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Bring Me The Horizon

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Displaying posts 26 - 50 of 68 1 2 3 Last
Oct 2, 2010 4:11 PM ET #26 (permalink)

I laughed quite hard at lDb's sarcastic post. As Cynic said, it was very truthful which is what makes it work. But enough of that, I saw BMTH on the front cover of some magazine here yesterday. I was about to leave the shop as a result but then I bumped into my old drummer. He's German. Cool story right?

Oct 2, 2010 11:10 PM ET #27 (permalink)

Cool story indeed, Oz! I found it to be very informative and suspenseful.

Oct 3, 2010 8:04 AM ET #28 (permalink)

In a slightly more interesting story, a mate of mine once got run over by Stephen Hawking.

Oct 3, 2010 12:28 PM ET #29 (permalink)

I almost got hit by a police car on my campus last night. wowzurs

Oct 19, 2010 1:11 PM ET #30 (permalink)

BMTH is a decently good band.... without the vocalist theyd be nothing....
the band is pretty sub par IMO but his vocals do kick alot of ass and thats where most of the agression comes from... But I dont really like it when bands do that chant sort of thing... like that one song WE WILL NEVER SLEEP CUZ SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK.. it just seems a little cheap to me...But in all honesty I do appreciate the agression and Some of their work is badass... But really... I think Miss May I is alot better....check them out if you havnt! except for their melodic singing... not a big fan of that lol sounds too modern and autotuned

Oct 19, 2010 4:56 PM ET #31 (permalink)

The guitarists and drummer are very good. If Sykes could still scream as well as he could on...hell, even suicide season, I would appreciate the new record more

Oct 20, 2010 12:22 PM ET #32 (permalink)

I have never seen this band
have only listened to them but they make it happen
Their recent release kicks ass
its amazing any of you big brain folks even leave the house since everything is so beneath you

Oct 20, 2010 7:17 PM ET #33 (permalink)

Not everything is beneath me, but I don't want to shove dog shit in my ears, which is pretty much what I'd be doing if I listened to Bring Me The Horizon ever again.

Oct 21, 2010 7:21 AM ET #34 (permalink)

New album is number one in the Australian ARIA charts....

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Nov 5, 2010 1:57 PM ET #35 (permalink)

I like Deathcore, but I find alot of bands like Bring Me the Horizon very distasteful. Similar bands I eaqually dislike would be Attack Attack! and Asking Alexandria. So if you like BMTH I think you may like those other two.

I don't mind Job for a Cowboy, but I much prefer Arsonists Get All the Girls, Kakuna vs Metapod, Brain Drill, Breeze of the Dying, Molotov Solution, Elysia, and And Hell Followed With.

And did someone say Whitechapel are Deathcore? I was under the impression they weren't.

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Nov 5, 2010 6:23 PM ET #36 (permalink)

Bands like Whitechapel Carnifex and Job have taken a new approach with their recent releases, headed in the direction of death metal. Which I'm fine with, not that I ever seperated core from death metal, as I see it as the same thing, often finding core bands to be more innovative and experimental in sound than these old 80's self proclaimed true death metal bands that have been churning out the same regurgitated shit their whole existence being utterly boring.

There's a lot of talent in the oldschool death metal scene, however. The boys from Atheist, Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation, Entombed, and Hate Eternal being some of those talented guys. I respect the old death metal scene, because if it wasn't for those bands, a lot of these new bands would never have even appeared. "Derp, what's death metal?"

Phil Bozeman and Whitechapel throw down harder than any of these old school bands though...except the aforementioned old school death metal bands who basically stamped their name on the genre.

And I can be wrong, that's just my idea of the death metal genre as a whole, which I appreciate. I Really love bloodbath. Speaking of which....

np: Bloodbath- Blasting the Virginborn :D

Nov 8, 2010 12:51 AM ET #37 (permalink)

Hmm, yeah I've always considered core more of an offshoot of Hardcore Punk than Metal. I do like seing bands break the rules and blurr the lines between genres.

Hmm... that's interesting about White Chapel and Job for a Cowboy, I still see Job for a Cowboy as Deathcore though and White Chapel just as pretty much Death Metal. But I'm not really interested in them enough to actually research it. There are just so many bands I like more who I'd rather invest my time in.

Edit: Yeah I love Morbid Angel, at least their early stuff. Haven't listened to much of their newer stuff yet. Just listened to Athiest, one song wasn't so great but Air was pretty good. And didn't you mean Kreation? Oh... I'm thinking of Kreator, they're cool (Thrash I think).

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Nov 8, 2010 11:20 AM ET #38 (permalink)

deathcore and death metal are virtually identical. The only difference is there might be breakdowns, but death metal bands like suffocation do the same exact thing. That's why I never call deathcore bands deathcore bands lol. They all play death metal.

I meant Malevolent Creation. They're an older death metal band but none the less, kick ass.

Listen to Carnifex bro. Heaviest death metal band out there

Nov 8, 2010 6:48 PM ET #39 (permalink)

So why is it people say Deathcore isn't Metal, though obviously Death Metal is?

Carnifex are pretty good.

Dec 23, 2010 1:42 PM ET #40 (permalink)

cannot stand bmth. they are an overrated band. and the only reason they are is because of all the scene girls who are obsessed with oli. a better band from england.. asking alexandria.

Dec 23, 2010 3:00 PM ET #41 (permalink)

In my opinion, people say that just because a lot of people say things aren't metal as an insult. I mean, I've been hearing that about Slipknot for years even though anyone who knows something about metal knows that Slipknot is a metal band, whether you like them or not.

As for the topic of this post, I actually like Bring Me The Horizon. I realize they're not the most skillful band but they sound good to me and that's the only reason I need to listen to something. Bring Me The Horizon started out as Deathcore but now they have way more of a Metalcore sound so here are some of my favorite Deathcore and Metalcore bands...

Whisteria Cottage
In The Midst Of Lions
Dead Silence Hides My Cries
The Breathing Process
Winds of Plague
Conducting From The Grave
As Blood Runs Black
All Shall Perish
A Fallen Theory

For Today
A Plea For Purging
Mychildren Mybride
The Human Abstract
As I Lay Dying
August Burns Red
We Came As Romans
Sea of Treachery
Texas In July
For The Fallen Dreams
Miss May I
Parkway Drive
Norma Jean
House Vs. Hurricane

Dec 24, 2010 2:07 PM ET #42 (permalink)

To pansy for me......he has a good growl though

Dec 25, 2010 9:30 PM ET #43 (permalink)

oh fucking lord.

There is sooooooooooooo much more to the differences between death metal and deathcore than simply breakdowns. Hell, fucking Suffocation and obituary had breakdowns all over the place. Even the band DEATH had frequent breakdowns. The difference is their execution. With the death metal bands, it was a musical technique within the song. With Deathcore bands, 90 percent of the time it's the point of the song. Still, not the point. That's just a single seperating factor between the genres.

Vocals. Job for a cowboy specifically started the usage of the pig squeal in great doses. Most deathcore bands these days either use that style, or a more death metal version of the metalcore scream, and a select few, usually among the newer deathcore bands, they use legitamately death metal vocals. My distaste for the genre began specifically with Job for a cowboy. Not to say death metal bands from time to time cant be found to be using the pig squeal; see Pathology, or even more relevantly, early cannibal corpse, with Chris Barnes. Just saying, that vocal style is fairly indicative of music I dont like, and the amped up metalcore screaming doesnt do too much for me either.

The style of the music in general though, is easy to identify as different. Just like there are specific riffs and guitar techniques that belong to thrash or death metal, there is a different style to deathcore that sets it apart, besides just the breakdowns. Anyone who plays guitar fluently knows this. The reason ACDC, Iron Maiden, and even slayer have a recognizable sound is because their guitarists write riffs in very specific sections consistently. The reason thrash bands all have a common sound is because they play using the same techniques; palm muting open notes, specific chords, and fast, frantic solos. same goes for every genre of metal, including deathcore. This genre is saturated with hardcore infused death metal stylings, which include guttural vocals over a generally severely downtuned and palm muted guitar style with hardcore song structures that also feature grindcore riffage in between the death metal spects. The reason its not simply called Deathgrind, the way bands like Cephalic carnage are, is becasue of the hardcore song structures. And that, beyond anything else is the reason the genres can be seperated. The vocals and frequent breakdowns are simply extra reasons that death metal fans tend to stray away from the genre rather than accept it.

And for the record, whitechapel IS deathcore, but they have more recently been moving towards a more death metal sound, just as Job for a cowboy has. They have yet to do anything that hasnt already been done better by Suffocation though, so until I hear that, I'm not yet sold on the genre. After The Burial is the only gem I have yet to find in the genre, being a form of progressive deathcore that has influence from not only metalcore but a heavy dose of meshuggah style djent. Other than that though, I just find the genre to be extremely lacking in creativity, so excuse me if I dont entirely jump on defending these bands. Or just simply saying they suck (lookin at you Job)

Dec 26, 2010 2:05 AM ET #44 (permalink)

Get 'em.

Jan 7, 2011 10:01 AM ET #45 (permalink)

(after reading FAN's post) . . . *hovers hands over keyboard about to start typing* . . . . . -_____- . . . fuck.

refer to this:

Jan 7, 2011 11:37 PM ET #46 (permalink)

I agree a lot with Fuck_a_Name about the difference between Death Metal and Deathcore. To me it's obvious just by hearing it, but you worded it very well and know what you're talking about. Personally I hated the first Deathcore songs I heard parts of. Over time I started giving it more chances and finally one day when I was in a musical exploration mood (after discovering Pig Destroyer) I started going down an alphabetical list of Deathcore bands. At this point I'd already rejected all of the pioneers and pillar bands of the genre. The first Deathcore band I actually liked was Arsonists Get All the Girls, I was like, "Finally someone who isn't just doing the same thing as everyone else!" What mostly caught my attention were their vocals. And the second band I found that I actually liked before I stopped the alphabet method, was Elysia. Since then though I still haven't warmed up to many of the pioneers and pillar bands, but I have found a lot of Deathcore bands that I do like. I still haven't found another Grindcore band I like though...

As for Deathcore being Metal, I would definitely say there are a lot of Deathcore bands that have more Metal influence in them then anything else, and that are true to the "spirit" of Metal. But there are so many Deathcore and Metalcore bands that are just carbon copies of each other with barely a concept of what music is, let alone Metal. The genre sprung up from a lot of Hardcore/Metal fusion that was going on, but I get more of a sense of Hardcore drawing from Metal than the other way around when I look at the genre as a whole.

When I say Death Metal is Metal, or Thrash Metal is Metal, there's no doubt in my mind. But I can't say Deathcore is Metal like that. It's just not. It's a fusion genre, it's on some kind of middle ground. It's not a pure sense of Metal. But I have no trouble at all saying it's Hardcore, Hardcore has always been rule breaking and fusing genres. I feel so much more comfortable saying Deathcore is Hardcore. I can't really say it's Metal with a clear conscience. And all these Deathcore/Metalcore fans who go around saying it's Metal, don't have a clue what Metal is. They say, "I just call all that stuff Metal" and all the Metal heads shun these kids, and everyone else thinks they're "Emo". So while I definitely know there are Metal bands within the realm of Deathcore, I can't call Deathcore Metal. It's Metalcore fused with Death Metal (Hardcore fused with Metal).

(This post was last edited on January 7, 2011 at 11:40 PM ET.)

Jan 9, 2011 9:10 PM ET #47 (permalink)

^if you want a good grindcore band, I say shoot for Nasum. I just rechecked em out recently by nabbing their album helvette. Every song on it is pretty much badass. Nothing really comes close to pig destroyer though. :P

Other than wormrot, I dont really listen to any other straight up grindcore bands myself. Napalm Death is deathgrind these days, but still awesome. Antigama is decent, mostly because their drummer has a jungle drum sound goin on(think the dethklok song bloodlines), Landmine Marathon is the shit, girl screamer fronting a sludgy deathgrind outfit that rocks tits, and genghis tron I guess you could call Techno-grindcore, and they are sometimes more awesome than all these bands combined(check out the song ARMS by them on youtube, and you understand everything you need to know about genghis tron)

@nothinghead: lol

Jan 10, 2011 1:37 AM ET #48 (permalink)

I just remembered a couple other Grindcore bands I love, Locust and Seige. I'm already familiar with Nasum actually, I rejected them the first time I heard them but that was like a year and a half ago and I've expanded my tollerance for heaviness a lot since then. Listening to them again, yeah they're actually pretty good. And thanks for Wormrot, amazing vocals! Antigama, hmmm... they're good, but I'm not sure I like them. I don't really mind them, but some of the drumming and riffing reaches these sorta cow bell annoying points, and the vocals almost make me cringe (they're good for what they are though).

Landmine Marathon, wow! Awesome!!! What?!?! That's a girl? I jizzed my pants just now... Their lyrics are intense, and their album art is sweet too! The way they repeate their riffs doesn't bore either, it has a really nice atmosphere and the vocals just glide smoothly over it. It's exciting finding a band this good.

Genghis Tron was pretty amazing too. The first song I listened to was Board up the House, their effects and the term Techno-Grindcore remind me of some of the stuff my friend and I have recorded. We invented the genre Spacegrind by plugging an electric guitar into a mixer and having a human distortion pedal. We also applied a lot of crazy effects to vocals too making for some really interesting screaming. I called one song, Language of the Decepticons.

Then I listened to Rock Candy, I'm liking their diversity. And finally I listened to Arms, very good but I liked Board up the House more. These guys definitely have the sickest breakdowns though.

Do you like Unexpect and/or IAMERROR? A couple bands that do interesting effects.

Feb 11, 2011 9:18 AM ET #49 (permalink)

I know I'm gonna get shit for this, but I'll be a troll and speak the truth...

This band fucking sucks.

Even for a Metalcore band (never been a fan on most "core" related bands - aside from Hardcore Punk) they suck. Very, very overrated.

Agreed that the "musicians" could be playing something worthwhile, they pretty much suck. I know fans who argue that their songs are "complex" and are "hard to play", or even "melodic". This is bullshit. The riffs are really basic. Agreed the earlier stuff was a molecule tad bit "heav-ier", but hardly "complex" and way too short and simple to be classed as "melodic".

Ollie Sykes is a faggot who deserves to be shot (he cannot growl, scream or even sing for shit). I know image is never the most important part of a band, but who'd want to see this bunch of emo/scene/queer/poser faggots? Not even the slightest bit metal.

Their hometown is not too far away from mine, so we hear a lot about them. Which sucks, as they suck. A lot.

Thought this was a "Metal" forum???

Edit - Oh yeah, I don't entirely dislike Metalcore or Deathcore, there are some good bands out there that can fly the flag high when it comes to these genres.

It's just that I'm sick of every damm girl I know (not many! hahaha) saying that BMTH are "the best metalcore/deathcore band around." Bollocks. BMTH are nothing but Bullshitcore. Or maybe just Crapcore or Faggotcore?

(This post was last edited on February 12, 2011 at 8:41 PM ET.)

Feb 12, 2011 6:31 AM ET #50 (permalink)

MLA: lol queercore is a genre on wikipedia!

Zotis: I love unexpect man! Totally sounds like circus metal. How'd that name turn up on this thread?

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