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Moretta Tackles Election Cycle News And More With New Album "What's Left Means Nothing"

Just yesterday we had the pleasure of premiering the full "What's Left Means Nothing" album from Moretta a handful of days before the official July 28th release date.

Today we're checking back in with the Moretta guys to find out all about the album's recording, the band's evolving sound, and shooting videos for singles off the release.

Below you'll get a crash course in 16th century leather masks, porn stars, election fatigue, angering click bait headlines for ratings, three year olds singing tracks from Moana, and even some irrelevant farting noises just for fun. Dive in and have fun!

xFiruath: In terms of sound, what sort of style and genre is Moretta aiming for?

Kc: I don't believe we aim to sound like anyone really. We all have a wide range of influences that have come together to form these tunes. We really strive to not let the genre define us. There's so many different sub genres of music now. I feel like if you slam your ability to write music in a box of what music you are going to write. You limit yourself to what you can create. Be a free thinker.

Paisley: I'm inspired by most everything around me. Shaping that inspiration into Moretta's style is the name of the game. Even negative influences play a big part in my writing style. If I don't know exactly what I want a part to sound like, I can at least know what I DON'T want it to sound like... haha!

xFiruath: Can you give me a run down on when Moretta started and how all the members came together?

Paisley: How the band name came to be is a pretty funny story. We actually made a video about it. Check it out here.

xFiruath: Where did you record the tracks for “What's Left Means Nothing” and how did the recording process go?

Kc: All the tracks recorded for "What's Left Means Nothing" were recorded at Paisley's house. He built a studio in his house awhile back and got to work. Everything but the mastering was done by us and I am so proud of that. Not having to pay for studio costs and having the ability to work when you need to was a game changer.

Robby: The whole process was awesome. It allowed us to take as much time as we needed to ensure we had every little thing dialed in and perfected. No stress, no worries through the whole thing. Nothing beats waking up, going to Paisley's house, knocking out songs, and never having to change out of your pajamas!!

Paisley: I've never put more time into anything in my life. Learned a lot along the way and can't wait to share it all with everyone.

xFiruath: What's happening in terms of lyrics and themes on this album?

Kc: Paisley doesn't write just cliche, bullshit lyrics. The truth will set you free, so we speak the truth. A life of comfort is a life of mediocrity. Get up and do something. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop pitying yourself and pretending you're better off than someone else. The universe is in no place to make sense to you. Be a free thinker. Unconditional love.

Paisley: No real themes throughout the disc, I don't think. The lyrical content covers topics ranging from drug abuse, mass media, and government... to relationship issues and imagining an economic downfall... really happy things mostly haha!

xFiruath: Who handled the cover photography and how does it connect to the music?

Kc: The cover art was taken by local photographer Emmy Kitchen. She does some amazing work. The cover is actually an awesome shot of my hometown. We believe the one we chose was the best representation of the title "What's Left Means Nothing." Giving it a sort of eerie feel.

Paisley: Emmy is rad. We live in a truly beautiful part of the world so when Emmy said we could use her work for the album art, I was stoked.

xFiruath: How does this album differ from your previous releases?

Kc: The last 2 singles we released will be on this album! I definitely believe over the last two years we've grown so much as band in so many areas and it's clearly noticeable on this new record. I really strived to make all the drum parts really fun.

Paisley: Kc and I wrote and recorded everything on our debut album in a couple months. I believe the biggest differences between our debut album and this new one are the absence of a time limit this go around, and becoming better musicians both individually and collectively.

xFiruath: What's your personal favorite track or segment of this album and why?

Paisley: I enjoy every track for different reasons. When writing, I always try to give every song its marquee moment. A moment that listeners will use to describe the song to their friends. "You know, that one song with that one part... that goes..." haha something like that. If the song doesn't have a moment like that, then the song isn't ready to be recorded.

Kc: I honestly love all the songs. The lyrical content, the instrumentation. But if I really have to pick a favorite I would say "Modern Day Coward" talks about people just being so fake on social media and how everyone has a way of making there life look great but in reality it's junk. We are lost as a society. We've forgotten who we truly are in this nation and around the world.

Robby: For me, my personal favorite track is "Death Wish." Musically the song is driving and powerful, which is always gonna make me weak in the knees haha, but lyrically, outside of Paisley's inspirations, it was a track that kinda hit home for me and really gives it an extra bit of emotion when we're playing it.

xFiruath: You guys had that video for “Hurricane” awhile back – will there be any other video shoots for tracks off this new album? On a similar note, can you tell me a bit about the “Hurricane” filming process?

Kc: We definitely plan to film another video in the near future!

Paisley: Definitely more videos to come! We will actually have a new lyric video completed for release day on July 28th. As for "Hurricane," we wanted a video that would compliment the lyrical content of the song. When I was writing the lyrical content for "Hurricane" we were in the heart of this past election cycle. Both sides of the aisle getting fired up and defensive over anything the mainstream media told them was worthy of reaction. It's was truly sickening. The media was mindlessly pushing endless amounts of information in order to piss everyone off, all for simply grabbing ratings, with the central catalyst being our cellphones. I could feel myself becoming increasingly numb. It was the only chance I had to control my own happiness. I was reading utterly insane headlines. Headlines that I should care about but didn't.

Between every article was a different article slamming someone for their reaction to the original article posted two hours before. Social media was chock-full of hatred, blanket judgments of entire races and opposing stances, polarizing news articles that may or may not be true, and public fights between friends; all deriving from this content being delivered to our cellphones from dusk to dawn. Because this bombardment of information worked wonders for the bottom line of several media companies, we can be certain of one thing. It won't stop. They controlled our emotions and persuaded our actions, all while making money. Terrifying concept. "Hurricane" is about realizing the impact mainstream media has on our daily lives and fighting against that control.

xFiruath: Does the band have any upcoming one-off shows, tour dates, or festival appearances to support the album?

Kc: Yes! We are playing a outdoor festival with Everytime I Die, He Is Legend, Islander, and many more! It's going to be August 5th in Spokane, WA! It's going to be a banger!

Paisley: ...you're a banger, Kc.

xFiruath: What's the best (or worst) live show you've seen lately?

Kc: Wage War came to town a couple months ago. I love that band. And they straight killed it.

Robby: I'd have to say best I've seen as of late was Fit For A King. Every time they come through, the crowd just goes absolutely insane. Constant mosh pits and the stage energy is crazy. Definitely check those boys out if they're coming near you.

Paisley: Worst live show I've seen recently was my 3 year old son singing a song from Moana. It was awful.

xFiruath: What's going on in your local rock/metal scene and what venues would you recommend that are really championing heavy music?

Kc: Our scene in Spokane is very diversified but has a special love for rock and metal I feel like. Being backed by (in my opinion) the greatest local rock station in the country helps quite a bit. Bringing awesome bands and festivals every year to give the chance of locals to work hard and build their reputation to share the stage with some of those bands. Free shows. Awesome venues. Three pretty rad venues are The Big Dipper, The Knitting Factory and The Pin all quiet steadily bringing heavy music to their establishments. Grateful for our music scene for sure! Much love!

Robby: It seems like the Spokane music scene has been getting a surge of awesome bands as of late. Every weekend there's always at least 1 or 2 shows worth checking out if you're feeling like getting rowdy. As for venues, I'd have to say the Knitting Factory has been phenomenal, as Well as the Big Dipper and The Pin. They have been an awesome supporter of heavy music. Between them and Monumental Booking, there's always great acts coming through.

xFiruath: Other than your own album, what bands and releases have you been really digging lately or what's coming out soon you are most looking forward to hearing?

Kc: I've really been enjoying the new Fit For a King and Emmure records. Also Volumes and I'm really looking forward to the new Wage War stuff!

Robby: Lately I've been really getting into Jason Richardson's new album, Fit For a King dropped a new album not too long ago that I usually have on repeat as well. I've also been getting really into Nothing More, 90s grunge and country. What a mix right?? Haha. But I'd have to say I'm super excited for Wage War's new disc. Blueprints is one of my favorite albums as of late, so their singles have been keeping me sane until the next one comes our way.

xFiruath: Anything else you'd like to discuss?

Paisley- "What's Left Means Nothing" drops July 28th! Keep updated by clicking the mighty blue thumb at Facebook. *Fart Noises*

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