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Daniel Finch Talks Bringing The Devil's Music To The Masses

We recently had the pleasure of premiering new track "Can You Hear Me" off the upcoming debut album from The Devil's Music.

Created by former Devilment member Daniel J. Finch, The Devil's Music is a new outlet for Finch and will feature music originally crafted for the second album of his previous group.

While the album won't be dropping for another month, Finch is plenty excited to get some advance music out to the wider world and had plenty to say about both leaving Devilment and putting together this newer group. Read on for our full chat.

xFiruath: My understanding is that you actually founded Devilment, but then ended up leaving to form The Devil's Music. Can you explain what happened there and what led to this newer band coming together?

Danny: I left devilment after the European tour with Lacuna Coil and Motionless In White. It's a very long story as to why I left. A lot of things changed and I wasn't happy with the way things were going. when I put the project together it was meant to be a band, but that wasn't the case. I couldn't see a future for Devilment, I ended up being the bad guy. The whole thing was fucked. For example I still don't have a signed contract or record deal with Nuclear Blast.

xFiruath: Musically speaking, how does The Devil's Music differ from the direction on the first Devilment album?

Danny: it's what the 2nd Devilment album would have been. First Devilment record was mainly written over about a three year period I guess, things like "Stake In My Heart" I wrote back in 2001. "Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me" I wrote around 2008. We had like three Devilment lineups before we recorded the album. When you get different people in, they bring their style in, as I said I wanted to be a band. So you embrace those styles.

For the couple of years I had Simon Dawson (Steve Harris British Lion) as the drummer, and he has a really groovy rock almost dance feel to his drumming. We wrote stuff like "Girl From Mystery Island" at that time. Compared to Arron Boast who was a really fast double kick drummer so things got faster and heavier. We also had a guitarist called Dan Jackson who was a real thrash guy, so we went thrash for a while. I wrote "Mother Kali" and "Living With The Fungus" at the time. I'm glad to say Dan Jacksons just came on board for the 2nd album I'm putting out next year.

I think it's why if you listen to that first Devilment record it doesn't seem to flow as well as The Devils Music album does. I wrote like ideas for 27 songs for the Devils Music record over about a six month period. So it flows better I think as a record. Plus it's mostly me writing all of it, well guitar riff wise. I got Joe and Marc in to put some keyboards on top. That really adds to the sound, and those guys nailed it. Plus having my good friends Paul and Jordan to over see the whole thing, just kept the whole thing together and solid. Devils Music just has more consistency.

xFiruath: Tell me a bit more about the upcoming album - when were these newer tracks written and what sort of themes are going on with the lyrics?

Danny: I wrote the riffs and got the ideas together just after we finished recording the Devilment album. We were in rehearsals for the European tour. I was having a few problems with my hands at the time, so I was heading down the rehearsal room an hour before everyone else to warm up. Plus it was a chance to jam and write riffs. I took my iPad down and I'd film any riffs I came up with on that. I'd pretty much shelved the whole album after I left Devilment. But I came across them at the end of last year and I forgot how good those ideas were.

Devilment only ever heard like one or two songs which I'd demoed at the time, both of which aren't on this album. It felt like I had to release this music, just maybe to close that chapter in my life, and also to let the Devilment fans who have followed me hear it. It's good for them, they get almost two Devilment albums this year, one good one and one with Dani Filth on ha ha. As for the lyrics I only wrote one set of lyrics for the song "From Beyond." I let all the other singers write their own lyrics, but I have no idea what they are about. Ask them ha ha.

xFiruath: I saw Devilment is also releasing info about a second album – do you have any knowledge of what's going into that and whether it will include anything similar to these tracks, which were originally written for that release?

Danny: I really don't know much about what they are doing, all I can say is myself and Colin Parks (Devilment guitarist) are very different writers. For whatever reason Dani Filth sent me two demos of songs for their new album. I have no idea why he did that. I did listen to them and I was confused about what I heard. It did feel a little like they were trying to go maybe more commercial and write singles. So I hope I'm wrong on that, if they are trying to go the single and commercial way, it will be the death of them. People aren't stupid, they will see through that shit. It's wasn't the band I started. But I hope it's a good album for the fans. But I won't be listening to it. It's a bit like watching you're ex girlfriend fuck another guy ha ha.

xFiruath: Who else is a full time member of the new band with you and how did this lineup get together?

Danny: Paul Jensen is my song writing buddy, he's great at arranging songs, and he can spot anything shit I do right away. He knows if I kind of phoned that riff in ha ha. He played bass on this album, and he's going to be working with me on the second album. I've just put together an 8 piece band for the next album. It's gonna have two vocalists, and I want to take the band out live too. While I was recording the Devils Music record, I started coming up with ideas for the next one. So I think I have like 7 songs already written and arranged for that. It's gonna be cool I think. The songs sound better then the Devils Music record and as long as my writing gets better by every record, then I'll keep releasing stuff.

xFiruath: I saw there were a bunch of guest musicians across the album – can you give me a brief run down of who is appearing on the release and what sort of impact they had on the music?

Danny: You got Jordan and Iain from the band Scream Serenity who are an amazing band. Lee from Collapse The Sky who's an awesome vocalist and a great front man. Jambles who's in The Bloodshake Chorus, which I joined back in April. Edwin who's one of my oldest and dearest friends, we were bands together back in like 1995. Marc Hoyland who I was in 13 Candles with. James from One Machine, Jim from Hear A, Matt from Die A Villain, Glad from Viper Inc, Ben, Caesar, god so many people I can't think of all them right now.

xFiruath: Where was recording handled and how did that process go with the upcoming album?

Danny: All the music got recorded at my home studio, we used Jordan's studio, Scorpio studios for some vocal stuff. He also mastered the album there. Most of the vocals were recorded in studios and home studio all over the place. Joe and Marc's keys where done at their home studios. It's the power of the Internet. I use the Internet for two things, music and porn ha ha oh and my addiction to eBay ha ha.

xFiruath: You had mentioned the possibility of live shows - was this originally meant to be studio-only?

Danny: It was meant to be a studio project. But I've kind of got the bug for playing live again after joining The Bloodshake Chorus. So yeah there will be some live shows since now I have a band for the second album. We're also toying with the idea of playing the whole of the "Great and Secret Show" album live, as Devilment have never done that.

xFiruath: What's happening in your local metal scene and what venues would you recommend to metal fans looking for a great show?

Danny: I live in a pretty quiet town, there's a few bands here. Scream Serenity, We'll Take Manhattan, Die A Villain, Alestoria and Synaptik are amazing bands. All well worth checking out. Of course Steve Harris British Lion comes from here, as well as the band A and The Darkness, I'm good friends with the ex-drummer Ed Graham, which reminds me I must call him ha ha. A drink is well over due.

xFiruath: What bands and albums are you listening to lately, and what's coming out soon you are looking forward to?

Danny: New Lacuna Coil and Gojira I've been listening to. I was really looking forward to the new Deftones, but I'm not so into it. New Devil You Know album is awesome. Looking forward as always to the next Devin Townsend album, and hopefully there will be a new Cannibal Corpse album as I'm an obsessed fan ha ha. Been listening to a lot of Korn again today for some reason, I know they have a new album coming out this year, so I'm gonna be getting that one for sure.

xFiruath: Anything else you'd like to add?

Danny: Just wanna say thanks for your support and the kind words in your write up. And also that The Devils Music debut album is available on the 2nd of September 2016, but available for pre-order on iTunes and Bandcamp.

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