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I am reviewing BM bands for U.S.B.M NW

Posted in: Forum Home >> Extreme Metal >> I am reviewing BM bands for U.S.B.M NW

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Displaying 2 posts
May 18, 2010 11:04 AM ET #1 (permalink)

I have done 2 reviews so far. The bands are Imperial Conquest and Acheronian Dirge. Anyone heard of them?

Acheronian Dirge's EP Themes Of Desperation Realiized was sent to me for a review. While Black Metal is not my forte, I sat down and listened to it all the way through. I will now give my honest thoughts on this musical assault upon my hearing abilites, hahahaha!

The White Horse In Spring Rain starts out like it is going to take you into another world that you may not want to go into. As the song progresses, it slams you against the wall. You are taken through a journey of sound and, well, thats about it. Not saying the song sucked, but it could have been better arranged. The song is over worked, IMO. The band members seem to be trying to push it over the top, as most bands do, to set themselves apart from the herd! I am not smacktalking the band in any way, but I thought it was a bit too blended together.

The Red Horse In Summers Rain starts out good enough then drowns in the vocals. As I have stated before, BM is not my usual genre of music to listen to, but I am being honest in this review. The drummer, in this song at least, needs to slow it down at least to the point to where you can hear the drums sperately instead of one long dudduududududududududududuududududududududuududuud
u that makes it sound like it in a blender of noise, but thats BM for you.

The Black Horse In Autums Rain starts out kicking ass! Musically I like this song! But BM vocals dont mix with this groove. Sorry to the singer, but this one should be sung better. Less screaming like a witch with a hemrhoid flare-up!! I love the thrash groove it has at a couple of places in it, but overall, the vocals kinda make this one a downer, but not that much (just a tid bit). NOT trying to offend anyone! I WILL SAY THE NON BM PARTS OF THIS SONG WERE EXCELLENT. I liked the way this song was done. It may be listed as BM, but I wouldnt put it there, more experimental IMO.

The Pale Horse Descends Upon Winter starts off kinda Doom Metal, at least I think so, which is not a bad thing as I like some Doom Metal. And for those who may like Doom Metal, be sure to check out Seventh Void (type-o-negative members and a cpl of others) and they made 1 kick ass album!!! Back to the review! The guitars in this one could have been a bit slower in some parts, but I like this songs groove! I TRULLY WISH I COULD UNDERSTAND WTF THE SINGER IS SAYING, but again thats BM for you. The outro was unexpected and fit the ending of the album good.

IF you are into Black Metal, I would pick this one up to check out some new songs. Overall, I think you will like it, and probably get some whiplash too from time to time due to it!!

Imperial Conquest: The Victorious Arise EP should be sent to as many people as possible!!

March of the Sublime is a bit too stormblasty drumwise, but for those that like that, its a song that you will love. Musically, it could have been more thought out. It seems as if the band are going for the speed record in music at some points, but Black Metal is not made to help you relax!! Overall its an ok song, just needs more direction, IMO. Vocally, it sounds as if the wicked witch of the north is pissed off and venting!

Saturated with Hate is a great song. This song was arranged almost perfectly! If the vocals were not BM this song could almost be put in the Thrash genre, as it has some great thrash grooves here and there through it. I cannot find any wrong musically with this song, as it kicks serious ass from beginning to end! DAMNIT, GET THOSE VOCALS WORKED ON!! hahahaha, j/k! Be sure to check this song out!

An Arcane Malefice Conjured is a different song (figuratively speaking) from the other songs on this. Starts out kinda industrial sounding, IMO, then goes into the BM/Thrashiness of the song. Vocally, this song is doing good for a change. The vocals can be understood, and the singer isnt trying to beat the wicked witches of the world with the best witchy sounding voice! At about the 4:30 mark of this song it kicks into s seriously kick ass groove!! Then you are completely surprised with the change in the song at the 5:44 mark the song. It changes tempo and groove and throws you into a whirpool of "WTF JUST HAPPENED", but "holy shit that was a great change up"!!

Imperail Conquest starts out sounding like SLAYER/DEICIDE (and thats not a bad thing) and goes right into the BM groove. The stormblasting of the drums kinda throws it off for me. The guitar solo is pretty good, and was glad to see that thrown in there! The groove overall is intense, but the drums need to be slowed down a bit in certain parts of the song. Not saying it sucks! I thought the Thrash grooves in this one are excellent grooves.

For those into Black Metal, I seriously reccommend checking Imperial Conquest out. I will also be on the lookout to see if they come to Charlotte NC on tour, as I will be sure to make that show!!

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May 18, 2010 6:10 PM ET #2 (permalink)

i've never heard of these two before, but black metal's awesome. i'll definitely check them out.

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