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2013 A Reflection...the good, the bad and the flat out crap.

Posted in: Forum Home >> General Music Discussion >> 2013 A Reflection...the good, the bad and the flat out crap.

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Displaying 1 post
Nov 27, 2013 2:54 PM ET #1 (permalink)

Yes I know, it’s not even December yet but I don’t see any albums on the immediate horizon that have me interested so I’ll do my 2013 awards right now.

2013 was an incredible year for metal.
For last year’s list I honestly had a hard time coming up with a top ten.
This year, I couldn’t narrow it down to ten.
Instead of doing an awards list, I’ll just do my favorites from 2013.
Every album here deserves “album of the year” for one reason or another.
So…here goes……….
I did not include links, you’ll have to google them yourself sorry.

Rings of Saturn, “Dingir”.
Technically it was leaked in 2012 the actual album was released in Feb. 2013 and what an amazing album it is.
I know a lot of people hate the wankery but I love it.
These guys don’t just shred…they obliterate.
Yes I know the controversy surrounding the album that it may have been tracked at half speed.
Well, if they can do it live then who cares?
Awesome album and one of 2013’s finest.

Rob Zombie, “Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor” .
Just when you think Zombie was gone for good he comes back with his best disc in years.
Funny thing is…now that I’ve lived with this disc and Scum of the Earth’s “The Devil Made Me Do It”.
……….I still like Scums better lol.
Still…awesome comeback from Zombie.

Queensryche, “Queensryche”
With all the drama that has surrounded this group over the last year it’s a miracle that either version of the group could turn out a quality disc.
Well, one of them released sonic $hit.
All I can say is……….later Tater.
Todd L. is where to good stuff is at.
A remarkable comeback.

Black Sabbath, “13”
Some love it, some hate it.
I loved it.
Classic doom from the masters.

Tesseract, “Altered State”
If I recommended one album and only one it would be Tesseract’s “Altered State”.
Djent, Chug, Layers and a vocalist who’s voice is so divine it makes an angels choir sound like a chorus of bull frogs farting.
That wasn’t very poetic but the brothers got some serious pipes and he even does it live which impressed me that much more.
Easily one of the, if not the best release of 2013.

Fleshgod Apocalypse, “Labyrinth”
I recently got into these guys and this album is a scorcher.
Everything that makes symphonic metal so awesome is here in spades.

Born of Osiris, “Tomorrow We Die Alive”.
This is another, “love it or hate it” album.
And I love this one also.
Is it as good as “Discovery”?
That depends……..in some ways the album feels more mature and coherent than “Discovery” did.
After having this disc on constant spin since it came out I think it lives up to “Discovery” but I think I may be in the minority on this one.

Gorguts, “Colored Sands”
Along with Tesseract this is one album you simply cannot miss.
Luc Lemay gets my vocalist award of the year for the skull rattling roars on display here.
Simply brilliant in every way.

Broken Hope, “Omen of Disease”.
Everyone is dogging this album..well, maybe not everyone but I’ve read a lot of harsh criticism and I think it’s bull.
This album is a great comeback filled with awesome catchy riffs, amazing leads.
The vocalist is pretty non descript but he’s not bad.
This is head and shoulders above any of the bands past work.
Give it a chance if you like old school death metal.

Pestilence, “Obsideo”.
Yet another band I had foolishly written off after “Doctrine”.
The Pest came back and b****ch slapped some sense back into me with this one.
Easily their best since “Testimony of the Ancients”.

Hail of Bullets, “The Rommel Chronicles”
Van F***in Drunen……nuff said.

Alice In Chains, “Devil Put Dinos”.
Awesome album, loved it, so glad they came back!!!

That’s about it.
I wasn’t going to do any other lists but I’m going to because I have a feeling someone will call me out lol.
Here is my “Good, but not good enough” list for 2013.

Suffocation, “Pinnacle of Bedlam”
Good album, good but not great. Some truly good songs but some pretty mediocre ones also.

Deicide, “In The Minds of Evil”.
I had really high hopes for this but Benton and co didn’t come through.
Some good but mostly the same type of filler since “those other two guys” left.
Maybe next time…

Sepultura, “I’m not typing out the title, Google it”
Good songs with good ideas that simply weren’t fleshed out enough.
Worth a listen but I think this band is in desperate need of a direction to go in.

Korn, “Paradigm Shift”.
I though Head would bring the heavy, heavy back to Korn.
If he did, I didn’t hear it.
Swing and a miss……..

Dream Theater, “Self Titled”.
Half was good, the other half..not so good.

“Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies”.
When I bought this album I LOVED it.
I couldn’t stop listening to it but then after a month or so it really started getting on my nerves.
The singer has an awesome voice but his Hetfield adoration is taken a little too far.
That’s not what really bugs me about this release.
Listen to the song “Lola Montez”.
Listen to what the singer does at the end of every line.
It almost sounds like he’s gasping or hiccupping.
“Lola Montez is beautifuuuuuuu-AAAAAAAAA”.
It honestly has to be one of the most bizarre and irritating habits I’ve heard from any vocalist.
And it’s not like he does it on just that one song but on EVERY song.
I started calling him Gaspy.
He’s an awesome vocalist with great tone but that one little habit he has needs to be eliminated.

And the one album that will make people shriek with horror and threaten to revoke my metal card for life?
Carcass, “Surgical Steel”.
Now…before you lynch me and Deathbringer bans me from the site let me explain myself.
I got into Carcass with “Symphonies”, I went back and loved “Reek”. For me the band reached its peak with “Necro”.
Then “Heartwork” came out…and I fell away from Carcass.
I know a lot of people find that album to be their very best and yes I understand it’s importance to the melo death movement.
When I heard “Surgical” would be a cross between “Neco” and “Heart” I was pumped.
Then I heard the album….then I went back and listened to “Heart” again and thought………..”Oh yeah, this is why I started hating Carcass”.
Sorry, it’s about 90% “Heart” and about 10% “Necro”.
Not a bad album but for me it was a colossal let down.
Yeah I know, I put Born of Osiris on my good list and Carcass on my naughty list…………HOW DARE I?
There, feel better?
Get it out of your system?
This is just my opinion please calm down.

Here’s another list.
Colossal disappointments of 2013.

Vildhjarta, “Thousands of Evils”.
Awesome album but Century Media refused to release a physical copy of the cd, only an MP3 download.

A new song from Possessed and a really good one called “Crimson Spike”.
But no album to speak of……..LAME!

Geoff Tate…what a douche.

Jeff Hanneman dying….maximum suck!

And my final list.
“Cool stuff I discovered in 2013 that didn’t come out in 2013”.

Eddie Vedder, “Into the Wild”.
I finally saw the film and knew that voice the second I heard it.
Vedder has an amazing voice suitable for this kind of music.
Thinking I had been missing out on how great Pearl Jam is all these years I went back and listened….nope…still hate Pearl Jam.
Vedder rules though.

Dead Can Dance, “Anastasis”
I’m almost embarrassed to admit that this one came out and I didn’t even know about it.
I’ve been a Dead fan for almost 20 years and I didn’t discover this till a few months ago.
One of their finest albums, a welcome comeback.

Looking ahead to 2014…
The year ahead is looking potentially good with potential releases from…
Fear Factory
And a slew of others (Possessed I’m looking at you).
Hopefully 2014 will match the excellence of 2013.

(This post was last edited on December 9, 2013 at 1:06 PM ET.)

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