that are in and out for a four year stay. Columbus, we sell out every time we go there, we rock the house. So yeah.

Wes: How does it feel to be able to pick your opening act at shows like this?

Martin: It's pretty cool, it's fun. We've been really fortunate here last year, with a lot of the fans coming out and a lot of people hearing about us... and with the My Space... the bands real accessible. Yeah it's really cool to get out and headline and people come out to see you. We've been real fortunate with shows here lately.

Wes: You guys have two opening acts tonight?

Martin: Yeah. 13 and... What's the other one? Ummm... I don't know.

Wes: Will you becoming back again this year for X-Fest?

Martin: Ahhh, I don't know. We might be on the Gigantour.
Mike: If we're not on tour we'll be here.
Martin: Yeah, definitely
Mike: We want to be here Martin: Yeah we want to be here

Wes: It'd be cool to see you guys take Sevendust's place and headline the X-Fest.

Martin: Ahhh, I don't know if we're quite there yet
Mike: Give us a year, we'll be there
Guys: Laughs

Wes: Is that the goal for you guys?

Martin: Oh, we're gonna be the biggest fucking band you've ever seen, I'm telling ya.

Mike: After the album comes out it's gonna pick up a lot more and our names going to be out there a lot more, so ya know it's gonna be a lot bigger. They’re attempting more marketing this year on the band then ever before.

Martin: We're plan'n it to be the biggest band in the World. I guess that would be every band's plan.

Wes: How long till you start doing show outside of the country?

Mike: Well after the Gigantour

Martin: After the Gigantour, but I can't really specify the exact details. But we are going over seas after the Gigantour is over.

Mike: When the tour is over we need to be over seas for the beginning of the new album.

Martin: For the beginning of the new album.

Mike: I can't wait for that.

Wes: If you guys had a choice to pick any band to open for you; who would it be?

Martin: Skindred

Mike: Not even necessarily open for us, just to go out on the road with them again.

Martin: Yeah go out with Skindred again, they were great, their one of my favorite bands right now. Skindred definitely would be a band we'd want to go out with after the Gigantour. Their awesome, an unbelievable band.

Wes: Have you guys changed up you style from the first album?

Martin: Yeah, Yeah, it's more rock. It's a more rock album. There are couple songs from the first album that made it to the second record, Turn the Heat Up and Medicine.

Mike: We may never get rid of them; they'll be on every record we make.

Martin: Yeah, it's definitely more rocked out and less rap influenced.

Wes: Is there a reason you guys moved from the rap influence?

Martin: It was just kinda natural, I didn't really notice it. My brother become a lot better singer, a lot stronger singer and started singing more and writing more, singing melody lines and stuff. He's come a long way from where he was on the first album. The first album is what like three years old?

Mike: Yeah

Martin: It's been a good long time to put out the second record. We're ready.

Wes: Well if you’re that ready, how much material do you have for your third album already?

Mike: About six songs.
Martin: Yeah, about six songs. And we're written all the time.

Wes: How many Bobaflex warriors do you think you have around the world now?

Martin & Mike: Thousands and thousands

Martin: Yeah pink shirts and big titties. Those red shirts stand out so much, clustered everywhere in the crowd. And the Sevendust fans were so good to us, it wasn't like you had to beat the crowd to get 'em into you, ya know, ya played one or two songs for 'em and they acted like they owned your album for years. I'm gonna be really excited to see how many people buy this new record on the day of. I think it's gonna be a lot.

Mike: Yeah, I think it's gonna be.

Wes: How many tits have you signed since you've been on tour?

Mike: I just signed my first one the other day.

Martin: Oh, I don't know millions and millions. Yeah, we carry our own Sharpies now; everyone in the band has their own Sharpie.

Mike: Sharpies are boob magnets

Martin: Now that's funny. I've signed some good ones.

Mike: You've signed some bad ones.

Martin: Yeah I've signed some bad ones. I'll sign 'em all really. A bad tit is still a tit.

Mike: I'll sign a man's tit.

Martin: We don't discriminate; we'll sign any tit ya got.

Wes: Well that's all I got for you guys, thanks for having me.

Martin: Yeah no problem, if there's anything else we can do for ya let us know.

Wes: Can a get a picture of you guys for the site?

Martin: Sure. Let me just get the band here.
Mike: Hey, Jared and Thomas!

(Note: Unfortunately, I had some issues with my digital camera during the show, sorry the pictures are kinda blurry and there's not very many of them)

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Boba flex is ok nothing special

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this band f***ing rocks. best live show i've seen in a lonnnng time.

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