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Bloodstock 2013

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Displaying 8 posts
Displaying 8 posts
Aug 13, 2013 4:39 AM ET #1 (permalink)

Righty. this profanity laden review will only consist of the bands I saw. anyone else in attendance please add to this. or not I aint fussed

Thursday consisted of driving setting up camp and drinking.. Only saw OAF who were actually pretty good for a two piece band I have never heard of. tracks like Fuck You Seagull For a band who only have drums and a bass guitar they were entertaining and had the crowd singing along with them

Tragedy: I had no intention of seeing this band. Abba and other covers done metal wasn't good. I heard most of their set from outside the Sophie tent and had to resist the urge to fuck off back to the tents and join the bin jousting.


Earthtone9: This band had one hell of a rep and buzz about them about 12 years ago and everyone I know that saw them then said they were excellent, then they split. Opening the festival proper they didn't do too bad a job despite sound issues throughout their set. Good solid band to open things up.

Death Angel: Great solid set from these Thrash legends. the crowd got going to their songs and whilst I cant name any of them I enjoyed the set completely. Now I have to get a load of their cds and work out the tracks they played.

Ex Deo: errr, piss poor. Had sound issues but they were shit.

Dark Funeral: My mate went mental for this lot, I felt underwhelmed by their set. Black metal in the blazing sunshine just doesn't work for me and whilst they sounded good they would have benifited from being in the Sophie tent.

Municipal Waste: fucking awesome set. massive crowd that went mental from start to finish. classics like headbanger, Facerip, Terrorshark, Beer Pressure and Art of partying had the crowd pitting. No wall of death and I think they cut his mic for mentioning those words. Instead we had a wave of death with fuck knows how many crowd surfers going at once. This includes a bloke in a wheelchair. Was epic.

Accept: Only caught a bit of their set, Balls To The Wall was excellent.

KING DIAMOND: outfuckingstanding. Full creepy mansion stage set up, classics from merciful fate and KD and the crowd singing word for word. Two of my mates saw corpse paint and thought black metal. their faces when he started singing is something I will never forget, just wish I had pics.

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Aug 13, 2013 4:58 AM ET #2 (permalink)


Stormbringer opened the main stage and I decided to give them a go. Musically I thought they were very good but vocally I felt let down by a mix of what I believed to be hard rock /metalish vocals with maybe a slight hint of power stuff going on. overall I wasn't bothered by them but wont be rushing out to buy their albums.

Beholder: I love this band, despite not owning any cds or knowing the names of any songs. Seen them a few times now and they just get better. Great circle pit, great reaction from a very hungover crowd. Should have been a bit further up the billing.

3 inches of blood: did not sound very good, vocals especially sounded a bit ropey from where I was towards the back of the crowd. Seemed to get a good reaction, especially to destroy the Orcs and Deadly Sinner.

Hell: good set from them, entertaining stage show with the pyro and devil horn costume. not a massive fan so I didn't stay around for all of these guys.

Balls Deep: never heard of these guys before they utterly owned the tiny jager stage. Mental mosh pit and circle.. only band in the festival history that im aware of to have someone jumping from the marshall stacks. One of the top three bands of the weekend for me. very friendly after their set and were chatting to the crowd. go check them out on youtube. don't blame me if you get in shit for googling them.

Kataklysm: Im only familiar with a few albums but they didn't sound too good. Songs like As I Slither got good reactions though

Gojira: the French metallers owned the festival when they last played and rightly so as they were fucking awesome. This time they had to contend with the issues of having all of their kit lost in transit and therefore being fucked. Still they managed to pull off a decent set and again the crowd were loving every song. Opening with to mars was an excellent choice and the crowd went mental for pretty much every song. I felt a little let down as they were not as good as the times I have seen them before but if all your stuff goes missing due to airport fucktards im not going to hold it against them.

if you expect a sabbaton review here it is. FUCKING AWEFUL SHIT. I only heard half a song and they were as pisspoor as the other year.

Dishonour The Crown: i'd been looking forward to these guys all weekend. Having seen them support Dripobackl in London a while ago I couldn't wait for a decent slab of honest brutal death metal. fuck me they were good. Again, I don't know their song titles but every one they played got the crowd more up for it and the pits were fucking insane. Wheelchair guy was back and being pushed around the pit by a mate in one of the more intense pits of the weekend. Easily in the top three with Balls deep.

Lamb Of God: Great sound, great set list, some rather big issues with barriers failing and crowd surges. Walk with me in hell, ghost walking and all the songs had the crowd shouting along with randy, Redneck obviously getting the biggest reaction. I stayed in the beer tent for this set as the crowd was fucking huge.

Aug 13, 2013 5:19 AM ET #3 (permalink)


Gamma Bomb: Not a massive fan of these Irish thrashers.. they sounded pretty good but the vocal style wasn't really my thing. The hungover sunday morning crowd seemed pleased with the efforts though.

Whitechapel: metalcore.. I don't need to say anything else do I?

Fozzy: Entetaining as hell. Very unfamiliar with their material but totally happy with the songs and the bands effort. Apparently Jericho went over to the Sophie stage and my mates the DJs hung out with him for a while, very cool bloke by all accounts.

EVIL SCARECROW: firstly go to youtube and look these up. secondly watch crabulon and robototron vids.
BATSHIT MENTAL is what this band are, and perfectly fun for it. Comedic blackened metal. these are honestly the best band I saw all weekend, they owned it. tracks like the above mentioned Crabulon and robototron as well as songs like the blackened everything and Ra vs Thor had the crowd loving every second. They deserve more time on stage as they are fucking outstanding. I say again Band of the festival.

Exodus: I shouldn't have to say much more except the bands name really. Great stage presence, great set list, great sound and had the crowd eating it up. big props to the band for getting a 8/9 yr old from the front of the crowd up on stage at the end and letting him riff the guitar. Every time I see them they are great.

Devildriver: As above soo good its silly. These fighting words, Not all who wander, Head on to heartache and the closer Clouds over California were outstanding. dez trying to get the pit to kill batman was great. Played a song from the upcoming album that went down very well.

Belphegor: brutal black metal. perfect Sophie stage band with the acoustics of the tent really adding to the sound. the stage presence was great and the songs excellent. but I cut it short for...

Anthrax: fuck me I love this band but Belladonna is no John Bush and it does show. Got the Time, NFL, Antisocial, Indians and I Am The Law were all great but until Bush is back they just wont be as good as they could be.

SLAYER: well... ITS FUCKING SLAYER. admittedly I left after Mandatory suicide as we had to drive back to London and my mate whose driving had workl the next day but they sounded fucking excellent. God Hates Us All will always be my favourite song and once again it was uncompromisingly brutal. the crowd loved every bit of it from what I saw and heard.

Dying Fetus: sounded ok but Slayer were on so I heard two songs before fucking off to London with Bolt Thrower blasting World Eater at me.

Overall thoughts... not the best Bloodstock of the five I have done now but always fun and good music.

no idea if this has got out anywhere yet but according to my mate Darrell from Terroriser mag, King diamond had to have paramedics see to him straight after his set. If true I hope its nothing serious and that he is well again soon.

this review was brought to you by three cups of tea and Skyrim...

Jackrum/Flakthirty8/Mike \m/

Aug 13, 2013 6:22 AM ET #4 (permalink)

Sweet man. I'm going to have to hit one of these up some time, would love to see Bephelgor live and it's killer to hear that KD is still rocking it.

Aug 13, 2013 6:57 AM ET #5 (permalink)

I've seen Belphegor twice now, The Underworld gig with Enthroned was great too. Such pure nasty Black Metal is always good live.

This is hands down the best festival in the UK at the moment by a long way

Aug 13, 2013 8:04 AM ET #6 (permalink)

watched slayer's set through the stream...thought it was boring but seeing it live probably was better...

Aug 13, 2013 12:34 PM ET #7 (permalink)

they weren't bad but I didn't see too much of their set

Aug 17, 2013 2:45 PM ET #8 (permalink)

yes indeed jackrum did see king diamond on grasop he ruled the night

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