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JR Hayes and Scott Hulk Confirm New Pig Destroyer Album for 2017

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I've been a fan of Pig Destroyer since Terrifyer back in the mid-2000s which I got into after looking up who played in Anal Cunt and from there into Scott Hull's other band Agoraphobic Nosebleed. His riffs are always amazing. His production never ceases to sound perfect. So I'll confess that I still occasionally get star struck although I manage to hide it a lot better than I did at 21.

Sadly, I never saw them live until now since Pig Destroyer only tour once ever few years but this time, I was thankfully able to attend. So without further adieu, here's my interview with JR Hayes and Scott Hull.

Matt Dasher: I'm here with JR and Scott of Pig Destroyer. This show's like a one off and not part of a full tour, right?

JR Hayes: We've got another date tomorrow in Minneapolis but two shows is a tour for us. That qualifies.

Matt: Thanks for heading out.

JR: Absolutely. We have some making up to do for our last show here.

Matt: Scott, what were you sampling at the beginning of “Built to Grind?”

Scott Hull: The Howard Stern Show. That was Hank the Angry Dwarf.

JR: Oh yeah, is that the one where he said, “Go have sex with Jesus Christ”

Scott: Yeah.

JR: Yeah.

Scott: That was Hank the Angry Dwarf so that was Howard Stern. Sounds like it would be from a good movie but that's all it was.

Matt: It's obvious that “Altered States of America” is something you made while high and goofing off but it's possibly the best grindcore album of all time.

Scott: Thank you.

Matt: I've listened to it so many times and it's kicked my ass in a thousand different ways.

JR: I don't think we were high at all, really.

Scott: Well, we were drunk.

JR: If that qualifies as high.

Scott: We were just having a good time.

JR: Scott doesn't get high though. Scott gets drunk. I get high.

Scott: I think you and maybe Jay were but that's about it.

Matt: My question about that is what made you choose to record it as a hundred tracks instead of just one big song?

Scott: Well, I come from a time where – I was in Anal Cunt too – there was a thing to do noise records where there were as many songs on them as possible. It doesn't even matter how good they are. As many stupid things and cram it all in there. I hadn't seen anybody do that with a CD yet. I figured, let's make it a 100 song CD on a 3inch CD so nobody can play it in their car. It was a big joke. A big gag, if you will.

JR: Isn't that a description of early Agoraphobic, though? Just in general, a big gag?

Scott: It was just to see how ridiculous we could make a CD and of course we put in a track before the very first song. There's a hundred songs on that CD.

Matt: That's why I got it on iTunes.

JR: You ever notice the hidden track?

Matt: No. The iTunes version doesn't have the track 0 on it.

Scott: I know. There's a reissue and they put the track on the vinyl. I don't know about the CD but you're not missing much.

Matt: Speaking of Anal Cunt. I know you weren't really involved in recording. But what's you favorite Anal Cunt song?

Scott: I recorded “40 More Reasons To Hate Us.” I was on that record. My favorite Anal Cunt record? Probably “Morbid Florist.” I like that one a lot.

JR: That's the definitive record.

Matt: I always thought that “It Just Gets Worse” is definitive for me but I got into metal in the late 90s.

JR: That's the definitive one for the song titles.

Scott: But just for sheer audio brutality, either “Morbid Florist” or the 7' split with Nausea are probably my two favorite Anal Cunt records.

JR: Didn't Seth hate that one?

Scott: Yeah, he said it was too dry.

JR: Yeah, that's what I though.

Matt; With Pig Destroyer, your last two albums haven't been concept albums. Are there any plans to do a new concept album in the future?

JR: I just kind of let that sort of thing happen organically. I don't it's good to force things. I think you have to figure out where you're at a given point int time and just be honest and direct with that. I don't want to write a story just to write a story. I want to write a story if I have something to say. I would say that about records too. I don't want to make a record just to make a record. I want to make a record when we've got something to deliver.

Scott: Something that we're inspired to do. Not just deliver a new record. That's why it takes so long between records.

Matt: What I get out of Pig Destroyer is it's the opposite of what a lot of grind bands do today. It's more like what I think that grind should be. I'm surprised that a lot of other artists haven't followed suit. When I go searching for grind bands, most of the time I get stuck with bands who just do 30 second breakdowns, slowly hit the drums a few times and the vocalist is gargling mouthwash. Why do you think that bands don't follow what Pig Destroyer does?

Scott: I don't know. I don't think that we had anything in mind when we were doing this other than to just probably be like that and then we just sort of branched out and and you can't deny our other influences. I like ZZ Top a lot.

JR: We have a crazy amount of influences. I mean, I listen to a bunch of jazz stuff. I'm into the blues. Not that all that stuff gets tied into these bands necessarily. We've also been around for a really long time. When you stick around, you kind of have to change things up or get stagnant.

Matt: I know that Pig Destroyer has been in Workaholics and a Tony Hawk video game. Has mainstream exposure drawn larger crowds for you?

JR: I think that's something to be gained by exposing yourself to something that wouldn't hear you but I wouldn't normally do that thing all the time. I mean, I wouldn't go out looking for that sort of stuff but sometimes it comes to us and if it's right. Being in a Tony Hawk video game is kind of cool.

Scott: Two! Two of them. And the Workaholics thing was pretty cool.

JR: I don't think they even talked to us about the Workaholics thing. I think they just kind of did it, didn't they?

Scott: No, they got got a release and they paid us for it, too. So that stuff just kind of fun. I don't know if it changed our fanbase but if it did, there's no way to really tell.

Matt: I just started listening to Arc. It's a lot different from what you usually do with Agoraphobic Nosebleed. It felt more like something that Down, Pentagram or Kat's old band Salome would do. What caused the change of direction for that?

Scott: That's sort of a deviation. That's one of three solo EPs that we're working on. The idea behind the series is that each vocalist gets to focus solely on something that he or she wants to do that's somehow different from what ANB typically does. And do it in a long format not just for one song or part of a song but the entire release is kind of around that so they just get to soak in a particular style. For Kat, that was stoner/doom stuff so I worked really hard at doing that. So we got two more from Rich's EP and Jay's EP. Then we're gonna be done with those.

JR: What about yours'?

Scott: I don't know.

JR: You've gotta do that, c'mon.

Scott: I made you one but next time we've got to do more of a serious ANB record. Not that Arc was not serious but just one that's more in line with an ANB type record.

Matt: Is there going to be a new Pig Destroyer album any time soon?

Scott: Yep.

JR: We're writing it. Got it about half written.

Scott: Maybe early next year.

Matt: As somebody who works in IT, How much of the A+ test is on hardware and how much is on virtualization? The networking and virtualization stuff is the part that I struggle with.

Scott: I did Security+ which is different. A+ is something different, isn't it?

Matt: A+ is for desktop support and repair.

Scott: I have Security+ certification. It's all cryptography and and security issues. I never took the A+. I'm a DVA and I work in the cloud. AWS. Amazon.

Matt: I was going to do more computer repair and doing more freelance stuff with that.

With Japanese Torture Comedy Hour, it's a very big departure from your other work. How'd you get into power electronics?

Scott: I got into that before anything else.

JR: Before grindcore.

Scott: I did that before I did ANB or Pig Destroyer. I think I stopped doing that before I started doing ANB or Pig Destroyer.

JR: (Laughs)

Scott: I thought it was an interesting aesthetic. I thought it was sort of a cool thing to piece together sound things that weren't traditional. I've always been a fan of Throbbing Gristle and Non although not always Non. That's very nontraditional.

Matt: Yeah, I hear a lot of Sutcliffe Jugend and Massona in it.

JR: I think he probably liked the self sufficiency of it it too. You like working by yourself.

Scott: It's very independent but I got tired of it so I stopped doing it. I think Jay's still doing it a but but I think I've got my hands full with these two guys.

Matt: It's been nice meeting both of you.

JR: You too. I hope that was good for you.

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Matt is a freelance writer living in Chicago, Illinois and a metalhead since 1999.

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