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Displaying posts 76 - 100 of 110 1 2 3 4 5 Last
Apr 6, 2010 3:44 PM ET #76 (permalink)

B420: i meant military, not Americans

AP: You know who joins the military? underachievers, thats all that really has to be said about that, and you will never back down because you have nothing to fall back on, lemme guess, you joined the military because of all the "benefits" you get from your service. you or your government dont truly care about helping people who get their throats slit, you just care about the money. theres no need to deny that its just simple fact. if you truly cared then you would be fighting the war lords in Africa not raping and pillaging the middle east in search of a terrorist that was a CIA informant during the Cold and is now long gone... in fact its quite sad how you claim to have the best military yet cant even catch one man in almost a decade. and besides thats not even the real reason your there.

if you want to talk about oppression look at Chile, Rwanda and Yugoslavia, what did the US military/government do for them? well in Chile you over threw a democratically elected president who was a little socialist and put in a brutal dictator who killed millions of people, so that oppression was cause by the US, and yes you did help bring down Slobodan Milosevic... AFTER he caused the mass ethnic cleansing and genocide. now in Rwanda while more people were dying per day than in the Holocaust, the Rwandans pleaded your government for help and you said no. it wasnt until after the Rwandans saved themselves the UN (mostly Canada) came in. so i guess your right, 1000 civilian deaths is better than the millions others... while you just stood back and watched. dont claim to be something you are not

actually im my own mentor, i learned all the things i know from many many different people with different points of view and believe it or not, i figured things out for myself, something you probably never had the privilege of doing, i bet since you were a little kid you were forced to think a certain way, that America is the hero of the world, momma and poppa AmericanPatriot must be pretty proud that their son turned out to be one hell of a narrow minded thinker.

please tell me what paying taxes has to do with your stupidity and me being offended by it. and how would know if i have worked hard or havent, i suppose you think you do, let me ask you something? what do you do in the Air Force?

please i encourage you to continue this, i want to know how cleaver a military man is, if you want to talk about my grammar know that English is my second language, how many do you know?

Oz: no it doesnt take any balls to being in military these days, war isnt what it used to be. and in WW2 the civilian causality rate was at 50% in modern warfare today its at 90%, 3 guesses whos fault that is.

Apr 6, 2010 6:33 PM ET #77 (permalink)

CoHace: You really don't want to go there man. As a metal head, don't you (of all people) understand the dangers in generalizing? Seriously dude, you just crossed the line. You can't be taken seriously at this point. We (as men) have to take a step forward and learn from our mistakes rather than taking another step back. You're 17 man. As much as you think you've got it all figured out... There's much more out there for you to learn. By the time you're 25 you'll look back on this in awe at how stupid you really are and yet you THOUGHT you were so smart. I'm willing to lay a hefty bet down on that because anyone over the age of 25 (some even younger) are noding their heads in agreement as they read this.

Apr 6, 2010 7:49 PM ET #78 (permalink)

I don't understand how something I'm not even sure happened, turned into an actual argument. Seriously!

That said, CoHace I think you have actually crossed some kind of line. I certainly don't agree with some of, maybe even most of the politics around here, but it's truly naive to dismiss all military as underachievers.

No nation could currently continue to exist if they didn't have a functioning, intelligent military (in general, stragglers are inevitable).

(This post was last edited on April 6, 2010 at 7:55 PM ET.)

Apr 6, 2010 8:31 PM ET #79 (permalink)

I swear I'm gonna start collecting Deathbringer's analogies and publish a book full of them.

I'll make you a deal then CoHace, you join the military, and when you finish, tell me how easy it was.

Apr 6, 2010 10:45 PM ET #80 (permalink)

CoHace, the brutal dictator (of chile) you talk of was not as brutal as the United Nations made him out be! General Agusto Pinochet defeated a communist dictator who had destroyed chile to the point of complete death! Allande, the dead dictator, was a hand puppet for communist conquest! ITS FUNNY HOW HIS (ALLANDE) CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY ARE NEVER MENTIONED!!! But Pinochet is a demon and monster for his crimes!! His crimes were killing the people trying to kill him and put chile back in the hands of communist oppressors!! Pinochet saved chile from the brink of hell, and for that Pinochet is looked at as a piece of shit!!! YOU HAVE A LOT TO LEARN ABOUT WORLD AFFAIRS.


Apr 7, 2010 12:49 AM ET #81 (permalink)

Huh boy. So many thing to smack your little pee-pee on. Let's just break this down shall we?

Underacheivers: That statement is so far beyond stupid, it borders on childish. So the roughly 3 miliion people in the U.S. military are all underacheivers? All of them? Every single one of them? Kinda doubt that. Never backing down because I have nothing to fall back on? Does your ass hurt after pulling out that statement? By the time I retire, I will have plenty to fall back on. Things like: a pension, mechanical skills, managerial skills, and a medical plan that most people work for decades to acheive.

I just care about the money? I wish my bank statement reflected that asinine statment. I've served as long as I have because of the love for my country. As far as fighting wars in Africa, not my call. The Middle East thing? Raping and pillaging? Once again, you have us confused with the real terrorists who burn villages, murder wives and rape little girls, all while doing this in the name of Allah. CIA informant? Before my time, but I guess that somehow changes the fact that he organized and funded an operation that led to the deaths of over 3,000 people.

Chile: Do your homework son. No takeover from us. Chile is one of the most stable countries in South America.

Slobodan Milosevic was finally stopped after a politically impotent president finally decided to listen to his staff and do something.

Distort the words any way you choose. We are products of our environments. We take in information and decipher it to suit our own needs. No matter how you try to deny it, our environment is our mentor. Not only this, but you had to do the ultimate thing when backed into a corner. You attacked my mother. Shameful shameful shameful. Actually, my parents are proud of me for many reasons. Aside from my service to the nation you obviously despise, my parents are proud because I am also an independent thinker. My parents are lifelong Democrats. I am not. Therefore your little indoctrination thing is blown up in your face. Before you go on your military/indoctrination rant, the military does not want robots who blindly follow orders. They want thinkers who come up with smarter ways to to dasks which can save money, man hours and ultimately lives.

I don't know if you've worked or not. I just threw that assumption in there just like you assumed things about me. Funny how that works huh? Since you asked, my jobs consists of inspecting and repacking ejection seat parachutes, helmets for pilots, survival kits for pilots, and I also do a little fabricating on the side. All these components are life-saving items which require an extreme amount of attention. If I slack off and don't pay attention to what I do, people die. On top of this, I also run a shop of 30 individuals.

English is not your first language. For that I will apologise.

No balls in the military. I'm pretty sure that's a theory you'll never prove.

"3 guesses whos fault that is." That's an easy one. It's the fault of the assholes who shoot at us under the cover of civilian homes and behind human shields.

Sorry for the lateness of this reply, but I had fatherly duties to attend to.

Apr 7, 2010 11:48 AM ET #82 (permalink)

*Hands CoHace his ass* Here you go kid. On your way now...

Apr 7, 2010 1:39 PM ET #83 (permalink)

Damnit... Im a little bummed out now :(
Bg1 and ap1 both wrote exactly what I was going to write.! Good job guys :)

Apr 7, 2010 2:09 PM ET #84 (permalink)

godlike: LMFAO!!!

Apr 7, 2010 4:05 PM ET #85 (permalink)

BG1: i appreciate you trying to point me in the right direction, but this is between me and AP, and yes i guess you are right that i crossed some sort of line which i will apologize for later in this post

420: man, i know my history, some things i know more about and somethings i know less about, but i know the basic out line (or "big picture") at least of almost all big things that have happened in the last 500 years. and its really an opinion if Pinochet saved or worsened the country. i just said he was brutal because of this one case i heard about in particular. Pinochet filled a huge soccer stadium full of people who supported the old government and a famous guitar player in Chile, something of a celebrity there at the time. he let him play one song for all the people and then right in front of everyone they started cutting off his fingers and told him to keep playing (idk how he would) and pretty tortured him and killed him, and then they killed everyone else. whether he saved the country or not, thats fucked up thing to do

AP: im sorry for insulting you like i did, bringing your parents into this and assuming all that i did. from your last post i realized your not so bad, if you can apologies to me about my grammar (even if its the littlest thing) then i can apologize to you.

but back to what we were talking about

Underachievers: the only acception i can think of for that is if someone starts out as an officer cause that actually takes years of schooling, but going in as a grunt, who probably wont even get that far, maybe to a Sargent but thats it. the way i see it is that people who go in just as grunts are just the people either too poor to get an education for an actual good job, people who just too lazy to put in effort into getting somewhere in life or people from the ghettos or something who want to get away from that. so maybe no all are underachievers but i can guarantee you that a lot of them are

i only brought up Africa cause you said something about helping out oppressed countries but you are not helping them, and if you are in the military than i thought you may have some idea of why the military isnt doing anything about it.

"Once again, you have us confused with the real terrorists who burn villages, murder wives and rape little girls, all while doing this in the name of Allah"

there actually are cases of American soldiers raping 14 years old girls and killing their families, and other in which officers cut off random peoples heads with swords, i didnt even know that the military even used swords until then. and the US marines there are doing it in the name of democracy. same shit different story. and yes Osama was in the Mujahideen when the Reds invaded Afghanistan and when the US began selling them weapons Osama became an informant for the CIA. the main thing that confuses me about that whole conflict in the middle east is that just 30 years ago the US was supporting them and now they are fighting them so like.... wtf?

Chile: yes there was no official take over, but the CIA did put Pinochet into power by helping him, before he rose to power he was a Military General

"No matter how you try to deny it, our environment is our mentor."

i dont deny that at all, yes we do learn from it but isnt if possible for every individual to have a different environment? the way i see it is that there are two main ones, the house hold and the community, ultimately we learn the most from our communities but things that are the things which make and individual think the way they do comes from home. ill tell you my parents and me are completely opposite, im more like my grandfather who i spent a lot of my time with when i was a little little boy. he is a straight up ass hole and i may have gotten the way i think from him... so you maybe right that i had some mentor which was my grandfather. and yes he is very anti-American and a huge Communist, in fact during the Cold War he was a border guard officer (he was a Major, back then in Europe everyone had to join the army for 2 years unless you went to collage, then you only needed one and you started off as 2nd Lieutenant) for a year on the Czech/German and Czech/Austrian borders. but enough of history

"the military does not want robots who blindly follow orders"

they may not but thats what they turn them into, my father knows a guy who was kicked out of the Canadian Military for failing a drug test and he told me that when you go to boot the break down your personality and turn you into the person they want you to be, they may not want robots but they certainly do have them

well... you got me there with your job. but earlier about the taxes i must say that i probably have not payed as many as you but certainly did pay a shitload of taxes since Canada has one of the highest taxes in the world, we are up to 3 taxes now which i think is about 16% or 17% but it was 14% like a year ago, so for every 1 dollar i spent i payed an extra 14 cents, it may not seem significant but over time its a lot

well it takes no balls to be in the Military but it takes balls to be in a war. the reason i said war is not the same anyone is because now they have drones and machines to do all the work for the people. so its like when they need to clear a building of enemy troops, they dont send it a squad, they send it a fucking robot with a gun attached to it, pretty soon no one will even have to risk their lives

Apr 7, 2010 4:55 PM ET #86 (permalink)

""420: man, i know my history, some things i know more about and somethings i know less about, but i know the basic out line (or "big picture") at least of almost all big things that have happened in the last 500 years. and its really an opinion if Pinochet saved or worsened the country. i just said he was brutal because of this one case i heard about in particular. Pinochet filled a huge soccer stadium full of people who supported the old government and a famous guitar player in Chile, something of a celebrity there at the time. he let him play one song for all the people and then right in front of everyone they started cutting off his fingers and told him to keep playing (idk how he would) and pretty tortured him and killed him, and then they killed everyone else. whether he saved the country or not, thats fucked up thing to do""

Show me the proof!!! Do you have actual proof or is it from some article you read?

Apr 7, 2010 7:21 PM ET #87 (permalink)

Excellent!!! A spirited debate indeed young CoHace. Alas, it is not over.

About the Chile thing. I agree with Branded, I want proof. I will have to look that up.

Underacheivers: Again, I have to disagree with you. In my nearly 15 years in my AF, I have come to realize many things. The main which is: I will not be an officer...ever. There is too much beaurocracy and playing on standards. As far as Enlisted troops go, a good General will always give more credence to the words of his ground troops as opposed to someone sitting behind a desk. Who better to evaluate the situation, than the one who is actually in the situation? Believe me, I know plenty of people who do a multitude of other jobs, and they remain, underacheivers.

Military: The US military does more than you know. Not everything we do ends up on the nightly news. That would put us and our mission in danger. Aside from the typical sweep and clear missions that all militaries around the world train for, we also do more humanitarian work that any other country on Earth. Don't believe me? Look it up. We are not the evil boogey men alot of people make us out to be. Have I been on the front lines? No. That task has never been asked of me. But make no mistake. My job is not really a "job". It is just a hoppy that pays until the day comes where I might indeed be on the front lines.

Raping and pillaging: True. Our guys did do terrible things, but the vast majority of thing that happened were decades ago, and I hope those people burn in hell. We have the Geneva Convention and Laws Of Armed Conflict for a reason. They should be followed to the letter. For the people who violate them, like Abu Gahrib, those people should not be allowed to view daylight. They make the 99% of good things we do mean nothing.

Grandfather: Why did he immigrate? Just curious.

Robots: After almost 15 years, I am no robot. Yes I do follow orders, but I also have to make command decisions that affect others around me. People in jobs the world over have bosses and follow orders. When you enter the work force, if you haven't already, you too will have to follow orders. It's just the way it is. As far as the drug test, it's simple. Your boss tells you not to do drugs, you don't do them. End of story. You violate the rules, you deserve the consequences. In basic training, they do break you down. But not to make you a drone. They work to instill confidence and to be your own person. If the military were full of drones, it would collapse unto itself.

Taxes: Out of control no matter where you go.

Last statement: See above comment on the military. As far as the robots going in? Less Sci-Fi channel and more talking to ground troops. Certain situations, yes, it makes sense to do that. But for the most part, it's blood, sweat and steel that clears a building.

Apr 7, 2010 8:43 PM ET #88 (permalink)

Shit guys...you cant piss off an American Patriot and not expect some bombs to be dropped...Im building a bunker as we speak!


Thats cool you're in the Airforce though. You have to admit that if you join the Airforce then you ARE an underachiever. Right? "I dont wanna fire a rifle." or "my god! Me? On the ground? Where the danger is? Fuck no!"....thats why the Airforce is here. :)

Let me have it...

Apr 7, 2010 11:10 PM ET #89 (permalink)

http://www.commondreams.org/views06/1212-23.htm - thats a link that mentions it, it was in Chile's National Stadium

http://www.cbc.ca/arts/music/story/2009/12/06/chile-jara-funeral.html - and here is an article commemorating the singer who was tortured and killed, it doesnt go into details about it but it clearly says that the massacre happened.

Underachievers: but they could be doing so much more to help their country, being a soldier just helps out the military, not the people, and if the people are unsatisfied or unwell then the country it self is not doing well. like why not be a doctor, or teacher, electrician, firefighter, its actually harder to become a firefighter than a soldier, or if they actually want to fight then be a police officer and join the SWAT teams and bust the mafia who is the worst threat to the people than probably the terrorists. so you see what im getting at? theres so many more beneficial things that could be done to help the country, to me governments use their military as pawns

Military: yes i know all they do, but even that is pretty sketchy to me, like in Haiti i think it was a few years back UN troops (Canadian and American) went there to "help" the people there went in with tanks and started lighting up the streets, theres documentaries about those kinds of incidents, like they do help a large number of people in foreign countries but there is no denying the fact that they do cause a lot of bad shit. and again what is the US doing in the middle east? because of 9/11 which a staged event by George Bush? and the only reason they are fighting back is because they want the US out, what if the country turns out to be one of the great countries of the world again. yes they have different customs and religions they are extreme but its been like that since the Ottoman Empire, and look how powerful it was. the reason that the middle east and Africa are so behind now is because white man slowed them down, look what Belgium did to Africa in the late 1800's? maybe the same things going on with Iraq and Afghanistan.

Raping and Pillaging: take 10 minutes to watch this video and see what you think, i will admit that a lot of it sound corny but there is some pretty screwed up things in there that dont sound to be too far fetched. a word of caution, some parts of this video are very graphic, it shows birth defects of chemical bombings and radiation


Grandfather: he didnt he still lives in Slovakia, its me and my family who immigrate, if you are interested why its because at the time, democracy was new in our country and everyone, mostly the mafia took advantage of this, it brought the country down a lot, we actually used to be a very rich country, we were even in the first 3 countries to have nuclear weapons, although thats not something to be proud of, its just significant. right now its not what it used to be buts its better than it was 10 years ago

Robots: but its like you said, "we are products of our environment" they "simulate" and environment that makes individuals think and act how they do, and if they simulate it for 3 million people then thats how many of they have to think and act that certain way, yes you still have your own preferences and what not but deep down they are all pretty much the same

Apr 7, 2010 11:17 PM ET #90 (permalink)

I've been lurking this topic since its inception but haven't cared enough to post till now. CoHace grosses me out and I can't believe people like him exist. I hope I never fucking meet one in real life. Thank CHRIST he doesn't live in my country.

AP1 is obviously more than capable of dispelling absolutely everything this dipshit says on his own, but I feel like I'm harboring all the shame CoHace lacks and I want to apologize on his behalf. Speak your opinions but hush your mouth when you know you're about to cross a line.

Apr 8, 2010 1:26 AM ET #91 (permalink)

Dude, just when I was starting to give the benefit of the doubt, you proved me right again.

Underacheivers: Soldiers only help the military? By and large, the single dumbest thing I have heard in the last couple of weeks. And that says alot. The people of my country have the freedoms and benefits that we enjoy BECAUSE of the military. The military fought off tyranny in the 1770's, and in the 1860's, spilled the blood necessary to free an entire race of people. In the 19-teens, we fought off the first wave of facsism in Pre-Nazi Germany. In the 1940's, we fought off the second wave of facsism in Nazi Germany, while at the same time, fighting off Imperial Japan.Just a few years later, we saved the South Koreans from the wave of Communism in North Korea. Same thing in the 60's, though I will say, Vietnam was a poorly fought, poorly advised war. Still, we freed a country from, you guessed it, Communism. Do I REALLY need to go on about this? Now, as far as the other jobs you mentioned. Quick answer, they don't interest me. Why don't you be a fucking garbage man? I don't throw rocks at what you plan on doing for a living, so I would appreciate if you lay off about my obviously poor choice of employment. Odf all the things the people of my country can be unhappy about, I think the US military is the ABSOLUTE LEAST of their concerns. Why not be a doctor? Well, since a few weeks ago, the answer is simple and can be summed up in 2 words: OBAMA CARE.

Military: " like in Haiti i think it was a few years back" That's where you screwed up. You thought. Get's folks in trouble all the time, but I digress.

"because of 9/11 which a staged event by George Bush" This one statement alone, shows the limitless bounds of your stupidity. God I hate picking on kids.

"what if the country turns out to be one of the great countries of the world again" I'm sure the Taliban burning down schools, killing teachers and burning books have nothing to do with the fact that Afghanistan is not really the cultural and educational epicenter of the Middle East. Because of our involvement in Afghanistan, the number of schools built, students graduating high school, and quite frankly learning to read, has quadrupled. Food for thought. When I served in Afghanistan, I oversaw a group of roughly 50 workers get handled by the boss who turned out to be an 18 year old boy. Why was he the boss? He could read and speak a little English. And of all the men that I talked to while there, were grateful as hell for us. Don't see that on the mainstream Liberal media do ya?

Raping and Pillaging: I've seen this video before, and if this is the best that you can do, then I am not impressed. Nothing in that video directly shows anything the US has done. People still harp on the fact that there were birth defects in Hiroshima and Nagasaki years after the fact. Wanna venture a guess as to why that is? It's simple actually. THEY AWOKE A SLEEPING FUCKING GIANT. End of story. To further my point, Chernobyl is still fucked 30 years on. I guess that was somehow our fault too.

Robots: After reading that last paragraph, I think I am actually dumber. Nowhere in that sprawling embarrasment of an attempt at clear coherant thought, did anything make sense.

Dude seriously... you know what...I'm just tired now. Geez Louise.

MeggidaanSummit: *in best Hulkster voice* I'm comin' for you, brother!

Apr 8, 2010 3:06 AM ET #92 (permalink)

CoHace, just because you read it in an article means it trully happened? Where is the photographic or video evidence?! In the world today, so many lies are told through newspapers and television outlets. They also say Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman, and 9-11 was pulled off by a bunch of radical muslims! PRODUCE PHOTO OR VIDEO EVIDENCE!!

Apr 8, 2010 3:44 AM ET #93 (permalink)

Well CoHace is using readable paragraphs, so at least he has that. Easier to read the walls of stereotypes.

Apr 8, 2010 4:01 AM ET #94 (permalink)

AP1, ssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh on the chernobyl thing, its a secret that the U.S. did that!!

Apr 8, 2010 10:51 AM ET #95 (permalink)

Well CoHace, I will stay out of it and leave it between you and AP1. I tried to save you the humility, but alas your immune to conscience and clarity in your column of thought. Never in the history of MU have I seen the left and the right come together against one individuals perceptions (I call them perceptions because you've obviously side stepped reality). I guess congratulations is in order? Lol. Anyway, good luck kid. It's going to be a long bumpy road.

Cynic: " Easier to read the walls of stereotypes." Can I use this? As soon as I read it the music behind it started speaking to me. There's a song in this statement and i'd like to develop it if you don't mind?

Apr 8, 2010 11:03 AM ET #96 (permalink)

AP: wow, that time i was actually trying to avoid an argument

you realize that the US did none of those things by themselves. "The people of my country have the freedoms and benefits that we enjoy BECAUSE of the military" that right there is a dumb statement, look at Canada, France and Britain, and many more countries they dont have a military as strong as the American Military but they still have as many freedoms as America does. the only reason Americans feel that way about them selves is because generations were forced to live in that kind of system which has given everyone a false reality.

Revolution: if it wasnt for France investing millions of dollars and assisting with the battle or York town the US wouldnt be a country, and you dont need a revolution to become an independent country, Canada became independent from Britain through conferences and meetings without blood shed.

Pre-Nazi: the US became involved in 1917 by then Germany was severely crippled and was about to loose anyways

WW2: actually Russia did the most in Europe against Hitler with no real help from anyone but themselves, but if it wasnt for the British/American lend lease program and bombing of the eastern front then they wouldnt have done as well, and in fact on D-day the Russians already had 1/2 of eastern Europe liberated, bur yeah the US did their part just like everyone else. and in Pacific America did do a lot but they were also helped there by China, Britain and Canada so you cant say that the US won WW2 single handed

North Korea: yes you prevented communism from reaching South Korea but the war did not officially end, no body one won the Korean War, and again the US wasnt alone in Korea

Vietnam: actually the Vietnam war was lost horribly and both North and South Vietnam went communist.

dont interest you ehy? well thank god cause those were only examples and were aimed towards everyone in military not just one individual. and what exactly is this Obama Care? i've heard about it but i never really bothered to look it up. and do you think that because there is "obama care" then there wont be as many doctors? where will everyone go if they are sick or injured?

Military: hey if you choose not to believe conspiracies which have actual proof of government involvement then that your choice. to clear things up about 9/11 i dont believe that there were bombs planted in the world trade centers or think that and all that horse shit, but i do think that Bush had something to do with it. and if not Bush then definately someone in the government. i got another CIA story for you, in the 1990's they paid someone to drive a van with a bomb in the back into the world trade center parking lot and leave it there to explode.

well think about would the Taliban really be around if there werent people constantly in their country trying to "help out" there was war there for like 40 years now, if Russia wouldnt have gone in in the first place there wouldnt be a Taliban now. if no one screws with a country it figures things out for it self, i dont want to get into too much detail cause that would take forever to type

Rape and Pillage: no its not the best i can do, it was just all i had time for at the time and it basically said what i would have said. it doesnt show what the US has done but what the individual Soldiers do to the people, and if you didnt notice but that story about the 14 year old girl that was raped, that was the BBC news which is less censored than CNN or Fox News or what ever they have in the States, and the Japanese were trying to surrender all summer, the US government wouldnt let them cause they wanted to try out the new bombs

Robots: ok so you clearly missed my whole point then

and no the US did not don anything in Chernobyl

420: but photo or video evidence could also be manipulated, and i put two articles up for a reason, if multiple articles from different sources talk about the same thing then it cannot be made up, there may be parts that certain sources added but the big picture is the same

Apr 8, 2010 11:05 AM ET #97 (permalink)

I'd never thought you can learn so much interesting stuff at MU.
The Metal Underground Academy

Apr 8, 2010 12:30 PM ET #98 (permalink)

I just don't understand why politics get argued so much on MU. Everybody knows that nobody's mind is going to change.

Apr 8, 2010 12:49 PM ET #99 (permalink)

All right CoHace, you know what, you win. I'm tired of arguing with a kid who doesn't know shit about shit. A wise man once said: Don't argue with idiots. You only bring yourself down to their level.

Not saying you're an idiot, but the phrase seemed to fit. It seems the longer this goes on the more you reach for answers that are just not there. So if it inflates your ego to think you've won then so be it. I'm just really glad you're not an American voter.

Apr 8, 2010 1:08 PM ET #100 (permalink)

CoHace: I thought you said you knew your history? Viet Nam wasn't a war. I don't have time to go into everything else that is incorrect about your take on history, but I can tell you that what you've spewed over the last two days has not been fact. I believe your done here.

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