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Chicago Metal Band "Habit of Force" Debut Album Released March 01, 2010

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Displaying 1 post
Apr 5, 2010 9:35 PM ET #1 (permalink)

(reprinted from my Last.FM Journal)

There is a 3-piece metal band from Joliet, Illinois that has a very bright future ahead of them. "Habit of Force" is their name and is lead by a very special artist. I am fortunate enough to not only know him, he's also one of my best friends. His name is Rich Collins. On stage he goes by Bigtruck. Standing at 6'5" tall, you can see how he got the name. One thing more domineering than his real life presence, is his music. Each member of this trio are talented musicians in their own right. The bass player's name is Alex aka "Junior" and the drummer is Jason aka 'Cannonfeet".

As I write this, I am talking to Bigtruck in online chat. There are so many times that he messages me with tantalizing goodies, like his progress on the next album. I wish that I could share it with the world. I am fortunate enough to know, first hand, how dedicated Bigtruck is to creating his heavy metal music. I also have seen, first hand, how persistent he can be when he sets his mind on something.

Bigtruck has been playing guitar for 18 years. He is endorsed by a dozen big names like Dean Guitars and Krank amps. Some people would consider him a perfectionist. A quick review of his recent recordings will reveal a few songs that have been reworked with impressive results. The song "My Reign" is a great example. Recorded a few times on limited release EP's, it has been rearranged for the new album. The changes made are subtle, yet spot on.

The band Habit of Force is Bigtruck's personal project. He practices with the band twice a week. Alex aka "Junior", the bass player, is the only original band member left besides Bigtruck. They have been jamming together since 2001. Sometimes Bigtruck complains if he cannot get hold of a band member for a few days. The last time this happened, Junior could not be found. Bigtruck posted on Facebook that he was looking for a new dedicated bass player. This being an inside joke between the band did not stop Bigtruck from receiving several inquiries from prospective bass players. A stake out of Junior's place revealed that their bass player had been located. Bigtruck posted on Facebook that the bass player had been found and that he was lurking on the women's product shelf of a convenience store, between the Massengil and Summer's Eve.

Bigtruck is a fan of many great metal groups like Slayer, Pantera, Sepultura etc. He readily admits heavy influence by such guitar greats as the late "Dimebag Darrel' of Pantera and Soulfly's Max Calvera. Bigtruck has been quoted as saying " I play what comes from my soul. My musical preferences range from Classic Rock to Deathmetal, from Rap to Classical and everywhere in between. This, in my opinion, gives me diversity in my writing. We have slow acoustic jams, breakneck riffs, chunk, groove, harmonics, shreds and whatever else "fits" in our eyes. The range is wide and yet it remains "Habit of Force". I set out in this band to put "metal" back into Metal."

Habit of Force has attended the Ride4Dime memorial bike ride in Texas, which is a memorial for the late Dimebag Darrel. Habit of Force attended R4D 3, played at the R4D 4 as well as a preparty for R4D 5. Habit of Force is always well received at the event, being cited by attendees as having the most potential for up and coming metal bands.

Habit of Force plays metal clubs in the Chicago area almost every weekend. They have amassed over 10,000 fans in a rather short amount of time. They have opened for such acts as GWAR, Kitty, Devildriver, Marc Rizzo and Suicide Holiday. They have also shared the stage with Texas Hippie Coalition. Since the recent release of their debut album "Habit of Force - Submission Denied", they have began a national tour that includes show dates in Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas with more venues being announced almost every week.

Their debut album "Habit of Force - Submission Denied", released March 01, 2010, includes (9) tracks:

1) Unhinged
2) Sanctity
3) Elite
4) Raise Em' Up
5) Push Beyond
6) Declaring War
7) My Reign
8) Justified
9) Lesson

The album can be purchased in both CD and Digital form at the Official Habit of Force website and is distributed by S&E Entertainment using Nimbit Music Service for digital distro. Get the album at http://www.habitofforce.com/shop.html#music/submissiondenied . Since the release of the album, Habit of Force has been climbing the metal charts and according to ReverbNation, has been listed as one of the "Hot 100" metal bands in the world, ranking as high as #22. To say the least, the practice and dedication to their craft, heavy metal, is evident in their debut piece. I know the fans are interested in learning more about Habit of Force, so I recently took a few minutes to talk with the frontman Rich "Bigtruck" Collins:

1. Q: When did you start listening to heavy metal?

A: Well, I was raised on bands like Sabbath, Priest and Maiden. Which are the earliest forms of metal in my opinion. If I recall correctly some of the first “Heavy Metal” I heard was Pantera and Slayer around the age of 12. Both bands pretty much floored me, haha.

2. Q: When did you begin playing heavy metal?

A: I got my first guitar at 8. Pretty much just made sounds with it. Some good… some not so good, haha. I actually started playing when I was 15. We used to do a lot of Metallica, Slayer and other bands ranging from Rock to Death Metal.

3. Q: Please tell us, how and when did Habit of Force first form?

A: I really don’t remember the exact date that HoF was formed. I know our first recording was done in 2004 but I don’t remember how long we had the name for. The old drummer Tony and I had jammed together since 1995. We found a bassist through Tony’s work and then the guitarist was an old high school friend of mine.

4. Q: Who was the original lineup when Habit of Force was first formed?

A: Me – Guitar/Vocals, Tony (Voodoo, now with St. Louis bands Ockum's Razor and Deadsky) - Drums, Alex (Junior)- Bass, Matt – Guitar.

5. Q: Where was your first gig for Habit of Force?

A: Shit. I don’t remember. First Habit of Force gig was at a place called North Beach if I remember correctly.

6. Q: What can you tell us about the current lineup?

A: I’m really digging it. I like the 3 piece concept. There is less bullshit
to deal with. Everyone brings something different to the plate and then
I push everything harder to make it that much better. Everyone is a
solid musician.

7. Q: Please tell us a bit about Junior, the bass player.

A: Solid as hell. He has come a long way since we first got him in. I enjoy jamming with him. He never ceases to impress me with the direction he is going. As soon as I change it up he is right there to lay it down.

8. Q: Tell us about Jason, the drummer. How did you find him?

A: Jason is a guitarist’s drummer. He sticks right in the pocket at the right times and then branches off in to his own world at the right times as well. It took a while for us to meld together but it’s starting to work out nice and I’m pretty excited about writing the new album. After losing Tony I spent just under a year trying out drummers. Stumbled upon Jason through Myspace. (Myspace Username: Cannonfeet)

9. Q: Can you share any funny gig stories?

A: Sometimes we call Junior "Ewing". It started in Texas. While we were down there partying it up someone abbreviated Junior to J-R. Then it turned in to J.R. Ewing from that old sitcom, Dallas. It was fitting seeing we were right there in DFW. So now we jack with him and will hum the theme song and call him Ewing.

10.Q: What was your first guitar? How many guitars do you own?

A: A Kingston Electric. I own 5 currently.

11: Q: What is your favorite metal cover track to play?

A: Out of the current covers I would have to say that (Pantera) "Strength Beyond Strength" is my favorite.
12. Q: Can you share any brushes with greatness?

A: I got to meet Cory Taylor (Slipknot), one of my favorite metal vocalists, and he agreed to wear a Habit of Force button on his derby. It was awesome to see him wearing it all day and then the following day at the "Ride for Dime 5" Event.[/b]

Well this wraps up my short interview with Bigtruck. I can tell you that he did share with me that Habit of Force is already working on the next album with (5) tracks already finished!! I can't wait!!! Please take a few moments to visit Habit of Force at their various web links below:
http://www.habitofforce.com - Habit of Force Official Site
http://www.myspace.com/habitofforce - Habit of Force on Myspace
http://www.facebook.com/habitofforce - Habit of Force on Facebook
http://www.reverbnation.com/habitofforce - Habit of Force on ReverbNation
http://twitter.com/HabitofForce - Habit of Force on Twitter
http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/submission-denied/id357489554 - Habit of Force on iTunes

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