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New from Doooomed.com

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Displaying posts 26 - 39 of 39 1 2 Last
Feb 8, 2012 8:58 AM ET #26 (permalink)


A Pale Horse Named Death - And Hell Will Follow Me 2xLP Vinyl

A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH is the Gothic Doom Metal brainchild of Brooklyn, NY native Sal Abruscato...

Sal’s partner in crime on “And Hell Will Follow Me” is Matt Brown, sound engineer extraordinaire and guitarist of fellow NY band SEVENTH VOID. “The chemistry between me and Matt is unique and flawless very rare in today´s music. We are the murdering evil version of Lennon and McCartney.” says Abruscato.

Brown adds, “Sal asked me if I would help to take these songs to the next level. I took on this project for my friend, to find some closure in rough times. The music is just an extension of our friendship and our passion for creativity.”

The album artwork was done by Sam Shearon aka Mr. Sam, who has previously done work for Rob Zombie, Fear Factory and Cradle of Filth to name a few, and features a 20 page booklet with artwork for each individual song. Additionally, the Double LP version will feature a never before heard bonus track called “Pick Up Truck”.

To top that all off, Life of Agony’s Keith Caputo lent background vocals to four tracks and Lou Reed’s saxophonist Ulrich Krieger guests on “Die Alone”. Bobby Hambel from Biohazard - who also plays with the band live - played the guitar leads on three tunes.

APHND is also a force to be reckoned with live, with shows and festivals already planned in both the U.S. and Europe. Alongside Sal, Matt and Bobby, the live line-up places Type O and Seventh Void drummer Johnny Kelly behind the kit, and Eric Morgan on bass.

“This is my pinnacle creation, the best album I have ever done.” commented Sal. And after listening, most people are tending to agree.

Double LP presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with killer artwork
Features a never before heard vinyl only bonus track called “Pick Up Truck”
Comes with a bonus CD

Blood Ceremony - Self Titled Vinyl LP

Blood Ceremony plays a distinctive brand of flute-tinged witch rock. Early on, their sound revealed an infernal marriage of Black Sabbath and the manic piping of Jethro Tull. Eschewing the affectations of modern rock music, Blood Ceremony keeps it simple and heavy; yet their songs are tempered with strong, brooding melodies. This effect is enhanced by their use of the flute; an instrument once prevalent in progressive rock, but which is uncommon in today’s scene. Invoking the mischievous “Pipes of Pan,” Blood Ceremony songs are distinguished by singer Alia O’Brien’s energetic jazz-flute solos – accenting an instrument long-associated with a list of devilish mythic characters.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve!
Comes with an insert
Only 500 copies pressed on white vinyl

Cathedral - A New Ice Age 12" ***Orange Vinyl***

As Cathedral reach the end of a 22 year career, they are pleased to announce the release of this one-off limited 12” EP featuring two killer new tracks. "Open Mind Surgery" is Cathedral at their heavy, aggressive best. Coming across like a cross between Amebix and Motorhead, with a tripped out mid section, it displays yet another side to this most enigmatic of British Metal bands. Side two, Sabbadaius Sabbatum is classic Cathedral-styled Doom Metal & heavy as hell! This vinyl only release is sure to become an instant collectable.

Limited to only 300 copies orange vinyl!

Candlemass - Nightfall Vinyl LP

Candlemass' 1987 Doom Metal masterpiece gets the deluxe vinyl treatment!

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with a full color inner sleeve
Pressed on heavy 180gram gold wax!
Limited to only 2000 numbered copies

Crowbar - Sever The Wicked Hand 2xLP Vinyl

Crowbar is of course a legendary band from the swamps of Louisiana. This is their first album since 2005 and features most of the things you would expect from a Crowbar release. Crowbar is the baby of Kirk Windstein, who uses the band as a vehicle for expressing his own personal struggles and hardships, in particular with this album, his ongoing attempt at sobriety.

Windstein's sludgy, doom-laden riffs are of course the main highlight in any Crowbar album. His Sabbathian riffs are extremely distorted and down-tuned and they twist and writhe along with the pounding rhythms. The rest of the instrumentation is impressive as well, but let's be honest here, this is Windstein's show at this point. The other musicians are just along for the ride.

The lyrical theme of the album is, as I mentioned, Windstein becoming sober. Even the cover art and title of the album allude to it. Windstein has a gift for writing heart-wrenching and somber songs and he takes full advantage of it with the tracks "Liquid Sky and Cold Black Earth" and "Let Me Mourn".

This is a powerfully emotional album. It's often slow, but oppressively heavy. Windstein has done a lot of work with other bands, such as Down and Kingdom of Sorrow, but he always saves some of his best work for Crowbar. This is an early frontrunner for Album of the Year. ---Shadoeking, Metal-Archives

Double LP pressed on heavy 180gram vinyl
Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve!

Cuzo - Otros Mundos Vinyl LP

Last year their debut album called ‘Amor y Muerte En La Tercera Fase’ was released and it was obvious at that time this band was able to do remarkable things. ‘Amor y Muerte […]’ might be called a proggy take on “stoner” or “spacerock”, the sophomore effort ‘Otros Mundos’ represents a radical shift towards obscure seventies avant-garde – without losing sight of the heavy roots. Cuzo manages to steer through the cliffs of doom, psychedelica, krautrock, prog and avant-garde and by doing so creates a very good, albeit short cd that will have music lovers shout out: “hey, this sounds just like…” all the time.

A large part of rock’s history is compressed in little more than half an hour, during which there is ample room for officially recognized difficult music as made by old avant-garde heroes such as Captain Beefheart, Magma and even – for those who want to heart it – the Residents. It is obvious that this is not easy listening. Nevertheless, all the strange rhythms and unusual melodies do not stop Cuzo from rocking. At one moment it is heavy fuzzing spacerock, like in ‘Astroratas’, in the next song ‘Del Más Allá’ it sounds as if a bunch of whales have accidentally swum into the studio. The large idea density and the multitude of different styles interchanging within the rock paradigm make ‘Otros Mundos’ a rather hermetic record. Two out of the three band members have a history in a doom metal band and it is probably the reason why this extremely complex and arty sounding music rocks so much.---Lords of metal

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Limited to a mere 200 copies on orange vinyl

Cuzo - Amor y Muerte en la Tercera Fase Vinyl LP

7 tracks of 100% instrumental 70's style psyche and stoner rock! Features members of Warchetype and 12Tewelve. For fans of Zombi, Earthless and Massatus.

"On Amor Y Muerte En La Tercera Fase, the instrumental three-piece tries to bridge the gap between rock music and movie soundtracks by laying ambiance on top of rolling riffs and jazz-like playing. Think Stinking Lizaveta meets Zombi, without the keyboards, and you're on the right track." ---Arzgarth StonerRock.com

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve!
Limited to only 500 copies pressed on colored wax
Exclusive artwork for vinyl version only!

Damo Suzuki & Cuzo - Puedo ver tu Mente Vinyl LP

DAMO SUZUKI, the legendary vocalist of the German Krautrock band CAN and the Spanish band CUZO have released an album of live tracks.

The concept, which is so close to the 'free-jazz' definition, mix together and sculpt a sound that is constantly mutating and fed back with bites of progressive-rock, stoner, psych, kraut, improvisation and many similar styles.

A review...

When Damo Suzuki, the legendary vocalist of German musical innovators Can, decided to record a live album together with Spanish eccentric progressive outfit CUZO, it is obvious that the result has little or nothing in common with conventional rock music. Recorded in 2009 and released thru Alone Records in 2011, 'Pudeo ver tu Mente' is epic, spontaneous and definitely not structured for radio listening. It feels like the stream of conscious work of musical virtuosos unafraid to fail while the music is encouraging, demanding and inspirational. There are no boundaries and none of the three included tracks is static, but always moving what makes it difficult to say what's next. Sometimes there are psychedelic and progressive rock fragments in which rapid changes are taking place.

Furthermore the guitar is continually tweaked with different effects and random odd noises, which all add to the surrealistic yet oneiric atmosphere of 'Pudeo ver tu Mente'. I really like how everything flows in a natural way and it doesn't feel forced at all. As previously mentioned, it seems as if there was a collective consciousness that created this truly captivating consistency. That is all the more astonishing when one considers that this is the first collaboration between the involved parties. And then of course there is Damo Suzuki, who once again puts aside the idea of conventional 'verse-chorus-verse' or even intelligible lyrics. But if you are well-acquainted with his musical history it should not come as a surprise.

On 'Puedo ver tu Mente', his characteristic voice is more like the fourth instrument within this weird jam session that does not grow dull. There are people who say that you need tons of magic mushrooms to make music like this, but we know of course that it is nonsense. If you listen closely, you realise that the involved musicians are very disciplined, despite all looseness. 'Puedo ver tu Mente' is a fascinating work for any adventurous listener, and it's an album that only gets stronger with each spin. I find this is the type of music where you need to sit back, maybe turn on the black light and just take it all in. Higly recommended for psychonauts and improvisational music lovers.---cosmiclava

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with gorgeous artwork!
Pressed on green vinyl!

Electric Wizard - Self Titled Vinyl LP

Considered by many to literally be 'The Heaviest Band In The World', Electric Wizard is more like a cult than a band. The Wizard conjure up visions of Alistair Crowley having a black trip with HP Lovecraft, whilst gazing at the most far out biker flicks ever created. This, combined with the crustiest gravity defying Doom riffs and drones, Electric Wizard have one mission: To Destroy!

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve!

Eyehategod - Preaching The End-Time Message Vinyl LP

A collection of rarities from this Southern tinged doom-sludge band! Tracks compiled from long out of print 7 inchers, live versions, alternate endings and three brand new tracks!

Track listing:
1. Methamphetamine - Alternate version from Cry Now Cry Later comp.#1
2. Serving Time In The Middle Of Nowhere Alternate version
3. Sabbath Jam - EHG / Anal Cunt split 7" 1997
4. Age Of Bootcamps - EHG / Soilent Green split 7"
5. I Am The Gestapo - EHG / Cripple Bastards split 7"
6. Jackass In The Will Of God (live in Japan 3-19-02)
7. Reveloution / Revelation (live in Japan 3-19-02)
8. 36 Beers And A Ball Of String (new track recorded 3-10-05)
9. International Narcotic (new track recorded 3-10-05)
10. Turn Troubled Tables (new track recorded 3-10-05)

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Pressed on 180gram blue vinyl

Farflung - The Belief Module 2xLP Vinyl

Farflung is an unambiguous gem of clear sonic art. Their music cuts through all kinds of miserable, mental, emotional and musical boundaries. In their wonder-worker songs they offer something perfectly unnamable, the essence of pure atmospheric pleasure with a deepest kind of esoteric and spiritual approaching. All these emotional experiences contained in their music fit wonderfully into their musical manifestations with hot, cool and exciting grooves and riffs.
‘If you’ve never heard of FARFLUNG then you have been missing out on some of the most pleasurable space-rock around. ‘The Belief Module’ was recorded while using vintage instruments and equipment, which reveals the bands dedication and attitude towards their music. This album excels at combining layers of simple guitar and synth lines to create a wall of blistering Krautrock influenced space rock. The distinct infiltration of 60s acid rock (both mainstream and more cutting edge) is evident through the entire album, but is perhaps most evident in ‘Fingers Of The Sky Catcher’, parts of which almost beckon you to recall the earliest Syd Barrett led Pink Floyd glittering gems. ‘Gleam’ adds a more 60s pop style to the mix, yet manages not to be detrimental to the album. The systematic and purposeful fusion of classical acid rock and modern synth space rock makes this album appealing at many levels, and to a wide audience. Despite the fact that both Hawkwind and acid rock inspiration are quite evident through out, this album forges a cosmic path all it’s own’ (Stuntd Growth blog).

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Pressed on white vinyl!

Fistula - Loser Vinyl LP

According to FISTULA ringleader Corey Bing, “It’s very dark and sad, twisted humor, dense, heavy, tuned LOW. It sounds like The Hounds: old metal, Venom style with GBH undertones. It sounds like Death playing hopscotch with the apocalypse while finger-bangin’ Autopsy.”
The six-song record features the band’s trademark sickening guitar tone, agonized vocals, and wretched attitude, worshipping as always upon the bloodstained altars of Celtic Frost, Winter, EyeHateGod, and Buzzoven.

Limited to only 300 copies on black vinyl!
Comes with an insert!
Comes with a download card!

Fistula - Loser Vinyl LP **Clear Vinyl**

Very Limited! These are the last copies...never to be restocked! Limited to one per customer!

According to FISTULA ringleader Corey Bing, “It’s very dark and sad, twisted humor, dense, heavy, tuned LOW. It sounds like The Hounds: old metal, Venom style with GBH undertones. It sounds like Death playing hopscotch with the apocalypse while finger-bangin’ Autopsy.”
The six-song record features the band’s trademark sickening guitar tone, agonized vocals, and wretched attitude, worshipping as always upon the bloodstained altars of Celtic Frost, Winter, EyeHateGod, and Buzzoven.

Limited to only 100 copies on clear vinyl!
Comes with an insert!
Comes with a download card!

Fistula - Loser Vinyl LP **Blue Vinyl**

Very Limited! These are the last copies...never to be restocked! Limited to one per customer!

According to FISTULA ringleader Corey Bing, “It’s very dark and sad, twisted humor, dense, heavy, tuned LOW. It sounds like The Hounds: old metal, Venom style with GBH undertones. It sounds like Death playing hopscotch with the apocalypse while finger-bangin’ Autopsy.”
The six-song record features the band’s trademark sickening guitar tone, agonized vocals, and wretched attitude, worshipping as always upon the bloodstained altars of Celtic Frost, Winter, EyeHateGod, and Buzzoven.

Limited to only 100 copies on blue vinyl!
Comes with an insert!
Comes with a download card!

Fistula - Goat Vinyl LP ***Crime Scene Edition***

Five tracks of festering sludge violence from Ohio's favorite sons...

The DELUXE CRIME SCENE EDITION includes the LP that is one sided and screen printed with the Shovel-o-Gram band logo on the back side.... and it's on GLOW IN THE DARK vinyl. It also contains crime scene photos from the Sowell house (the Cleveland serial killer the album is based on)... in addition to a huge 12 x 18 two-sided poster of collected news paper articles about the murders and case... along with a CSI evidence bag with a real soil-sample from the actual Sowell home (the front yard by the street actually, the rest was fenced off as a crime scene). Totally sick as fuck! All this enclosed in a standard LP jacket of the amazing cover artwork by Steve Barcus.... and then wrapped in official DO NOT CROSS-CRIMESCENE yellow police tape. You really can't get a more elaborate package than this fucker.

Limited to a mere 100 copies!

Glow - Dive Into The Sun CD

"Pounding, melodic, bluesy doom. That's what Glow is all about. Grooves and rhythmic change-ups, tone and emotion, buttery distortion and a retro Hammond. Glow's got it all, enough to loan to a hundred bands with plenty left over for themselves. These guys recreate Sabbath, Vitus, Trouble, Witchfinder General, Revelation, and other doom masters of the past, blend it with classic rock like Rush, and come out somewhere south of Goatsnake, Abdullah, and Spiritu." ---Kevin StonerRock.com

Ghost - Opus Eponymous Vinyl LP

Standing motionless and anonymous beneath the painted faces, hoods and robes (which their sect demand), the six nameless ghouls of Ghost deliver litanies of sexually pulsating heavy rock music and romantic lyrics, which glorify and glamorize the disgusting and sacrilegious. The simple intention to communicate a message of pure evil via the most effective device they can find: Entertainment. This is Metal at it’s most original and deceiving; compositions such as “Ritual” and “Death Knell” majestically weave their melodic spell of evil through the senses until the listener finds themselves utterly possessed and open to any diabolical suggestion.

A daringly beautiful combination of satanic rock music with an almost unthinkable pop sensibility, Opus Eponymous is a must hear!

For fans of early Mercyful Fate, Angel Witch & The Devil's Blood.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve!

Pressed on red vinyl!
Limited to only 500 copies!

High On Fire - Snakes For The Divine 2xLP Vinyl

With a heavy-handed approach and a sound that crashes like thunder, HIGH ON FIRE has put the power back in 'power-trio'. Less a band than a supersonic exercise in conquest by volume and sheer heaviness, the band has burned the metal rulebook and forged a new archetype.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve!

Incredible Hog - Volume 1 + 4 Vinyl LP + 10"

Incredible Hog is a cult band for fans of underground British Rock and Prog of the early 70’s. Their Volume 1 album (originally released in 1973), has gone on be heralded as a cult classic of proto metal meets heavy glam/blues rock, with original vinyl copies demanding very high sums of money. Rise Above Relics are delighted to offer this fully authorized and detailed reissue, which has been put together with the consent and involvement of the original band members. Featuring new and original artwork with many unseen photo’s and detailed sleeve notes, this release is sure to please the most avid collectors of the period. Remastered from the original tapes – the best news is that we have managed to locate the mythical four unreleased tracks that were intended for inclusion on the aborted second album – a Holy Grail indeed! These additional tracks just reinforce what a great band Incredible Hog actually were and how big they could/should have been!

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Pressed on blue vinyl
Comes with a bonus 10" record also on blue vinyl!
Giant LP sized booklet!

Orthodox - Amanecer en Puerta Oscura Vinyl LP

Orthodox’s second album “Amanecer en Puerta Oscura”, gives a new perspective to the music they create! Compared with their monolithic album debut, “Amanecer en Puerta Oscura” comes across like a trip crossing through different steps where jazz influences, progressive sounds of King Crimson or the crushing and free forms experiences from Black Flag and Captain Beefheart, and at the same time not forgetting the true and pure metal roots from the band and the Andalusian cultural origins. The use of new instrumentation (clarinet, trumpet, contra bass...), fits natural with the band’s original sound, opening a new window to see the light in a dark music concept. For a band like Orthodox, always looking for new and diverse forms of music expressions, “Amanecer en Puerta Oscura” is the logical evolution after their high critical acclaim and recognition with their debut album “Gran Poder”

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve!
Full color inner sleeve
Limited to only 700 copies!

Orthodox - Baal Vinyl LP

"Baal is comprised of five tracks that follow the band’s charted course of morose exploration, but find them bringing some crunch into their dirges. Where Sentencia had a medieval, blackly-plagued vibe to it, Baal is more directly doomed. As much as they’re within the doom genre, they’re almost never limited by it, and from bassist Marco Serrato Gallardo’s victorious vocal warble on “Taurus” to the recklessly rhythmic drive of “Hanin Ba’al,” it seems Orthodox could go anywhere at any moment and be able to pull something coherent out of it. That’s no easy feat when you’re working with this kind of sonic breadth. With just three members in the band – Gallardo is joined as ever by guitarist Ricardo Jimenez Gómez and drummer Borja Diaz Vera – Orthodox manage to completely set an atmosphere both expansive and encompassing, despite a traditionally doomed, spacious feel in the songs." ---The Obelisk

Limited edition pressed on clear vinyl
Printed inner sleeve

Rawhide - Branded For Life 7" Vinyl

In an age where bullshit bands rule the American airwaves, one may be led to believe rock'n'roll is on life support if not dead already. Thank god for Sweden however! Over the years Sweden's greatest export has been high voltage rock'n'roll: HELLACOPTERS, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, BACKYARD BABIES, NOMADS... and now RAWHIDE.

RAWHIDE's 'Branded For Life' is a full-throttle race down the highway to hell whilst making pit stops at every sleazy bar, strip joint and sanitariums along the way. RAWHIDE features members of Bestial Mockery, Kill and Protector.

Fans of Turbonegro, Gluecifer, Hellacopters, etc. take notice!
Limited to only 100 copies on blue vinyl

Steel Mill - Jewels Of the Forest 2xLP Vinyl

Steel Mill are one of the most enigmatic bands from the original British progressive rock boom of the early 70s.Despite scoring a continental hit with their highly acclaimed 1971 debut single Green Eyed God, it took four years before their record company gave the cult classic full-length album of the same title a UK release in 1975. Having been released in Germany in 1972, it still remains a mystery why it took so long to come out in their home country. Of course, by 1975 the band had long since vanished and the music scene had changed dramatically. Nowadays Green Eyed God is a major rarity, having been bootlegged endlessly and has fetched in excess of £1,200 for a mint UK copy.
For years, collectors and experts of the period alike, have been perplexed by the lack of knowledge and information regarding this fantastic band.
Finally the story is told with this detailed release, containing in-depth sleeves notes, many unseen photographs and a plethora of never heard before tracks.

Green Eyed God LP Fully Remastered and restored.
1. Blood Runs Deep 5:18
2. Summers Child 4:25
3. Mijo and the Laying of the Which 7:52
4. Treadmill 4:00
5. Green Eyed God 9:45
6. Turn the Page Over 3:52
7. Black Jewel of the Forest 6:04
8. Har Fleur 0:48

Extra tracks
9. Get on the Line 4:15 (single 1972)
10. Zang Will 3:43 (Single B-Side 1971)
11. Green Eyed God 3.50 (Single A-Side Version 1971)

Extra tracks from cleaned up acetates/tapes
12. Confusion 3:59
13. Monday Arrives 3:17
14. Super Clean Man 3:35
15. Keep Working 4:00
16. Growing Bald 3:53

New Track 2010.
17. A Forgotten Future/A Future Past

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Comes with a LP size booklet with loads of rare pictures
Pressed on blue wax

Saint Vitus - Born Too Late Vinyl LP

Essential 1986 release from traditional doom gods Saint Vitus!

Saint Vitus - Hallow's Victim Vinyl LP

Essential 1985 release from traditional doom gods Saint Vitus!

Saint Vitus - Mournful Cries Vinyl LP

Essential 1988 release from traditional doom gods Saint Vitus!

Comes with an insert

Stone Axe - Stone Axe II Vinyl LP

Once more a great trip back in time; sounds of Thin Lizzy, Free and AC/DC are gathered together again on this second album by Stone Axe. The debut album of this band, which was loaded with top quality early seventies rock with balls rocked a lot of socks off. The debut album was kind of a hobby project of Tony Reed and Dru Brinkerhoff, who could freely express some nostalgic creativity. Every riff and vocal line felt very intense and straight from the heart. Again, with tracks like ‘We Know It’s Still Rock ‘n’Roll’ they bring a great mix of AC/DC and Sweet, and the song ‘On With The Show’ could also have appeared on a Black Crowes album. Also obvious influences of Thin Lizzy (‘Those Were The Golden Days’), Free (‘Live For The Day’ and ‘Aint Gonna Miss It’) and even Procol Harum (‘Turned To Stone’ could also have been called ‘Turned To Whiter Shade Of Pale’) are available on Stone Axe II. This album surely is an incredibly solid rock album, which will excite fans of early seventies rock!

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Limited edition pressed on gold vinyl

The Soulbreaker Company - Itaca 2xLP Vinyl

Impressive third album from this power-heavy-psychedelic-psycho-soul maxi-combo from Vitoria. What's really scarey is the fact that they really match that endless label. This new album of THE SOULBREAKER COMPANY masterfully combines powerful riffs, elegant elements of psychedelia and soul, above all, a lot of soul

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeved
Double LP pressed on blue wax!

Warchetype - Goat Goddess Supremacy CD

The common admiration and respect for acts like Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus and Candlemass, have been the base to create a doom monster and now Warchetype have become one of the most respected bands in the Spanish underground. With their great musical experience in other bands and a solid metal background makes other see them like the Spanish answer to Electric Wizard and Warhorse. On their debut album “Goat Goddess Supremacy”, Warchetype express themselves with a dark, heavy doom heart apart from creating sinister and dark sound passages inside great compositions. The long instrumental opus “Itaca”, mixed with heavy and powerful vocal tracks is very unique in the Spanish scene, with a singer that actually “sings” and a band that knows how to play a dark song, mixing strength and melody in a perfect doom-metal act with lyrics, always influenced by mythology, ancient culture, and an allegoric vision of the human behavior, strongly influenced by Balzac, Kant, Kafka, Hesse, Homero and Jenofonte. They drone without being labeled a drone band, and are HEAVY like no one else. Prepare for the WARchetype!

Warchetype - Lord Of The Cave Worm 12" Vinyl

Consisting of one 36 minute long track, Spanish Doom Metal monsters Warchetype rumble forth with sounds that will surely please fans of Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus and Candlemass, as well as Warhorse and Electric Wizard!

Pressed on orange vinyl!

Warchetype - Ancestral Cult Of Divinity Vinyl LP

Amazing return of the band that brought us "Goat Goddess Supremacy" and "Lord of the Cave Worm", two of the most referential albums on the doom scene. This quintet, formed by Pep Caravantes on drums, Andreu Cano on bass guitar, Jordi Boluda and David Bruguera on guitars and the amazing singer Iban Arrieta, make a comeback with their most "classic" album to date. In this album WARCHETYPE stripped their music of any superfluous adornment, giving us six themes of pure old school doom.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Limited edition pressed on grey vinyl


Blood Ceremony - Living With The Ancients Vinyl 2xLP
Blue Aside - The Orange Tree Vinyl LP
Cathedral - A New Ice Age 12" ***Red Vinyl ***
Electric Wizard - Dopethrone Vinyl 2xLP
Electric Wizard - Witchcult Today Vinyl 2xLP
Electric Wizard - Come My Fanatics Vinyl 2xLP
Mountain Goat - Smoke Filled Land 7" Vinyl
Serpentcult - Weight Of Light Vinyl LP **Green Vinyl**
The Devil's Blood - The Thousandfold Epicentre 2xLP Vinyl


Feb 22, 2012 7:26 PM ET #27 (permalink)


Cosmic Trip Machine - Vampyros Roussos Vinyl LP

One of Belgium’s finest psychedelic bands, these night-trippers sound like Demis Roussos jamming with Gong imagining a psychedelic horror soundtrack wandering through a free-flowing erotic surreal delirium with enough sitar, cosmic electronics and wailing acidic guitar leads to blow your head clean off.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Comes with a bonus 7"
Limited to only 400 copies!

Electric Moon - The Doomsday Machine 2xLP Vinyl

Pure psychedelic acid riddled stoner doom is what these Germans from Electric Moon pour forth over humanity. Music to be delved into and not to be consumed fleetingly. So sit back and let yourself be taken on a trip through the universe. Enjoy the combination of the music and accompanying artwork of the LP, it is like the band describes a mission or a journey so you will. A package such as Electric Moon presents in cooperation with artist Ulli Mahn a.k.a. Ulla Papel once again shows that the downloading of MP3s and the artwork as jpg just don’t come anywhere near to the experience of undergoing all this acid goodness on LP format. If there ever was a statement against the downloading of music than ‘The Doomsday Machine’ by Electric Moon is that statement. I can picture this live, liquid projections, long spacey jams and a tripping band and audience. This is psychedelic stoner doom of the highest order.---Lordsofmetal

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Comes with with an insert
Limited to only 400 copies!

Green & Wood - Devil's Plan Vinyl LP

The second full length from this retro-doom Sabbath worshiping young band from California. Dig it!

Krux - III: He Who Sleeps Amongst The Stars Vinyl LP

The album is a formidable metal feast for everyone into doom, heavy, epic and powerful music. Candlemass songwriter Leif Edling is behind six of the seven songs on this album. A PLACE OF CROWS was co-written with Jörgen Sandström, and has a sweet end solo played by no one else than Bruce Franklin from Trouble!

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Comes with a heavy cardboard insert
Pressed on blue vinyl!
Limited to only 300 copies!

Paul Chain Violet Theatre - Vivid Eyes In The Dark Vinyl LP

***This title is already out of print and we have limited stock! Limited to one per customer!***

Only two tracks but just shy of an hour long. Both songs date from 1984 and were previously only available on the 2010 CD reissue of "Detaching from Satan!

Packaged in a 425gsm heavy cardboard cover
Pressed on purple vinyl
Comes with a huge poster!
Limited to only 200 copies!

Sonic Ritual - Motherless Hearse 12" Vinyl

Crushing Heavy Metal-Punk-Doom! Motorhead meets Amebix meets Trouble whilst ingesting huge quantities of alcohol and illicit drugs!

Limited to only 350 copies!

Sourvein - Self Titled Vinyl LP ***Glow in The Dark***

The classic Sludge/Doom album out of print for 12 years. Featuring Liz Buckingham on Guitar (13, Electric Wizard)

Presented in a glow in the dark sleeve and pressed on glow in the dark vinyl!
Limited to a mere 100 copies!

The Locked Ward - Voyages Into the Inner Psych Of... Vinyl LP

Heavy and dark English psych from the mental asylums of Norfolk. Brought up on the Syd era Floyd, Ozzy era Sabbabth, Spids Nogenhat, Pandemonica, Aron, Ontrial, Baby Woodrose and early Monster Magnet The Locked Ward bring their own unique style to the psych genre. John McBain formerly of Monster Magnet plays guest guitar on 2 Track of this Album!!!!! The Locked Ward are also influenced by the countless 60s psych compilation bands like Third Bardo, Painted Faces, Lost and Found, 13th Floor Elevators, Open Mind. This is a truely orginal and dark and heavy album in a style of its own, miss at your own peril psych fans!!!!!!!

Limited to only 100 copies pressed on marble vinyl
Already out of print...last copies ever!

Trouble - Black Shapes Of Doom Vinyl LP

Doom metal legends captured live in Dallas Texas 03/12/9! Also features 4 bonus tracks recorded live at the Alamo Ballroom, Aurora, Illinois way back on 10/26/1982!

Track listing...

-Black Shapes of Doom
-Psalm 9
-The Wolf
-End of my Daze
-The Misery Shows (Act II)
-Psychotic Reaction
-Bastards will pay
-Helter Skelter
-The Tempter
-All is Forgiven
-Victim of the Insane*
-Wickedness of Man*

Presented in a gatefold sleeve specially designed to look vintage
Limited to only 350 copies!

War Iron - The Faceless Sea Vinyl LP

War Iron, from Belfast, Northern Ireland released their album, The Faceless Sea, back in 2010 but it has finally found it's way to a proper housing on vinyl now, in 2012.

The sea is the theme here, from a squid behemoth lurking through the album art toward monolithic figures reminiscent to that of Easter Island, to sound clips in the first track, Inch cape, of the ocean and some harbor-like bells. Even the newly pressed vinyl version is on an "ocean blue" color. Speaking of Inch cape, have you ever wondered what Weedeater would sound like if they took to the ocean? Probably a bit like these guys. They ride the stoned tide with dual bass players rather than bother with the inadequate tonal qualities of one of those regular "guitars," hammering out beast after beast of vortex inducing riffs. These guys are not likely to have many attendants at a concert in a boat, in the middle of the sea, for fear of their oceanic riffs causing tidal waves that would engulf their adherents. Some people are truly dedicated though...I'll watch from a distance, perhaps from the shoulders of Cthulhu.

Face the Sea, a play on the title of the album itself (perhaps vice versa), is the second, and beefiest track of the album roaming in at just under twenty-one minutes. Slower, more drawn out, droney and turbulent, War Iron part the seas and kill Moses with his phallus shaped staff. It may not have been the Red Sea before, but it certainly will be after. The vocals emanate through whiskey soaked and torn vocal chords in a nice medium tone, nothing so high pitched it smells of black metal squalor, and nothing low enough to be thrown to the gore hound wolves of death metal.

All in all, War Iron deliver something you can write home about, and something I'm sure will sound far better on the vinyl release than it does the digital files. ---Blackenedslug

Limited to only 250 copies!
Pressed on blue vinyl!

Weltraum - LesGolax Vinyl 2xLP Vinyl

"LesGolax"" has been recorded at three different concerts, and shows the variations which can be found in this project. Recorded at Psychedelic-Network-Festival, The Sonic-Club and a New-Years-Eve Party at Dubstation Kaulitz, this colorful piece of space music is a picture taken of the deep relationship between audience and the musicians of Weltraum. From dubsounds to spacerock, the listener may follow to the magic atmosphere of these events, falling deep into the music of Weltraum.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Pressed on colored vinyl
Comes with a HUGE poster!
3 bonus tracks
Limited to only 100 copies!

Wo Fat - The Gathering Dark Vinyl 2xLP Vinyl

From the opening “The Wolf” onwards, the guitars buzz away inside my head and this is to the credit of guitarists Ken Stump and Matt Watkins who are influenced by Marino, Alvin Lee, Leslie West, Tony Iommi and Howlin ' Wolf. Together with a rhythm section as refined and valuable as Tim Wilson and Michael Waker , the twelve tracks put forward are complimentary in both their groove delivery and the rawness in sound the quartet often evoke.. Their material is based on powerful Sabbath/ Motorhead -like riffing, but tracks like the title song and “Holy War” have cool bluesy Skynyrd /Black Oak Arkansas -touches. “The Gathering Dark” swallows in a swamp of Beefheart -bluesiness and murky delusional Magnet dripping riffs, but the tune is able to capture a vibe and groove with it. Some of the passages do grab a voodoo sense of bluesy psychedelia , particularly on my fave “From Beyond” and the instrumental “ Runnin ' The Voodoo Down” .Let us hear more of the rapid-fire guitar riffs and hammering drums of “They're Coming For ou Barbara” and “Company Man” too. Further on we have a Mountain -cover “Land of Milk and Honey” with a tremendous guitar solo . ---Concreteweb

2007 debut available for the first time on vinyl!
Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Features a never before heard bonus jam, "Call of Zuvembie"
Comes with a download card
Limited to only 400 copies!


Atlantic Tide - Bad Acid Queen 7" Vinyl
Devil - Time To Repent CD
Devil - Time To Repent Vinyl LP
Electric Moon - Lunatics Revenge Vinyl LP
House Of Broken Promises - Using The Useless Vinyl LP
Liquid Sound Company - Acid Music For Acid People Vinyl LP
Mad City Rockers - Black Celebration Vinyl LP
Noctum - The Fiddler Vinyl LP
Noctum - The Seance Vinyl LP
Procession - Destroyers Of The Faith Vinyl LP **Splatter Vinyl**
Siena Root - Kaleidoscope CD
The Wounded Kings - Embrace Of The Narrow House Vinyl LP
Trouble - Live 1983 Vinyl 2xLP
Wo Fat - Noche Del Chupacabra Vinyl LP
Wo Fat - Psychedelonaut 2xLP Vinyl


Mar 15, 2012 10:32 AM ET #28 (permalink)


Black Pyramid - Self Titled 2xLP Vinyl

Black Pyramid play doom with the rumbling down-tuned tones of stoner metal gods like Sleep, Electric Wizard, and High On Fire, but with the epic arrangements of old school metal and doom acts such as Black Sabbath, Pentagram, and The Obsessed. Add to the sonic brew perfectly executed forays into vintage psych and progressive rock, along with the apocalyptic lyrical ravings about war, the occult, and general alienation, and you've got an accurate picture of what the band is all about. Prepare to be crushed by the weight of the Black Pyramid

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Limited to only 200 copies on colored wax!
Side D is a cool etching!

Black Pyramid - Black Pyramid II 2xLP Vinyl

Black Pyramid has returned with their highly anticipated sophomore album. Appropriately titled “II”, this is the album that Black Pyramid was born to make. Galloping metal anthems, skull-crushing epic doom and fuzzed-out psychedelia played expertly through the thickest and meanest production you’ve ever heard."

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Pressed on heavy 180gram vinyl!
Limited to only 300 copies!

Earthless / Premonition 13 / Radio Moscow - Split Vinyl LP

Unreleased jams (or gems) from three mighty guitar slinging bands. Earthless' spacey psychedelic jams meets Radio Moscow's psychedelic stoner blues. Premonition 13 features Wino...'nuff said.

The long overdue Earthless/Radio Moscow release will finally see the light of day. We've attempted to atone for this release's delay by expanding it from a 7" to a 12" and adding Premonition 13 to the mix

Side A: Earthless
Side B: Premonition 13 and Radio Moscow

Four jams total, including an alternative take of Radio Moscow's "Open Your Eyes"

Limited to only 1500 copies
Pressed on colored vinyl!

Gallow God - False Mystical Prose Vinyl LP

Traditional/epic Doom from this young band from the UK. This is the album Black Sabbath should have made instead of Technical Ecstasy. There's even something of a young Ozzy about the vocals. Slow, dark, thoughtful, emotional. For fans of Fall Of The Idols, Isole and sincere doom metal...

Limited to only 500 copies

High On Fire / Valient Thorr - Split 7" Vinyl

High On Fire put their Snakes For The Devine B-side to wax for the first time and Valient Thorr deliver a brand new song.

Limited to only 1000 hand numbered copies
Pressed on deep red vinyl
Includes Digital Download Coupon

Jeffertitti’s Nile / Dahga Bloom - Split 7" Vinyl

Fresh new music representing a sample of Southern Californian nu-psychedelic, expect something strange and wonderful.

Limited to only 100 copies on colored wax!

Kings Destroy - And The Rest Will Surely Perish Vinyl LP

KINGS DESTROY is a thundering unit with a name taken from "an infamous late 70's / early 80's Bronx based graffiti crew" and a gang of musicians whom Decibel astutely deemed "a literal who's-who of the New York underground stoner doom scene." Presented here is the vinyl version of the bands debut "And the Rest Will Surely Perish", a heavy-handed album described as "Fueled mainly by Sabbath's grooves, Sleep's foggy haze, and Yob's oppressive thunder."

Deluxe edition pressed on black and white splatter vinyl
Comes with an insert
Also included is a bonus 7" test pressing featuring a bonus track
Limited to a mere 100 copies!

Magma Rise/The Asound - Split 7" Vinyl

Psychedelic influenced stoner/doom rock from North Carolina meets traditional doom metal from Hungary. Magma Rise features members of Hungarian doom legends Mood and Wall of Sleep as well as members of Stereochrist!

Limited to only 500 copies!

Negative Reaction - Frequencies Of Montauk Vinyl LP

New York's powerhouse sludge / doom mainstays deliver the heavy on their latest opus "Frequencies Of Montauk." The guitar is nasty and fuzzy; the bass is dirty and blasting; the drums, pounding!

Comes with printed inner sleeves, a sticker and a download card
Comes with bonus CD
Limited edition!

RTX / Heavy Cream - Split 7"

Two blazing new tracks from two bands that recently toured together. RTX features Jennifer Herrema from Royal Trux's gravelly, evil fucking vocals and all female band Heavy Cream are representing Nashville, TN with some garage based rock and roll!

Limited to 300 copies on mixed color vinyl.

Saint Vitus - Heavier Than Thou 2xLP Vinyl

Saint Vitus are gods of doom. They sounded roughly the way Black Sabbath should have after their first few albums. Heavier Than Thou is a compilation album of their best work from the Reagan era. Unlike the aforementioned president, this is a first-rate album.

It features nearly all of Born Too late, and a few songs each from Saint Vitus, Hallow's Victim and Mournful Cries. This is some dark and sad sounding stuff, both in lyrics and instrumentation. “Born Too Late” is about alienation, “Dying Inside” is about alcoholism and “Shooting Gallery” is about intravenous drug abuse. These are just some of the more notable examples of tales of sorrow set to Sabbath-style riffs here. This was definitely not the feel-good album of the year. Unfortunately, it doesn't have Burial at Sea. This is a sad omission, but there are still plenty of great songs.

Two vocalists perform on this album, Wino and Scott Reagers. Wino has the more traditional style, and Reagers sounds a bit like a lounge singer. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. It adds a unique vibe. The rhythm guitar parts are classic doom and are quite enjoyable. The tone is quite nasal, featuring plenty of low-end and midrange without sounding muddy. It's aggressive and sinister sounding, without going overboard. The lead work is competent, but sometimes seems bland when compared to the excellent riffing that serves as the meat in the sonic sandwich. The bass and drum work is good, but isn't as refined and funky as the early Sabbath albums. The bass doesn't usually stray too far from what the guitar is doing. It mainly seems to be there for support, and not a significant part of the song structure. There aren't a lot of drum fills here, but rather a steady pounding to keep the beat. It would've been nice if Vitus added a little more focus to these aspects, but the guitar work is so good I suppose it's not so bad that the bass and drums add reinforcement, as opposed to accompaniment.

This album documents the bridge between the beginnings of doom and the more modern doom of today. It's an important piece of doom history, and a pleasure to listen to. --- SoylentGreenIsPeople

Unsilence - Under A Torn Sky Vinyl LP

Slow, heavy epic doom metal with magnificent clean vocals. Unsilence is from the UK and this is their debut full-length album after many demos and MCD´s. "Under a torn sky" is old-school, arcane and epic doom metal not far from the style of Solstice and Doomsword and also appealing for traditional doom fans.

Pressed on heavy 180gram virgin vinyl
Limited to only 500 copies


ASG / Karma To Burn Split 7" Vinyl
Dozer - In The Tail Of A Comet/Madre De Dios Vinyl 3xLP
Elder - Dead Roots Stirring Vinyl 2LP
Fistula - Goat Vinyl LP ***Crime Scene Edition***
Iron Hearse - Lunar Funeral Vinyl LP + CD
Mountain Goat - Smoke Filled Land 7" Vinyl
Saint Vitus - Live 7" Vinyl
Siena Root - Different Realities Vinyl LP
Three Seasons - Life's Road Vinyl 2LP **Orange Vinyl**
Wino / Scott Kelly - Split 7" Vinyl


Mar 25, 2012 10:42 AM ET #29 (permalink)


Anathema - Eternity 2xLP Vinyl

Duncan Patterson, the band mastermind at the time, wanted Eternity to be Anathema's White Album. He wanted the cover artwork to pay homage to the Beatles classic, but Music for Nations considered the concept noncommercial. So the album cover ended up sporting an image of an angel lost in cheesy CGI space. This vinyl reissue has the music spread over two albums for maximum fidelity - the original MFN vinyl had everything stuffed on one platter - and, for the first time ever, the artwork as Patterson originally wanted it to look. Available on white and black heavyweight vinyl. Also features new liner notes by Mr Patterson.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve!
Double LP pressed on heavyweight vinyl
Comes with an over-sized booklet
Limited to a mere 500 copies!

Bell Witch - Self Titled Vinyl LP

Seattle Funeral Doom-Death/Sludge band Bell Witch's 2011 demo presented on the proper vinyl format.

"Young and doubly-dreadlocked Seattle duo Bell Witch seem to have a pretty good sense of what works. Their bass/drum doom oppression came to my attention via the forum, and apparently their late-2011 demo has made a solid impression elsewhere around the intertubes as well. No surprise, it’s heavy as hell and blends ’90s-style death/doom (we’re due for a death/doom revival) with the ritualistic often heard from newer traditionally-minded acts. Like I said, they know what works.

The demo is comprised of four tracks, but really the crux of the thing resides in the songs “I Wait” (11:39) and “Mayknow” (18:31), which make up the middle. Opener “Beneath the Mask” is just under four minutes, but mostly serves to introduce the darkness of mood that plays out over the whole and to show Bell Witch‘s allegiance to classic horror atmospheres in an extended sample. Likewise, closer “The Moment” is an instrumental outro, so soft toward the end it’s barely there.

On the whole, “I Wait” and “Mayknow” would have enough between them to make for a satisfying listen, but the lead in and lead out make the demo an even more intriguing and complex listen. Bassist Dylan Desmond and drummer Adrian Guerra both also contribute vocals, which vary in approach from low growling to cleaner chants that serve as the payoff for the substantial journey that is “Mayknow.” It’s a solid mix of influences, and like the best of demos, Bell Witch‘s is enough to pique the interest in what they might do from here." ---TheObelisk

Limited to only 500 copies on 150g vinyl
Packaged in 300g sleeves with black inner sleeves and printed inserts.

Black Magic Six - Brutal Blues Vinyl LP

Three albums and 250 shows in 21 countries during the last five years under their belt, Black Magic Six is Finland’s hardest working band in the underground rock´n´roll scene. A power duo consisting of a percussionist and a guitar-wielding singer, BM6 play relentlessly emotional bursts of dark, primal rock'n'roll energy.

The restless duo turn over a new leaf with their new album, Brutal Blues. The title is a bit misleading, as the band has not quite become a blues combo. Instead of playing a set of 12-bar blues standards the dynamic duo brings you ten brutal slices of life in and out of the ordinary. Sonically the album is a more mature affair in comparison to their earlier masterpieces. It's a smooth mixture of rootsy blues and rockabilly, with even some country thrown in, all soaked up in the Devil's music also known as dirty, greasy punk rock.

Brutal Blues is recommended for everyone. For best results we recommend to play it at maximum volume with your stereophonic sound system. Also playable in mono.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve

Ensorcelor - Crucifuge Vinyl LP

"This Montreal Epic Blackened Doom band has created a classic album called Crucifuge. The record contains two songs and clocks in at 35 minutes of radness. The first thing that I dig so fucking much about this band is the vocalist – it’s as if his vocal chords were dipped in blackened honey. His melodic shrill tones are sinister and paint portraits of grey clouds, but within the the bile he unleashes onto the world, the black sun still shines through. Musically Ensorcelor are ancient guides that carry you over vast stretches of sonic landscapes on their mammoth emotive waves. This band plays chords that strike at the darkened hearts of us all, but deep down in the pit of their sound you can hear the unholy war being fought on our behalf. Ensorcelor is the cure they conjure up, the bad medicine that I need to get me through this thing called life. This album is full of bleak caverns for your imagination to hide & wander in. There are mountains of blackened melodies for you to hang from as you think about how you don’t want this nightmare to end!" ---Cvltnation

Absolutely gorgeous packaging and vinyl! the pictures do not do this album justice!

Pressed on heavy 180g black vinyl with engravings on the inner circles of both sides of the vinyl!
The print on the jacket is printed in spot gloss UV ink on 16pt stock jackets with full color printed inner sleeve.

Forsaken - After The Fall 2xLP Vinyl

Forsaken's fourth opus is an utterly grandiose, heartfelt and compelling epic doom metal album. Essential listening for fans of early Candlemass, Solitude Aeternus, etc.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Double LP with one pressed on red vinyl and one on white vinyl
Two bonus tracks, one brand new studio song, “The Golem”, and one live recording from 2004
Limited to only 485 copies!

Highgate - Self Titled Vinyl LP

The debut album from this sick Kentuckian trio Highgate offers one untitled 54 minute track of a nasty combination between Hybrid minimalist Doom, experimental noise and Grim Black Metal. Expect for a loud and noisy production and prepare yourself for the sound of apocalypse…

Limited to only 300 hand numbered copies

Swallow The Sun - Emerald Forest And The Blackbird 2xLP Vinyl

The Finnish doom metal band "Swallow The Sun" is tainting all the walls of the doom metal scene with the new record "Emerald Forest and the Blackbird". This album is a total aggression and depression eclipse, the existing of life is fully obscured by the aggression and the charming compositions and performance, The album is a cryptic poem and the members used their instruments to write its words and the vocals declare every word perfectly, absolute gloom of sixty-five minutes are enough to steal you from your world and get you trapped within this epic poem. Special guest vocals by Nightwish vocalist Anette Olzen on one track.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve!
Pressed on transparent green vinyl!
Limited to only 400 copies

Swallow The Sun - New Moon Vinyl LP

New Moon is destined to become a Doom Metal masterpiece. It is the most progressive, sorrowful, beautiful and evil sounding album they have done so far. far. This time around, you can never be sure where the songs are going to take you. The depths of hell and heaven are carved deep into these songs. Sit back, close your eyes, take a deep breath and prepare for the coming of the New Moon.

Presented in a special manilla sleeve with a printed inner sleeve
Limited to only 500 copies!

The Gathering - How To Measure A Planet 2xLP Vinyl

Hypnotic & highly-addictive blend of female vocals and atmospheric music from this influential Dutch group.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Double vinyl pressed on 180gram yellow vinyl!
Limited to only 500 copies!

The Gathering - If Then Else Vinyl LP

The Gathering's sixth album continued their progressive and experimental path that still continues and flourishes.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Pressed on heavy 180 gram red vinyl
Limited to only 500 copies!

The Wounded Kings - In The Chapel Of The Black Hand Vinyl LP

Brand new tracks of epic and apocalyptic doom under the title of ‘In the Chapel of the Black Hand’. This new phase in the development of The Wounded Kings features the dark and chilling vocals of Sharie Neyland along with one of the heaviest rhythm sections in South West England. Despite, or because of, the hardships the Kings determination and unique vision for heavy music remains as strong as ever. ‘In the Chapel of the Black Hand’ was recorded in the beautiful Welsh Valleys at the legendary Foel Studios with Chris Fielding (Primordial, Napalm Death, Serpent Venom and Conan) at the helm and the music undulates with vintage amplification and is swathed in Hammond organ, Mellotron and choirs – things fans have come to love and expect. Preserved is also one of the band’s strongest points which is their ability to transport the listener to all the horrific places a mind is able to imagine. Whilst the previous two albums (‘Embrace of the Narrow House’ (2008) and ‘The Shadow Over Atlantis’ (2010)) were bleak and full of despair, ‘In the Chapel of the Black Hand’ is seething with menace and danger. It is a journey to ghostly worlds – suffocating and claustrophobic – where ancient terrors slowly seep into the bloodstream. The listener will be grateful to get out alive with their soul and sanity intact – just as it should be.

Limited edition deluxe version on heavy mixed grey/black vinyl
Comes with a full color insert and a cool poster
Limited to a mere 222 copies!


Evoken - A Caress Of The Void 2x LP Vinyl
Jex Thoth - Self Titled Vinyl LP
Jex Thoth - Totem Vinyl LP
Jex Thoth - Witness Vinyl LP
Pentagram - Live Rites 2xLP Vinyl
Realmbuilder - Fortifications Of The Pale Architect Vinyl LP


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We need room! So our entire CD selection is now 50% off...Buy
'em by the dozen...!


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Arc Of Ascent - Circle Of the Sun Vinyl LP

In December 1999 New Zealand's DATURA, one of Australasia's most promising Acid-Stoner-doom bands split up. After releasing the amazing "Visions for the Celestial" the band trailed of into oblivion never to be seen again, only Craig Williamson, the bass player & vocalists survived....continuing alone as one of the country's best known psychedelic artifacts LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE. In 2008, feeling the need to get back into a more "heavy stoner acid rock" direction Williamson formed ARC OF ASCENT, recruiting firstly Guitarist Matt Cole-Baker and then Drummer John Strange to complete the line-up. "Circle of the Sun" is the bands debut album and continues onwards almost exactly where Daturas "Visions" left off. The heaviness is still present, but there is an added otherworldly texture dwelling inside, the guitars are dense and direct in feel -with an Egyptian sounding slant to Matt Cole-Bakers cosmic solos, the drumming powerful, solid and dynamic...and Williamson's "Eastern" vibes raise their head in almost every song, vocally, with the extra exotic instruments he brings to the table, and the music he has written for the group. Titles such as "Universal Form" & "Cosmic Eye" re-enforce the eastern-mystic feel the band creates, lyrically recalling Williamson's Lamp of the Universe style, blending almost seamlessly with the majestic heaviness and trippy interludes that the band creates...Take a hit, re-call your inner light, and enjoy the sound of a new beginning....the time is now...

Apocalypse - Stormchild 12" Vinyl

A lot of hype is usually made over lost/obscure NWOBHM bands and unlike many of the others, Apocalypse lives up to said hype! The impossible to find (without breaking the bank) Stormchild 7" and their killer 1981 demo are presented here for your consumption and enjoyment...

Limited edition!
Comes with an insert

Black Pyramid - Black Pyramid II 2xLP Vinyl ***Colored Vinyl***

Black Pyramid has returned with their highly anticipated sophomore album. Appropriately titled “II”, this is the album that Black Pyramid was born to make. Galloping metal anthems, skull-crushing epic doom and fuzzed-out psychedelia played expertly through the thickest and meanest production you’ve ever heard."

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Pressed on heavy 180gram dark blue vinyl with black accents (hard to see in the picture)!
Limited to only 200 copies!

Black Pyramid / Odyssey -Split 7"

US Doom Metal act BLACK PYRAMID releases a new track along with Swedish energetic stoner trio ODYSSEY to unleash a split containing the heaviest shit you've heard in decades!

Limited to a mere 200 copies on colored wax


Bad Acid - Tab 8 DVD

The DVD portion features: Promo videos by Beehoover, White Hills/Dan McGuire, Fflint Records, My3yeah. Live footage by Acid King, Dragged Into Sunlight, J'm'en Fous Rise To Thunder, Spancer. Short films by Contanimation, Tekknorg

Also features over 12 hours of MP3s featuring 5ive, Almandino Not Quite Delux, Gravanzia, Happymeal, Dead Daughter, Zu, Antikoreshi, Electric Mud Generator, Mynationshit, Areknames, Bastard Of The Skies, Dreaming, Oresund Space Collective, Berkowitz Lake & Dahmer, Panzram Division, Remesh, Hollowing/Maor Appelbaum, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace, Magnolia, B*tong, Barr, Eramal, Gnod, Gorse, Outrageous Cherry, Harvey Milk, Revok, Hybrid, Union Of Sleep, Kenji Siratori, Oxbow, A Fashionable Disease, Trollmann Av Ildtopberg, Long Pig, Pathology, Malachia, Alix, Chimora, Millions, The Mirimar Disaster, Swamp Donkey, Moss, Drug Honkey, Nosmaus, Skull Defekts, Pysychofagist, Burmese, Cadaver Eyes, Queen Elephantine, RJ Shrey, Treachery, Serpentina Satellite, UFO Gestapo, Churches Burn, Relapsxycho.0, Pendro, La Otracina, The Higher Craft, Witchfield, Enablers, Hotel Hotel, Gutted With Broken Glass and Wyrm & Rats With Wings. Plus a 22 track Roil Noise label sampler with accompanying 10 screen PDF feature.

And lastly a thick DVD sized magazine tags along with In-depth reviews of all featured audio and DVD bands, plus fanzine reviews and interviews with: Areknames, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Queen Elephantine. Front cover by Soph Willett/CreativeEyelidsDesign (Alunah/Catacomb Recs).

Bad Acid - Tab 9 DVD+Magazine

The 90 minute DVD features The Atlas Moth "Pray For Tides" promo video, Blood Fountains "Moving Mountain" promo video, Das Bluul "Demon Seed" promo video, El Thule "Black Mamba" promo video, La Ira De Dios - live Nave Fenix, Mono "Follow The Map" promo video, Seven That Spells - live, Relapxsych.00 "The Sunset Of My I" promo, !Xazzaz! "Qosmonaut" promo video.

Also a 64 band audio compilation: Vincent Black Shadow, Skitliv, Pombagira, Eternal Elysium, Abomino Aetus, Braindead, Samsara Blues Experiment, Spirits Burning, Cough, Aluna, Ancestors, Atlas Sound, Loading Data, Circle, Lords Of Bukkake, John 3:16, Tarentatec, Osis Krull, Kemialliset Ystävät, Sunroof!, Manatees, Grey Daturas, Higher Council Of Mars, Pelican, The Atlas Moth, Weird Owl, Cervix, Gonga, Born To Hula, Estel, Seelenlicht, Ufomammut, Kylie Minoise, Chaoticum, Lua Nigra, Northern Valentine, Dust Eater, Santos, Das Bluul, Ovro, Android In Motion, White Hills, Mr. Peter Hayden, Clouds, Don Juan Matus, Dragontears, Coitus, Electric Orange, Oresund Space Collective, Corvus, Mind Capsule, Walk Through Fire, Celeste, Apteka, The Higher Craft, Tusk, The Last People On Earth, Black Pyramid, Geoff Before Dishonour, Moneyi$god, Poochlatz and Neverless. Murkhouse Records Label sampler, Santos art gallery with Lesbian soundtrack,

As if that wasn't enough for ya there is also a DVD sized printed Magazine with Reviews of all bands featured plus interviews with: Loud Howls festival organiser Jack Dickinson, Ancestors, Kylie Minoise, White Hills and Santos. ...Completely badass!!!

Cold Mourning - Colder than Thou 2xLP Vinyl

MISTY AND MISERABLE! Cold Mourning Demo's, songs from the splits with Twisted Tower Dire, While Heaven Wept, Officium Triste and the song from the Miskatonic At the Mountains of Madness compilation. Also included is some killer unreleased stuff from rehearsals etc

Until now the Cold Mourning recordings have been next to impossible to track down but now the band will see the respect and glory they deserve. Unrelenting heaviness,unreal soloing and honesty to produce some of the best doom metal period. Act accordingly.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Double LP pressed on heavy black wax
Comes with a LP sized eight page booklet with photos/lyrics/old demo stuff etc
Limited to only 500 copies!!

Doctor Cyclops - Borgofondo Vinyl LP

Psych injected blues based retro-doom! The band is Doctor Cyclops and they kick ass! Think Black Sabbath, Witchcraft, Graveyard and even a little Siena Root.

Official Bio:

Doctor Cyclops is a seventies-style power trio playing heavy rock music inspired by a vintage sound, eldest son of glorious Black Sabbath and of other more underground heroes from the 70's and early 80's such as Truth and Janey, Sir Lord Baltimore, Captain Beyond, Witchfinder General. Even later and more modern references are warm-vintage style ones: Witchcraft, Firebird, Cathedral, Spiritual Beggars just to say some.

The project was born in 2007 in Oltrepo in a small village called Bosmenso, in the middle of the Appennino mountains. A place where winters are long and quite often really cold. Former members are Christian Draghi (guitar and vocals) and Francesco Filippini (bass), childhood friends who try to push by with their passionate love for music and good riffs. Doctor Cyclops’ music is an obscure kind of heavy old style rock, its groove made by a miscellaneous heap mix of influences, which go from the progressive to the doom stuff played with a raw and dusty wish.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve!
Pressed on green vinyl
Special guest Alia O`Brien from Blood Ceremony put her magic flute to one song.
Limited to only 100 copies!!!

Datura - Visions For The Celestial Vinyl LP

Following the bands globally acclaimed 1998 debut album 'Allisone'. This is the eagerly awaited follow-up featuring some powerfull blasts of PSYCHEDELIC STONER ROCK, laying to rest the comparisons with Monster Magnet and Kyuss, thus created their own kind of HEAVY BASS GROOVES and PSYCHEDELIC ROCK. On this record you will find a 15 minutes track alled "Mantra" which convinces you, that the realm of psychedelic has a border with the stoner kingdom, where all the monsters live. Visions... is a cosmic stoner groove bliss-out at its very best and sees the band carving out their own sound and vision. Slower Sabbath soaked rhythms and tranced out psychedelics permeate the album throughout bridging the gap between metal and acid rock in ways not done before.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve!
Killer artwork!

Ilsa - Tutti Il Colori Del Buio Vinyl LP

A rotten slab of vile, crusty doom/death filth! Hailing from Washington, DC, ILSA deliver 9 tracks, clocking in at 40 minutes, of blown out, severely down-tuned, crust-injected death-doom. The album has been remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin for total abyssic heaviness. Parallels can be drawn to early Bolt Thrower, Paradise Lost, Axegrinder, later Anti-Cimex(think Scandinavian Jawbreaker era), Autopsy, and Winter. Disgusting horror reigns.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Limited to only 500 copies on 160g black vinyl

Jaguar - Axe Crazy In Holland 2xLP Vinyl

...Once again a killer release has surfaced that especially is cool for Dutch, and in particular the older, fans ...a double LP called ‘Axe Crazy In Holland’ with recordings of the show Jaguar did on December 17th, 1982 at the Siesta Club in Hengelo. These recordings withstood the test of time really well, but they do sound quite raw. Nothing wrong with that because songs like ‘Dutch Connection’, ‘Backstreet Woman’, ‘Stormchild’, ‘War Machine’, ‘Cold Heart’ and ‘Axe Crazy’ will give you goose bumps even if you weren’t born at that time or weren’t part of the fanatical Dutch crowd that attended this show and completely embraced this band back in the day. This live album simply is a cool document about an important but somewhat underestimated NWOBHM-act. ---lordsofmetal

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Liner Notes by guitarist Garry Pepperd
Reproduction poster of the Dutch Fan Club Zine "War Machine"

Lamp Of The Universe - Echo In Light Vinyl LP

Lamp Of The Universe, from New Zealand plays the kind of music you might imagine hearing while laying on your back in some far away garden. Each song has it's own distinct, trippy vibe, but they all flow together with amazing ease. Featuring a strong melody sung in Craig Williamson's typically blissed out, smiling voice, some of the deepest wah-wahed guitar I've ever heard, coupled with waves of trippy organ and a graceful, fluid rhythm pounded out on the skins. Combine it with swirling, bubbling liquid synth effects and tambourine psychedelic, bluesy guitar swirls around mystical piano, trancey drumming, and spacey effects in a dazzling, cosmically mellow jam that will have you floating away on gentle waves into the starry night. Lay back, and let your mind and soul wander. Totally cosmic!

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Comes with a unique tri-fold insert
Limited to only 400 hand numbered copies!

Lamp Of The Universe - The Cosmic Union Vinyl LP

Lamp of the Universe is a gorgeously lulling cosmic trip into a paisley colored psychedelic land of celestial ragas from Craig Williamson's (Datura, Arc Of Ascent) guitars, sitar, synths, and tablas. We're talking track titles like "Lotus Of A Thousand Petals" and "Tantra Asana". Believe me, these describe the music on The Cosmic Union perfectly. Lightly strumming acoustic guitars and sitars drift throughout as the tablas and other percussion keep a simple but effective psychedelic pace. Williamson's vocals are equally light and drifting making for the perfect marriage with his music. Lots of beautifully meandering jams that will open your mind for exploring the alternate realms that you travel with Williamson to. There are aggressive moments too, particularly on "In The Mystic Light" which sounds like a jam off Amon Dti album. And love that organ and shimmering guitar on "Freedom In Your Mind".

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Pressed on heavy 180 gram vinyl
Limited to only 500 hand numbered copies!

Pagan Altar - The Lords Of Hypocrisy 2xLP Vinyl

"This album is so good on so many levels, it's hard to know where to start and it's hard not to use huge grandiose adjectives. Over the top, yet not cheesy. Fantastic, yet brutally honest. Poetic, yet direct. Heavy, yet restrained as hell. Dynamic, yet completely cohesive. Classic and timeless. Heavy fucking metal, rock and fucking roll - the way it should be done. This goes way up there next to Rainbow, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Zeppelin releases in my book." ---- glenhetfield/Metal-Archives

"Pagan Altar is Doom Metal in its purest, most ingenious, honest, authentic, and inspired form..." ---MetalInvader

Presented in a deluxe ultra heavy triple thick gatefold sleeve!
Pressed on heavy 180gram vinyl!

Profetus - To Open The Passages In Dusk 2xLP Vinyl

Imperial funeral doom of the highest order in the true Finnish tradition! (Thergothon, Skepticism, etc). A Funeral march with extremely slow minimalistic drums, a perfect blend of solemn organ sounds, layered melodies by two dueling guitars guitars, and deep low growls.


Presented in a deluxe matte gatefold jacket with metallic ink

Stone Wings - Bird Of Stone Wings 2xLP Vinyl

Bird of Stone Wings is a quality piece of death/doom metal played by a great Aussie band well worth listening to. Whether you like melodic doom metal, aggressive, misanthropic death/doom or modern doom metal with traditional elements, fans of heavy doom will find something to enjoy here.

Originally self released back in 2003, this gem finally sees it's proper due with a double vinyl release!

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve!

The Wizar'd - Pathways Into Darkness Vinyl LP

Ominous rumors have been filling the air for many seasons and at long last, like a 'Disease From The East' THE WIZAR'D materializes under the foul full moon to teach us yet unknown 'Pathways Into Darkness' and to bring upon us the certain doom of man. Try not to run from THE WIZAR'D for his spells are legion and vile. Neither Saint nor Vitus may stand before him so bow and grovel so you may live. Agonizing...torturous DOOM!

Packed in a cool sleeve with an OBI strip!
3 Bonus tracks not on the original CD release
Includes and LP size multi-page booklet with pictures and lyrics

The Lamp Of Thoth - No Laughing Matter Vinyl LP

The Lamp of Thoth, what you can say about them? There is quite simply no one like them. Unhinged? Maybe. Eccentric? Possibly. Inebriated? Frequently.

Over three years in the making this finally available! Featuring new studio versions of three old demo tracks, (Skull Fuel, An Oath Sworn on the Ashlar Stone and The Boggard) Dark World (Saint Vitus cover done the bands own way) and three additional tracks (They Dance, Me Man Me Drink and Drinking Song) that simply defy description.

Come hear tales of Deranged Alchemy, Clandestine Occult Rituals and of course heavy drinking as only The Lamp Of Thoth can provide.

No Guarantees of anything except doom-heads will have fists in the air and a new classic for their shelves while politically correct types will leave with misty eyes and hurt feelings.

Over 40 minutes of darkness and abuse from the Lamp of Thoth, there is quite simply, no one like them.

Comes with a cardboard insert
Pressed on heavy 180gram vinyl

Witchfynde - Royal William Live Sacrifice Vinyl LP

Where were you in 79' when the dam began to burst? Well...Tonight you are transported back to the Royal William Pub in Ipswich to a dark,smoke filled ,ale soaked venue for a pre Give Em Hell gig with the arcane occult masters Witchfynde.

Ten songs including all of the first album (minus Ready to Roll) with Steve Bridges on vocals and showcasing Montalo's amazing and criminally underrated axe work (Including the first ever live rendition of Gettin"Heavy!). Additional songs are the never before recorded Why Dontcha?...The most raging track they ever did and Twilight Lady, a mysterious epic in the vein of Leaving Nadir and Unto the Ages...utterly amazing in its dark atmosphere as is the whole gig. The show finishes off with the Sabbath's Paranoid and the gig is done.
Warning: This is not a soundboard recording and there are drop ins on Give Em Hell and Leaving Nadir and a rougher sound throughout. While a invaluable treasure to us, those with sensitive ears or weak constitutions should avoid. Pure magic for those who still believe!

Limited to only 500 copies!
Comes with a reproduction gig poster

1000MODS - Super Van Vacation 2xLP Vinyl
Black Pyramid - Self Titled 2xLP Vinyl ***Color Vinyl***
Fuzz Manta - Vortex Memplex Vinyl LP
White Witch Canyon - Self Titled Vinyl LP


Apr 13, 2012 7:46 AM ET #32 (permalink)


Blackwolfgoat - Dronolith Vinyl LP

Guitarist Darryl Shepard, one-time member of bands such as Hackman, Roadsaw, Milligram and now Black Pyramid, decided to go it alone for his latest endeavor, choosing to create loops and drones which could then be added to and layered upon to build songs out of the simplest of material. With just one guitar and one amplifier, Shepard has crafted musical pieces which take the listener to some dark places, and some lighter ones as well.

Clear green and white splatter 150g vinyl
Limited to only 100 copies!
Special vinyl mastering
Presented in a deluxe 300gsm glossy gatefold cover
Hand numbered
High quality vinyl, pressed in Germany

Burning Saviours - Nymphs & Weavers Vinyl LP

Steeped in retro doom glory, BURNING SAVIOURS pay homage to the gods of the past, like BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE, URIAH HEEP and JETHRO TULL but brings it up to date with a more current sound and style. File next to CATHEDRAL or PENTAGRAM.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve

Death Row - Alive in Death 2xLP Vinyl

US band founded by lead guitarist Victor Griffin (Pentagram, Place of Skulls) and drummer Joe Hasselvander (Pentagram, Raven, Electric Warrior, Blue Cheer) in the end of the '70's, Death Row "Alive In Death" includes the very first sessions (complete with some instrumental Black Sabbath covers!) that Victor and Joe first recorded, to give you, the listener the complete overview of the band's journey from obscurity to fame. The demo "Whore " contains three songs: Whore, The World Will Love Again, Madman . Live part is a rare recording from the band's performance in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1982 along with other live rarities for your listening enjoyment and Doom Metal needs!


LP 1
(Knoxville Tenn. Sept. 3, 1982)
1. Death Row 4:24
2. All Your Sins 4:33
3. The Deist 3:46
4. The Ghoul 5:11
5. Committed to Vengeance 4:17
6. Petrified 4:36
7. Run My Course 2:49
8. Evilseed 4:24
9. Through the Shadow 4:29
10. The Ghoul 5:32 (Live at Big Dipper - March 4, 1983)
11. The World will Love again 6:13 (Live: Rehearsals last show 1983)

LP 2 (1981 First Death Row Jam)
1. Death Row 3:57
2. Dying World 4:17
3. Sinister 2:31
4. War Pigs 6:59
5. NIB 4:49
6. In to the Void 6:11
(1983 Demo)
7. Whore 6:13
8. The World will Love again 6:18
9. Madman 4:22

Victor Griffin: Guitars
Joe Hasselvander: Drums
Marty Swaney: Bass
Bobby Liebling: Vocals

Death SS - The Horned God of the Witches 2xLP Vinyl

First time released all early Death SS material completely re-mastered!

Track List:
Black Mummy
Horrible eyes
Cursed Mama
The Hanged Ballad
Murder Angels
The Night of the Witch
Spiritualist Séance
Black and Violet
Chains of Death
Buried Alive
Agreement with the Devil

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve!
Printed inner sleeves
Pressed on white vinyl
Limited to only 150 copies!

Doomraiser - Erasing the Remembrance 2xLP Vinyl

"...This is my kind of Doom Metal rock,they take all the best elements from the Maryland Doom Scene and mix it up with sounds ranging from Sabbath,Captain Beyond and other underground 70's proto Metal to guitar riffs and musical passages that remind me of early "Celtic Frost".

Although there is nothing original about what they do,what they do is some infectious and full of so much groove.Its a real talent and strength to put together 7,9,10 and even 15 minute tracks and not once does it seem the tunes are long.They are structured with just the right amount of tempo and mood changes that nothing outstays its welcome.There is no low points to this release and highlights are plenty including "Another Black Day" that has one of the coolest mid-tempo headbanging sections heard in a long time." ---Doomantia

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve

Doomraiser - Lords Of Mercy 2xLP Vinyl

The debut full length of crushing old school traditional DOOM!

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Comes with a foldout mini poster

Doomraiser - Mountains Of Madness Vinyl LP

"...The level of crippling doom has been cut back ever so slightly, there is nothing on this release to compare with 'Another Black Day' from the exceptionally classic 'Erasing the Remembrance' album and this leads me to my next point. Rather than simply copying the style and vibe of that album, they have progressed and created an album with its own unique feel, sound textures and atmosphere but don't worry doom-heads, this is still very much a doom-metal album.

The more varied approach on 'Mountains Of Madness' gives the album a certain mystique that 'Erasing the Remembrance' didn't have, there is something in these occult-driven grooves that makes this their most original album to date. There is only 5 songs spread out over 46 very enigmatic minutes and it is without a doubt some of best music I have listened to all year." 9.5/10---Doomantia

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve!

Doomraiser / Earthride -Split 7"

Italy versus the USA in a double doom duel and no matter who wins there are no losers! Wino provides guest vocals/guitar on the Earthride track "Supernatural Illusion"

Limited to only 500 copies!

Farflung / Blackland -Split Vinyl LP

Farflung's Space rock meets Blackland's psychedelic doom!

Funeral Marmoori - Volume 1 Vinyl LP

Heavy progressive doom from Italy The band, founded in 2008 by guitarist and singer Giulio Sieni and drummer Fabio Nanni, is enriched by the presence of bassist Marco Trentanove and keyboardist Nadin Petricelli. Their main musical influences lie in listening to the dark dark sound vibrations of the Italian pioneers Death SS and Paul Chain Violet Theatre, gloomy and sepulchral atmosphere on which are molded fascinating progressive solutions dictated by the magnificent sound of the keyboards, in particular Farfisa organ.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeve

Fuzz Manta - Vortex Memplex Vinyl LP

3rd long player by the female fronted heavy hippie hard rock band from Denmark! Once again they deliver breathtaking jammed out blues, 70s hard rock and psychedelia topped by a charismatic voice. Witness their great musicianship live on German stages this December!

Fuzz Manta play psychedelia infused hard rock. The quartet`s sound is essentially being coined by the voice of (female) singer Lene Kjær Hvillum who delivers the vocals with a charismatic, raw and expressive-guttural quality. Calling their music heavy hippie hard rock, their influences range from Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath to contemporary artists like Black Mountain.

Presented in a deluxe 300gsm glossy gatefold cover
Limited to only 200 hand numbered copies!

Graal - Legends Never Die Vinyl LP

"I'm not overly familiar with this little Italian band called Graal, but after a few spins of their latest release Legends Never Die, I'm sure as hell taking notice. The band, comprised of Andrea Ciccomartino (Vocals and Guitars), Francesco Zagarese (Guitars), Danilo Petrelli (Keyboards), Michele Raspanti (Bass), and Alex Giuliani (Drums), draw their influences from such 'legends' as Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Jethro Tull, Black Sabbath, Yes, Bloodrock, Led Zeppelin, and Genesis. More of a 70's inspired hard rock record than anything else, but the band do add in enough classic prog elements to make this one really interesting, much like Sweden's Black Bonzo.
If you like heavy guitar riffs, raging Hammond organ, melodic vocals, the occasional prog synth solo, and blistering lead guitar, you've come to the right place... Though plenty bands do the retro 70's hard rock/prog thing these days, not many are as convincing or as enjoyable to listen to as Graal, and for that, their latest Legends Never Die I can highly recommend."---Seaoftranquility

Graal - Tales Untold Vinyl LP

For all 70s sound lovers; Graal plays an explosive and personal mixture between Hard rock and Progressive, with fantasy echoes, acoustic breaks, haunting chorals cuts, Hammond and guitar solos duels! Influenced by authentic masters of the past such as Bloodrock, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk and Thin Lizzy. For fans of Wicked Minds, Siena Root, Space Debris, Starglow Energy

Comes with a printed inner sleeve

High On Fire - De Vermis Mysteriis 2xLP Vinyl

With a heavy-handed approach and a sound that crashes like thunder, HIGH ON FIRE has put the power back in ‘power-trio’. Less a band than a supersonic exercise in conquest by volume and sheer heaviness, the band has burned the metal rulebook and forged a new archetype.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve

Huata - Atavist Of Man 2xLP Vinyl

Atavist of Mann is a long black mass of 6 chapters to glorify the Lord of Doom! For fans of Electric Wizard, Goatsnake, Ramesses...

"Atavist Of Mann" is the second album by Huata. This is one of those rare albums that grabs you immediately without mercy. Incredible sound, songwriting & atmosphere. Fits perfectly with the occult style of doom that these French guys produce so well. I hear a mix of Electric Wizard, Sons Of Otis, Ancestors, Cough... ---Stonerbixxx

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve!
Very limited stock!

Jacula - Pre Viam Vinyl LP

Dark progressive rock concept album portraying the true & horrific story of a possessed girl!

Esoterically Pre Viam (an anagram of Vampire as the previous Per Viam) is focused on the sadness, the melancholy and the suicidal tendency of the protagonist portrayed through seven fantastic musical paintings where the unfailing Gibson SG of the author unveils the face of the most authentic progressive rock, where the acoustic guitar phrasing gives a link with the past, where the epic evocative world of the big keyboards is absolutely unique, where the perfectionist drumming ranges from electro-next to rock. The concept created by Antonio Bartoccetti is is a spine-chilling release, a perseverant concentrate of killing brainstorming and also a genial mixture of conflicting adjectives aimed to the mystical-theological-esoterical-existential reflection of the listener. A fusion created by a superior mind with metal core touches very loved by the younger generations, with a para-biblical, mystical, darkly magic sound obviously progressive with esoteric musical inventions such as the absolutely new perseverant sound and a black queen who sings in an anomalous way her dis-harmonic melody. Pre viam promises it won't miss a beat: catacombal groove, cryptic rhythm guitars, unique chanting of the Lady in Black, aristocratic, noble, dreaming atmospheres and surely great visions...

Vinyl only bonus track!
Printed inner sleeves
Mini poster

Kurt Vile & Wino w/ Jennifer Herrema 7" Vinyl

Jennifer Herrema from Black Bananas (and of Royal Trux/RTX notoriety) teams with indie darling Kurt Vile and heavy music lifer Scott "Wino" Weinrich to interpret two classic "Stones jams".

Purple Marbled Vinyl
Limited Edition of 1000
Includes Digital Download

L’Impero Delle Ombre - I Compagni di Baal Vinyl LP

Finally back the “Cemetery Rock” of L’Impero delle Ombre with their long waited second album. I Compagni di Baal (Les Compagnons de Baal) is inspired by the french TV Series from the 1960's. After first album issued in 2004, the band began working on this concept album. Cardellino brothers (vocals & guitar) studied the meaning of the TV series adapting their compositions and finishing concept with the help of Caroli brothers (Sabotage), Fabio Oliveti, Dario Petrelli and great keyboards work of friend Oleg Smirnoff (Death SS); Oleg added progressive touches with his symphonic arrangements to the essential Hard Rock sound of the band now strictly connected with the 70s Italian Progressive feeling.
Hear it alone in the darkness...this is doom... this is CEMETERY ROCK!

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Comes with a foldout insert

Northwinds - Winter Vinyl LP

French masters of all things Doom unleash their fourth platter of despair! For fans of Burning Saviours, Witchcraft, Pentagram, etc

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeve!

Northwinds – Chimeres 2xLP Vinyl

Long waited third album for the French group influenced by Ange, Witchfynder General, Black Sabbath, Alan Stivell, Jethro Tull, Horslips, Hawkwind...they confirm their personality and maturity with great compositions between the magic lands of Progressive, Heavy Doom, Celtic Folk; the album includes great cover versions of Le Soir Du Diable (Ange), Friends of Hell (Witchfynder General) and Dragon and Fables (Hawkwind).

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves
Comes with a 20 page booklet with pictures and lyrics

Sancta Sanctorum - Black Sun Vinyl LP

Dark doom sounds as only the Italian scene can produce! Features legendary vocalist Steve Sylvester of Death SS, the highly respected Italian underground band. The powerful music of Sancta Sanctorum is heavily inspired by early progressive elements and the best 70s hard rock has to offer

Sancta Sanctorum - The Shining Darkness Vinyl LP

"If you have ever seen the promo pics of Sancta Sanctorum, you will get a instant vibe of what this band is all about. The photos display a band all looking like Tony Iommi's and Geezer Butler's from the Paranoid era of Black Sabbath, not that there is anything wrong with that. The band features three members of the classic Death SS line-up from 1977-1984, i speak of course of Steve Sylvester, Thomas H. Chaste and Danny Hughes. After 26 years, these three gentlemen decided to join forces once again to carry on the tradition started by the Italian masters all those years ago. If you have never heard Death SS, you better do so soon, they are still one of the most underrated bands of all time.

Sancta Sanctorum seems to be the next logical step for the guys from Death SS, the band have a similar approach to making music. The 70's Doom, occult vibe, the psyche rock elements mixed with early proto progressive heavy metal. All these sounds are interwoven throughout the disc and the end result is something other 70's wanna-be bands should check out because not many bands can nail the sounds and the vibes of the style like Sancta Sanctorum can. Along with the Death SS threesome, John Di Lallo and Frederick Dope completes the line-up on keyboards and guitar. The album also includes input from Mario Di Donato the leader of the Italian progressive Doom band The Black as well as the pioneers of Italian sound "Requiem" plus the guest appearance of B.J from Doomraiser." ---Doomantia

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeve

Seid - The Magic Handshake 2xLP Vinyl

2012 release from Norwegian PSYCHEDELIC/PROGRESSIVE SPACEROCK band Seid!

Let's say you combine Hawkwind's space rock with apsychedelic groove ala early 70s Gong, mixed with a solid dose of rock steroids and your getting the idea

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Printed inner sleeves
Pressed on clear vinyl!

Temple Of Pain - Lords of the Undead Knights Vinyl LP

"...TEMPLE OF PAIN is a new project from Fabio 'Thunder' Bellan (mainly known as the mind behind Thunderstorm) it was clear to me that this takes off in a proper doom metal direction. Fortunately, I was not mistaken... Bellan takes his morbid visions to another level with this debut release from TEMPLE OF PAIN. He is assisted in this by drummer Dario Fava as well as a couple of guest musicians. The performance is brutally heavy and dark, yet the songs still retain memorable, well-developed melodies. There is a musty dark ages vibe on 'Lord Of The Undead Knights', that never becomes corny. These are two points, which make sure that each of the five tracks (including the intro) aroused my interest.

Although it's only an EP, the playing time reaches a maximum length of 33:28 minutes, which means that all tunes, except for the intro, are epic as fuck. It is thus clear that TEMPLE OF PAIN prefer to play epic doom metal, and fortunately they avoid weepiness and weakness. The songs, driven by oppressive Stonehenge-sized riffs, oscillate between mid-paced and slow and bulldoze everything around. In vain does one seek cheerful moments in the songs, which are also suitable for the next medieval decapitation. This is definitely the darkest stuff ever written by Fabio Bellan..." ---Cosmiclava

Printed inner sleeve!

The Black - Gorgoni 2xLP Vinyl

This album is dedicated to Gorgon, the fascinating and terrifying female creature of Greek Mythology; the music is also really terrifying progressive doom! Probably the heaviest and best album by The Black, never so inspired and doomy. With Thomas Hand Chaste (Death SS, Witchfield, Sancta Sanctorum) as special guest!

Printed inner sleeves!

The Heavy Eyes - Self Titled Vinyl LP

THE HEAVY EYES are a young rock trio from Memphis, Tennessee. They describe their sound as stoner blues. I call it stoner blues psych rock with very strong influences from the American rock scene 1969-73. The spirit of Cactus, Sir Lord Baltimore, Blue Cheer, Josefus and Mountain floats above this one all the way. The music sounds fantastically warm and has been completely recorded with analog equipment ... not, but it truly sounds like that, you`ll be surprised! A mixture of early Fu Manchu and Budgie, especially the vocals. The drums are massive and very Zeppelin-esque, the killer bass originates from Grand Funk. Songs like `Voytek`, `War Apple` and `Where Is Wilder` are extremely catchy tunes and hit as hard as Pentagram`s `Forever My Queen` (1973). Top score for one of the most beautiful `stoner blues` albums of 2012.

Presented in a deluxe 300 gsm glossy gatefold sleeve
Limited to only 150 hand numbered copies pressed on 180g clear blue
High-quality vinyl, pressed in Germany

The Hounds of Hasselvander - The Ninth Hour Vinyl LP

Almost unbelievably heavy and portentous from the outset, The Hounds of Hasselvander's 'The Ninth Hour' is an album crafted from the bottom up - from the inside out - for maximum impact. Unlike many ostensibly similar works of late, this is not a bunch of loose ideas cobbled together and thrown into some interchangeable sub-genre of the moment in hopes of invoking a mood. Hasselvander is the genre. "The Ninth Hour" is the mood. Every moment of this album is like another drop of blood applied onto the canvas of your mind with great intent, care and purpose. Around each corner is a surprise - but the kind of dream-logic surprise you always knew was coming; that you always knew was there. Waiting. Ever waiting. And by the climax of the epic first number, you'll know what for One striking development of note that I would like to mention for this latest Hound's release is the subtle use of keyboards on several tracks throughout "The Ninth Hour" (played by Paolo "Apollo" Negri from Wicked Minds). I can hear some of you thinking, 'oh, no - not that!', but I can reassure you: we're talking deep, rich '70s-style tones - and styles that remain true to the heaviness of the music without distracting the ear and weakening the strength of the melodies. The band is led by Joe Hasselvander who as you may know has done time with Death Row, Black Manta and of course doom gods Pentagram!

Printed inner sleeve

Tiresia Raptus -Self Titled Vinyl LP

Tiresia Raptus is a project created by members of bands dedicated to darker side of the psychedelia sound with a special feature and an eye regard for experimentation. Tiresia Raptus" is a suffocating cloud of black smoke, a thin ghost of a black scent that brings a taste for '70s psychedelia. Aided by a great production preserving the ancient spirit that hovers over the work. Features members of The Foreshadowing, Der Noir, Black Land and Doomraiser.

Limited edition pressed on blue vinyl
Printed inner sleeve

Wino & Conny Ochs - Heavy Kingdom Vinyl LP

The legacy of Scott "Wino" Weinrich in the world of heavy music is indisputable, many have postulated his influence in the underground rock scene over the last decade. Now Wino has teamed up with Conny Ochs, a songwriter so pure and honest in his output that he seems to be the perfect partner. Wino and Conny met for the first time in 2010 when Conny was supporting Wino on his European acoustic solo tour promoting 'Adrift'. From the beginning there seemed to be an extraordinary vibe between the two individuals. Through music they discovered a very similar approach to life and art and a shared wisdom in creating music. By the end of the tour they shared the stage every night with Conny accompanying Wino during his set.
Recorded in Kabumm Studios in Berlin in August 2011, the 11 soulful songs on Heavy Kingdom were written together with the exception of "Highway Kind" by Townes Van Zandt - an artist Wino and Conny both deeply admire.

Comes with a printed inner sleeve and insert!

Witches Brew - White Trash Sideshow Vinyl LP

"First up take a look at that album art, this has to be one of the coolest album covers in rock history. These dirty looking gents play music that is equally as dirty in sound and musical approach but with a touch of 70's Hard Rock class..."

" ...Witches Brew play a 70's style of bluesy Hard Rock that is like a drunken ZZ Top trying to play Motorhead tunes, not that Witche's Brew are a sloppy band, they are a very tight, well-oiled machine but this is Whiskey driven bluesy rock and this is one of the best party records released in the last year. Its out on the Black Widow Records label which continues to amaze with their range of styles and quality of releases. Along with the obvious ZZ Top and Motorhead influences, there is also elements of Hawkwind, Kyuss, Black Sabbath and even Pink Floyd in small doses so this pure rocking stuff..."---Doomantia


Ancestors / Graveyard - Split 7" Vinyl
Earthless / Premonition 13 / Radio Moscow - Split Vinyl LP
Premonition 13 - Self Titled 7" Vinyl
Wight - Wight Weedy Wight Vinyl LP + 7"


May 3, 2012 12:05 PM ET #33 (permalink)


Altar Of Oblivion - Salvation Vinyl MLP

Finally, there is something new from Denmark's Altar Of Oblivion. After their successful first full length record, they have been busy writing this Salvation EP + another full length album to be released later this year. Salvation picks up right where the debut left off only with a much thicker recording and heavier sound. They re-recorded another song from their demo "Threshold To Oblivion (My Wrecked Mind)". If you were a fan of the debut, this is an absolute must. "Believers In The Mist" is the highlight of this EP with the strongest riffs and most memorable lines on the album.

LP sleeve features silver embossed print
Pressed on clear/grey wax
Limited to a mere 100 copies!!

Atavist - Alchemic Resurrection 10" Vinyl

Delivering relentlessly epic suicidal Black Doom, in their short time-span, the new bastard sons of Manchester, ATAVIST, have already made quite an impact upon an unsuspecting audience... Two exclusive tracks of down tuned filth that serve to demonstrate why you should never take Atavist for granted. Mixing slow and torturous dirges with fast unrelenting savagery, 'Alchemic Resurrection' is Doom designed to kill.

Limited edition
Comes with printed insert

Angel Witch - As Above So Below 2xLP Vinyl

With a lineage dating back to 1977, South London’s Angel Witch were leading lights of a now legendary movement known as the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal that saw their path interwoven with the likes of Iron Maiden, Saxon, Samson, Praying Mantis, the Tygers Of Pan Tang and countless more.

Unlike a great many of the groups with whom they shared stages their style was dark, uncompromising and heavy; a perfect complement for the sword & sorcery-themed lyrics of songs such as White Witch, Gorgon and Angel Of Death – no wonder Geoff Barton of Sounds magazine once memorably described their bludgeoning sound as: "the first Black Sabbath album played through a cement mixer".

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Pressed on red vinyl!

Belzebong - Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves Vinyl LP

"Poland's Belzebong are back to bring us tons of evil weedian riffage. And damn they succeeded..."

"The band drowns themselves in a sea of distortion, fuzz and enough bottom-end to cure the worst case of constipation - in other words this music will make you shit."

"All riffs, all the time, just locked-in grooves, amp fuzz and heady jams."
The Obelisk

"They grab you and drown you in their fuzzy, sludgy, downtuned, distorted abyss from the first second."
Stoned Sun Vibrations

"Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves is a wicked trip down the hazy and introspective fuzziness associated with a massive blast to the lungs........It’s far out man. So far, far out."
mishkanyc . com

"Huge wheezing stoner riffs, lumbering swamp-man style drums and enough hazy weed smoke to hotbox a double decker bus."
heavyblogisheavy . com

Limited edition
Pressed on green vinyl!

Bang - Death of A Country Vinyl LP

This previously unreleased 1971 album get s its first ever release on vinyl, via Rise Above Relics. Cult Band Bang recorded Death of a Country for Capitol Records, which was immediately rejected, considered to be sounding too underground and not commercial enough.

Regarded by many as being America’s answer to early Black Sabbath, Death of a Country, displays a darker psychedelic mood than the more straightforward proto-metal /hard rock that was to follow. Dark, trippy lyrics and studio effects owe more to early Pink Floyd than Black Sabbath on this particular release.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Pressed on yellowish green wax!

Corrosion of Conformity - Self Titled 2xLP Vinyl

Corrosion of Conformity unleashes a brand new release with and old lineup. Which makes this release a bit more intriguing. If you are a fan of C.O.C. than this will be a nice taste for your pallet. It would not be surprising to see this release take off. It has all the bite and artistic approach that will satisfy many different genre's. In the self titled release there is a strong doom vibe to it and extremely powerful riffs that Iommi would be drawn to. It is sweet to hear them go from a doom riff to a swampy stride into an all out headbanging assault all in one song.

The opening track "Psychic Vampire" sets the stage for this release. It opens and really pulls you into the vibe of what is to come. It definitely has you singing along before the track is completed. Extremely catchy chorus. Some of my favorite tracks off this release is "River of Stone", "Leeches", the "Moneychangers", and the most powerful track off this one "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here". A strong, creative track is "What You Despise Is What You've Become"

Overview : I thought this one would be a disc that you have to listen to a few times to get the vibe but after the first run through I have to say that this one has to be one of their best releases to date. I would highly recommend this release if you are in to the strong doom, and progressive changes in every song that keeps you anticipating the next note. I have to admit that this release is a refreshing taste of C.O.C. Make the self titled Corrosion of Conformity release yours today! ---Examiner

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve!
UK 2LP version pressed on white vinyl
Comes with a bonus CD of the album

Dopefight - Buds Vinyl LP

In case you couldn't already tell from their name, or their album name, Belzebong is a stoner doom band. What might be a surprise is, they're from Poland.

Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves is the first full-length from a band that's decidedly mellower than their countrymen Behemoth and Vader. If you've ever heard Electric Wizard or Weedeater, you're thinking exactly on the right track. It's fuzzier than Georgia peaches covered in hallucinogenic fungus, heavier than the Half Ton Man, and just as likely as him to get off the couch after eating said fruit.

They lay down massive grooves that get your whole body swaying, and they know how to write a riff. Like Weedeater, they keep it short (it's only a half hour) and eschew the long, meandering ambient sections of EW. Going instrumental the whole way through was a gamble, but I think it paid off. They keep it interesting with plenty of riff and tempo changes, a couple of samples (from occult horror movies or 50's anti-drug films), psychedelic leads and guitar noises, and feedback. Then they took these four great tracks and arranged them perfectly into a cohesive whole. It's almost like they were sober enough to know what they were doing.---fullmetalattorney

Pressed on "bud" green vinyl!
Very, very limited stock! More soon...

Druid Lord - Druid Death Cult 7" Vinyl

Old school infected doom-death!

Formed in 2010, DRUID LORD isn’t a seasoned band per se but its members damn are. Having served massively in the sadly overlooked EQUINOX but also in DIABOLIC, ACHERON or even the mighty INCUBUS, those guys are the real deal and have collectively decided under their new banner to go back to their roots, both musically and spiritually wise. So while the music of DRUID LORD is a fine return to the days of yore when VENOM, CELTIC FROST and POSSESSED reigned supreme, a time where death fuckin’ metal meant heavy tempos, great riffs and dark atmosphere, not technically wanking nor ill-fated so-called concepts, they’ve been playing over the last two years the UG game faithfully according to its original rules. So besides one hell of a debut album released on Walpurgis night in 2010 (and aptly titled ‘Hymns Of The Wicked’), they’ve also been steadily putting out split seven EP with a couple of fellow retro-metalheads, namely WOODEN STAKE, KAIJU and SKELETAL SPECTRE.

But this one is different. The first 7 inches of theirs bearing their name alone underneath its creepy Mark Riddick artwork enhanced by your average DOOMENTIA quality stamp, ‘Druid Death Cult’ also contains what is maybe their heaviest material to date. Yes, the fact that the whole thing starts off to the sound of thunder, pouring rain and of a church bell echoing (Black Sabbath anyone?!) in the distance ain’t no coincidence as those two new tracks, once again recorded by the band’s own Tony Blakk last fall, were conceived under the sign of doooooom. Twelve fuckin’ minutes that are bound to firmly put DRUID LORD at the top of the old-school doom/death food chain!

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Comes with a huge poster and full color insert!
Limited to only 400 copies!

Electric Wizard - Legalise Drugs & Murder 7"

The Wizard are back - don't Fuck with the Wizard!

Side A

Legalise Drugs & Murder

Side B
Murder Madness

Moonless - Calling All Demons Vinyl LP

There’s worse places to start, than to play your debut show opening for Japanese serial-killer obsessed CHURCH OF MISERY. Then again, since MOONLESS also later did gigs with SAINT VITUS, PENTAGRAM and UFOMAMMUT and are about to unleash their brilliant debut, one could say this was just a beginning…

Musically lying somewhere in between stoner, doom, psychedelic and heavy 70’s rock, this still quite young outfit really makes a difference by having perfectly nailed the ability to write great songs. Underneath the Tony Iommi-styled riffing, thunderous drums and fuzzy bass lines, lies choruses and real catchy hooks that will stick in your cranium for the rest of the month once you’ve heard them.

‘Calling All Demons’ is accompanied by mind blowing cover art by Tue S. and the songs on this debut album are nothing short of a triumph, ready to step up at the top of the mountain of bodies that used to be called the stoner scene. It’s both old school yet fresh sounding slow bonecrushin’ rock’n’roll. Pure primal testosterone sludge done the right way, the MOONLESS way.

Comes with a full color insert

Mellow Candle - Swaddling Songs Box Set

These days considered to be at the very pinnacle of what is considered ‘Acid Folk’, Mellow Candle’s legendary Swaddling Songs album has become one of the most praised and collectable releases from the golden era of the late 60’s/early 70’s.

Original mint copies now fetch in excess of £2,000 on the collectors market! But it's not just the rarity that merits such value, it’s an album that exudes excellence in every possible way. Led by the strong charismatic vocals of Clodagh Simonds and Alison Williams, their songs are memorable enough to have lasted this long, when they were, sadly, barely recognized at the time.

Swaddling Songs original 1972 LP

Side One
1. Heaven Heath
2. Sheep Season
3. Silversong
4. The Poet & The Witch
5. Messenger Birds
6. Dan The Wing
Side Two
7. Reverend Sisters
8. Break Your Token
9. Buy or Beware
10. Vile Excesses
11. Lonely Man
12. Boulders on My Grave

Bonus LP Demo’s & Unreleased late 60s/early 70’s
Side One
1. Dan The Wing (demo)
2. Waterman Weatherman (unreleased demo)
3. Buy or Beware (demo)
4. Heaven Heath (demo)
5. Sheep Season (demo)
6. Break Your Token (demo)
7. Lonely Man (demo)
Side Two
8. Silver Song (demo)
9. Poet & The Witch (demo)
10. Boulders on my Grave (demo)
11. Crabtree (unreleased demo)
12. Pretty Polly (unreleased demo)
13. Faustus (unreleased demo)
14. Mobile Line (unreleased)

Bonus 7" number one (1968)
1. Feeling High
2. Tea With The Sun

Bonus 7” number two (1972)
1. Dan the Wing
2. Silversong

Two LP's each with their own jackets, one is a gatefold
Two 7" vinyls
Includes a 12 page LP size booklet with rare pictures
All packaged in a nice slip box

Noothgrush - Failing Early Failing Often 2xLP Vinyl

Originally released way back in 2001, this compilation of drug fueled sludge doom features tracks as far back as the mid-90's! Tons of out of print tracks from split singles and compilations...

Track listing
1 Oil Removed
2 Extraction
3 Encasing
4 Useless
5 29th Scroll
6. Stasis
7 Jundland Wastes
8 Evazan
9 Gage
10 Sith
11 Dianoga
12 Derrel's Porno Song
13 Gage (Alternate Version)
14 Dianoga
15 Imperial March / Alderaan
16 Jundland Wastes (Demo Version)
17 Bric-A-Bra

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Pressed on grey vinyl

Orchid - Capricorn 2xLP Vinyl

...Orchid have delivered an absolute masterpiece with 'Capricorn' that should be seen as the benchmark for all other retro-rock bands, it is so good that you may never listen to Witchcraft, The Devils Blood, Jex Thoth and these kinds of bands ever again after you hear this. I always knew that this was going to be good but I was expecting something in the same standard as their EP, this goes way beyond my expectations and deserves every bit of a 10+/10 rating. ---Doomantia

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
One LP pressed on brown vinyl the other on red
Full printed inner sleeves
Huge Poster!

Orange Goblin - A Eulogy For The Damned Vinyl LP

Britain’s doom metal titans Orange Goblin triumphantly return to the throes of the chaotic heavy metal madness they have championed for the last sixteen years. For the band’s seventh album, the aptly titled “A Eulogy for the Damned”, Orange Goblin seeks out songs bordering on new territory without abandoning their sludgy riff-laden doom metal roots. For those who are fans of the heavy and have not had the privilege to salute the altar of the mighty Orange Goblin, prepare to be bewildered by one of the most underrated metal acts on earth.

The opening track, “Red Tide Rising”, borders on dark thrash as the band mercilessly wields their instruments like Vikings charging onto the battle field, ultimately setting the tone for the remainder of the album. “How many chances do I get to find redemption?” Ben Ward belts out in “Stand for Something” as the song charges forward like a barbarian’s battering ram before breaking out into a blistering solo. Ben Ward’s lyrics speak of alternate realities, facing the world we all live in and the idea that freedom is only for those who are willing to fight for it. The music accurately reflects these themes, especially in the blazing bong huffing anthem “The Filthy and the Few” that fires through the listener’s headphones on all cylinders and doesn’t take any prisoners.

Although the band is notoriously known for their fuzzed out riffs and grooves that slice like the blade of a guillotine, “A Eulogy for the Damned” sees Orange Goblin at their tightest. The immaculate production from two-time Grammy nominated engineer Andy Jackson (who once worked for Pink Floyd) boldly takes the band into sonic territory they have never been before. Despite the band admitting this is the first album they’ve ever recorded while being sober, the songs will make fans raise their goblets of ale to cheers the Goblin’s righteous tunes. ---Lithiummagazine

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Pressed on red wax!

Tank86 / Sardonis - Split 7" Vinyl

Split single between 2 heavy INSTRO-DOOM-RIFFING bands, TANK86 from Holland and SARDONIS from Belgium.

Tank86 - Rise Vinyl LP

Sludge metal band TANK86 delivers mighty sonic blows, never losing sight of the almighty riff, pounding you into oblivion. Harmonised guitars, a layered approach and guest appearances by Peter van Elderen (Peter Pan Speedrock) and Tommi Holappa (Dozer / Greenleaf) add true depth to the massive sound of the instrumental band. Initially, TANK86 may have prompted comparisons to Karma To Burn's brand of bone-charring riffs and heavy, groove-based approach, but over the years the band's instru-metal has matured in the rehearsal space and live on stage (including a European tour with Dozer) into something special and genre-defying.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Pressed on red vinyl!

Torche - Harmonicraft Vinyl LP

"It’s about damn time. Not just for a new Torche album—though it has been a solid four years—but for an album like this: a muscular barrage of ear-filling power riffs and dogged rhythm that sounds uplifting without being masked in grandiose pretension. Where so many of their contemporaries thrash or jitter as a way to mask their lack of any real force, these Floridian sludgers know the inherent joy in noisy creation, and choose to relay it with sheer strength instead of bile or melodrama...". ---popmatters

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Limited edition on clear vinyl
Comes with a cool "Lollipop" color slipmat!
Download coupon


Elder - Dead Roots Stirring Vinyl 2LP
Earthride - Something Wicked 2xLP Vinyl
Eyehategod - In The Name Of Suffering 2xLP Vinyl
Eyehategod - Take As Needed For Pain 2xLP Vinyl
Ghost - Opus Eponymous Vinyl LP
Horn Of The Rhino - Weight Of Coronation 2xLP Vinyl
Incredible Hog - Volume 1 + 4 Vinyl LP + 10"
Sourvein - Black Fangs Vinyl LP +7"
The Gates Of Slumber - The Wretch Vinyl 2xLP **Blue Vinyl**
The Graviators - Self Titled 2xLP Vinyl
Witchsorrow - Self Titled 2xLP Vinyl


May 14, 2012 8:40 PM ET #34 (permalink)


Astra - The Black Chord Vinyl LP

Born in San Diego but bred in the mists of Avalon, Astra have fast-become a synonym for the ethereal, the sublime, and indeed the genuinely progressive. Ever since 2009’s The Weirding put these analog-inflected San Diego visionaries on the map alongside the likes of co-conspirators Earthless, Diagonal and Dungen, who – like some lost tribe of prog faithful - have brought this unwieldly and much maligned form of music out of the dark ages and in front of a new generation of mellotron-loving cognoscenti. Like a Meddle-era ‘Floyd supercharged by a Mahavishnu-intensity not seen since for eons, The Black Chord is an album of blinding light and abysmal shade, of bone-jarring rhythmic density and vast, breathtaking mental vistas: nothing less than epic journey through the outer reaches of musical possibility tinged by an elegance and knowingness that suggests a creative maturity beyond the members’ collective years. Therein lies their redemption, because this is a record at home in 1972 as it is in 2012. Think wailing guitars and dulcet harmonies thickened by Mellotrons and given hypnotic qualities by the kind of drumming that borders on the shamanic. Cinematic in scope but frequently yielding to a kind of melodic fragility that can only be the product of genuine emotion, The Black Chord’s musical ebb and flow prove Astra to be both a band’s band capable of an artistry all-too-rare among their generation, and it’s a sound to behold.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with stunning new artwork from Arik Roper, comes with a 4 page LP size booklet attached to the inside of the gatefold!
Pressed on heavy orange vinyl
Limited to only 500 copies!

Horisont -Tva Sidor Av Horisonten Vinyl LP

HORISONT's debut album revives the sounds of 70s heavy classic rock. The mix of classic rock, progressive, blues and psychedelic brings the mind back to the days of Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath and November. Wha-wha, fuzz, slide, double riffs, drums like thunder and a killer voice, its all here.

Lord Vicar / Revelation - Split 10" EP Vinyl

Finland's Lord Vicar meets Maryland USA's Revelation for a doom duel to the death!

New tracks!
Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Logo and title printed on heavy protective bags!

Lord Vicar - Signs Of Osiris 2xLP Vinyl

As the final nails were hammered to the coffin of Reverend Bizarre (1995-2007, R.I.P.), guitar player Peter Vicar started to follow his vision of a new True Doom Metal band. He felt forced to fulfill his need to compose and play this most arcane form of metal in the way it was meant to be, full of intensity, cruelty, heaviness, and force. Still firmly walking in the footsteps of Saint Vitus, Trouble, Witchfinder General and Pentagram!

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Printed inner sleeves

Sigiriya - Return To Earth Vinyl LP

Beneath the soil of a Welsh valley a heavy metal life-force regains strength: rising from the ashes of stoner doom merchants Acrimony, Sigiriya is born. Eight years after the demise of Acrimony, guitarist Stu O'Hara, bassist Mead, drummer Darren Ivey and vocalist Dorian Walters have reconvened. Not wanting the limitations of reforming a project long dead to them, Sigiriya brings a fresh take on their trademark monolithic heavy groove. While Acrimony hailed from the temples of deepest space, Sigiriya come from the earthy depths, bringing hefty, tremor-inducing sonics that pay homage to the riff.

Spiders - Self Titled 10" Vinyl

With female lead singer and members from bands like Witchcraft, Graveyard and Madamm you know you’re in for a treat. SPIDERS mix garage punk and early hard rock with bluesy melodies. The band is fronted by a female lead singer possessing a fantastic voice with attitude, reminding of a new Jinx Dawson or Mariska Veres. In addition to that we find the guitarist from Witchcraft, the drummer from Graveyard and the bass player from Midwest in the line-up. SPIDERS’ songs reveal the bands incredible songwriting prowess and the music is full of energy and raw rock riffs. Or as some might put it: it’s simply kick-ass rock and roll straight into your heart.

Limited edition 10" Vinyl
This is now out of print!

Saint Vitus - Lillie: F-65 Vinyl LP

SAINT VITUS are the godfathers of American Doom Metal. A statement weighing as heavy as this band sounds. Nonetheless this is simply the truth.

Therefore it is an event of historic proportions in the world of Heavy Metal that after seventeen years since the release of "Die Healing" (1995) SAINT VITUS now return with their eighth full-length masterpiece "Lillie: F-65". This album includes the trademark song writing style so beloved by SAINT VITUS fans: There is the cataclysmic and unmistakable guitar sound of co-founder Dave Chandler full of reverbs, feedbacks, flanger and apocalyptic distortion leading to amazing and magical solos. "Lillie: F-65" is furthermore graced with the deeply resonant vocals of Scott "Wino" Weinrich who returns to record an album with the band for the first time since the glorious "V" (1989) and whom many consider to be the classic SAINT VITUS vocalist. Doom adepts will delight in the honey slow dripping of notes and the sudden energetic outbursts, which are as painfully depressing as sweet.

Now in the year 2012, Seventeen years after their last album and nine years after their reunion, SAINT VITUS finally return with an album that will cement their status as true icons of Doom. The US legend is back and stronger than ever with "Lillie: F-65". Bow down and enjoy this soon to be SAINT VITUS classic!

Printed inner sleeve
Comes with a download card

Ufomammut - Oro: Opus Primum Vinyl LP

As with all previous UFOMAMMUT albums, the concepts behind Oro are expansive and multi-faceted, mutating the Italian palindrome which translates to “gold” with the Latin translation of “I prey.” Oro explores the concept of knowledge and its power; the magical stream controlled by the human mind to gain control of every single particle of the World surrounding us. Oro is the alchemical process to transform the human fears into pure essence; into Gold. Although Oro’s two chapters will be released months apart from each other, they must be considered as a single track in which the musical themes and the sounds show up and hide, mutating and evolving, progressively and increasingly stratifying culminating in the crushing final movement. Oro is like an alchemic laboratory in which substances are flowing, dividing and blending themselves in ten increments from the alembics and stills, culminating into the creation of Gold.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve!

Witchfinder General - Friends Of Hell Vinyl LP

"“Friends of Hell” is the sophomore release by the short lived but newly resurrected Witchfinder General. This album reeks of killer riffs and solos that will have you humming for weeks. Witchfinder General offered a “balls to the wall” approach to heavy metal at the time – glorifying drug use, sex, and the occult shamelessly, also taking what Black Sabbath begun and making it catchier than ever!

This is a slight improvement compared to the timeless “Death Penalty” although other reviews might state the opposite. The composition has more direction compared to their previous release where it seemed they were more or less growing into their style. Phil Cope’s guitar playing is more solid, knowledgeable, and professional showing his improvement as a musician and as a songwriter. No longer are the solos put on the backburner, instead they are more declarative and in the front of the mix. Zeeb Parkes, while sounding too much like Ozzy Osbourne at times, shows his improvements by offering more harmonies, general direction, and standing apart from the guitar work as his own separate entity..."

"...“Friends of Hell” is an essential pickup for doom and traditional heavy metal fans. “Love on Smack” and “Friends of Hell” are just two of the many noteworthy tracks on this release where the solos and guitar work (dueled nicely with Parkes’ vocals) will kick your ass from beginning to end. ---metal-archives

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
pressed on heavy 180 gram vinyl
Limited to only 1000 copies!

Witchfinder General - Death Penalty Vinyl LP

Witchfinder General are a doom metal band from Stourbridge, England. They were part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene and have been cited as a major influence on the doom metal genre. Death Penalty is the debut album by NWOBHM band Witchfinder General. It was released in 1982 on Heavy Metal Records. The album received some criticism for the cover photograph, which featured topless model Joanne Latham. The photograph had been taken in the yard of St Mary the Blessed Virgin Church in Enville, Staffordshire, without the permission of the local Reverend. The album was originally released on LP and picture disc and was later reissued on CD. Pictured on the cover is Phil Cope, Zeeb Parkes, Graham Ditchfield and a member of the then Road Crew. While Peter Hinton is credited with producing this recording the writers Phil Cope and Zeeb Parkes always felt the credit should have gone to the engineer Robin George.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Pressed on heavy 180 gram white vinyl
Limited to only 1000 copies!

Angel Witch - As Above So Below 2xLP Vinyl
Green & Wood - Self Titled Vinyl LP
November - 2:A Vinyl LP
November - 6:E Vinyl LP
November - En Ny Tid Har Vinyl LP
Steel Mill - Jewels Of the Forest 2xLP Vinyl


May 25, 2012 9:21 AM ET #35 (permalink)


Bad Acid - Self Titled Vinyl LP

13 obscure tracks for an imaginary drugged-out and twisted road movie that doesn't exist, excavated from the underground vaults of the Motorwolf recording facilities and produced by Orange Sunshine's Guy Tavares and featuring members of many of his bands:Orange Sunshine, Johnny Cohen and the New Age Nazis, Sunwheel, White Trash Minstrels, Leviathan and Panty Boy. Varying from biker blues, horror surf and acid punk drug rock, ultra-doom and spaced out psychedelia, this limited black label edition comes with beautiful psychedelic silk-screen artwork by Zeloot.

Recommended to all cult freaks and fans of Drunks With Guns, Orange Sunshine, Davie Allan and the Arrows, the early works of Monster Magnet and all the sick underground movies! Limited to a few hundred copies

Black Spirit - Self Titled Vinyl LP

Reissue of ultra-rare German HEAVY PSYCH/PROGRESSIVE ROCK debut by German local band originally released as a private pressing in 1978! Long tracks with jamming guitars and vocals in English.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve

Brant Bjork - Jalamanta Vinyl LP

Desperate Kyuss fans looking for a recent fix will devour this platter like a 3 AM pizza. Never mind the stoner rock excursions from the frontmen, it is clear that the Kyuss sound has been passed on to the drummer. Brant Bjork rides that familiar trippy wave of psychedelic guitar for all it's worth, adding a soulful sound to the bouncy jams. And as expected, the drumming is simply stellar. It's almost like being there.---Cosmik.com

"JALAMANTA is easily in my top ten albums of all time. The only thing I dislike about listening to it is that it ends. Its just smooth groove after smooth groove. It almost reaches a euphoric level. I have had Jalamanta since its release and a week rarely goes by without several listens. It will be the soundtrack to my summer night smoke sessions, I can tell you that much. There is no one label that can be placed on this album. All I can say it that if you are a fan of rock music on any level, you should own this masterpiece. Brant is the man!"---StonerRock.com

10 year anniversary edition
Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Remastered and pressed on heavy 180 gram clear vinyl
Comes with a 24 page book
Limited to only 1000 copies!

Brant Bjork - Gods & Goddesses Vinyl LP

If you are already a fan, you will know what to expect but if you have never picked a album from Brant as yet, this may be the perfect album to start with. "The Future Rock (We Got It)" is a classic track and the perfect tune to groove to while kicking back with a cold beer or two. "Dirty Bird" is the typical but essential "Brant Bjork" opening cut, "Good Time Bonnie" and album closer "Somewhere Some Woman" has a slight Stoner Doom sound especially the later that has some slow, powerful riffing in the middle section and "Blowin Up Shop" has a relaxed and infectious vibe. The drumming is kept simple allowing the guitar to move and wander in a almost free-form fashion while Bjork's vocals move back and forth within the mix giving every song a slightly different vibe to the next and of course there is the essential wah-wah solos and the use of controlled fuzz. This is album number 27 that he has been involved with in one way or another making him one of the hardest working musicians to ever come out of the Desert Rock scene.

To put it a way longtime fans can understand, it’s the best one since the last one and until the next one. Whether Gods and Goddesses is the beginning of a new phase in Brant Bjork’s career or a one-time experiment in production that’s proved successful, its aural solidarity and confidence make it a must-hear for established followers and newbies alike.---music-is-amazing.com

Electric Moon / Hypnotized Not Paralyzed - Split 7" Vinyl

The second issue of the Transubstans vinyl club featuring Germany's ELECTRIC MOON new spaced out track recorded exclusively for this single, "The Pop Art Accident". Side B contains newcomers HYPNOTIZED NOT PARALYZED latest works "The Escapist Attempt" and celebrates the stoner rock -scene as well as our favorite decade!

Electric Moon - Cellar Space Live Overdose Vinyl 2xLP

Cellar Space Live Overdose is a double LP release, which contains the best stuff from 2 gigs. LP #1 is filled with 2 tracks of the ultra psychedelic show from January 27th, 2012 at Schlosskeller Darmstadt. LP #2 contains 2 tracks from the Sulatron Records Label Night on September 30th, 2011 at Kulturkeller Fulda. Two times at a cellar = Cellar Space, two live shows = Live Overdose and that is the title theme. It builds on "Flaming Lake" seamlessly and is not less quality! Because there are 2 different live shows recorded, they have their own sound. Again 4 long tracks, what will kick you through a time hole to weightlessness and only getting up to change the LPs on the turntable will remind you that your body is still located on earth...

Limited to 777 records on beautiful black vinyl only!

Earthlings? - Self Titled 2xLP

Expanded vinyl reissue of the 1999 debut album by EARTHLINGS?, the Joshua Tree "super group" initially known for the Desert Sessions (and their release on Man's Ruin), with it's revolving guest musicians including DAVE GROHL (Nirvana, Foo Fighters), SCOTT REEDER (Obsessed, Kyuss) and VICTORIA WILLIAMS. Mainstays in the band were PETE STAHL (Scream, Wool, Goatsnake), DAVE CATCHING (QOTSA, Eagles of Death Metal), and FRED DRAKE (worked with Daniel Lanois, Vic Chesnutt and House of Love amongst others).

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
pressed on heavy black wax
Comes with a full color insert
Features 5 bonus tracks, two songs from Desert Sessions III
A revamped 6 minute version of "Pleasure Seekers"
Special guests Dave Grohl and Brant Bjork!

Lord Vicar / Funeral Circle - Split LP

Lord Vicar, traditional Doom Metal cult act from Finland featuring Peter Vicar, formerly of Reverend Bizarre, and Christian Lindersson of Count Raven, joined with the Canadian old school Doomsters Funeral Circle and present exclusive tracks for this split release. Lord Vicar deliver just what people might expect after their phenomenal debut album and created a massive, almost-14 min epic called "The Fear of Being Crushed", while the newcomers Funeral Circle offer us a grim old school fucker called "The Hexenhammer" and their interpretation of the Witchfinder General classic "Burning a Sinner". I'm sure that all those who like their EP on the Miskatonic Foundation as well as other obscure cult acts such as The Lamp of Thoth, Witchfinder General or Hell will dig the new stuff as well. The fantastic artwork, done by Peter Vicar's former band member Albert Witchfinder of Reverend Bizarre fame, crowns this release.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Limited to only 200 copies on colored wax!

Lord Vicar - Fear No Pain Vinyl 2xLP ***Hardcover***

Consisting of members of Reverend Bizarre, Centurions Ghost, Saint Vitus and Count Raven it's not hard to draw the conclusion as to what sort of doom these doomsters play. Yes, traditional doom of epic proportions with the emphasis on hooks and melodies. The choruses will nestle themselves into your head.

Amazing hardcover book packaging!
Attached 24 page LP size book with pictures, lyrics and liner notes
Pressed on heavy vinyl!
Limited stock!

Orange Sunshine - Love=Acid Space=Hell Vinyl LP + 7"

"The problem with music in the late 60's was the hippy shit, right? The goddamn peace and love stuff, the acoustic folkies, the going-to-San-Francisco-with-flowers-in-yr-hair.

But what if the 60's were as wildly murderous a time as these strange days? What if it was ALL Charlie Manson and napalm and muddy drugfreak people and Up Against the Wall, Motherfucker? Well, then, there'd only be, like, 5 bands left standing- the Stooges, the MC5, Hendrix, Blue Cheer, and Orange Sunshine." ---Sleazegrinder

Limited tour edition sold at gigs on their 2012 European tour!
Pressed on white vinyl
Comes with a bonus 7" also on white vinyl
Individually hand stamped plain covers (each one is a little different)
Limited to a mere 200 copies!

Orange Sunshine - Homo Erectus Vinyl LP

A must have for all into early BLUE CHEER. A classic power trio in style of '69 power trios, playing some of gutsiest rawest psychedelic blues rock ever. Obscure primitive sound HEAVY and AGRESSIVE with lots of wild fuzz, wild freaked-out guitar leads and raw bluesy vocals.

Presented in a cool 3-D sleeve (3-D glasses not included)
Pressed on colored vinyl!

Orange Sunshine - Bullseye Of Being Vinyl LP

Heavy and raw, acid fuzz madness! Total '69 freak-out acid-fuzz drug rock psychedelia. Never released second album that was the psychedelic sessions during the recordings of Homo Erectus: with the same raw and energetic Blue Cheer sound, but with very extreme bad-acid-trip drug rock versions of Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream), Speed (Ron Allen Light Show), Demon's Eyes (Deep Purple) and Ruler Of The Universe (Terry Brooke's Strange). Prepare for the sitar, tablas, sectarian cult-choir vocals, endless crazy guitar freak-out solo-ing and the never ending self-oscillating echo, flanger, phaser and delay effects. If you want to feel HELL,if you want to talk with GOD,if you want to be together with SPACE,this record will help you, DEFINITELY!

Limited edition pressed on white vinyl

Orchid - Through The Devil's Doorway Vinyl LP

Amazing 70's occult rock from San Francisco. More Sabbath than Sabbath, Blacker than black! It is truly almost incredible how well this four guys from San Francisco managed to recapture the spirit of early Black Sabbath. The first song 'Into the Sun' has a significant similarity to Sabbath's 'Children of the Grave', but it also recalls Trouble's self titled album from 1990.

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Printed inner sleeve
Comes with a giant poster!

Orchid - Capricorn 2xLP Vinyl

...Orchid have delivered an absolute masterpiece with 'Capricorn' that should be seen as the benchmark for all other retro-rock bands, it is so good that you may never listen to Witchcraft, The Devils Blood, Jex Thoth and these kinds of bands ever again after you hear this. I always knew that this was going to be good but I was expecting something in the same standard as their EP, this goes way beyond my expectations and deserves every bit of a 10+/10 rating. ---Doomantia

Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
Full printed inner sleeves
Huge Poster!

Santa Cruz - What Is Love (Crystal Meth Boogie) 12" Vinyl

Very sinister, very insane, very dramatic and very heavy psychedelic/psychotic doom/drone/boogie rock song of 16 minutes, orange sunshine's black ritual acid rock drug metal side project!

Limited to only 200 copies...Now out of print
One sided 12" pressed on clear vinyl!

Santa Cruz - Down On My Knees 2xLP Vinyl

The sinister sequel to Orange Sunshine, a true magnus opus, dramatic doom and manic drone metal mixed with creeping elements of theatrical gothic horror pop, bad acid trip drug rock, supers eventies' heroin boogie, angry desert blues soundscapes, and even some epic classical philharmonic, romantic guitar music and neo-folk, all blended together into one long, dark and psychotic orchestral rock opera full of the subliminal stimulation of distraught dissonant and overwhelming overtones. Through paranoia, penetration and pain, through deliverance, catharsis and gratitude, Santa Cruz shall be your Virgil in the purgatory of your little twisted mind...

Features members of psych rockers Orange Sunshine
Comes with an insert

Yawning Man - Nomadic Pursuits Vinyl LP

"As heard on such releases as Kyuss' Welcome to Sky Valley, Queens of the Stone Age's self-titled debut full-length, and just about any of Brant Bjork's solo releases, jamming has always been an integral part of the "desert rock scene" of California's Palm Desert. And the roots of these spacious and trippy jams can be traced back to a specific band, Yawning Man. While not well-known outside of the area, Yawning Man is often listed as an important early influence on the aforementioned bands/artists. And although the group never got around to issuing any recordings during their first go-round in the late '80s, come the early 21st century, original members Gary Arce (guitar), Mario Lalli (bass), and Alfredo Hernandez (drums) resuscitated Yawning Man, and began finally issuing albums...." "Nomadic Pursuits, which turns out to be an all-instrumental affair, chock-full of meandering jams that would probably serve as the perfect soundtrack for frolicking throughout the desert...if you were in an "altered" state of mind. As a result, tracks such as the album opener, "Camel Tow," as well as "Far-Off Adventure" and "Ground Swell" manage to somehow come off sounding both pre-planned and improvisational. Forget about succinct song structures here -- Nomadic Pursuits is all about kicking out the jams...and Yawning Man is happy to oblige." ~ Greg Prato

Yawning Man - Pothead 10" Vinyl

The unheralded godfathers of the desert scene, YAWNING MAN is the group that taught KYUSS how to throw generator parties and play great rock. KYUSS' "Catamaran" is actually a YAWNING MAN cover. Nothing official was released until 2005 (on Alone Records), presumably on the heels of the world's fascination with all things Homme. Alfredo Hernandez (KYUSS/QOTSA/BB & THE BROS) was ultimately replaced by Bill Stinson (any Chuck Dukowski/BLACK FLAG fans here?), with Mario Lalli bolting for FATSO JETSON, so yes, you can literally trace all the fathers of the desert movement to YAWNING MAN. Essential!

Limited edition on colored vinyl!

Zone Six / Vespero - The Split Thing Vinyl LP

This is the result of a collaboration between Transubstans Records, Russian act VESPERO and German act ZONE SIX. The first three tracks of this record consists of the atmospheric soundscapes of psychedelic space rockers VESPERO; a band that combines playfulness and joy with futuristic heavy rhythms. The great recordings of their works has helped capture their essence; a tight, thick wall of sound, allowing them to give synthesizers the space they need in songs like this. To sum VESPERO up: a great band whose work is very "airy" yet concentrated from time to time. You will be surprised! ZONE SIX is a band built up by members from the outstanding psychedelic space rock scene in Germany. Some of the key members of this band are Dave Schmidt (ELECTRIC MOON, SULA BASSANA) on the drums and Komet Lulu (ELECTRIC MOON) on bass and effects. Komet Lulu is also the mastermind behind the cover of this record. Combining different members from some of the best bands in Germany today (ELECTRIC MOON, THE PANCAKES, VIBRAVOID), ZONE SIX manages to create an extremely atmospheric sound that will explode deep down in your veins. Their featured track on "The Split Thing" is called "Babapapatantramanta" and provides the same hypnotizing emotions like the HAWKWIND albums of the early 70's did.


Cuzo - Amor y Muerte en la Tercera Fase Vinyl LP
Cuzo - Otros Mundos Vinyl LP
Lord Vicar - Signs Of Osiris 2xLP Vinyl
Lamp Of The Universe - Echo In Light Vinyl LP
Lamp Of The Universe - The Cosmic Union Vinyl LP


Jan 19, 2013 7:18 AM ET #36 (permalink)


Long time no post! Here is some of our most recent additions...

Place Of Skulls - The Black Is Never Far Vinyl LP *Grey Marble*

Glowsun - The Sundering Vinyl LP *Green*

Glowsun - Eternal Season Viny 2LP ***Yellow***

Black Cowgirl - Self Titled Vinyl LP **Orange**

White Hills - Abstractions And Mutations Vinyl LP

White Hills - Abstractions And Mutations Vinyl LP ***Color***

Solace - A.D. Vinyl 2LP

Solace - Further Vinyl 2LP

Howlin Widow - Exorcised Accidental 7" Vinyl

Catapilla - Self Titled Vinyl LP

Crystal Haze - Self Titled Vinyl LP

Bad Boat - Lonely Doom Vinyl EP

The Firebirds - Light My Fire Vinyl LP

Bong - Mana Yood Sushai Vinyl LP

Meth Drinker - Self Titled Vinyl LP

Alkana - Welcome To My Paradise Vinyl LP

A Tree Of Signs - Salt Vinyl EP

Coven - Witchcraft Destroy Minds & Reaps Souls Vinyl LP

Kadavar - Self Titled Vinyl LP

Eternal Tapestry - A World Out Of Time Vinyl LP

Golden Void - Self Titled Vinyl LP

Down - IV Part 1: The Purple EP Vinyl

Witchcraft - Firewood Vinyl LP+7" ***Red***

Witchcraft - Self Titled Vinyl LP ***Red/Clear***

Orange Goblin - Frequencies From Planet Ten Vinyl LP+7" *GREEN*

Hawkwind - Onward Vinyl 2LP *Camouflage Green Splatter*

Diagonal - The Second Mechanism Vinyl LP

Troubled Horse - Step Inside Vinyl LP

Electric Wizard - Come My Fanatics Shirt Small/Med/L/XL/XXL

Seremonia - Self Titled Vinyl LP *Color*

Dream Death - Back From the Dead Vinyl 2LP

Opium Warlords - We Meditate Under the Pussy in the Sky Vinyl LP

Falcon - Die Wontcha Vinyl LP

Fellwoods - Wulfram Vinyl LP *Red*

Spiritus Mortis - Fallen Vinyl LP

Candlemass - Ancient Dreams Vinyl 2LP

Blood of the Sun - Burning on the Wings of Desire Vinyl LP

Colour Haze - She Said Vinyl 2LP *Limited Edition*

Bodkin - Three Days After Death Vinyl LP

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Blood Lust *Black/White*

Vinum Sabbatum - Bacchanale Premiere Vinyl LP ***Yellow***

Vinum Sabbatum - Songs From The Convent Vinyl LP ***Orange***

Sula Bassana - Dreamer Vinyl LP

And much, much more! As always check us out at www.doooomed.com for item descriptions, pictures and sound samples

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We have set the deadline for the banner art contest at February 18th 2013. If you are working on something it's time to get it finished up!

If you are the artistic type and would like to create a new banner for us and win a $100.00 credit for use at Doooomed.com you still have time! Get in touch for more info.

Some new stuff and recent restocks!

Year Of The Goat - Lucem Ferre Vinyl EP
Year Of The Goat - Angels' Necropolis Vinyl LP
Count Raven - Mammons War Vinyl 2LP with Etching!
Gold - Interbellum Vinyl LP
Attic - The Invocation Vinyl LP
Wishbone Ash - Argus Vinyl LP
Skraeckoedlan - Appeltradet Vinyl LP
Oresund Space Collective - Self Titled Vinyl 2LP ***Color***
Necronomicon - Tips Zum Selbstmord Vinyl LP
Karthago - Rock 'N' Roll Testament Vinyl LP
Granicus - Self Titled Vinyl LP
Ayahuasca Dark Trip - Mind Journey Vinyl LP ***Color***
Bloody Hammers - Album Cover Shirt
Eyehategod - New Orleans Is The New Vietnam 7" Purple W/Etching
Eyehategod - New Orleans Is The New Vietnam 7" Orange/Black Etch
Cosmic Jokers - Self Titled Vinyl LP
Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart Vinyl LP
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO - La Novia LP


Amon Duul - Paradieswarts Duul Vinyl LP
Brant Bjork - Gods & Goddesses Vinyl LP *Blue*
Black Mountain - Year Zero: The Original Soundtrack Vinyl LP
Candlemass - Psalms For The Dead 2LP Vinyl ***Color***
Dead Skeletons - Ord Vinyl EP
The Firebirds - Light My Fire Vinyl LP
Kadavar / Aqua Nebula Oscillator - White Ring Vinyl 2LP
Orchid - Capricorn 2LP Vinyl
Orchid - Through The Devil's Doorway Vinyl LP
Spiders - Flash Point Vinyl LP
Sun Dial - Mind Control Vinyl LP

Don't forget to like us at Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Doooomedcom/468570793162964

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Some recent additions....

Ape Skull - Self Titled Vinyl LP ***Yellow***
Atomic Cries - Suspended Between the Mouth of God Vinyl 7"
Bell Witch - Longing Vinyl 2LP
Brutus - Self Titled Vinyl LP ***Green***
Bushfire - Black Ash Sunday Vinyl LP
Chains - Dancing With My Demons Vinyl 7"
Dream Death - Somnium Excessum Vinyl LP ***Grey***
Gingerpig - Hidden From View Vinyl 2LP ***Blue***
Golden Void - Rise to the Out of Reach Vinyl 7"
Grandloom - 5 Dollar Jam Vinyl LP
Hexvessel - Iron Marsh Vinyl 12"EP ***Purple***
Hexvessel - No Holier Temple Vinyl 2LP ***Brown***
High Priest of Saturn - Self Titled Vinyl LP ***Gold***
Hookworms - Pearl Mystic Vinyl LP
Horse Latitudes - Gathering Vinyl 2LP
Iron Witch - Hangover Suicide Vinyl 7"
Jess and the Ancient Ones - Astral Sabbat Vinyl 12"EP **Green**
Jess and the Ancient Ones - Self Titled Vinyl LP
Jex Thoth - Totem Vinyl 12"EP
Jex Thoth - Blood Moon Rise Vinyl LP
Jex Thoth - Self Titled Vinyl LP
Jex Thoth - Witness Vinyl 12"EP
Mars Red Sky - Be My Guide Vinyl 12" EP
Mercy - Witchburner Vinyl LP ***Silver***
Purple Hill Witch - Alchemy Vinyl 7" Picture Disc
Serpent Venom - Carnal Altar Vinyl 2LP
Seven Sisters Of Sleep - Opium Morals Vinyl LP
Space Debris - She's a Temple Vinyl 2LP
Sula Bassana - Dreamer Vinyl LP ***Green***
Spiritual Beggars - Earth Blues Vinyl 2LP
Trees - Sickness In Vinyl 12"EP
Vidunder - Self Titled Vinyl LP
War Injun / Doomdogs - Split Vinyl 7"
Zior - Self Titled Vinyl LP
Zodiac - A Bit of Devil Vinyl LP ***Red***


Jun 27, 2013 2:12 PM ET #39 (permalink)


Ape Machine - Mangled by the Machine Vinyl LP **Splatter**
Black Pyramid - Adversarial Vinyl LP ***Red***
Black Pyramid - Adversarial Vinyl LP ***Yellow***
Buddha Sentenza - South Western Lower Valley Rock LP ***Clear***
Devil To Pay - Fate is Your Muse Vinyl LP
Earthen Grave - Self Titled Vinyl 2LP
Elder - Self Titled Vinyl LP ***Clear***
Elder - Spires Burn 12"EP ***Purple***
Harvester - Blind Summit Recordings Vinyl LP
Haunted Leather - Red Road Vinyl LP ***Red***
Magic Circle - Self Titled Vinyl LP
Mamont - Passing Through the Mastery Door Vinyl LP *Orange*
Moloch / Ensorcelor - Split Vinyl LP
Mos Generator - Nomads Vinyl LP
Mothership - Self Titled Vinyl LP
Necronomicon - The Queen of Death Vinyl LP ***Green***
Necronomicon - The Queen of Death Vinyl LP ***Smoke/Bongwater***
Pet The Preacher - Papa Zen & Meet the Creature *Marble*
Spelljammer - Vol II Vinyl LP
The Devil's Blood - III: Tabula Rasa or Death & Seven Vinyl 2LP
The Lone Crows - Self Titled Vinyl LP ***Blue***
Trucker Diablo - Songs of Iron Vinyl LP *Blue/Orange Splatter*
Vidunder - Asmodeus Vinyl 7"


Black Cowgirl - Self Titled Vinyl LP *Orange*
Leaf Hound - Growers of Mushroom Vinyl LP
Mexicoma - Self Titled Vinyl LP ***Yellow***
Orchid - Capricorn Vinyl 2LP ***Black & White Splatter***
Orchid - Capricorn Vinyl 2LP ***Purple***
Orchid - The Mouths of Madness Vinyl 2LP ***Orange***
Orchid - Through the Devil's Doorway Vinyl LP *Orange*
Orchid - Through the Devil's Doorway Vinyl LP *Red/Clear*
Space Debris - She's a Temple Vinyl 2LP
The Dirty Streets - Movements Vinyl LP ***Clear***
Vidunder - Self Titled Vinyl LP


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