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Saille - Symphonic Black Metal

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Displaying 17 posts
Displaying 17 posts
Apr 21, 2010 8:05 AM ET #1 (permalink)

Let me present my new musical project to you all :

After a year of songwriting and searching the different musicians we' recorded our first album "Irreversible Decay" in autumn/winter 2009-2001 in the Shumcot studio.

Saille is a symphonic black metal project (so no gigs planned so far) in the vein of Tartaros, Limbonic art etc.

Members :

Dries (ex-Mortifer, The Archest): song composition,keyboards,lyrics,vocals
Jonathan (Mortifer, The Archest): guitars,vocals
Gert (In-Quest): drums
Filip (Gorath, Horus): lyrics,vocals
Reinier (Fleshmould, Suhrim): bass,studio

The first full-cd (42 min.) should be ready end 2010.
No audio samples are available yet, but will be online as soon as possible.

Youtube channel:


Web :


Apr 21, 2010 9:10 AM ET #2 (permalink)

Thanks for the info, good luck!

Oct 1, 2010 7:09 AM ET #3 (permalink)

Saille signes to Code666 Records

We’re very proud to annouce that our first album “Irreversible Decay” will be released on Code666 Records

It’s a privilege to be working with a longtime dedicated label with bands as Negura Bunget, Ephel Duath, Axis of Perdition, Fen, Amesoeurs, …

“Irreversible Decay” will be released as a special limited edition Digipack around February 2011.

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Dec 20, 2010 5:29 AM ET #4 (permalink)

To celebrate the longest night of the year (amongst other things) we've added a [b]full song[/b] preview to our upcoming album "Irreversible Decay" on :




The album will be released around March 2011 on Code666 records and will contain 9 songs - 45 minutes of symphonic black metal.

Please share your opinion here or on Facebook/Myspace

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Jan 20, 2011 9:57 AM ET #5 (permalink)

Reviews are slowly getting in and are very positive :

Heavy Metal Haven - 10/10 - http://metaltube.freeforums.org/reviews-for-saille-irreversible-decay-t1570.html
Loucifer Speaks - 99 % - http://louciferspeaks.com/2011/01/19/saille-irreversible-decay/

Jan 20, 2011 2:55 PM ET #6 (permalink)

another Black metal band to emerge.........Yeah let us see how's this new act has to offer...

Feb 8, 2011 2:10 AM ET #7 (permalink)

Next week we'll release a videoclip of the song "Plaigh Allais" !
You'll also be able to preorder our cd "Irreversible Decay" (releasedate 4 March 2011)through our webshop on http://www.saille.be

Some new reviews :
- http://forum.deathmetal.be/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21465&start=0 - deathmetal.be - 97/100
- http://metalreview.com/reviews/6060/saille-irreversible-decay - metalreview.com - 8.5/10
- http://deathmetalbaboon.com/album-review-saille-irreversible-decay - deathmetalbaboon.com - 9/10
- http://www.magicfiremusic.net/chronic.php?cat=chronique&id=3605 - magic fire music - 15/20
- http://www.cackblabbath.co.uk/2011/01/25/saille-irreversible-decay - cack blabbath

Saille is also looking for gigs, please contact us at saillemetal@gmail.com

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Feb 8, 2011 8:09 AM ET #8 (permalink)

Read all the reviews, except the one in another language. I'm waiting for this album now.

Feb 14, 2011 2:37 PM ET #9 (permalink)

From today you can order our cd "Irreversible Decay" from our webshop http://www.saille.be
We'll send it to you the moment our cd is released (March 4th 2011)

Our first video clip is available on youtube : the song "Plaigh Allais" is on our upcoming release !


Saille plays symphonic black metal live at
- Apr 22: Free gig, Antwerp (BE) - Panddemonium
- Apr 23: Nepherex Fest, Sint-Gillis (Dendermonde) (BE) - Zenith
- May 28: SvartFest II, Oostende (BE) - OHK

Mar 4, 2011 4:31 AM ET #10 (permalink)


Symphonic black metallers "[b]Saille[/b]" release their first album "[i]Irreversible Decay[/i]" on Code666 records.
Bringing you 43 minutes of symphonic black metal the way it should be, for the fans of Emperor, Tartaros, Keep of Kalessin, ...
Decorated with the beautiful landscapes of Michal Karcz, mixed at Shumcot studio.

Cd available on :
http://www.saille.be - Saille webstore - bank transfer
http://www.auralwebstore.com - Aural webstore - Visa, PayPal,...
http://itunes.apple.com/nz/album/irreversible-decay/id420940063 - iTunes
http://www.amazon.de/Irreversible-Decay-Saille/dp/B004NXSUIE - Amazon

Mar 31, 2011 8:11 AM ET #11 (permalink)

With the help of some metalheads who filmed our gig in Oostende in January we've compiled a multi-cam live-video of the song "Overdose of Gray".
Thanks to all who filmed and to Linus for the soundrecording.


Girlies :
We've created some Saille-girlies which increase every girl's sexiness by at least 10%
Available in S, M, L and XL for only 12 euro through our webshop : http://www.saille.be

Apr 13, 2011 12:52 PM ET #12 (permalink)
RTB's avatar


not bad guys, good luck....im always on the look out for more symphnic BM bands
i'll follow you guys alot more closer, again good luck\m/

Jul 1, 2011 8:00 AM ET #13 (permalink)

We have a brandnew website design (at http://www.saille.be), adapted for your big fancy screen, with more coming updates and information about our upcoming gigs / recordings of our next album.

As the Saille plague spreads, we've created a new shirt with artwork of Bart Couvreur. Matching our pest-infected song 'Plaigh Alllais' on the front, with the Black Plague historic tour dates at the back.

Make sure to check out our webshop with freshly added Paypal support.

We're playing a gig with Melechesh in August and are looking for foreign gigs right now, contact us if you have any ideas / a stage we can play at : saillemetal@gmail.com
Coming soon : gig / labelnews

Dec 29, 2011 4:36 AM ET #14 (permalink)

Unfortunately, vocalist Jonathan Vanderwal has decided to step back as frontman of Saille. He will continue to collaborate on future recordings and keep an eye on the songwriting process.
Saille welcomes Dennie Grondelaers as the man for the job, known for his vocal work with Natan and bass playing with Gorath.

Things go on as programmed, no gigs will be cancelled. We’re working hard on sick stuff for the successor of Irreversible Decay..

We're also working on some new shirts,the design is from the famous Grindesign, they can be pre-ordered in our webshop

Sep 6, 2012 6:27 AM ET #15 (permalink)

Saille news September 2012


New album update
We just finished recording our new album at the Shumcot Studio with our producer and guitarist Reinier Schenk. We are extremely happy with the result, and can't wait to unleash our new opus. It will be released in January 2013, through Code666 Records. The artwork will be created by Polish digital landscape artist Michal Karcz who also developed the bands former artwork. The mastering will be done by Tom Kvålsvoll, who previously worked with 1349, Dimmu Borgir and Keep Of Kalessin.

Line up change
Jonathan Vanderwal, former frontman of Saille, has rejoined the band, be it as guitarist this time. He replaces Yves Callaert, who left Saille recently.
Jonathan took care of the guitars on both ‘Irreversible Decay‘ and the soon to be released successor (January 2013), it was therefore an obvious choice. We are very happy to have him back with us on stage.

New t-shirt
Don't forget to order our new tshirt at our webstore before it's sold out! Click the picture to go to the webstore.

For more information and studio videos please visit www.saille.be

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Sep 7, 2012 4:37 PM ET #16 (permalink)

Please send your news to us via the news submission form here: http://www.metalunderground.com/news/submission/index.cfm

Posting it in the forum is not a good way to get it read.

Sep 9, 2012 7:34 PM ET #17 (permalink)

You guys are not bad at all!! I dig your stuff and hope your able to keep getting noticed. Listen to deathbringer and do it the right way though. Get out of the forums and into the news! That's why this site is the best. Direct contact from the head honcho, leading by example.

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