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An Interview with Kittie

Photo of Kittie

Band Photo: Kittie (?)

This interview was conducted on the evening of October 7th with all the band members of Kittie. The interview took place inside the Kittie tour bus, which was parked directly in front of the venue. The venue for the evening was Banana Joe's in Huntington, WV. The interview went very well. I walked away from this experience with a big smile on my face. The ladies of Kittie are truly the coolest to hang with. Thank you ladies! (Sorry it took so long to get this posted)

Wes (aka Sundown): I'm Wes Gibson.

Ladies: Hi Wes

Wes: I'm going to try and get everyone's name right. Morgan, Lisa, Jennifer and Mercedes.

Jennifer: You’re an all star!
Morgan: Fuck yeah, one of the few and the proud. Thumbs up.

Wes: How did you start this tour, the Metal Movement Tour, with Otep and Crisis?

Morgan: How did we start it? It was a good idea.
Mercedes: It was a good idea at the time.
Morgan: Ya know, I think it's kinda of a neat idea. I don't think there has ever been any like, ya know, all female heavy metal tour go out or whatever.
Mercedes: We really wanted Vixen on this tour. Dude can you imagine Vixen on the tour?
Jennifer: Yeah that would be amazing, but one of them plays golf now. One of them is a professional golf player; one of them is a secretary
Mercedes: Yeah a secretary
Jennifer: ... and I can't remember the others. They've been trying to do reunion tours, but somebody is being a twat.
Mercedes: It's the secretary. The secretary's being a twat. Dude if Vixen would go out on tour with us... if we do the Metal Movement Tour volume two...
Jennifer: Which I'm sure we will.
Mercedes: Vixen will be on it.
Jennifer: Which I'm sure we will and Vixen will be on it.

Wes: Have you guys ever played here, in West Virginia before?

Mercedes: No.
Morgan: No, never.
Jennifer: I've played here before in a different band.
Mercedes: I think I've been to clubs like this before, never this particular club.
Morgan: This is our first time, it seems like it will be a pretty good show tonight.
Mercedes: My favorite part of this club is the motorboat coming out of the wall.
Jennifer: It's very, very, clever. Mercedes: I took a picture of that already with Morgan and me inside the motorboat.

Wes: That's excellent. Generally that boat is reserved for drunk topless girls.

Morgan: Really.
Jennifer: We'd like to see them tonight.
Mercedes: We'd like to see them.
Jennifer: Cause we've got some tomatoes here.
Mercedes: Personally I like drunk topless girls... in boats.
Morgan & Jennifer: Yeah, Yeah. Wu-who.
Mercedes: Who wouldn't? Who wouldn't like drunk topless girls in motorboats.

Wes: Is there a venue or place your looking forward to on the rest of your tour dates?

Mercedes: No.
Ladies: (Laughs)
Mercedes: No, I'm just joking. Honestly we're excited about everyday of this tour, even, even Banana Joes.
Jennifer: Even today.
Morgan: Yeah. There's always something, ya know, interesting at every venue, every show. I'm just trying to think what's on the itinerary... House of Blues.
Mercedes: We love House of Blues, but honestly we are excited about every show on this tour. It's gonna be great. It's gonna be a great fucking tour bitch!
Morgan: It's west coast too cause we...last tour we ah,
Mercedes: I got really sick. I was in the hospital for a while. Yep definitely I was in the hospital a while so we had to cancel the last half of our tour which really sucked. I really just wanted to go and hang out in the west coast area.

Wes: So you guys are gonna make up for some of those dates?

Morgan: Yeah, we're doing a lot of that on this tour. But there's also a lot of other things too. We're just try'n to saturate the entire country.
Jennifer: Except we're not going to Florida, I don't know why not.
Mercedes: We were just there that's why.
Jennifer: And it's sorta destroyed.
Morgan: Yeah, that's true.
Mercedes: Why would people go to show when their houses are ruined?
Morgan: Yeah that's true.

Wes: You'd be surprised, in Florida, I lived there for three years, they'll come out to see a metal band. They'll stop building their houses to come see a metal band.

Mercedes: They'll stop wrestling alligators to come see a metal show.
Morgan: That's a beautiful thing.

Wes: Do you see a difference between your fans here in the US and your fans in Canada?

Morgan: Yeah, Yeah their all in America.
Ladies: Laughing

Wes: You don't have any fans in Canada?

Morgan: That's the difference, their all here.
Mercedes: We don't really play in Canada. We played in Toronto for the first time in three years.
Morgan: Actually it was a great show though.
Jennifer: That was a great show.
Morgan: Ya know what, there really isn't a difference. I think the beauty of music is can cross language, age barriers all that stuff like no matter where we go in the world, like Europe we do great there too. Ya know, Canada and America really aren't that different.
Mercedes: No, I don't think so at all.
Morgan: I have to admit our dollar sucks. And yeah we have funny accents.
Mercedes: I don't think I talk that funny.
Morgan: And we have maple syrup, and we have Chesterfields.
Mercedes: I’m try'n to think of what else we have differently... Drinking age is nineteen.. Legal age of consent is fourteen.
Jennifer: Alright!
Ladies: Laughs and cheers
Morgan: so come to Canada ta drink...
Mercedes: and to have under age sex.
Jennifer: To pork little whores.
Morgan: That was fuck'n sweet.
Jennifer: Oh shit.

Wes: Do you think your fans, that you gain from this album, your new album, are going to like going back and listening to your older stuff?

Mercedes: Probably not... if they like this album.
Jennifer: What was the question?
Mercedes: Would people that like this album...If Until the End was the first album people listen to, if they like Until the End would they like Spit?
Jennifer: Oh, okay.
Mercedes: They would probably like Oracle if they like Until the End.
Jennifer: Yeah I think Oracle is when the band ah.. became really good, really finding it's own identity and really finding that.. ok we're gonna crush your world and this is what we wanna do, ya know, after ya do the touring, you can't help becoming better musicians and better songwriters etc. etc. etc. I think Oracle and Until the End do definitely hold hands in the sense that their both heavy but, ah, one just comes with the other if ya know what I mean.
Morgan: Oracle is sorta like the foundation, and then they build on top of that, a giant beautiful house.
Ladies: Ohhhh.
Morgan: No, no, you have to understand though Spit was written when I was like fourteen, like we were twelve and fourteen. By the time we actually ended up.. ah touring and releasing the album the songs were already old to us.

[Here we are interrupted by a member of the crew knocking on the door. Mercedes is telling them go away, but he enters anyway with a box of goods in tow. Mercedes converses with him for a moment than the door to the bus closes and she returns.]

Mercedes: Hey, guys we've got candy and beans!
Ladies: Yeah! (Laughing)
Morgan: Alright, anyhow, sorry about that.
Mercedes: I don't know what the question was so I'm not gonna answer it.
Morgan: What was the question?
Mercedes: What was the question?

Wes: What is your favorite song from Until the End to play live?

Jennifer: I think we all have one favorite song... mine is Pussy Sugar
Morgan: Yeah, oh man... I like Pussy Sugar too.
Mercedes: My favorite song is Daughters Down. My favorite song is Gummy Hamburger.
Ladies: Laughs
Lisa: I like Burning Bridges.
Morgan: Yeah, I like Burning Bridges too though.
Mercedes: We like them all.
Morgan: They're all pretty tough. I like Until the End, it's pretty good. When I can get a little taste of a different thing.

Wes: If you guys could pick any other band to tour with, who would it be?

Lisa: My Chemical Romance
Mercedes: I'm gonna say ah, ah, Mary Jane Girls, to tour with.
Mercedes: Anybody honestly. I'd go out on tour with umm Good Charlotte, I'd go out on tour with anybody who'd take us out on tour. I'd go out on tour with Avril Lavinge. Seriously I don't care, we just want to open for a band.
Jennifer: I don't know, I can't think of anyone right now... it'd probably be like December or someone like that.

[There's a knock on the bus door.]

Mercedes: Don't knock on my bus Bitch!

Wes: Do you guys have plans for after the tour already?

Jennifer: Marriage!
Morgan: Yeah. Mercedes: We're actually all getting married.
Morgan: We're splitting four ways.
Mercedes: Four way marriage. And ah we're all gonna try...actually tonight we're all gonna try to fit in the one bunk together.
Morgan: Yeah! We'll see what happens.
Mercedes: Yeah!
Morgan: After the tour we're going to Mexico then to Europe. And then we're gonna get married, then all get in bed together.
Jennifer: Yeah cause we could probably all get married in Europe.
Mercedes: We can get married in Canada, same sex marriage is legal, I think.

Wes: So, Until the End is your third full length Album?

Morgan: Yep

Wes: And you have released two Eps?

Morgan: Yep

Wes: Ok, just making sure.

Jennifer: Yep, we have five gold records!
Mercedes: No, I wish, cause I would own the world.
Jennifer: Somethin'n. Be fat cats.
Mercedes: I wouldn't be livn'n with my parents, I tell ya that much.

Wes: You guys said this is like a second chance or new beginning on this album, can you tell us a little more about that?

Mercedes: I'm opening them with my mind.
Jennifer: Hamburgers.
Morgan: Hamburgers, hamburgers.
Mercedes: I'm trying to get the Hamburgers.
Morgan: Their coming out!
Jennifer: That was sweet!
Morgan: She's using her mind.
Morgan: Umm I don't know. This is like the first album that we've had this line up, which is by far our strongest line up to date and this is the way it's always going to be now, we're set, umm, so it does kinda feel like a new beginning I mean it was three years since our last album and um we were involved with some legal stuff with the label which was pretty unfortunate. But it kinda gave us a lot of time to reflect on our situation and create great music. Um.. that's kinda why, ya know. Not a lot of bands, ya know, coming out of a law suit get that chance, ya know. We kinda felt it was our opportunity to reintroduce the band after a, ya know, three year hiatus. And come out and kick some ass.
Mercedes: God Damn!
Jennifer: Like she said.

Wes: How did the stay at Longview Farm Studio come about? How did you pick that studio to record at?

Morgan: Actually Steve Thompson, who produced the album, I guess ya know, recommended it to us. Um.. it's kinda of a neat place, you eat there, you sleep there. Your stuck on a farm for a month.
Mercedes: There's a gas station and two convenience stores in the whole town.
Jennifer: You lose your social skills.
Mercedes: You definitely become retarded and smell like horse shit.
Ladies: Laughs
Mercedes: Even if you shower
Morgan: We got a great album though, didn't we.
Mercedes: We all worked like crazy.
Morgan: We were able to work like, ya know, like, 15 hour days and really focus on it.
Jennifer: We worked great together.
Mercedes: Ya know the beauty of that studio is you can work anytime of the day until whatever time you want. Cause you eat there, sleep there, shower there, smell like horse shit all day. But basically working schedules were pretty leisurely. We were working like 16 hour days, 12 to 16 hour days.
Morgan: And that's when you first got here.
Lisa: Yeaaaah.
Morgan: Even though she's not on the album her presence is there.
Jennifer: Yes.
Morgan: She actually stayed there for a week with us. We had fun, it was cool.
Lisa: It was definitely very, very interesting.
Morgan: Hung out and ate pop corn.
Mercedes: It was real nice to be able to venture out of the studio into Boston to pick her up cause I had to go to the airport. It was definitely one of the first times I left the studio.

Wes: Did you guys do anything special to prepare for this recording?

Morgan: No actually we practiced in the basement for like a week and then we were like lets go to the recording studio.
Mercedes: We knew we were gonna go into the studio like two weeks before, so we just had faith, ya know.
Morgan: It was like Oh Shit! Let's get Jennifer up here and finish the album.
Jennifer: And I went up and we jammed out in jammies.
Mercedes: I'm definitely a pajama jammer.
Mercedes: We had some slumber parties.
Jennifer: Yep, we had some slumber parties.
Mercedes: I don't think I've ever spent so much time in that much of an outdoor setting. I've pretty much lived in bigger cities my entire life. Yeah.
Jennifer: They had great food.
Mercedes: Except for the fact that they feed us chicken every night.
Jennifer: Yeah.
Mercedes: The only kinda of chicken I can eat now is chicken wings, that’s the only thing they didn't feed us at Longview. Chicken this, chicken breast, chicken ass, chicken on your head. Fuck it, I hate chicken.
Morgan: Ya know, that was just amazing. Its like going from preparation of the album to chicken. That’s funny.
Jennifer: But, no we didn't do any preproduction on this album. We're not that kind of band that has to do that. Seriously.
Morgan: We write real songs so we don't need to think twice about it.
Mercedes: And we know how to write.

Wes: Did you guys record anything that's not on this album?

Mercedes: Nope, that's why we write...
Morgan: Ya know what, we even recorded some stuff that shouldn't be on the album, I can think of one song.
Jennifer: Yeah, well we're doing good though.
Morgan: It's all good though.

Wes: If you had the chance to record any cover song what would it be?

Jennifer: Umm... I would ah, I would like to record a Life of Agony cover.
Mercedes: That'd be great.
Jennifer: Maybe a Prince song.
Morgan: Yeah.
Mercedes: I think a cover of a Social Distortion song would be awesome. Guys?
Morgan: You want us to put out a cover tunes album. I don't know, I think that Run Like Hell thing was kinda, ya know, a one time thing and ah, I don't know. I'm sure there'd be a lot of stuff that'd be really fun to do live. We might work on that side but not like create a whole album.

Wes: Do you guys have a preference to playing live or in the studio?

Morgan: Ya, yes. Yes Live.
Jennifer: Yes, live.
Mercedes: Yes live. The studio's so sterile and your not playing for anyone.
Jennifer: It's a necessary evil. It has to happen.
Mercedes: Yeah, it has to happen, but I mean if we could go through this whole process and not ya know be in the studio but somehow still make records, that would be ideal. Not that recording is bad or anything like that, recording is just tedious, ya know.
Morgan: The live setting is definitely what it's all about for us. Playing to a crowd and kids.

Wes: And you can still play in your PJs right?

Jennifer: We should have a Pajama show.
Morgan: Yeah that would be fun.
Mercedes: The only thing is everyone has to wear their pajamas or their not allowed into the fucking show.

Wes: When can we expect a follow up to Until the End?

Mercedes: Soon.
Jennifer: Very soon.
Morgan: Yeah, very soon. Yeah. Now that we have the ability to do so, we're going to get these next two albums out real quick.

Wes: How did you guys come up with the name Kittie for the band?

Morgan: Oh god! I don't know, we shouldn't even be called Kittie anymore. Good Lord. Umm.. No, it was just like our juvenile ah.. unsure way of trying to have a name that sounded completely contradictory to what the music does.
Mercedes: It was pretty funny at the time.
Morgan: Mind you, I was probably like thirteen when I named the band. It made sense back then.

Wes: What does it mean, to the four of you, to be part of Kittie?

Morgan: It means we have a great time.
Jennifer: Together.
Mercedes: What does it mean?
Morgan: Its about music and its about friendship and its about having an awesome time and being able to go out and do what you love in front of millions of people.
Mercedes: Sluts, candy, sluts with candy.
Jennifer: Yeah definitely what she said, the one part I love is we have this in common together. Mercedes: We are definitely all in this together.
Jennifer: Whether good, bad whatever, we're all in this together.
Morgan: And it's about dedication too, I mean we've been through so much bullshit you can not even believe.
Mercedes: I could sit here and talk through the rest of the night about it.
Morgan: It's just so much bullshit and ya know we've dedicated our lives to this regardless of what happens and that's a good thing ya know. We're all in this together and it's a wonderful thing.

Wes: As a heavy metal band do you guys get offers for free tattoos and piercings?

Morgan: Hell yeah!
Mercedes: Yeah most people are like really creepy or sketchy.
Jennifer: Yeah their really sketchy or they have like the worst artwork ever. I have two main people, we all have somebody or whatever, Fuck no, unless their a really big artist or I actually know the person there's no fuck'n way.
Mercedes: I can think of three people off the top of my head I would let tattoo me.

Wes: How many fans have asked to marry you?

Mercedes: I actually got a wedding ring once. I think this kid stole his mothers wedding ring, it's pure gold and has a big ole rock on it, I have it at home. I'm gonna pawn it when I'm strapped for cash.
Morgan: This interview is like... I don't know, I just hope you guys are having a good time, ya know.

Wes: I'm having a good time.

Jennifer: I would say like the eight year old boys, like the really young boys. all under the age of fourteen. And I get asked more by girls than by dudes.
Mercedes: I only get the fat biker dudes with long beards.
Morgan: Oh, stop it.

Wes: Have you guys ever signed anybody's penis?

Jennifer: I... No Mercedes: No. If someone whips their shit out, their gonna get punched right in their fucking...
Jennifer: If someone whips their dick out it's getting slapped so hard, it's getting hit so hard.
Mercedes: I'll punch a dick.
Jennifer: Yeah, I do not recommend it.
Mercedes: I won't sign one but I'll punch one.
Morgan: It'll get chopped off, I'll fuck'n pull out a knife and chop that shit off, chop that sucker up and make a tasty treat.
Jennifer: I'll sign an ass.
Mercedes: I'll sign an ass, I'll sign a tit, I won't sign a vagina.
Jennifer: I won't sign kooter.
Mercedes: Like, I don't want your fuck'n dick coming near me.

Wes: Have you found that your website has helped you at all?

Morgan: Yeah, sure.
Mercedes: One of the big reasons we got known so much was through the internet. Actually we used to run our website off angelfire.com, honestly we had so many fuck'n hits. Our website was so ridiculous. I remember we used to approve all the message board things and stuff like that, and I remember just going through for like three hours and approving it. Your eyes would like melt out of your head. We honestly had such a big website following back in the day, we still do, but that was like the thing that got us made, that really really helped us out with getting our name out there.
Morgan: And now it lets our fans come and meet each other and talk to the band and...
Mercedes: People have gotten married because of Kittie.
Morgan: That's right, that's right. It's true, it's crazy.

Wes: Would you play at a fan's wedding?

Mercedes: I would, in a heart beat.
Morgan: I like cake, I'll eat it. Wedding cake is delicious.

Wes: Exactly how hard does Kittie rock?

Mercedes: Harder than your fucking mother!
Ladies: Laughs Cheers Yeahs!
Jennifer: Sweet! And that is that.
Morgan: You gotta see the show though. Cause a lot a people have the wrong idea about this band, cause I think when they come and see a show they'll see how hard we rock. Mercedes: We rock so hard poop will automatically come out of your ass.
Morgan: And that is that.

Morgan: Cool, well thank you guys so very much.

Wes: Thank you. It was very nice to meet you.

Morgan: It was really nice to meet you. We apologize we ah, ya know, get excited about what we do with our lives.
Mercedes: We look forward to fuck'n it up.

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Anonymous Reader
1. Jessy writes:

Kittie you f***ing rock soo hard! my friend told me that i was ur stalker cuz i got a freakin article on dem in my drawer and she said that id ask you guys to marry me. i sed you guys wuld prob say ur not drunk enuff lol u guys rock!!!!!!!! \m/

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Anonymous Reader
2. ashley writes:

kittie i f***in love you guys so much you kick so much f***in a$$ i went to you show the other day and i just can't wait til you come back I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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Anonymous Reader
3. chase writes:

Kittie f***in rocks ass... Yall rocked in memphis

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Anonymous Reader
4. rosie(kittiefreek666) writes:

yah the nm shopw rocked thanks for comming out and talking to us it was so fun

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Anonymous Reader
5. denise writes:

what can i say...you really rock!!!!i love you guys...

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6. cinthia writes:

hehe.. kittie is the best... woo!!

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7. xKeYsErX writes:


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8. 6MAG(SIC)GOT6 writes:

kittie f***in owns

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Anonymous Reader
9. fuck writes:

Kitie is f***ing awful, the lead singer couldnt sing for sh**, but i did like there first album.......best comedy ive ever heard!!! f*** THESE a$$holeS!!!!!! THERE THE ROCK SPICE GIRLS!!

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Anonymous Reader
10. savannah writes:

kittie you guys f***en rock !!!!!! I love you guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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11. shitbrick writes:

hello laides i saw yalls play in culumbus at the allrosea you guys f***ing tore that place to hell i gave Mercedes are demo my band in call negativeprocess "www.negativeprocess.com" just wondering what yalls thought of it but anyway i g2g so i love you guy morgan someday we can hopefuly get merred lol "i f***ing wish" luv yalls
"a.k.a the guy who sleept out side your bus on the ground after the show"

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Anonymous Reader
12. sic beotch writes:

f*** up there ^ ^ ^ , 3 posts up. he needs to shut the f*** up, u wouldn't know good music if it ramed it'self up ur ass. Kittie is the sh**, they are ultimate girl / metal / what ever u want to call them/, band in the world. musical masters. i have soo much respect for u, hope to see you come to New Zealand one day, Your NZ fans will be waiting..... i salute u, keep the good msuci commin,

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Anonymous Reader
13. Ahahaha its kmadd. writes:

Actually the Spice Girls looked better and had 20 times more talent than pittie.

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Anonymous Reader
14. brad writes:

you know what genre they are


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Anonymous Reader
15. MadK writes:

total shiit and there fans suck worse.

# Nov 13, 2004 @ 4:26 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
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16. RaiyneCloud writes:

Hey Kittie!! I love you guys!! You can definetly play at my wedding whenever I have one!! I'll prolly get married in Canada... unless the US decides to let gay people f***ing live!! Keep rockin' out hard!! Come down to florida and kidnap me!!

# Nov 16, 2004 @ 2:49 PM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Anonymous Reader
17. Steven writes:

Kittie rules... Fave band.. tie between them OPETH/KITTIE/CHRISTIAN DEATH

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Anonymous Reader
18. DerailTheTrain writes:

New guitarist is cute...On a serious level, they have some chops more than some more popular bands, not Slayer, Mudvayne, Opeth, Tool or DEP chops but they have something. I'll keep tabs on em before I say anything negative. they can play and sing better than i can so i cant really say "THEY SUCK" now can i? that would be childish....and noone here EVER says anything childish...

# Nov 20, 2004 @ 8:13 AM ET | IP Logged Reveal posts originating from the same IP address
Anonymous Reader
19. asdf ;lkj writes:

the spice girls do suck azz and they are ugly as F***.

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Anonymous Reader
20. JT writes:

kittie f***in kills... why the f*** do ppl check out bands they dont like... f***in lifeless peices of sh**... KITTIE ROCKS!!! i missed their show in anaheim... f***!!!

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